Hiking Trips 2

Hiking Trips 2

For the next three weeks Greta and Tami had gone through their usual routine of going to the valley early in the morning, hiking around for an hour or so until they reached the creek where they would give blowjobs and hand-jobs to the male horses that occupied it. A couple of times there weren’t any horses there so the girls would just lie down to tan, swim, or fuck each other. But most of the time a herd would come along to drink much to the girls’ excitement. Of course the herds were all different so not all the herds would have mares in heat so to suck some cock the girls would have to coax them out on their own. The first time that they actually had to coax one out they couldn’t but help giggling at each other for how silly they looked trying. But now the two were pros at coaxing out stallion cocks. It was now halfway through the fourth week of summer and Tami came up with a great idea to camp out for a few days. Of course Greta eagerly agreed.

So as they trekked over the hill that led to the creek they two were happily greeted by the sight of a wild herd resting, grazing and drinking around the creek. Even though the two girls had only been sucking, and jerking wild horse cock for three weeks and they didn’t know how many wild herds were in the valley it seemed like the wild horses were all desensitized to them by now. Probably because they saw them enough, of course the males would occasionally flop their cocks out at the sight of the girls because they knew what they girls did to them.

As Greta and Tami jogged down the hill they happily greeted the horses who merely looked at them but returned to what they were doing, a few ponies came up to nudge at them happily. Of course after three weeks the girls had named all of the horses; it wasn’t hard seeing as all the horses that they saw had different markings and colors. They had also given names to the herds for fun. Today it appeared that the Jip herd was at the creek. The two unpacked their camping equipment and proceeded to set up their large, family sized tent that could fit 7 people inside. After it was up they set up their beds inside and changed out of their sweaty hiking clothes and into breezy skirts and tank tops. Tami giggled when she was dressed and nudged Greta.

“Looks like Oscar is curious,” she said pointing at the head of a brown pony with a white nose that had peeked inside the tent.

Greta smiled and walked to the tent flap to hug Oscar’s head. “Hey cutie, such a curious little bugger aren’t you.”

Tami exited the tent and breathed in the fresh grassy air. Over by the creek a few mares were sipping at the water, it was Belinda and Henna. She strolled over and rubbed their sides in greeting. They lifted their heads to nuzzle her shoulders before returning to their drinking. A male stallion came trotting by to nudge his nose against Belinda’s rump. Both she and Henna were in heat so quite a few of the males were courting them. The male, Jasper, nudged her one more before jumping up to mount Belinda. Tami moved to eagerly watch as jasper drove his cock into her ripe pussy, feeling adventurous she stood beside Belinda's rump and reached over to massage Belinda’s pussy as Jasper fucked it. It was soft and warm, this was the first time she’d ever touched a mare’s pussy. Usually she and Greta would give blowjobs or hand-jobs. They never really touched mare pussy, it felt incredible. Jasper made a loud noise signaling that he was ready to shoot his load. With a few more thrust she watched as he filled Belinda with his cum. Once he dismounted he stepped back, Tami quickly stripped out of her clothes and stroked jasper’s side to calm him before gently grasping his cum covered cock and proceeded to lick it clean of his and Belinda’s mixed juices.

“Oh Jasper sweetie, you and Belinda taste great mixed together.” She moaned between licks.

As soon as all the juices were gone she proceeded to give him a damn good blowjob. She sucked roughly long as shaft as she jerked at it with one hand and used the other to massage his head. While she sucked lovingly on the head of his cock she glanced over to see Greta going to town on Oscar's cock. Resumed her loving attentions to Jasper’s cock she reached up to massage and squeeze his balls, within moments his cock was quivering and he shot his load all over her face and tits and slowly it leaked down to her pussy. Jasper trotted away while Tami licked up his cum that covered her tits. Once her tits were clean she fingered his cum into her pussy and made her way over to Oscar and Greta, a few of the other male ponies that had hit puberty were gathered around the two with their cocks dangling out.

