School Blackmail 01

School Blackmail 01


"Thank you staff and students all for assembling on such a short notice." Said my school principal, Mr. Jones. "I know this unexpected assembly is cutting into your time, so I'll make it quick.".

Mr. Jones called for an assembly just a minute ago. Nobody in my class, nor me, knows what it is about. It wasn't planned is all we know. Who am I? My name is Ian, and I am a senior in Stanapolis High School. I'm average height, blond hair, green eyes, and I don't do any sports, They just never interest me. Instead I invest lots of my time in computers. I've learned to hack into other computers with my spare time since I have literally nothing else to do with my time. I don't have friends, I don't do chores, and I certainly don't have a girlfriend. Poor me, pity party. Boo hoo. That's enough about me though.

"Recently it has come to my attention that students are still using their cellphones outside of class during school." Mr. Jones said, "Your fellow students are continuing to use their cellphones dispite our warnings. So now I must enforce a new one."

Yeah, my school is one of those "We hate technology, if we find you using it we will kill you" kind of schools. Anyone caught using their cell phones gets them taken away for the entire year. This doesn't stop anyone though. A good 50% of my grade alone still uses their cell phones in the hallways. Nobody tries to use it in the classroom though. The teachers watch over you like a hawk.

"From now on, any student caught using their phone will have it destroyed." Said Mr. Jones.

Every student in the assembly room gasped. Have them destroyed? Is that even legal? Nobody thought that this assembly was about the phones, much less about upgrading the punishment for using them.

"Boo!" The popular girls group, which consists of McKenna, Grayson, Samantha, Maia, Grace, Abby, and Sophia, hollered. Sophia is the most popular girl in the entire school. She uses her phone every chance she can. She has long blond hair, blue eyes, the perfect size of breasts, and possibly the biggest ass in the grade. She always has on dresses that reveal so much skin and cleavage it's a wonder they don't break the school dress code. Every guy wants her. She unfortunately has a boyfriend, a guy named, Zack, who I honestly have no clue about. Anytime she dumps a boyfriend, she has a new one right away. Zack I think is her longest relationship. She has been with him for almost 2 years.

Their outburst caused the rest of the students, another 193, (We are a very small school), to also chant things like "Boo!" or "You can't do this!!" or even "This won't stop us!". Of course the teachers, who are pretty much the principals slaves, told us all to shut up.

"This new policy will begin on Monday." Mr. Jones said. And with that, he walked away towards his office, and my math teacher, Mrs. Malone, started leading my class back to her classroom.

The rest of the day I couldn't stop thinking about the announcement. I'm sure nobody else could either. This was by far the harshest the school has gone to make sure we wouldn't use technology. Somehow it even beats placing a camera in every classroom and corner of the school.

After a couple extremely slow hours, I arrived at my last class of the day. Art class. The class everyone uses as a space filler. However, my art class is special. I have Sophia and her best friend, McKenna, in class with me. McKenna is pretty much Sophia but brown hair, bigger tits, and a smaller ass. For some reason our teacher, Ms. Kahl, also lets 2 people use the bathroom at the same time. This allows you and your friend to just escape to the bathroom and talk for 10 minutes. Of course, being me, I don't have any so I never will get to take advantage of this.

During art class, I got a nice view of Sophia. She likes to show off her body almost as much as she likes to use her phone. Occasionally when walking to another class she would play with her hair, sway her ass from side to side, adjust her dress so you can see more of her bra, and even when talking to boys she will lean towards you in a way that puts you in perfect position to stare down her shirt. Today, she did something new. She sat in front of the class so everyone can see her, and pulled down her jeans while sitting so you could see a massive chunk of her bare ass. I don't know how she gets away with this, but I'm glad she does. She is such a slut. And I'm a virgin.


When I first arrived at school today, mad gossip was flying around the school. There is always gossip, but nothing compared to today. Apparently Sophia has always been a Virgin, but last night she lost it. She officially "did it" with someone. And it wasn't her boyfriend.

