A Brother's Best Friend

A Brother's Best Friend

A Brother’s Best Friend
By D.R.Millennium:
NC-17 Slash/Incest Disclaimer:

I did not create and do not own any readily recognizable media characters. I have no agreement, legal or otherwise, with the creators or owners. This is purely for entertainment--I have not made, do not seek, and will not accept any profit for it. This story is in no way meant to reflect on the lives or life styles of the actors/actresses who originally portrayed the characters. I have nothing but fond affection and respect for them, for giving me so much entertainment, and no disrespect is meant by anything herein.

At this point, Virgil and John, having established their relationship, have set up a second house to work and play in their countryside orchard just outside of Bengtsfors, Sweden are all cozy and neat, until John finds out that Virgil has invited a ‘guest’ to stay over. So folks, get ready for the ‘Hmmph’ factor...”

“The coffee’s ready, have a seat,” John said as Virgil came in from outside. “Sure, just as soon as I wash my hands. I’ll be right back; go on ahead, drink if you like,” Virgil replied as he noted that John did not respond to him, but merely nodded. He had his nose buried in what appeared to be at Virgil’s glance an internet printout of some articles from the daily main newspaper from Stockholm.

“Ah! This is going to be a great day!” Virgil exclaimed after returning to their breakfast nook, settling down to pour his first cup of the day. “You always say that… after you have a ‘little visit’ with him,” John said dryly, still reading. “Well, it’s only true; I can’t help it if he gives a bit of zest to my day,” Virgil sighed before taking a sip. “It’s a happy, almost giddy feeling,” he followed up his thought after swallowing. “Do tell…” John fought hard to suppress a yawn, realizing by Virgil’s sighs and exclamations that he was oblivious to him.

“…and oh, when he’s with Mrs. Olson and finally sees me, she can hardly control him!” Virgil let out a warm peal of laughter. “Yes V… I’ve got eyes… dogs are like that; in fact, that one needs to do his obedience homework a bit more,” John sighed and finally stopped reading. It took almost all of his diplomatic skill and tact not to roll his eyes when he saw how Virgil’s were glowing with delight.

“Obedience? Well, he does go to class and Mrs. Olson says he’s very good, the smartest in there. As for the rest…he’s just loving, friendly, and happy. He misses you too, you know. Mrs. Olson says that all she has to do is mention your name and he gets excited!” “Hmmm, I don’t wonder; whenever I see him, he practically tries to mount my leg-yours too, when we’re together. Now that I think about it just now, it’s almost rude,” John clipped his voice coolly as he returned to his reading.

“Awww, well… he’s just young… still a baby in some ways and not in others, so warm and cuddly!” Virgil gave a heavenly sigh again. “He’s named after the Sun, your stock in trade too; it’s an English not Swedish name- ‘Sunny.’ Mrs. Olson loves to practice English with him.”

“Well, just mere curiosity, mind you, but are you telling me that ‘it,’ ‘he,’ er… Sunny that is, responds to English not just Swedish?” John ventured a question. “Oh, he’s smart all right- he responds to both. Golly, no wonder I love him so much! Down to a ‘T’ he’s just like you, John!” Virgil turned and walked towards the kitchen to check on the muffins that he had put in earlier, humming a tune as he did so.

“Oh, why of course…” John began his sentence then stopped abruptly as he realized, after Virgil had left the room, just exactly what he had said. Subsequently, he wasted no time in stomping into the kitchen where he found his brother with his oven mittens on, reaching for the tray of muffins that had just finished baking in the oven.

“I… I remind you of… of a dog? Is that what you’re telling me?” John drew himself up to his full, tall height; his hands were on his hips and his eyes were flashing with indignation and disbelief. “What’s bothering you? Talk about some people being cranky before breakfast,” Virgil settled the muffins on a large plate, fanning them off in order to cool them, as well as sniffing the blueberry muffins in satisfaction.

“Virgil…please come out of muffin heaven for a minute- TALK TO ME! Do you realize what you just said?” “Yes, I said that Sunny, sweet, loving, beautiful, intelligent Sunny is just like you- so what’s the deal? It’s true!” Virgil’s voice was filled with wistful longing and his eyes and face glowed with that magical look of love that John knew so well, however, this time, the more he saw his younger brother glow and coo, the more fuel it added to his temper.

“What’s the deal… he says,” John gave a Gallic shrug. “What’s THE DEAL? You’ve said it again, that I remind you of, that indeed, I am a dog… a dog? Well, the last time I looked, I didn’t wear a permanent fur coat, nor did I possess a long, bushy tail. In fact, what I do possess,” John proceeded to point to his backside, “I don’t wag!” John’s blue eyes flashed a furious fire, which was quite unusual for him.

“Hmmph, a dog! I have the ‘beauty and intelligence’ and… and” he sputtered trying to find his words and was getting angrier in not being able to find them. “You know in some countries, Poland, for example, saying something like that would be considered an insult…fighting words!” “Well,” Virgil rebuffed, “in case you haven’t noticed, we’re in Sweden…not Poland,” he continued on calmly, getting a bowl out of the cabinet which he was going to use in order to begin to prepare some eggs for scrambling.

