Big Girl_(0)

Big Girl_(0)

If you haven’t read my first story yet, please do so if you’re interested. I plan to write a paragraph or so of information before all of my stories, so check it out before you go the actual story. Or, just go right to the story and masturbate. I don’t care. Anyway, this one is another story about two teenagers discovering sex. Only this time, the girl is rather large.

Honestly, this isn’t a fetish of mine or anything. But I do find some heavier girls attractive if they can pull off the look. There’s just something about a large woman that’s very hot. Maybe it’s because I like asses so much, and fat girls obviously have huge asses. Okay, no more of this, just enjoy the story, comment, rate it, and keep checking my profile for more if you really like it.

Big Girl
By DirtyDay95

“I hate sports.” Alex said, watching some of the more athletic students in his gym class run back and forth with the basketball.

“You’re just jealous of those guys. That’s what I think.” His best friend, Thomas, replied. “Look at them, don’t you wish you could look like that?”

Honestly, he did. Alex watched them all running up and down the court, swiftly throwing around the ball and working up quite a sweat. Each and every one of them was tall, muscular, and attractive. Alex, on the other hand, was short and skinny. He didn’t have much luck with the ladies in his school, either.

For years, Alex had been quiet, shy, and a bit of a loner. He enjoyed being a loner, but he often wished that he had more friends, or even a sexy female to spend his time with. But that just didn’t seem too likely. He was a geek. One glance at the group of attractive girls watching the basketball players reminded Alex of just how impossible his fantasies really were.

They were absolute goddesses, all of them. Slim waists, big boobs, perfect asses, and pretty faces. Alex watched them cheer on the athletes, jumping up and down as their young boobs jiggled seductively. He was sure that about half of them were currently fucking some of the basketball players. Maybe that was why Alex hated sports so much, because it seemed like just another way for life to remind his that he was lame.

“I guess so.” Alex mumbled, finally turning his attention away from the crowd of attractive girls. “I’m never going to get laid, am I?” He muttered.

“I doubt it.” Thomas said, laughing. Alex simply scowled while Thomas laughed even louder.

Rather pissed off at his buddy, Alex walked away from the basketball court and stepped outside of the gym for a moment. Nobody would notice if he left for a few minutes, anyway. To his surprise, he wasn’t the only one skipping gym. Somebody else was out here in the hallway, a girl Alex recognized from some of his classes. She was sitting on the floor just outside of the gym, playing some handheld video game.

Alex decided, for once, to be social. For some reason, the girl seemed very approachable. Maybe it was of her heavy figure or her pale skin that made her less intimidating than some of the gorgeous, perfect girls that walked the hallways. Despite being quite overweight, there was something about her that was quite attractive. As one might expect from a girl her size, she had very large breasts that managed to look big and plump even in the loose shirt she was wearing.

Her legs were spread wide open, and the baggy blue shorts she was wearing did very little to hide her pink panties in this position. She didn’t seem to notice Alex advancing towards her, and did not do anything to cover herself up. Alex could feel his cock twitching in his own shorts. Trying his best to ignore the view, he walked over to the girl and sat down next to her. She looked over at him and gave a friendly smile.

“Hi, who are you?” She asked. “You look familiar.”

“I’m Alex. We have a few classes together, I think.” He said, grinning.

"Okay, I know you! I’m Tara, by the way.” She replied.

“And what are you doing out here?” Alex asked.

“I never liked gym. It’s no fun being when you’re as bad as sports as I am.” Tara said with a chuckle. “Is that why you’re out here too?”

“Yeah, sports were never really my thing.” He explained. “What game is that?” He added.

“It’s Donkey Kong.” Tara replied, slightly embarrassed. “I love it.”

Alex chuckled. He too was quite fond of the game, and sensed that he was already bonding with this girl. In the past, he hadn’t bothered with heavier girls, but there was something about Tara that made him quite eager to befriend her. And since they apparently had something in common, it seemed like it might be quite an easy thing to do. He looked over at the game.

“I love Donkey Kong! I’ve been playing it since I was a little kid.” He said. This seemed to pleasantly surprise Tara.

“That’s awesome! Listen, if you want, you can come over my house and play it with my today after school. If you want to, that is.” She said, obviously a little embarrassed.

Alex’s heart raced. He had never been invited to a girl’s house before! For a moment, it was hard for him to speak, or even think. Nervousness momentarily stopped him from doing anything, and he began to feel slightly sweaty. He quickly wiped his glistening forehead, and decided that he would really like to hang out with her after school.

“Sure, that sounds fun. We can meet here after school, okay?” Alex answered nervously. She smiled at him, and he smiled back. A friendship had been formed.

He spent his next few classes thinking about Tara, both as a friend and as a girl. The image of her cute pink panties hadn’t left his head for a moment since it happened, and he had to try very hard to forget about it to avoid getting hard in class. He was also extremely nervous. What would it be like, hanging out with her? How should he act?

Suddenly, Alex realized that he had absolutely no idea how to act around women. Although he enjoyed solitude, his lack of social skills was a disadvantage. He thought about their first little chat, and realized how well just acting himself worked out. But what if he just got lucky that time? What if she thought he was a total loser?

“No, fuck that.” Alex thought to himself. “I just need to be myself around her, that’s why this is even happening at all. If I just act like myself, I’ll have nothing to worry about.”

Eventually, school ended, and Alex made his way to the gym after getting his jacket from his locker. Relief, and a little fear, filled him up when he saw Tara waiting for him. She looked even sexier now that she wasn’t in gym clothes. Despite being heavy, she wore tight clothes that did a good job of showing her many curves. She was wearing a heavy black jacket, but her large breasts were still visible, even when covered by the thick material.