They had a nasty breakup later that day. Sophia denied the rumors, Zack didn't believe her, and considering the entire school claimed it was true, it was hard to deny it without good proof. Proof Sophia didn't have. So they broke up. Lots of shouting, lots of screaming. It occurred in the middle of History class, and of course the teacher didn't want to deal with the drama, so they were both sent down to the Library to write a 2 page essay on how not to disturb the classroom.

This gave me an idea. A very risky one. Recently I have been trying to learn how to hack into security cameras. It was going alright, I could do it with a few hours of work, but couldn't cover my tracks just yet. So here is is my plan.

1. Over the weekend, I would perfect my camera hacking skills.

2. On Monday night, I would hack into the schools cameras and search though them.

3. If I find Sophia using her phone, I will save the video to my computer.

4. I would cut out the time Sophia is using her phone from the school camera to prevent the school from finding out.

5. The next day, I would blackmail her. I would not hand over the footage if she does not have sex with me.

6. Happy days,

So yeah, that's the plan.


Morning Announcements:

"This is your principal speaking, welcome back to school! This is yet another addition of Stanapolis High School announcements! Today's reminders are: The new cell phone policy is going into effect right now! The juniors have a field trip to Cyan Park next Wednesday! Be sure to pick up your school newsletter at the front desk for a visual copy of this weeks announcements!"

Blah blah blah, nobody cares. For those of you who want to know my schedule, here it is:

Language Arts (Important People: Grace)

Spanish: (Important People: Maia)

Study Hall: (Important People: Samantha & Abby)


Math: (Important People: Zack)

Science: (Important People: Grayson)

Art: (Important People: Sophia & McKenna)

Yeah, I'm lucky enough to have all the popular girls in class with me. Makes me very horny though. Sometimes I have to jack off in the bathroom in the middle of class or else I can't focus for the life of me.

In Spanish, rumors started up again. Apparently Sophia found a new boyfriend. It is unconfirmed if it is the same guy she fucked a few days ago. I would also like to note that my school has a sort of unofficial news team that gathers up all the news of the week and publishes it on Fridays. They also do a fair bit of digging themselves, so if they have something to say you know it's true. Nobody knows who the people are that write the report, but we do know that if a teacher sees you with a paper from them, you get sent directly to the office. Directly to the office, you don't pass go or collect $200. My school hates everything.

Later that day, some kid got their phone taken away. He was dumb enough to use it during class, Science of all things. This sparked a petition to stop the destruction of the kids phone. It is titled #PhoneLivesMatter.

No Suprise, everyone in the class, including myself, signed it.

Monday Night:

I just finished hacking into the schools cameras. Or more precisely, the computer that manages them, I can now view all cameras at once without having to switch between them and hack into every single one. There are 13 alone in the 12 grade hall. It's time to get to work. I rewinded the videos way back to 8:30am. The time when the announcements came on. School has official started. If I catch Sophia on her phone after this point, it's a win for me!

Now it's time to watch over 7 hours of footage.

"This is your principal speaking, welcome back to school! This is yet another addition of Stanapolis High School announcements! Today's reminders are: The new cell phone policy is going into effect right now! The juniors have a field trip to Cyan Park next Wednesday! Be sure to pick up your school newsletter at the front desk for a visual copy of this weeks announcements!"

"I can't believe they broke up"

"Yeah. I wonder who smashed Sophia. I would love to have been them!"

"We don't even know if it's true though!"

"I'd rather smash McKenna, have you seen those tits?"

"Ugh Spanish sucks, why do we even need to learn Spanish?"

"I dunno, maybe because 20% of Americans speak it?"

"Shut up smart ass, nobody likes you!"

"Kill yourself."

"Study hall is useless."

"Yeah, having it 3rd hour makes no sense."

"Man I'm already hungry."

"Oh hooray lunch! Time to use our phones!"

"I hear some kid lost their phone today already!"


BINGO. Boom. I caught her. 11:45am. Right in the middle of the hallway. Surrounded by her friends. Clever. That way nobody can see her. Accept the people who, you know, are viewing the cameras. I can't believe my luck. I downloaded the footage to my computer, as well as my phone. Checkmate Sophia. Or is or check? I dunno only nerds play chess.