“Yes, I know that and I know that I’m not Polish either, just in case you were going to remind me!” John continued to snap. “But that’s not the point- the point is that I do not appreciate the comparison, not one bit. For example, do I bark?” “Well,” Virgil replied, deciding to sit down instead of completing his task, “we all communicate in our own way; he has his way and you have yours…” he said the words in a calm manner.

“Well, I don’t have fleas either!” John still stood up; he was half sulking, trying to think of viable contrasts that would strengthen his argument. “Well, neither does he. Sunny gets the best prevention medicine for that,” Virgil said. “Okay, fine...” John replied. “Well, let’s try these on for size. Have I ever left an ‘unpleasant’ surprise in the middle of your precious vegetable garden? Or ‘watered’ shall we say your fruit trees or your rose bushes for that matter?” John decided to sit down at the opposite end of the kitchen table, using his hands, gesturing passionately in order to emphasize his points.

“No, you haven’t. But neither has Sunny. Whenever he’s visiting here, Mrs. Olson and I always take him across the road from our house to that ‘free land,’ I think they call it. He always gives us an alert in advance so we have plenty of time to take him over there in order for him to do his business- he’s very considerate in that way…” Virgil was about to complete his sentence by saying “just like you,” but thought the better of it, as John’s face literally had a ‘don’t you dare!’ as a warning message practically written all over it.

“Gee John, to get so bent out of shape… I don’t understand. You love animals, dogs especially; you love Sunny, I know that you do…” “Yes, Virgil, that’s all true, but…you, you just don’t get it really, do you?” John sighed; this was getting to be taxing. He hated to argue, hated to get into rows with anyone, Virgil in particular; such emotional outbursts were unusual for him, going against his grain- he did not like the disturbance to the inner balance and harmony they caused, things that he tried to keep.

“Well, you need to think about it; try to see things from my point of view. Oh well, it’s just abstract now, maybe sometime later on…” John sought to finish and subsequently calm down.

“Well, er…actually, it’s not so…uh…‘abstract’ as you say,” Virgil tendered his sentence carefully. “What do you mean?” John replied curiously, but equally with a growing cause for concern, as he saw a look in Virgil’s face, one akin to a child about to confess something. “Well… you might as well get your ‘mad on’ all at once- we’ll be having a guest, for two weeks- Sunny’s coming over here. I will be dog sitting. He’s coming over here…tomorrow as a matter of fact.”

“WHAAAT? Dog sitting? TOMORROW? When did you decide on this…WHEN?” John practically leaped up out his chair; his eyes were filled with disbelief. “Honestly, it wasn’t a few minutes ago, like your reaction is seeking to imply,” Virgil got up too, in deference to his beloved brother, but his voice and demeanour were still calm and steady. “It was late last night; you weren’t available. You were at a lecture; well, coming back from one from Stockholm.”

“You couldn’t have telephoned me right? Like I didn’t have a cell phone on me, is that right? You just went on ahead and made this decision … without consulting me- is that it? I don’t believe it… I don’t BELIEVE IT! Of all of the times… for you to try to imitate, no, to act just like Scott, when he does his ‘big brother is in charge bit…’. Why now, why now?” John was not only getting angrier by the minute, but this was also shocking him as well as hurting his feelings; Virgil had never acted like this with him before.

“I couldn’t reach you John; I’m sorry really, there wasn’t time. The need was urgent and I had to make a decision so- I made one. Mr. Olson telephoned me; he and Mrs. Olson got an emergency call- they have to leave the country… some business to take care of in São Paulo, Brazil. It could not wait and Sunny, he needed to be cared for while they were away. I know that you’re upset… but… I was needed.

I couldn’t see the expense of putting Sunny in some kennel and… they are so impersonal besides, Sunny’s a people dog… he needs human companionship and… I…well… the idea of him being locked up in some cage when I knew full well he’d be safe and comfortable here… I couldn’t… it didn’t sit well with me. So I volunteered my services. It was the neighborly thing to do as well- they’re our neighbors, good ones too and well… when it comes right down to it… I’m looking forward to caring for him… I love him,” Virgil folded his arms calmly across his chest; his feet were planted apart in a stance that John knew meant that although his tone was apologetic, Virgil had made his decision and was not going to change it.

“I know that look; you don’t have to tell me twice… next thing I know, you’ll be telling me that this is almost like an ‘International Rescue’ mission: Virgil saves Sunny from being held captive at a kennel run by the Hood!” John’s voice was sarcastic, biting; he waved his hand in the air, inwardly cursing the fact that he knew that this part, seeing a need and acting on it without hesitation was a part of Virgil’s character as a man- one part that John knew that he loved dearly.

