Summertime seduction part 1

Summertime seduction part 1

Summertime seduction Pt 1

It was the summer of 1986 & I had just finished my O’levels at the English international college in Marbella, Spain.

My family had moved there 2 years earlier. Most people at the school were friends & knew each other regardless of what age or class they were in, so obviously I was friendly with my younger sisters friends most of which were 14 & craved the attention of the older boys.

The school holidays had just begun & my sister’s friend Alesha was having a pool party at her place to which I was invited, it was obvious we both liked each other but neither of us had said anything, she had long blonde hair, big firm DD cup tits & the most womanly round arse that you wouldn’t expect on a girl her age.

Anyway I turned up later than most because being 2yrs senior I knew the girls would think it almost rebellious not to stick to a timetable, I went into the garden & there was about 10 people in & around the pool, 7 girls & 3 other boys from my class. Alesha looked amazing in her small bikini & her body was far more mature than the other girls, she came up to me with her tits almost falling out of the skimpy bikini top & asked if I was coming into the pool, I felt my cock twitch & start to harden then I realised I hadn’t brought my swim shorts.

Alesha’s mum Fran had come out with drinks and heard that I had no swimwear, she said “you can borrow a pair of Ray’s shorts, he’s away on business” Ray was Fran’s husband & Alesha’s dad. I followed Fran into the house & thru to her bedroom, all the time I was looking at her arse wobble as she walked in front of me wearing the smallest bikini I had ever seen, Fran was about 40yrs old with shoulder length blonde hair, she was a small woman probably less than 5’ tall but with a figure of a glamour model, I tried not to picture her naked because I didn’t want her to see my ever growing erection.

She grabbed a few pairs of shorts & said “try these, you can change in the en suite” I went in & closed the door trying to put any sexual thoughts out of my head so my hard on would subside,

I got changed & opened the door to go back into the bedroom then right there in front of me was Fran with her bikini bottoms pulled to one side with one hand as she rubbed her clit with the other, my mouth dropped open & my cock instantly sprang to a full erection,

I was still a virgin & had never seen a naked woman in the flesh before, she continued to play with herself & looked at the tent in my shorts and said “so you like what you see?” I nodded unable to get any words past my lips, “take off the shorts, I want to see that untouched little boy cock of yours”, I was nervous because I didn’t consider myself well endowed although the only comparisons I could make were cocks that I’d seen in porn films,

I pulled down the shorts & showed my virgin cock to a woman for the first time, she licked her lips & said “come closer, I want to taste it” my cock was twitching so much with excitement I could’ve cum there & then, I walked over & tried to calm myself down, Fran took hold of my cock & slowly pulled back my foreskin, I wasn’t going to last much longer I told her & she said “don’t worry I’ll soon get you hard again if you pop too early”, she licked the tip slowly & I felt that familiar feeling in my balls that told me I was going to cum, Fran sensed it and took my cock in her mouth, with what must’ve been only 2 or 3 bobs of her head I came like never before in her mouth,

she swallowed all of it & continued to lick my cock until it was clean, I never lost my erection because I was so excited, she looked up at me & said “that was your first blow job, wasn’t it?” I told her it was the first time I’d ever been touched by a woman, this clearly turned her on as she started to finger fuck herself hard, her breathing became heavy & she ordered me to get on my knees & lick her cunt.

I recalled some porn I’d seen in my mind as to where I was supposed to lick which I got right because within minutes she grabbed the back of my head & thrust her cunt tight against my mouth, she called me a ‘naughty boy’ as she came on my face, my chin was dripping with her juices & my cock was twitching with excitement again, I wanted to fuck her right then but as I tried to get my cock closer to her she stopped me & said “not yet, it wouldn’t be fair on Alesha, she wants you as much as I do”

I was puzzled, how would Fran know this? Fran then continued “Alesha told me herself as I was licking her last night!”

My cock went solid as concrete at the thought of Fran licking her daughter Alesha whilst talking about fucking me, Fran got up off the bed & told me to wait in the bedroom, she turned and winked at me as she left the room saying “we’ll be right back”

After what seemed like forever Fran came back into the room with Alesha following & saying “what could be so urgent that you take me away from my party?” by the look on her face she wasn’t expecting to see me stood there completely naked with a full on erection, Fran then said “well there you go Alesha, you’ve got your wish now why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Or should I say put your mouth where his cock is? I want to see if you’ve paid any attention to my training”

What happened next still makes me cum quickly, get ready for part 2....

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