I was so exited to start the blackmail. Every class passed as a blur. I could only think about Art class. When art class began, I sat down at my seat. Sophia was wearing a hot black dress today, it was one of those that have no coverage above the breasts. Shs wasn't even wearing a bra that goes over the shoulders, or maybe even none at all. She and McKenna always use the bathroom together around half way in the class, though they ask 5 minutes apart to decrease suspicion. So I waited.

Eventually, Sophia asked to use the bathroom. Our treacher, Mr. Gear, accepted her request and she was on her way.

A minute later, I asked to use the bathroom. You should have saw the look on McKenna's face. "What the fuck do you think you are doing?" Kind of look. I took the second hall pass, and off I was.

I made it to the bathrooms. I scanned both ends of the hall. Nobody was in sight. Coast is clear. I entered the girls bathroom. Nobody accept Sophia was in there, and she was in a stall. Thank god. I stood there, phone in hand, waiting for her to come out of the stall. The bathroom was nothing special by the way, just a normal school bathroom.

"Who the fuck are you and why are you in the girls bathroom?" Sophia pretty much screamed as she exited the stall.

"Hush, I have something to show you." I said.

"Show me? I'd rather not look. Get our of here, you creep!" She said.

"No. Not until you look at what I have to show you." I said.

"If you won't leave, I guess I will!" Sophia said, and she made her way to the exit.

"Hell no." I said, and I pushed her away from the exit.

We then got into a full fight. Well it wasn't much of one since she was in a dress, and I wasn't. She tried to push me back, but I dodged and shoved her back. Harder this time. She stumbled and almost tripped on her own dress. I then pushed her again and forced her against a wall.

"You listen to me." I said. "I've got something to show you."

"Get off me you cre-" Sophia began.

I pushed down her dress mid sentence. Just enough to expose her wonderful breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra after all.

"How dare you! Let me go at once!" She said,

"Not until you let me show you what I need to show you." I said. I just realized that my cock was rock hard and the way I was pinning her down, it was brushing very close to her vagina.

She struggled a little bit more. Trying to break free. She was winning, slightly. I decided to fix that, I pushed her dress down more. A good chunk of her belly was now exposed. The dress was in danger of falling off comepletly. Her struggling only made it worse, Sophia realized this and stopped.

"Ugh, fine! Show me!" She said.

"I'm gonna have to let go of you to show you the video. If you dare try and run I'll take all of your dress off and get what I want from you now." I said.

"Get what you want from me? Whatever. I'll behave," she said.

I reluctantly let her go and grabbed my phone, which I had to set on the sink. I unlocked it and loaded up the video.

"Come over here!" I said.

She walked over and stood next me. I played the video. It showed her and a few other of her popular friends, McKenna, Abby, and Maia, using their phone is the middle of the hallway.

"This was taken with a school camera just yesterday, 11:45am to be exact." I said.

"Wait! You're not going to turn this into the school are you?" Sophia said. She looked panicked. I think she realized what kind of situation she wa in. Her phone was her life and I ultimately decided if she gets to keep it.

"I don't think so." I said smugly.

"What kind of answer is that?" She exclaimed.

"I won't give the video to the school under a few conditions." I said.

"What conditions? Please name them! I can't bear to have my phone taken away forever!" She said.

"One, You don't tell anyone about what happened here today. Two, you let me fuck you. Three, you don't tell anybody about us fucking." I said.

"What! You want me to fuck you? Hell no!" She said.

Sophia made a run for the door. I was expecting that. I tripped her. Hard. One of her high heels when flying across the room asshe fell to the ground. Her dress also slid further off of her to the point where if she stood up completely it would fall off, and she would have to spend several seconds fixing it. Second she didn't have. Her phone also fell out of her dress pocket, which I didn't even know was a thing, and skid across the floor a good several feet away.

"If you don't comply with my conditions, I will release the tape to the school. Not only will you lose your phone, but your friends will lose theirs too. Could you live with that? It being your fault that not only you lost your phone, but your friends too?" I said. I knew I had her now.

"Ugh. How do I know the school doesn't have the tape already? It was their camera after all!" Sophia said, still on the ground.

"I deleted it. Your just gonna have to trust me, it's either the school might have it or it will have it, take your pick." I said.