“Well, what shall he be eating? I won’t begrudge our “guest” good food and spring water… I’d never… but I’ll bet that this dog is some high maintenance piece of work,” John said. “He has a good food mix- I’ll be getting some today and as for “high maintenance,” well, when you’re into your ‘Mr. Inventor’ mode, I seem to find myself baking lots and lots of bran muffins, oatmeal cookies, loaves of 9 grain bread as well as keeping various flat breads, trail mixes, fruits and cheeses in ample stock,” Virgil waved his own hands at his food processor and bread machine. “I don’t begrudge that nor mind it either,” he finished.

“Thanks for not adding that ‘we’re so alike’ hmmph!” John turned up his nose in a huff. “I know that it was implied…‘high maintenance’ indeed,” John stopped for a moment; he did not want to give Virgil anymore ideas on which he could make comparisons.

“Okay,” John said; “where’s he going to ‘go’ when he has to be let out? Not your gardens, I’m sure!” “That’s no problem. I’m staking out an area for him, just a bit away from the house. It’ll be easy for him; there’s an old tree stump there. I was going to get it uprooted, but now it will come in handy. Also, I’ll have my spare rake and shovel there too, as well as a wheelbarrow. I’m buying some fresh soil today so I can dig and bury his business properly,” Virgil replied calmly.

“That tree stump… quite handy indeed and the rest… how very considerate of you… and you’ll be responsible for taking him ‘out’ of course?” John’s voice still had an edge to it.

“Of course, I’ll take the responsibility- I can handle it,” Virgil’s voice was still firm and calm. “Okay, fine. Well, what about the carpets, our Persian rugs? What about any, er…accidents?” John replied. “I’ll pay for any cleaning, even the Persians; it might be costly but well, ‘accidents’ can happen,” Virgil said as John was silent in thought, noting that such things applied to people as well, so he decided to let that alone, not wanting to wish any more trouble onto himself.

“Well, it’s only for two weeks, John…” John said as he finally broke the stalemate silence after a few minutes, sighing as he sat down. “Tomorrow…and…hmmm next week…” he said quietly. “ I almost forgot…you forgot! Do you know what next week would have been, DO YOU?” John startled Virgil by leaping up again in a mixture of anguish and anger.

“It’s not the anniversary of our being together; I’d never forget that, so?” Virgil replied in a questioning voice. “No, it’s not that. It was supposed to be my turn, my week… man oh, man; now that’s all going to be ruined! That’s all going to have to be postponed…scrapped and I was looking forward to it- all the way home from Stockholm it was on my mind!” upon seeing Virgil’s still puzzled look, John’s blue eyes flashed fire again in having to remind him.

“Before I left Stockholm, I telephoned DHL and found out that my bed set, sheets, pillow cases and my fluffy towels had all arrived. I was going to decorate our bath area and our bed! I, finally, after all of this time…finally had the gumption to buy something I had wanted for years-sheets, a comforter, pillowcases and towels… in rose pink, my favorite color! Only you and Kyrano know it’s my favorite color-has been for ages!

I couldn’t have them before. I handpicked this set, a rose colored floral with roses on it and antique gold edgings to trim the sides, also some all rose colored fluffy towels too, several complete sets! I bought them from the States, a specialty shop… and the sheets- they’re 1000 thread count, 100 percent Egyptian cotton! I saved and paid a small fortune for them! I longed for a place to put them, to have them! I couldn’t do it on Thunderbird 5, or my room at home, or my room at my observatory on the island either- I didn’t want to get criticized or teased… and Trondheim, no the house is settled there, all decorated just right.

So, I felt when we built up this place… our place, our home away from home here… all private, all cozy, that I could do it here- you understood; only you would know! I did not even tell Kyrano that I had bought all of that for here and now, after waiting so long… I have to wait again… because if you think that I’m going to have one paw print get on that precious comforter, or one fang get into my fluffy pink towels- you’d better THINK AGAIN!”

“I’m going to leave the kitchen, let you cool off, John,” Virgil shook his head; he knew that it was upsetting but it was only for two weeks and they were going to be here for quite a while after that, but John was not thinking clearly at this point, so there was no point in reasoning with him.

“Cool off, he says: first, unexpected ‘company,’ then, I can’t even enjoy my bedding or my towels… and then, oh, I forgot…I’m just like Sunny…” John was muttering to himself, still fuming. “That’s not the first, not the ‘unexpected guest’ bit; that’s not the first annoyance…” his voice went to a quiet tone that was audible.

“Perhaps I could deal with the ‘guest thing’ and delaying the use of my bedding but…the other… NO SIR! I’ll ask you-since when Virgil, honestly, since WHEN have I EVER RESEMBLED, LET ALONE ACTED LIKE A DOG?” John said crossly, pointing an accusing finger.

Virgil’s eyes grew wide; he had never seen John get so angry or act so indignant. He wasn’t afraid, but it was still disconcerting nevertheless to see his beloved in such a fiery state. However, suddenly, John’s eyes grew wide as he looked at Virgil’s surprised face- to him; it looked like his face was pondering something, trying to revive an almost forgotten memory. John’s words had barely echoed into John’s own ears when suddenly there was a memory flash and he blinked- at what had come up in his own mind.

