It happened on vacation

It happened on vacation

It happened on vacation.

While in the car on the way to the mountains for our family vacation my thoughts drifted to what I would be missing for the next week, namely my girlfriend or in other words doing without sex for the next 9 days. When your in your mid-teens (I am 16) you know how it is having to cope with the urges so you masterbate a lot and when you do finally have sex all you think about and look forward to is the next time and in between “getting it” you masterbate, hell you have to or you feel you will explode. Here is the problem: My parents rented a couple of small camping cabins, they stay in one and I will be sharing the other one with my 14 yr old much for my “jack off” sessions.

We finally arrived, unpacked and stowed our things. The cabins are small but self-contained. The one I share with sis has two twin beds with a nightstand in between. Our parents tried to rent cabins side by side but we ended up about 3 cabins apart. It was a long drive and my sister and I ached to get into the pool. She ducked into the bathroom first to change and while I waited my turn all I could think about was getting some “relief”, if you know what I mean. Sis came out of the bathroom with a new bikini on that she bought before we left home. It was the kind that had the ties on each side.
I'm not sure if it was me being horny or she just looked good enough to eat but either way I couldn't help but to give her a quick look up and down. Let me tell you, at 14 you know how girls already seem to be filled out these days.
At 5'7” and 120 lbs she had it just where a lot of young girls do, round tits (about a B cup) a flat belly and just the right amount of meat on her thighs and her plump ass seemed like it was about to burst through that bikini bottom. She has long dark brown hair with large soft brown eyes, and she was nicely tanned.