She sat there on the ground. Weighing her options. Do I lose my phone or do I fuck this guy?

"Fine. I accept your terms. When and where do we meet?" She asked.

"Friday night at your place. Make it work. You give me a time on Thursday." I said. Everyone including myself knew where she lived. She doesn't exactly keep it a secret.

"Very well." She nodded. And with that, she got up. Her dress fell down to her ankles. She then turned her back on me, blushing, as she redressed herself. She of course was not wearing any panties either. However, before she was able to start redressing, I snapped a picture of her naked body.

Once she finished getting dressed, she grabbed her phone, put it wherever that pocket was, and just when she was about to leave she turned to me.

"What's you name? I don't think we have, well, properly met." She said and blushed again.

"Ian." I said.

"See you later, Ian." Sophia said in a somewhat sexy voice. The she turned and left.

Thursday, after school:

"11:30pm" She said at last. We were in the hallway, walking toward Art class.

"That late?" I said, sort of whining,

"Well if we get caught, it's a loss for both of us, eh?" Sophia said, and winked. She then flipped her hair and walked into the classroom.

Friday Night:

I decided to walk to her house, it was a good 15 miles away, I didn't wanna ask my mom to drive me, didn't want her to be suspicious. You know how much fun it was walking 15 miles in the darkness?

Anyway, I arrived at her property. Our town was pretty much in the middle of Nowhere, so we all owned farms. She has a beautyful mansion that had a path leading to it that I swear was as long as the walk here. Acres and acres of land surrounded it, some of it farmland, others just open field. She was waiting at the start of the path, just a few feet away from me, on her phone as usual. I noticed there was a slight breeze. Her hair was blowing, and she was only wearing a blink sports bra and panties. It was a fair bit cold out too, but she wasn't shivering. She looked up, saw me, and smiles.

"You decided to walk? She asked.

"Couldn't risk my parents finding out about anything." I answered.

"Brave of you. These streets are dangerous." She complemented.

I smiled. "Nice outfit."

"Let's go inside so I can take it off!" Sophia answered, smiled back, and started leading me toward her house.

"We have to be real quite." She said. "My parents are sleeping. However, once we make it to the basement we can be as loud as we want."

So she lead me though her house, quite as a mouse. We eventually came across a door conveniently labeled "Basement."

"After you." She said, using her hand to point me.

I walked in, there were twelve steps down. I started descending and heard the door close behind me. Sophia was there, also walking down the stairs.

I reached the bottom. There were candles lighting the room everywhere, a brown hardwood floor. A single queen sized bed in the center. This place was designed to look old fashioned and breathtaking,and it nailed bo categories.

"Quick question." I said, turning to her. "You seem so exited, what made you change your mind?"

"I want you to have the best experience. The last thing I want is for you to be unsatsified." She answered. "Now get on that bed."

I complied, I walked over to the bed and sat down in the middle of it. It was sooo soft I felt like I could sink into it and sleep forever. Sophia walked over and crawls over to me. She then took off her bra. I saw that her panties were also already off. Her boobs were perfectly round, and the nipples were hard already.

"Wow." I said, not sure what else to say.

"You like what you see?" She asked, grinning.

"Yeah. I do. Can I see that ass of yours too?" I asked.

She turned around on all fours, exposing her massive, but perfectly round ass to me.

"Now you undress." She said.

Without hesitation, I yanked off my shirt and tossed it to the side. I then pulled off my socks and threw them after my shirt. Then I dragged off my pants and underwear all at once, and threw it off the bed too. I was now completly naked infront of Sophie, the hottest girl in my school.

She climbed on top of me and started French kissing me. I kissed her back. Her mouth was warm and soft. She then wrapped her arms around me and pushed me down. She fell onto me, still holding the kiss, and then released it. We stared are each other for a brief moment, then fully made out. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed. Her hair covered my head. All I could think about was her. I was truly happy. So was my cock. It was rock hard and a good 6.5 inches. She then let go of me and reached for something I couldn't see. It was a box of condoms.

"We won't be using those." I said.