In reaction, John’s coloring changed from red to pale in seemingly an instant, startling poor Virgil, then, he turned red again; his eyes had a look of embarrassment in them, one that to his growing awkwardness, he saw that Virgil was beginning to recognize. As John had often told him so many times in their passionate past, Virgil was innocent in so many, many ways, but he wasn’t naïve. Virgil’s look changed in that instant from dumbfounded puzzlement, to an awareness, coming with it, an heroic attempt to suppress the amusement.

“OH, NO!” John replied as a look came on his face. “HA! Well… I would have never thought of that… but now, since you mentioned it… I DO recall, as a matter of fact…” Virgil’s voice was tender and sheepish, but also teasing; it was for him a way out, a necessary way of breaking the tension and anger that dominated the room.

“VIRGIL!” John wailed and was red faced now with plain embarrassment, but what could he say? He had walked headlong into that one; the only way out was one that he quickly decided to take- he left the kitchen and did not look back. Virgil could hear the door of their sitting room slam- he winced as if he had been hit; John had *remembered* all right and yes, it was true to the mark- he had walked right into it with his line given in ill-temper and now, he was going to have to eat with irony his words as well as deal with the memories that they evoked.

For a few moments, John began to tap his head lightly against the wall’s wooden paneling, further chastising himself which was coupled to the shame and self blame that he was heaping upon himself for getting into such a predicament. “It isn’t going to help matters, banging even lightly like this,” he murmured quietly, then subsequently, he sat down in a comfortable arm chair, grateful that no one could see his face grow even more crimson even as that little cryptic phrase of his had triggered even more memories.

In his mind’s eye, he went back to over a year and a half ago, back to Houston. He had arrived there after doing six weeks’ duty up in Thunderbird 5. He was there because he had been asked to come to NASA for some obligatory meetings and conferences in late September, for two weeks, just as the seasons had begun to change from summer to autumn. Despite the seasonal change, the weather was still hot and Scott, who prided himself on being an ‘expert’ in how to dress appropriately for hot climates, had volunteered to put his wardrobe together for the trip.

He also, was the one who flew John straight from home to Houston; in fact, it was merely John transferring from Thunderbird 3 directly to Thunderbird 1. This enabled him to get to Houston a couple of days ahead of schedule, allowing him to rest and to adjust to being back on Earth.

Unfortunately though, it also meant that even during the exchange of crafts at home, he did not see Virgil, let alone speak to him or vice versa. Virgil wisely had decided to keep busy and keep his usual ‘low profile,’ not wanting to arouse any suspicion since by then, he and John were intimate and had been so for almost two years, successfully keeping it a secret from the rest of the family.

John did not worry about his clothing; Scott knew his younger brother’s tastes and picked out his clothing with great care, for he knew that although in Houston, John would generally go from one air conditioned setting to another, he still had to go outside at some point and that the restaurants and locales that John preferred to frequent in still required a jacket and tie; in addition, John liked to wear a Panama hat. This was because although many visitors to Texas liked to go “Western” when they visited, John was not one of them.

Certainly, he enjoyed the finely broiled steaks, barbeques and Mexican cooking on occasion, but he preferred to eat in the more upscale restaurants that featured French, Italian or Japanese cuisines and these required semi-formal attire.

So, it was one evening, around 2000 hours or 8 o’clock, in more familiar terms that found him out at a particularly favorite Italian restaurant. The meals at this place were impeccable and memorable; however, this particular meal would turn out to be more memorable than usual because of some other guests who happened to be sitting at a table right next to him.

John remembered being nicely settled at his table, thoroughly enjoying his chicken marsala, while the two gentlemen who sat next to him, who by their uniforms, he could tell were German Naval officers, were not only enjoying their own meals, but also were indulging themselves with some wine, getting a bit tipsy in the process; thus, they began to switch from English to German in their conversation.

In their mirth as well as confidence that no one there would understand them, they revealed just much fun it was to be in Houston, away from the cares and responsibilities of their ship. Of course, they had no idea that John was fluent in German and although he did not mean to eavesdrop, he could not help but overhear the conversation of the two men, who were a few years older than John himself.

In the midst of their conversation, John learned that the two officers had been long time lovers and had delighted in taking in some of Houston’s sights while they had been on a bit of leave. In civilian clothing, they had gone dancing and clubbing two nights before, only to then, the following day, choose to stay at a very nice hotel, not only to recover from their partying, but in addition, to store up enough energy for a night of ‘fun’ in their room later on.

