The guardian's pet

The guardian's pet

Blair Do`Und was the first daughter of the House Do`Und and High Priestess of the Goddess Nocturna and she took a great deal of pride in her cruel sadistic nature. It was this same nature that brought her slender form dressed in the long black coverings of a priestess into the summoning room. Her small ebon feet were bare and silent upon the stone as the black silk slit up to both hips fluttered softly between her firm thighs. She wasn't tall a mere five foot three inches but every inch of her frame was packed with well toned muscle. She had long pitch black hair that cascaded in a dark wave down her back to dance over her slender thighs. Her firm high breasts ample upon her frame were tucked into a brazier like top the rounded globes covered in a soft silver metal depicting the black widow of her house. She wore settled around her small swaying hips a slim silver belt that dangled a whip upon one hip and a pair of ivory handled daggers upon her other hip.

She wouldn't need her weapons for this summoning because she was summoning a Yochlol demon to do her bidding this evening. As a High Priestess with the Goddess' blessing the demons would not dare disobey her command. She slowly pushed open the door stepping lightly into the black stone room and lit a single candle giving the only light her sensitive eyes would need. Once inside the room she closed the door behind her barring it against interruption she let her deep crimson eyes scan the circle etched into the floor and smiled in satisfaction having no doubt that it was perfect. Slowly her light steps carried her deeper into the room and she stepped inside the circle crouching down to inspect the brazier that would be used for the summoning as she chanted a small spell to light it she rose to her feet and stepped swiftly over to the altar with an evil smirk upon her face.

As she picked up the spell scroll she had no idea that her younger sister had not only planted a slight imperfection in the circle but had also changed the spell just enough to summon something besides a handmaiden of their goddess. Slowly she set the candles upon the altar and then turned to face the circle holding the scroll open in her hands her eyes trailed over it not noticing the slight change. She cocked one slender hip letting the thin black material of her priestess coverings to slide against her well toned thigh. She lifted the scroll before her letting the soft glow of the candles fall upon the page and the words she would read. As the light played over the archaic words she began the chant softly and slowly pulling in the power to cast the summoning. Her soft melodic voice rose in cadence as she spoke the words slowly letting the spell gain life as she wove the magic around her to summon the hand maiden of the Goddess. Her soft melodic voice rose in cadence as the power of the summoning rose around her setting her long black hair to dancing upon an unseen breeze.

As the spell reached its cusp the brazier set in the center of the circle flared to life opening the gateway to the nine hells to allow the summoned to enter the primal plane. She was lost in the power of the spell and did not notice when on black furred leg set its foot upon the stone floor nor did she notice the three headed beast that emerged. It wasn't until the spell reached its end and her voice trailed off into silence that she realized what had entered the circle was not a handmaiden but the Guardian of Hell's Gates, Cerberus.

When her deep crimson eyes drank in the sight of the beast she snarled in frustration tossing the spell to the table behind her. He stood in the center of the protection circle a large half man half dog covered in a fine black skin that shimmered softly in the light of fire behind him. All three heads were directed at her almost as if trying to stare her down. Upon his face and chest seemed to be strange markings like tattoos in blue and rings in both nipples. He wore on each arm what appeared to be some sort of bracer with chains that dangled from each. There were also chains that seemed to run across his chest from each arm and collar. This was not what the summoning should have brought her and she was in no mood for a battle of wills with the three headed dog man. Her voice dipped into a low deadly tone that dripped ice and venom when she spoke arching a single brow at the demon as she turned back toward the altar.

"You were not summoned here male I have no use for you. Return to your realm before I banish you back to it. I do not have any desire to waste my time trying to tame a puppy."

Cerberus had been surprised to feel the tug of the summoning and he could not figure out what mortal would be foolish enough to summon the Guardian of the Gates. A grin spread across all three muzzled as he followed the pull into the primal realm. As he stepped through the gateway that had been created for him he growled in anticipation of the taste of mortal flesh. He experienced a moment of shock when he saw the dark skinned elf standing outside the circle and grinned wickedly as he drank in the sight of the female. As soon as he saw the dark female he knew he would have her that he would make this one his mate. He could feel it inside him he needed this woman and she would not escape him one way or another this drow priestess would be his. Her words to him brought a snarl to his lips he would teach this bitch a lesson she would never forget for such disrespect.

He was no mere demon and the circle would have protected her had it not been for one small imperfection that allowed his power to bring it down with a touch. He stalked toward the female while her back was turned to him and his steps remained silent until he was close enough to grab her. He knew he would have to keep her silent to keep her from casting her witch spells against him until he had her in his own realm. He didn't give her a chance to react when he took a firm hold in her silken black locks and spun her to face him in one swift motion. He could not take the chance of her speaking until he had her collared so his lips descended quickly and roughly he kisses the little drow as one clawed hand retrieved the white collar with the black gem set in the center.

Blair paid no more attention to the demon as she growled softly running her deep crimson eyes over the spell scroll where it lay upon the floor dark orbs narrowing slightly. She had no idea what had gone wrong with the spell or how it had ended up summoning something other than what it was designed for. She reached up a hand with an exasperated sigh she brushed her long black locks back setting her other hand against the altar. She heard the click of claws against stone too late and she felt his grip tangle tightly into her hair. She felt his other clawed hand gripping and swiftly spinning her she didn't even have time to snarl before his mouth descended crushing her lips to his. The kiss savagely silenced her as he pressed his body against hers her firm breasts brushed against his chest sending a shiver down her spine. Her delicate ebony hands landed against his chest her claws digging into him as she tried to push him away. She was unable to break his hold his long rough tongue forcing past her lips to devour her mouth. She felt him reaching around her pulling her tight to his chest as she struggled in his grasp her mind running through the options available to her. She shifted against him pushing her small hands against his chest as she tried to pull from the kiss only to feel his grip in her hair tightening.