She looked concerned for a moment, but then put the box down and kissed me again. Next thing I knew, I felt something extremely wet and soft rubbing against my dick. I looked down, it was her pussy. She continued to rub it against my cock for anther 5 minutes, making sue she was ready to take me in her.

"I'm ready." She said at last.

"Me too." I said,

And with that, she stopped the rubbing and moved into a sitting postition. Then she pushed down on my cock. We both gasped. It felt incredible. I was inside a woman for the first time. Sophia in fact. She then began to ride me, I don't know how she managed to take my sick in so well, considering it was her second time. Well, let's hope it was,

She bounces up and down on my manhood, both of as gasping and moaning together. Her tits bounced with her, and I quickly grabbed them tightly, This caused her to moan so loud, I thought it might wake up her parents. She continued to ride me for several long minutes, each bounce pleasuring my dick beyond belief. Then, Sophia had an orgasm. Her pussy seemed to pulse, it quickly increased pressure and released it several times, she moaned even louder this time, and her pussy juices sprayed everywhere. I almost came myself. Inside her right then and there. But I held on, wanting this to last as long a possible. She sort of half lowered had collapsed off me and onto the bed. We lay like that, speechless, breathless, for a good 2 minutes.

"That was great! What's next?" She asked eagerly.

"I want to fuck you in the ass!" I said.

Sophia got up and grabbed a bottle of lube. She smeared some all over my dick, and loads on her ass. She then got up on all fours, with me on me knees behind her, her ass inches below my dick.

"Please be careful! I've never done this before!" She said.

I slowly pushed my cock inside her. Her ass was sooo much tighter than her pussy, but not as wet. After a minute I got my manhood fully inside her. I sat there for a minute letting her get used to my cock. Then I began thrusting into her. Hard and fast. I watched my cock go deeper and deeper inside Sophia's massive ass, then come out again, over and over. I looked over at her. She was grimacing, obviously in some pain but not letting it get to her.

It took a fair bit longer for her to reach orgasm. I was thankful she did because I was starting to strain myself. I knew I couldn't hold off my seed for much longer. Somehow she moaned even louder than last time, and pretty much fainted when I pulled out of her. We lay there for a solid 5 minutes this time, gasping for air.

"Let's do one more position." I said.

"Oh my... Okay," she finally answered.

I stood up and got off the bed. I pratically dragged Sophia over to the end of the bed. I stood over her and positioned her legs over my shoulders. We were gonna fuck missionary.

I positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy once more. I pushed inside her. All at once. Sophia moaned loudly. Her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head as I pushed in and out of her hole. She was somehow even more wet than before, I was going to climax soon. If I wasn't carful, I would cum inside her. Then I had an idea.

"Sophia!" I said.

"Uh... Uh.... Yeah?" She said.

"What are the addresses of your popular friends." I said.

"Uh... Say... Oh my fucking God... Again?" She said. She was approaching orgasm. I knew this time I would not be able to pull out in time if I did not do so now. I had no intention of doing so.

"Give me the addresses of your friends right now or I'll come inside you right now!" I shouted.

"Uh... No... Please.... Don't do that! The addresses... Are on that..... Table..." She screamed that last word as she orgasmsed. Her pussy clamped on my dick, pretty much begging me to cum. And so I did. I filled Sophia's womb with my seed. I had the greatest orgasm of my life. I squirted so much seed inside her I swear I filled her entire pussy up. Then a pulled out of her and crashed onto the bed next to her.

"Oh fuck you filled me with your..." She said. She never finished her sentence. She passed out.

I got my lazy ass up after about 10 minutes and indeed, there were addresses on a paper on the table. Each labeled with the corresponding friend. I was set for life. I now knew the locations of all the popular girls. I could blackmail each one by catching them with their phones during school. I can and will fuck every last one of them.

I fetched my pants and underwear and put them on, stuffing the paper in my right pocket.

I threw on my shirt. I headed toward the stairs. Stole one last look at Sophia. Her hot naked body lying on the bed, her pussy gushing with my cum, her legs relaxed at her sides, her blond hair circling her face. And she was still asleep. I snapped a photo.

I walked out of her house. On Monday I will delete that video from my phone. But I will still have it saved to my computer. I am no longer a Virgin.

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