Then, the men talked in a very rapid exchange- only John’s fluency in the language picked up just as quickly on their bantering, where the lovers laughed out loud as they interjected in English the word *bang* in their conversation. One saying to the other how nice it was to be able to ‘do it’ again in the fashion of dogs once again, while the other officer noted with a mischievous gleam in his eye, how once again he got to enjoy being on the receiving end- his beloved never failing to bang him so vigorously that he felt as if his own brains were going to literally fall out of his head- a statement which made the lovers break out in a peal of what seemed to the other patrons around them as a healthy sound of typical masculine laughter.

John remembered that when he heard this, he was grateful that his training at NASA, not to mention, first and foremost, International Rescue itself, had enabled him not to show his reaction to the two men, although he did realize that their little lover’s chat had affected him. It was only later, after returning to his quarters, that John, alone in his room, allowed those words to reverberate in his own body- now, an image of himself and his own beloved, Virgil, doing just that was burned indelibly into his mind.

It would prove to be a powerfully erotic image; a fantasy that he just had to fulfill and it made his own desire to be with his lover, which was strong already, even much stronger. It was the beginning of restless nights for him after long meetings, briefings and lectures. Only his determination, caution and professionalism helped to keep the images at bay in the daytime.

However, John quickly learned that he either had to take off the lustful edge that consumed him by taking care of his ‘problems’ by masturbating in the shower, or risk continuing to toss and turn in bed, over this image of himself and Virgil doing this, subsequently, soiling his sheets with his copious spendings, something he simply did not wish to do.

Therefore, he took the former course of action, pleasuring himself in the shower, albeit with a face cloth clenched tightly between his teeth to considerably muffle his cries of release- Scott’s mocking of him that time past had taught him the lesson all too painfully well.
This turned out to be a nice, but ultimately, a temporary solution; it helped, at least it did until Scott came to get him after his time at NASA was done and he was finally returning home for some rest and relaxation. There, at home, he knew what he would have to face- he would be once more obliged to first spend some quality time with his father and the others. Virgil, as always sadly, would have to wait.

He had gone through this several times before, however, this time, unlike some times past, it was going to be more difficult than usual because his own love and need to be with his beloved was newly compounded by pent up lust, which itself, was driven by this erotic, sexual position, an image that was almost obsessively ‘stuck-in-his-head.’ Thus, these twin demons of desire had caught up with him whole sale and threatened to overtake his normal sense of caution.

Oh, how difficult those first two-and-a-half days had been; John continued to remember as they had been taken up by his father, grandmother and nearly everyone else, except poor Virgil- there had been no time for him. It took such an effort at such times to protect what they had and by this time, so in tune were they with each other that they could feel the inner torment that the ‘other,’ the beloved, went through. Also, they could almost taste the other’s aching sensual/emotional need for one another. However, they both had to painfully deny themselves- they could not risk it, not with John being the focus of so much attention, either in the day, or even at night.

Then mercifully, the two of them got a break. In the middle of the third day, John recalled how his father, in deference to the weather, which was very warm, as well as the fact that Brains, who had traded with Gordon for duties on Thunderbird 5, thus allowing all five brothers the unusual chance to all be at home at the same time, decided to plan and execute an impromptu barbeque and pool party.

He had a large awning erected over a part of the sun deck, which would keep the burning sun from shining directly on them. In that shaded area, the grill, tables and deck chairs were all set up. Jeff was glad that good fortune was smiling upon his family- his sons were all here with him, alive and whole. In addition, for once, the world also, seemed to be able to take care of itself, for International Rescue’s services were not required, so he declared a little holiday of sorts, wanting his sons, along with the rest of the family to have fun and relax for awhile.

It was late in the afternoon that they found their chance. It was so perfect; the meats and vegetables were grilling while their siblings, Tin-Tin and Fermat were splashing about in the pool. Jeff decided to indulge in some shots of one his favorite tequilas with beer chasers, while listening to Mariachi music, something that their father enjoyed now and then when he was in a festive mood. Kyrano lolled about on a lounge chair, relaxing while their grandmother, having wisely put on her noise canceling headphones, slept blissfully in air conditioned comfort in her room. The music was blaring- it seemed to practically seep through the windows of the house, so much the better, the two of them thought, to camouflage the delightful sounds to come.

Counting on the deities of love to aid them as they had so often in the past, Virgil and John slipped away surreptitiously at separate intervals, away from the festivities, finally making Virgil’s room their trysting place without anyone being the wiser.

Virgil had barely closed and secured the door behind him when John whispered with bated breath into his ear at long last, his nigh uncontrollable desire to ‘do it’ that way, “doggie style,” that is, just once and would he also indulge him by being the one to bend forward as well. Virgil consented, since his own mind now was filled with curiosity to try this, something the two of them had never done before. Also, his own body mirrored John’s own- it literally ached with sexual need for him; John’s now eight weeks and two-and-a-half days apart as his lover might as well had been eight months, so great was his own need.

As far as John was concerned, he was so aroused, so *consumed* by lust that he felt compelled, up to that very moment, to divert his thoughts when he was with others, every which way, seemingly for times without end, in order to keep his own sex from making itself known to others rather rudely through his clothing. Now he was, they were, free to indulge themselves.