“Oh my god you will not believe what I just did!” Tami said kneeling beside the two, she reached out and grabbed the cock of a black pony with white spots on his legs and ears named Hector.

Greta removed her mouth from Oscar’s cock and moved to lay under him and jerked him off as she talked with Tami. “What?”

“I just touched a mare’s pussy!” Tami said sucking on Hector’s shaft.

The red head gasped excitedly as she continued to jerk Oscar's cock. “No way? How did it feel?”

“It was warm and moist. Plus she was being fucking by Jasper at the time. Then I licked their mixed juices off his cock when he was done.” Tami said breathlessly before moving to suck roughly on Hector's cockhead.

With a few more rough jerks and hearty sucks Oscar shot his cum all over Greta’s face, tits, and stomach. She watched as his cock slipped away and moved so he could walk off. She got behind Hector and squeezed his testicles as Tami sucked. Within moments of her squeezing Hector's cock quivered and he shot his cum all over her chest and splashed some on her face. As the two moved to take care of the third pony standing there Greta eagerly continued to ask about mare pussy. Once the third pony, Grady, cummed they got up and Tami skipped over to Belinda with Greta close behind with the camera. Gently Tami stroked her rump and moved her tail aside to expose her ripe pussy that had some dribbling of her earlier activities coming out.

“Dare you to lick her lips.” Greta said eagerly. She pressed the record button as Tami smirked and leaned over to run her tongue over the soft engorged lips.

Belinda shuffled slightly and made a slight noise but didn’t object. Tami let herself go and continued to massage Belinda’s pussy with her tongue and lifted her hand to massage them. Then she used her fingers to open Belinda's lips and plunged her tongue in as deep as it would go.

“How does she taste?” Greta asked feeling herself getting soaked.

Tami removed her tongue from Belinda's pussy long enough to say. “Spicy.” Before diving back in for more. She nipped Belinda’s outer lips and sucked them as she worked her tongue and fingers into Belinda’s wanton pussy. “Oh girl, so yummy.” She moaned as she continued to suck and finger Belinda’s pussy.

Greta watched excitedly as Tami finger and lick/suck Belinda’s pussy till she cummed. Tami eagerly lapped up Belinda’s cum and when Greta shut off the camera she pulled her into a kiss and shared the sweet pussy nectar with her. The red head moaned at the taste and demanded to give it a try herself. Carefully they moved around Belinda and stand beside Henna. Moving Henna’s tail aside Greta eagerly started to suck her pussy, the taste was just heavenly! She sucked longingly on one of her lips while working her fingers deep into Henna’s folds.

“Oh Henna, you are so delicious!” she moaned lapping the inside of Henna’s pussy. “No wonder the boys are fighting for your cunt.” She sucked longingly at henna’s lips till she felt a slight quiver and guess that she was close. When Henna orgasmed Greta eagerly lapped it up till all the juices. Pulling away Greta smiled at the camera. “That tasted awesome!”

Tami shut off the camera and placed it safely away from the mares before diving into the creek. She sighed pleasantly at the feeling of the cool waters on her hot skin; it was really warm out today. Greta made her way back to the tent to rifle through her bag for some books and a few computer print-outs. Luckily she was home alone when she’d printed these out because if her parents had found them she would’ve been so busted! She grabbed a lounge chair that she’d somehow managed to fit in the massive hiking bag she’d packed and made her way out of the tent.

Setting up the chair she laid out on it and soaked up the sun to even out her tan. Her entire body already had a perfectly beautiful golden tan mainly because since Tami and her started giving blowjobs and hand-jobs to stallions they were naked most of the time so they got perfect tans when they took naps. As she read she listened to the soft sounds of hoof beats, grazing noises, splashing and other nature noises. She found herself nodding off 30 minutes later, the warmth and peace helped to lull her to sleep.