“Alex, there you are!” She said, as he approached her. “Are you ready to go?”

“I’ve been waiting all day. Let’s go.” He responded with a smile.

The cold winter weather made the walk to Tara’s house rather unpleasant, but it was a quick trip and they were at her doorstep within minutes. Neither of them said much on the way there. It was obvious that both of them were nervous, and new to spending time around the opposite sex. Quickly, Tara took a key out of her pocket and opened the door. Her and Alex walked inside and removed their jackets.

“Is anybody else home?” Alex asked. The house was completely quiet.

“I don’t think so.” Tara replied. “Follow me upstairs, I’ll show you my room.”

Was this really happening? Was he seriously going to be all alone with this girl in her room? This seemed too good to be true, but at the same time Alex was also extremely nervous. He wondered if he had a shot at sex with Tara today. It seemed unlikely, but he had gotten this far, right?

They walked up the stairs to her room, and as Tara made her way up the stairs her ass bounced in her tight jeans. Alex, who was right behind her, stared straight at her butt the whole time. She looked back at him and blushed. Once he entered her room, he was surprised to see lots of video games, and a wall covered in posters of various comics and cartoons. This girl was too good to be true!

“Well, what do you think?” She asked.

“This is great!” Alex said, too amazed by the room to be shy or awkward. “This could be my room. I didn’t think we had so much in common!”

“I’m glad you like it. Now let’s play some Donkey Kong, okay?” She replied, jumping into her bed and turning on one of the many game systems she had in front of her television.

For the next hour or so, they played video games and talked about pretty much everything. Obviously, they had plenty of things in common, and liked many of the same video games and cartoons. Eventually, the topic switched to relationships. Apparently, neither of them had ever been in a relationship. They talked about kissing, and sex, and eventually Tara turned the game system off and looked Alex in the eyes.

“Okay, so neither of us has ever kissed anyone, right?” She said cautiously.

“That’s right.” Alex said.

“Well, maybe the two of us should kiss right now. That way, we could both have our first kiss.” She continued.

“That sounds good to me.” Alex replied, his voice shaking.

Tara nodded, and after a brief moment of hesitation, moved in towards Alex’s face. He did the same, and soon, their lips met and the two of them shared a gentle, loving kiss. Both of them must have enjoyed it, because seconds later they had another kiss, and eventually they were starting to make out. Feeling brave and very horny, Alex slowly slid his tongue in between Tara’s soft lips, and began to explore her warm mouth. She seemed unsure about how to react to this, but it was clear that she liked it.

They continued to do this for the next few minutes, eventually rolling around of the bed and moaning quietly. Alex was the first to reluctantly break the kiss. He young member was very hard at the point, and he was horny enough to try suggesting sex to his new friend. He looked down at her tight jeans and saw a small damp spot in between her legs. Something told him that this suggestion might go over well with her.

“Do you want to go any further?” He asked.

“Yes, please!” She said, smiling nervously.

Feeling a little more confident herself, Tara began to take off shirt. Obviously feeling a little insecure about her weight, she hesitated for a moment. Alex saw this and helped her take it off. When her shirt was finally removed, the eager young teenage boy was greeted by a big pink bra that matched her panties. He found her round, chubby belly to be very cute, but he was more focused on the amazing pair of breasts hidden behind that bra.

“I’ll take the bra off myself.” Tara chuckled. “I’m assuming you don’t know how to do it.” If he wasn’t so horny, Alex might have been offended by that remark.

The bra quickly came off, and a pair of pale, plump tits greeted Alex. They looked much better than he imagined. A few light stretch marks were just visible on each one, and her nipples were large and light pink in color. Carefully, he reached for them and began to gently squeeze them in his hands, causing Tara to moan softly. He only had to do this for a few more seconds before Tara was eager to move on.

“I want you to put it inside me, Alex. I want to do this with you.” She pleaded.

Alex was more than happy to oblige. He pulled down his pants to reveal a hard young cock. He hadn’t shaved recently, so a rather thick patch of pubes covered the around his cock, and his balls. Then, he helped Tara out of her tight jeans and those sexy pink panties. Within seconds, both of them were completely naked.

Tara’s pussy was soaked. She was really horny for him! They both seemed unsure about how to do this, but Alex seemed to have an okay idea about how things worked down there. He carefully pushed his cock up against her hairless, puffy pussy lips, and easily worked his way into her. He was finally losing his virginity!

But something didn’t seem right. Tara had mentioned before that she was a virgin. Why didn’t her cherry pop when Alex put his cock in her? He tried, for a moment, to forget about it. Then, deciding it was sort of important, he stopped pushing into her.

“Why did you stop?” She asked. “That felt really good!”

“I’m glad, but didn’t you say you were a virgin?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, I am a virgin. Well, not technically. I took my own virginity, my cherry popped once when I was fingering myself.” She explained.

This only made Alex hornier. Her gripped her large ass cheeks and began pounding away at her tight fat pussy from behind, and her entire body was bouncing and jiggling in pure orgasmic pleasure. Just before he was about to cum, Alex took his dick out of Tara and came all over her ass. He could tell that she was also about to cum as well. He reached down for her soaking wet pussy and rubbed it until she also came, her large legs wrapped tightly around his hand.

“Oh my God, that was fantastic!” Tara gasped, finally letting go.

She shared a passionate kiss with Alex, and the two of them cuddled together in bed for a while before Alex left. Unfortunately, he had to be gone before Tara’s parents got home. But both of them knew that this would not be the last time they would do this. Alex smiled to himself. The shy, geeky loner had finally found a great new friend.

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