It was supposed to have been a ‘quickie,’ something they seldom indulged in because both of them needed and enjoyed the preliminary, romantic overtures they usually engaged in at the beginning of their joinings. However this time, the two of them felt that they had no time for it, as well as the fact that their lust and need for each other had overwhelmed and consumed them both, making neither one of them feel inclined to exchange either adoring words of love, nor a hug or a kiss. Only their mutual certitude in their abiding care and love for each other, which had been long established and settled prior kept the brothers from feeling that this would be a mere exploitative act of sex.

Even though their needs, desires as well as the demands of the outside world around them implored them to act in haste, both of them were pleasantly reminded that the two of them, in their capacities as lovers, were not sprinters in the game, but rather, were virile and potent young men, with the stamina to go the full, long distance in the race to ecstasy.

John recalled how it was, with both of them nude and Virgil leaning face forward over the back of a sturdy, large, arm chair, with a pillow beneath him to rest his head as well as catch all towels on the back of the chair as well as one at his feet. After that, John could not think nearly anymore, at least not in words. With his beloved’s broad, strong, muscular back before him, the skin, now the color of toffee mixed with cream by a gentle kiss of the sun, John could only appreciate the fact that he needed no lubricant lotion this time- the sweat of their bodies and his own member, which was nigh glistening with its natural lubricant, made such a preparation unnecessary.

As his ample length slithered nicely into his beloved’s familiar, tight warmth, both brothers emitted groans of relief; now, the two of them felt at ‘home’ at last and John simply chose not to waste any more time. As he took his supple hands on a sensual journey, massaging Virgil’s prominent, muscular shoulders and upper arms, he was also adjusting himself behind Virgil, like a marksman lining up his target.

Then, he proceeded to move, in and out slowly, just at the first, few passes, but soon, he found his place and rhythm and the rest was just blissfully mechanical. John thought no longer, but rather, let his body completely take over- it was pumping, pounding, thrusting, grinding and drilling into Virgil’s with a precision akin to a finely tuned and oiled machine that he was wont to invent and design.

He was learning as he was doing; quickly on, he moved his hands from his beloved’s back to his hips, gripping them, albeit not too tightly. He steadied his lover’s legs while firmly planting his own, finding the perfect position for them both, each thrust growing ever more powerful, ever deeper, in a rhythmic fashion.

John’s head was swirling- the sensations, the feelings, the sheer power was simply unbelievable for him. He closed his eyes reluctantly; Virgil’s buttocks, so firm, yet so deliciously curved, were all that he ever imagined them to be; once again, in that small corner of his mind that could think, it told him how no one else, absolutely no one could make him feel this way. Virgil, as the object of his desire, made it impossible, let alone undesirable to want anyone else- this was the love, sexual fulfillment and true companionship others could only dream of; what he had, he knew was truly his and would be for a lifetime.

As he continued to keep his eyes closed, his mind simply became lost in the tempest of the sheer sensation- he was drowning. Only once in a while he could hear what sounded like cries in the distance. The words: “OH YES, OH YES! OH GOD…OH GOD…JOHN!” rang hoarsely from Virgil’s throat. They grew louder until they suddenly became muffled, for Virgil, for sheer safety’s sake, buried his face in his pillow as he began to scream in the paroxysm of pleasure/pain that his beloved’s virility always took him.

As the sounds of the Mariachi, the brass horns, the strums of the guitars, the Italian sounding accordion and virile masculine singers made the festive music that pleased the partygoers outside, so too, did the lovers make their *own* music, with the sounds of their voices, ranging from short, repetitive phrases to guttural sounds of pleasure, while John moved, enslaved to his own sense of rhythm.

It was getting harder to hold onto Virgil, so great were both of their exertions that the sweat simply ran in rivers off of their bodies. Then suddenly, almost like a cruel taunt, John simply stopped and withdrew, much to Virgil’s soon and sudden disappointment one, that culminated quickly in his near desperate pleas for John not leave him like this- all wanting for more. John’s words to his beloved were simple consisted of two: “I won’t,” which he uttered in his seductive cadence, for he had ideas of his own, ‘other’ ideas that he intended to use, hoping to up the erotic ante.

With great care, he moved forward until he could bend up near the nape of Virgil’s neck, then, he gently began to lick it, his plump, questing tongue licked across the nape, then down the length of the spine, until he reached the small of his beloved’s back, delighting in the quivering that it produced in Virgil. However, John’s journey was far from done; he took his tongue in charge as he made a hard, right turn with it, cresting Virgil’s hipbone, only to then turn back inward in order to lick down the plump, ever tempting right buttock, right down to the middle of the back of his right thigh.

Not soon after, John knelt down to position himself while he gently moved those strong, muscular thighs just in front of him apart, smiling as Virgil involuntarily flexed and tightened this area in anticipation of something unknown, but felt would doubtless be delightful.