Tami, who had long ago swam back to shore and had been petting a few ponies, smiled at the sight of her best friend dozing. She then smirked, Greta was a heavy sleeper. The dark haired girl scampered off to the tent and pulled out the small dildo that she and Greta always brought and slunk over to her friend. Carefully she pulled Greta’s legs open and once they were open to her liking she slipped the dildo into her sopping pussy and began working it roughly. Greta just moaned softly in her sleep and unconsciously opened her legs more. Tami leaned down to lick sensually on Greta’s clit as she fucked her tight pussy. She twisted the dildo roughly as Greta moaned softly in her sleep some more.

“Love getting your tight cunt fucked Greta?” Tami whispered dirtily to her best friend.

She looked up when she saw an approaching stallion. It was the first one that she and Greta had sucked off 3 weeks ago, they had named him Hunter. She suddenly got a better idea. She ran back to the tent to grab the vibrating strap on that she had packed. She placed it on the edge of the lounge chair by Greta’s feet and ran to get the camera and tripod. Once the camera was set up she hit record and moved over to kneel under Hunter.

“Oh baby, this is going to be awesome.” She whispered to him before coaxing out his cock and latched her mouth on it.

Eagerly lapped at the head and moaned at the taste it left in her mouth, Hunter’s cock was magical! As she jerked and sucked the thought of her plan that she’d formed in her head turned her on immensely. She made rapid work of getting Hunter close, when his cock started to quiver just slightly she moved him to the foot of the lounge chair lounge, held his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. His cock quivered harder and Tami took aim. She watched breathlessly as his shot jets of cum all over Greta’s tits and then adjusted it to aim his cum jets at Greta’s pussy. The jets completely covered Greta’s cunt much to Tami’s satisfaction, once his cum flow stopped Tami let him wander off satisfied. Then she pulled on the strap on to rest comfortably on her hips and got between Greta’s legs again.

“You are going to love this Gret.” She said smirking. She made sure to finger some of the horse cum into Greta’s pussy before lifting Greta’s legs and sinking the strap on into her pussy. Once it was fully seated she flipped the vibrate to low and proceeded to fuck the horse cum deep into her best friend’s cunt. Greta moaned in her sleep more. “I hear that you like that Greta, you love getting horse cum fucked into your pussy don’t you? Especially when you’re asleep and don’t know what’s going on.” Tami leaned down to lick the cum off the red head’s tits. She could hear Greta’s moans elevating a little louder in her sleep, she was close. Flipping the switch to medium Tami covered the strap on with the rest of the horse cum that covered Greta’s pussy and continued to fuck it into her. With a slightly louder moan Greta orgasmed before going back to deep breaths in her sleep. Tami shut off the strap on and pulled out.

She stood up and shut off the camera and walked away from her cum covered friend and made her way over to lounge in the sun. As she lay soaking up the rays Jacob, a white mini stallion with brown stripes on his neck came over and she knew what he wanted. She directed him to a flat rock covered in moss so that she could lay comfortable and suck him off. As she sucked lovingly on his cock her mind wandered, she and Greta had been sucking and jerking the male horses for 3 weeks as well as shooting their cum all over their tits and pussies but neither had dared to take it to the next level. Putting their cocks in their pussies. They had thought about it a lot and even discussed it but both were too nervous. So a few days ago she had gotten on her laptop and googled videos of girls who fucked horses. Of course she had to wait till her parents were gone lest they walk in on her. It looked really hot, she mused while she had watched the videos. She really wanted to try it! As she massaged Jacob’s balls she decided to propose the idea to Greta when she awoke. With one more hard suck on Jacob’s shaft he shot his load all over her and walked away while she fingered his cum into her pussy.