I was about to go crazy and couldn't wait to get in the bathroom. I was going to be a few minutes so I told sis to go on to the pool and I would be there shortly but she insisted on waiting. Fortunately I had my bathing suit and t-shirt on my lap covering my hard on. I got up, mindful to hold my clothes at waist level and went in to change. I needed to jack off so bad but no matter how much I insisted she wanted to wait for me. I tried to get my mind off of sex and my hard on subsided. We spent the rest of the day swimming and looking around the resort had dinner, etc ending the first day.
I wasn't looking forward to the night because I typically jack off to go to sleep and that's after typically doing it in the shower not to mention waking up in the middle of the night most times to relieve myself again.
After doing the usual sitting around the campfire thing we all went to our cabins. My sis and I talked and watched TV then tried to go to sleep. My plan was to lay quietly and when I heard her rhythmic breathing that signaled sleep then I would try to quietly relieve my aching dick. It was quiet so I started to slowly stroke myself with my back turned toward my sisters bed. I knew the covers would rustle just a bit but hopefully not enough but just then my sister said “you can't sleep either”, SHIT I said under my breath and answered NO. This wasn't any good plus I could hear a thunderstorm in the distance and it was getting closer then a loud thunderclap shook the cabin and in the same instance my sister was laying beside me with her head buried into my back. She asked if I was scared which I replied no and that the storm would pass and all would be OK. She laid behind me while the storm raged and she wanted me to hold her, she was really scared. I turned over to oblige her and as usual she wore nothing but panties and a t-shirt to bed each night. With every clap of thunder she would bury her head in my chest and squeeze me. I thought I was about to go crazy and the thoughts in my head were pure lust as I rubbed my hands along her back and stroked her long hair while she cringed and held onto me. As the storm lessened and moved away we just stayed right there holding one another. It was kind of weird to me because she laid there and it was a situation like this with girls I have been with before where each one is waiting to make the first move.
Neither of us said a word rather we just laid still breathing and making ever so slight hand movements. Call it intuition, wishful thoughts, daring or whatever but as my hand ever so slowly made it to her waist to the edge of her night shirt then I got what I interpreted as a signal to explore further. She rotated her body a little and moved her leg and I let my hand drift to the top of her panties and at the same time her hand moved further down. I wasn't sure if she finally fell asleep and her movements were just the usual adjustments or if she was pretending to be asleep and really just being submissive.
I slipped my hand just under the edge of her shirt and slide it ever so slightly down her back slipping my fingers under her the top of her panties. The thought in my head at that moment was that if this I misinterpreted any signals I would feign sleep, having no responsibility for my movements but as I let me fingers slip under her waistband I noticed her eyes slightly open then close. At that point I knew she wanted me to explore. My cock started to harden as the thoughts filled my head. I slipped my entire hand into her panties run my hand over her plump butt then she let out a breath and rolled just a little more. I took this as a signal to move things along but I still had to be careful so I pulled my hand out and moved across her belly and down to the top of her mound staying outside of her panties. With this she rolled entirely on her back and I moved my hand up and slipped right into her panties running a finger over her mound and right to her slit which she instinctively moved her hips up and slightly parted her legs allowing me to get a finger between her pussy lips which elicited a long slow breath from her and she moved her hips up and down slightly as I rubbed. She was WET, soft and warm and as I slipped a finger inside her she caught a quick breath and let it out with a moan.
As I fingered her she let her hand fall to my extremely hard cock. Although she had her hand outside my shorts the sensation of my sisters hand on my cock was electrifying.
I knew this was wrong but I was crazy with lust and I wanted more, much much more then with all her panting she suddenly said “If I take off my panties would you eat me” which I responded, Yes if you want me to. She slid her panties off and I pulled down the cover and positioned myself at the foot of the bed as she raised and opened her legs. I went down and gave her a long lick from the bottom of her slit to to the top which cause her to draw in a large breath and slowly let it out then I went right to work on that sweet little pussy and the more I tongued it the harder she breathed and with each breathe she held then let out slowly was followed by a hot gush of of sweet nectar flooding my mouth and face. I was so crazy with lust and I wanted to fuck her so bad yet I was enjoying what was happening but I was afraid of losing control and letting my animal desire take over. I couldn't take anymore and I had to satisfy my need. As I lapped at her dripping wet cunt I was slowly pulling down my shorts, trying to not be obvious about it, just case she didn't want to take it further. When I finally shrugged my shorts from my ankles I started licking further up her cunt, then to the top of her mound then I slowly worked my way up her stomach giving little kisses and getting myself into position. She figured out what was happening as I reached and started to suck her tits she ran her hand down my side and then reached for my throbbing cock. She pulled her hands up putting them on my chest and pushing slightly. She wanted to resist while at the same time letting it happen. As I reached down and positioned my cock at her entrance she didn't try to close her legs but she didn't open them either. I pushed in burying the head of my cock inside her dripping wet hole which cause her a quick breathe. Her cunt was like an oven inside and I instinctively began a pumping motion, working my way inside her a fraction as a time. At this point I was in pure heaven, not only was I intent of getting some relief but just the situation itself was so so naughty so taboo that it made it all the more intense. I was so delirious with need and I wanted to get so deep inside my sisters dripping wet cunt and finally cum that at this point NOTHING was going to stop me.
As I continued to pump into her inching my way in she suddenly said “oh the hell with it” then pulled her legs up and open and said “take what you need”. With this I thrust into her harder and deeper and she moaned OHHH YESSSS !!!. I finally had the entire length of my cock buried inside my sister and was thrusting in and out of her like I was crazy. I felt the tingling in my balls and the sensation of my cum racing up my shaft, I couldn't hold out any longer and I blurted out “I have to CUM” and she said “its” OK, it's OK, to do it, CUM IN MEEEE ! And with that I let out a loud UH UH UHHH !! ARGHHHHHH and it was as if turning on a spigot and my cum flowed in what seemed to be was one long continuous stream and with a final AHHHHHHHH ! I was done. I held deep within her as I let the last of my cum flow into my sisters cunt while squeezing my sphincter muscles to get every last drop inside her. Exhausted and relieved I fell onto the bed beside her. As I looked down her hot little body I noticed she had her hand covering her pussy and she picked it up to look and her palm was covered in my goo. She looked over at me and said Oh My God I never had that much cum in me. At that point, and even when I was preparing to fuck her, it never occurred to me whether or not she was virgin. I laid there playing back the events in my head and although I remember her cunt was tight and there was some resistance there wasn't the blood and scream of pain when I first entered her.
Just after I finally emptied myself into her the feeling of remorse that had washed over me the instant afterwords was replaced with satisfaction upon knowing she had already been broken, she was not so “innocent”.
I looked over at her and with a smile on my face I said “so you have done this before huh”, she said yeah, about 3 times with one of my friends brother but it wasn't like this and with that she got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. When she returned she sit on the edge of her bed facing me and I asked if she was OK with what we had done. She said “ I had reservations about it then I lost control” then she looked down at the floor. I got up and sat beside her putting my arm around her and pulled her to me and she said “I enjoyed it” in a tone that suggested perhaps she shouldn't have enjoyed it. I said “I did feel bad after we finished but it was so incredible and you are so hot I couldn't help it. She smiled and said “Thank You” and we hugged then she asked “lay down with me” ?. We laid still and she said she had never been eaten like the way I did her then sat up and said “ I owe you” and with that she scooted down and took my cock into her mouth, it sprang right to action and I laid back enjoying the sensation of her mouth my cock. I didn't know if she was just that good or if it was the fact that my sister was sucking me but within minutes I had that usual sensation and as I felt it boiling up in me and the my spunk racing up my shaft I said “sis I have to.........and then my words were cut off as she sucked harder and deeper. I held off as long as I could to enjoy every second it I finally let go and with a OHHHHH, YEAHHHH! I shot 3 powerful streams into her mouth while holding her head with my hands. As the last of my cum was extracted by her sucking I never felt more relieved in my life. I laid there with my eyes closed and said “that was absolutely awesome” and she scooted back up to lay beside me and we held each other and fell asleep. We where woken up by our Dad banging on the door telling us to get up and eat breakfast.
What I thought was going to be 9 days of torture turned out to be more heavenly than I ever would have imagined and it didn't stop after we got back be continued.

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