Cerberus knew he had to act quickly if he wanted to keep her powerless. He pulled her tight to his chest enjoying the feel of those firm ebony globes brushing against him as his hand slid up her back. In his hand he held a white leather collar a black gemstone set at the front of it. He knew this collar would bind her power to his will leaving her powerless until he decided to return her power. He would be able to strip her of her will and her power if he so chose and it would also prevent her from being capable of harming him. With one swift motion he brought the collar up to her neck quickly forcing it around her neck while his lips crushed hers and devoured her mouth. He smirked as the leather slipped around her slender throat and tightened his grip upon her black locks. With a sudden growl he broke the kiss pulling her head back savagely as he placed the collar upon her quickly locking it into place. A dark evil glint in his eyes he reached up the hand that had collared her and took a tight hold upon her throat the gem stripping her power as he lifted her from her feet. He growled in delight as he gave her a little shake before slamming her back down upon the altar with all his might. The altar shuddered and cracked under the force while he pinned her upon it slowly climbing up over her with wicked grins of delight showing on all three of his lips growling out at her as he ground his cock against her.

Blair's eyes narrowed as she struggled in his grasp knowing she would have to act quickly to banish this foolish male. She felt his grip tightening around her something sliding over her back and tried to pull away from his kiss a soft growl being swallowed by his lips. He moved too fast for her to react when he slipped the strip of leather around her throat tightening his grip painfully in her hair and she growled twisting against him. When he yanked her head back breaking the kiss she screamed in frustration feeling the collar locking around her slender throat and reached up her hands to claw it free of her neck. She hadn't even reached her throat when his clawed hand wrapped around her throat tightly gripping her. Her eyes grew wide with the snarl upon his face as he lifted her from her feet easily holding her up by the throat she growled viciously at the evil glint in his eyes. Her breath left her in a short gasp as he shook her lightly before raising her in the air and slamming her down upon the altar to her goddess. Hearing it crack beneath her she struggled for breath as the wind was knocked from her lungs. He kept her pinned not affording her the opportunity to move before he climbed up on top of her. She felt him grinding his cock against her and knew that nothing but a slim strand of silk separated her sex from him. She struggled lightly against the altar screaming in outrage as she fought his hold upon her his weight pinning her to the stone. She squirmed beneath him as his words flowed over her like rain.

"Drow Bitch High Priestess to Nocturna it is time to pay for summoning me it is time to make you mine slut it is time to break you and take you. You will be mine in the end and you will come to worship me and call me Master before all is said and done"

Cerberus snarled each word at the bitch beneath him one clawed hand dragging over her body leaving soft red lines against her skin. With a growl he took a hold upon the spider silk of her priestess garb and tore it from her body exposing the soft ebony flesh to his eyes before he pulled aside his own loin cloth. Three wicked demonic cocks sprang to life between his powerful thighs each one black as night thick and long each dripping with pre cum. He would take this bitch for his pet he thought to himself as he grabbed her wrists pinning them hard against the cracked altar. He reached his other hand down as she squirmed and struggled shrieking about her goddess while he placed two thick heads against her silken ebony folds and settled the third against her tight ass. He slowly licked his chops one head dipping down to drag his tongue over her face as he gave a powered lunged with his hips thrusting the three cocks into her tightness. He had to admit he like his pet's spirit as she arched her back against him shrieking and struggling in his grasp as she fought the pain from his cock. With an evil laugh he plunged the cock deeper into her stretching her tight cunt around two of the thick lengths and forcing her tight ass to accept one. He began to thrust savagely inside her not allowing her body to adjust to his size tearing into her without mercy while she screamed for him. He started to weave the portal to hell around them as he defiled this drow like the bitch she would become defiling the altar to her demon goddess as he fucked the high priestess upon the broken stone.

Blair felt the beast's claws digging into her firm ebony flesh as he leaned over snarling each word at her as he took a hold upon her robes. She arched her back with a scream her small hands digging at his chest while he ripped the material from her body leaving her bare and struggling against him. When he pulled his loin cloth aside exposing the three wickedly large cocks her eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat. There was no way the Goddess would allow this she thought but as he grabbed her wrists forcing them down to the stone above her head she began to have her doubts. She struggled harder trying to kick him away but he kept her legs pinned on either side of him as he reached down between her legs. Then she felt the thick heads pressing against her two trying to part her silken cunt and one pressing at the tight ring of her ass. With an arch of her back she tried to twist free desperate now to escape him she reached into her spirit for the power to banish him and found it gone. This discovering tore a scream of fear from her lips as he thrust against her forcing the three cocks into her tight holes. She felt her cunt stretching and tearing as the two cocks forced their way into her depths while she third speared her tight ass. She panted softly fighting against the pain that throbbed from her tight stretched holes as she arched her back screaming while she tossed her head to one side. His evil laughter echoing in her ears as he fucked her hard brutally forcing the shafts into her tight depths she began to feel magic rising around while she struggled in his grasp. Her eyes widened each thrust savagely tearing into her body as the mist slowly swirled around them the portal opening to drag her into hell.

Cerberus howled as the portal opened around them thrusting hard and deep into his new pet he claimed her for his own. The collar would keep the bitch in check until she learned her place. The wicked grin widened as slowly the portal opened and deposited them into hell and next to the breeding pits. He began to fuck her mercilessly plunging the thick cocks deeper with each thrust as he growled with pleasure. Her screams caught the attention of the pit fiends as slowly the knots upon the base of his cocks swelled. With a savage thrust he buried all three cocks into his new bitch the knots tying them together as his hot demonic seed boiled over into her tight cunt and firm ass leaving her marked as his toy.

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