With his place set, John put his face between those thighs; his tongue now was a hair breadths away from his lover’s swollen, sweat laden sac that was threatening to move upward in preparation for the release. John decided not to waste time teasing; he proceeded to glide the tip of his tongue onto the sac, not forgetting any part, delighting as Virgil’s scream into the pillow was primal-John could tell that this new, little, sensual trick up his sleeve was proving to be a pleasant one. “Mmmm?” John made the sound, with his mouth firmly planted on them, causing the sexually inflamed globes to vibrate deliciously, driving his lover to come up for air as an “Nnnnngh,” and “Please….John….” came unbidden from his throat, begging for mercy.

John simply continued licking in various directions, enjoying the taste of his beloved’s sweat and the feel of those warm spheres against his tongue and mouth, while his nose delighted in their musky aroma, the kind that only sexuality could produce.

“AHHGNH!...it’s so…it’s so…good…I’m so close, John....so close! Hurry please, hurry…I don’t know… it’s been so long…too long…! Just do me…again…too…please? I...I can’t wait… not too much….!” Virgil’s voice proved what a tender yet torturous state that he was in.

John complied happily, rising back to his feet; he stood upright again to place his rod back deep inside of his beloved- resuming his smooth and clean machine-like precision pumping and pounding movements once more. However, twenty-one more was all that he could manage to make, for on the beginning of the twenty-second thrust, Virgil’s shivering and shaking caused Virgil to simply explode and cry out as his body gushed forth jettisons of semen, like white hot magma, drenching the towel on the back of the chair as well as the one on the floor as his member sputtered and sprayed like a run away roman candle.

At the same time, those same orgasmic spasms caused a vibration from deep within Virgil, making waves of pleasure that went like almost an electric conduit from the tip of John’s manhood, all the way to the base- forcing him in delight to own up to and scream out his own climax, calling out his brother’s name to the heavens as he unloaded his heated seed deep into his lover’s very vitals. The two were as one once more in their passion and loss of even a sense of ‘selves,’ for their minds were in ecstasy, oblivious to all else- the deities of love were still with them fortunately, for they were neither seen nor heard. Also, if anyone had come into the room, the two brothers would have been caught and helpless- so into the orgasmic maelstrom were their minds and bodies.

John could not recall, nor could Virgil either, as he blushingly confided to him later that night, how many minutes it took for each of them to come down from the heights they had both reached. Like drunken sailors, both of them slipped gently onto the carpet, Virgil being grateful that he had settled onto the towel underneath him- it was handy as it proved to catch the still warm excess of seed that was dribbling from his vitals as well as spurting from his own man root. John, for his part, was equally sprawled out, but not dribbling; his intensity and need had caused him to shoot his full load deep into the inner recesses of the man that he loved- there would be nothing left for him to give… at least for a while.

Therefore, perspiration laden, satiated for the present and mother-naked, the brother/lovers sought two nearly impossible goals- to savor the ecstasies as well as to come down from them as soon as possible, so as to avoid being missed by the others any longer than necessary.

Virgil was the first to get his legs back- he half walked, half crawled, staggering from the sheer pleasure, towards a cabinet; there, he grabbed a large bath towel and gave it to John, who was uncharacteristically glowing- his eyes were burning brightly with both satisfaction and triumph; he did not feel shy this time.

John was now beginning to be able to think coherently again- he used the towel to remove the excess sweat off of his legs, arms, face and chest, watching his love nod with approval and relief- this would prevent any inopportune questions from being asked while John went to his room, naturally to take, as Virgil himself was going to take, a thorough shower and shampoo, which would keep the others from knowing about the exertions the two of them had just engaged in.

As John finished putting his boxers and walking shorts on, zipping up his fly neatly, he was so nicely slender, that he could do this still sitting down, Virgil went over to him to kiss quickly his lips and his brow, the brow he loved so much when it always, after they made love, was graced with his white blond locks settled on it smoothly, perspiration settling them there. To his beloved, it made John look as if he was wearing a prince’s crown, an image that Virgil told him that he kept close to his heart, for loving John always reminded him of joining with a benevolent, loving deity.

John was buttoning his shirt and putting on his sandals when in finally, a quiet voice, the words: “tonight, at midnight then?” came from Virgil, while his beloved said: “my room-sooner than midnight…if we can…” in response. John was regulating his face now, going back to the shy, quiet, peaceful look that was also another face of his, a true face, to be sure, but his beloved had delighted in seeing those heavenly blue eyes dark and glowing with triumph. Then, all of a sudden, for a moment, they both smiled at one another in that all too familiar way, the way that showed the vitality of the Tracy men.

One at a time, they returned to the party; in reality, they really hadn’t even been missed. When Virgil was about to settle down on a deck chair, Kyrano and Jeff announced that everything was ready to eat. The usual barbeque and steaks flowed in abundance, along with grilled vegetables and fish, but in addition, Kyrano had added some other delights- chicken basted in an Indonesian peanut sauce, along with broiled prawns drenched in lemon and butter, which he knew that John loved in particular.