Greta woke up an hour later feel warm and oddly satisfied. Looking down she saw her tits completely covered with horse cum and her pussy was covered in horse cum and she felt something warm and squishy inside of her which of course was likely horse and her own cum mixed together. She rolled her eyes with a smile, Tami had one of the stallions cum on her and had fucked the cum into her pussy in her sleep. It wasn’t that she minded of course. She stood from the lounge chair and decided to take a dip in the creek to clean off and cool down. As she dove into the water the coolness made her warm body feel so much better. Floating lazily on the surface of the water she glanced around to find Tami. She was on the other side of the creek dressed in a jean miniskirt and a tank top sitting on Felix’s back, he was a black stallion with white spots. She was laughing excitedly as he trotted away from the creek with her clutching his mane tightly to stay on.

After swimming and floating around for a while Greta swam back to shore and dried off. As she toweled her hair Felix trotted over with Tami moaning on his back. Once he stopped Tami slid off his back trembling in pleasure, the red head could clearly see a white stain on Felix's back.

“Oh my god,” Tami panted grabbing her best friend for support. “I just felt the best thing ever. The feeling of bristly horse hair against an excited cunt plus the constant movement is the best pleasure you could experience without touching your cunt with your hands or another sexual organ oh my god and the hills are what really got me there.”

“Good to know.” Greta giggled. “Thanks for covering me in cum and fucking it into my cunt in my sleep missy.”

Tami straightened up and laughed good-naturedly. “Knew you’d love it. Want to eat some dinner?”

Greta nodded and went to the tent to pull on some shorts and a tank top and as she tied her hiking boots Tami came in to put her own hiking boots on. The two made their way out of the tent just in time to see the Jip herd leaving the creek. The two followed the herd until they reached the some trees and began gathering some stray branches for firewood. Greta stripped some bark from the tree and threw it onto the growing pile of firewood. Tami hoisted herself up to yank off some branches from the tree. Greta could see right up her skirt at her bare pussy and felt devious. Grabbing a long stick she lifted it up and poked Tami’s pussy with it making her squeak in surprise and shoot a playful glare down at her. She yanked out a few more branches and threw them down to Greta who caught them and added them to the pile. Tami jumped from the tree and grunted when she landed on her feet on the grassy ground.

“You’re so funny Greta,” she said punching her friend’s arm as she walked past and grabbed the pile of wood.

Greta grabbed the rest and they made their way back to the creek. As Tami arranged the wood to be burned Greta was in the tent getting out pots and pans to cook their food in from the cooler they had brought. It was very well insulated so that none of the cold escaped and their food wouldn’t spoil.

“Want some hotdogs and fruit salad?” Greta called as she gathered food.

“Sure,” Tami called back as she lit the pile of wood.

The red head came out with 2 packages of hotdogs and placed them on the camping chair that Tami had set up and went over to the creek to fill a pot with water. Once it was full she placed it on a metal hold bar over the fire and sat in her chair and waited for the water to boil.

Tami came out of the tent dressed in a pair of pajama shorts and a tank top and sat down in the second camping chair and set up a pot of hot water to heat up next to the pot meant for the hotdogs. Greta scooped some fruit salad into a bowl and handed it and some flatware to Tami and made herself a bowl. Once the water was boiling Greta dropped in the hotdogs into the pot and went back to eating her fruit salad.

“So I have an idea.” Tami said between bites. Greta nodded for her to continue. “What would you say if I told you that I think we should actually start fucking stallions? Like put their cocks in our pussy and fuck ourselves with them.”

Greta sat thinking it over while watching to make sure the hotdogs didn’t overcook. “I think it would be super awesome. I mean we’ve been sucking and jerking them for weeks so it’s only fair that we get some satisfaction that isn’t by our own hands or toys. Plus we wouldn’t have to finger their cum into our cunts.” Greta said with a pleased smile.

“Okay, then tomorrow we do it. I think we should start with ponies first then work up to the adults.” Tami said as Greta drained the hotdog water.

As the sun set and the moon rose the two talked excitedly about what they planned to do tomorrow and Tami showed Greta the print outs about how to take a horse cock into your pussy. They were both excited for the next day.

*Hope you guys enjoyed chapter 2! More is definitely on the way!*

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