Alan laughed about the food being ‘practically inhaled,’ so much of it seemed to disappear, along with the wine, beer or other liquors of ones choosing. The festive mood continued long after sundown. Jeff was in his cups, blissfully relaxed as Gordon began to strum his guitar, playing some old fashioned folk songs, then their father began to nod off; only his mother, upon seeing this happen twice near 2145, made the call- it was time for everyone to retire, as she could see yawns and stretches around the tables and chairs.

Therefore, the deities of love were still with them, John recalled, as an early retiring of the entire household, after everything was tidied up and put away, allowed his beloved to come to his room undetected. For the barest of an instant, before Virgil came to him, John pondered whether or not they were the only two so involved- he had not seen any *real* weariness in any of his other brothers’ eyes or in Fermat’s. His intuition gave vent to the thought that maybe… but then his mind terminated that thought, could anything be that easy, that coincidental? He truly thought not.

The night went well. After assuring themselves that they would ‘just let things happen,’ because their exertions earlier may have well rendered them both too spent to ‘play,’ and besides, sex alone was not what their relationship was about, they both found to their delight that they could comfortably engage in lovemaking. In those precious hours, they took their time, indulging in all of the romantic and gentle overtures and actions that they both felt were so vital to their intimacies.

Fortune stayed with them also, for not only could they frolic and nurture during the entire night, but also, Virgil got that longed for chance to fall asleep in John’s loving arms, in addition to obtaining a true, full rest. He went at 1100 back to his own room, the next morning, as undetected as when he left there.

John blushed as he remembered how deep in the night, Virgil had marveled at their prior intensity. He had joked lovingly that now he knew what it must feel like to be on the receiving end of the Mole, one of his own machines from Thunderbird 2.

He could see John, in response, turn pink while he lowered his eyes shyly. Also, he covered his face, partially for ‘play,’ partially for real, with his pillow. It would take, as usual, Virgil, with his soft words, to coax John back, as part of their little love game, out of his self-conscious shyness with loving assurances not to be ‘so embarrassed’ by his passion. That was a vital part of their intimacy, their love talk, that they enjoyed, loved and needed. So engrossed and pleasing did this trip down an erotic memory lane hold for John that at first, he did not hear the knocking at the sitting room door.

“John, please let me in now,” Virgil’s voice was calm and solemn, quite different than earlier. “It’s not locked. Come on in,” Virgil heard John reply, grateful that he too, seemed to be calmer than before. As he opened up the door, he could see John standing by one of the large windows that gave a lovely view of the lands just past their orchard. He looked so noble, so elegant, even during this awkward moment; his arms and legs were crossed casually as he peered out- his face made such a classical profile in addition. Virgil’s artistic mind made a mental note of that stance and his clothing- he was dressed in tan slacks, ones that were comfortable in or outside of the house and he wore an off-white shirt with a bright red sweater that buttoned down the front, although now, he had it unbuttoned.

I got him into those bright colors up here, but he looks so good, in anything…or nothing at all; he thought, as also, he knew that as soon as he could, he was going to go to his studio to do another sketch and realized that his pad was filling up. Hmmm, another one for my binder, he mused, as his countenance held a determined look again.

“ I…I was so needful that time. I can’t really blame you, at least you tried not to laugh- I really put my foot into my mouth this time,” John unfolded his arms and legs in a gesture, his cheeks were tinged with pink. “You were not any more needful than I was… and I wasn’t suppressing a laugh at you, John… it was just that the tension was so thick… it broke the stress for me a bit. I’d never laugh at you,” Virgil’s voice had a gentle yet serious tone in it. He stepped out of the sitting room for a minute, when he returned, he was carrying a small tray.

“ I know… you’ve never laughed at me V, I did not mean it like that; but honestly, I did walk right into that one…” John stopped his sentence as a questioning look formed on his face. “Yes…it’s sherry, with two appropriate glasses,” Virgil replied. “Sherry? At… well, it’s only just 10 am,” John took a quick glance as the antique grandmother clock began to chime while at the same time, he walked over to the table. “Well…” as Virgil began to pour, “just try to think of it this way- it’s the proper time for sherry somewhere in the world. Otherwise, just view it as being taken for ‘medicinal purposes’.” “‘Medicinal,’eh?” John said as he eyed the fine glass, then he noted by its slight chill and the coloring of the sherry, that this was the very special, extra sweet sherry of the Pedro Ximeñez grape, the kind that they both preferred.

“It’s a truce, a part of one, I hope,” Virgil’s eyes looked hopeful. “I see… so…while you, then, try to think about my…er ‘views’ about Sunny and I, I then, try to deal with his ‘unexpected stay over’ and the consequences of it, as it pertains to my plans- sounds fair enough. Agreed?” John’s tone was so smoothly diplomatic- another thing that Virgil treasured in him. “I agree,” Virgil smiled as they toasted each other and sipped on the delicious beverage.

***** TO BE CONTINUED……******

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