My first Seminar

My first Seminar

My first seminar!

I worked for a company that, as part of their management training often sent Managers and Assistant Managers to 4 or 5-day seminars, usually somewhere near our district office. My first seminar was called Situational Leadership and I had to room with another male manager from a different office. Dan and I had known each other for about a year, so we decided to room together. We didn’t know who else was going to attend the conference, but we were both looking forward to a good time, as several other managers had told us about their exploits at other seminars.

We arrived at the hotel around 5pm and checked in, then got to our room. We hadn’t seen anyone else we knew yet so we decided to go to the restaurant to get something to eat. We had a light meal and then went to the bar for a couple of beers. When we enter, I saw two familiar figures sitting at a table next to the bar. The blonde turned her head towards us and I was greeted with a huge smile. It was Angel; an assistant manager from the office I had previously worked at, along with her was Becky who worked with her. Angel stood up as we came over and gave me a huge hug.
“ I didn’t know you were going to be at this class!” she said.
“Yeah, I decided to pick it up, sure glad I did!” I replied.

Now, let me describe Angel. She’s about 5’ 6” with shoulder length blonde hair, light brown eyes, smallish boobs, and an excellent ass. I used to watch her walk around the office all the time. The quote, “I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her walk away.” was made for this girl.

Much less to say we joined them for a few drinks, then retired for the night. The next days seminar was painful, sitting directly across from Angel did not help matters. She had on a business style skirt set, but she made sure she was showing a lot of leg, and with her high heels, I could not concentrate.

We all met up after the seminar for a drink before going to our rooms, Dan had already expressed interest in Becky, so he suggest we all go to dinner together. That backfired on him as several other people agreed that it would be fun if we all went out as a group. We got to the room and he was pissed.
“Man, I was trying’ to get Becky alone, and now we gotta eat with these other assholes! I was with them all day, shit! he complained.

“Screw it, we’ll go get something to eat, then see what the night brings.” I told him.

We mat the others in the lobby and there were several suggestions as where to go. Angel suggested a place called Packard’s. We all agreed and went to our cars. Dan suggested that Angel and Becky ride with us since it would be easier, so the girls agreed and we got in the car.

Dinner was boring, why do people who work together always want to talk about work? Anyway, we finished and I suggested we hit the bar for a few drinks before going back to the hotel. Most of the group declined, so it was just we 4. We sat down at a table ordered drinks. While waiting for the waitress, Angel said that we should hang out for awhile, as there was a DJ getting ready to start. We got our drinks and relaxed listening to the DJ, and trying to talk.

A slow song came on, and Angel grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s go dance!” We got on the dance floor and started to dance, she held me closer and whispered in my ear, “I’ve been waiting for this chance since we met.” I looked in her eyes, and I knew that look, it was on. The night went by quickly, Dan & Becky seemed to disappear, as Angel and I drank more, danced more and teased each other to the point of combustion. Finally Angel said, “I’ve had enough, we need to get back to the hotel.” I got Dan & Becky together and we went to the car. I noticed that Dan & Becky got into the backseat right away, I put Angel in the car and got us going. The drive back was short, but Angel could not keep her hands off me, gently rubbing my chest & thigh, and every once and awhile lightly brushing my crotch.

We almost ran to the room, since Angel & Becky both had separate roommates we all went to our room. Once inside Becky went into bathroom, we opened up beers and got comfortable. Becky came out and Dan pulled her onto his bed, Angel & I were already sitting on mine, so some light kissing started. The light was still on, so I reached over and turned it off for some privacy. As soon as the light went out, Angel grabbed me and pulled me down on the bed. We started to kiss, as my hands explored her body, I rubbed her boobs and slowly slid my hands down to her ass, she must have been planning this as her pants were already unbuttoned. I didn’t feel any panties, but then realized that she had on a thong. Meanwhile, her hands were quite busy; she had undone my pants and started rubbing my cock. I almost burst right then; she was amazing, just in the way she stroked me. I moved one hand to her front and slip my finger between her pussy lips. I was amazed how wet she was, and she let out a light moan as I rubbed her clit. Things stayed there for a bit, when we heard Dan & Becky whispering, Dan was pleading with her, but Becky said that she had just started her period, so she couldn’t. Becky got up and left the room, I heard Dan curse and said, “I’ll be back later, have fun”, as he went out the door. The door closed and Angel said, “ You better go lock it.” I ran to the door locked it and did the deadbolt, and the light beside the bed came on. I turned around and Angel was lying naked on the bed. I stood there, my cock a full attention, as she started touching her pussy. “You like what you see?” she asked as she rubber her clit. I couldn’t even talk; I just stood ther transfixed, watching this beautiful woman play with her pussy for my entertainment. She said, “ Just stay there for a second, I want you to really want me!” with that she rolled over onto her stomach and raised her ass in the air. I cannot describe how amazing that view was, I mentioned about her walking away earlier, but now the view was even better. She slid her fingers between her pussylips, and slightly pulled them apart, wiggling her ass at me she said, “Come and get it!” I practically ran across the room, tripping over my pants as I reached the bed, I grabbed her hips and buried my face into her pussy. She groaned and pressed back into my face and my tongue found her clit, and she bean to shudder, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum!!” she screamed. I continued to work on her pussy, as she rubbed her self up and down my face, finally she went down far enough down and my tongue found her asshole. She let out a little yelp, but didn’t pull away; I took that as a good sign and began to eat her ass with as much delight as I had with her pussy. She moaned even louder as it continued to lick he little ass, and exploded when I slit two fingers into her cunt. She grabbed her ass cheeks and spread herself wider, allowing me better deeper access. She started to buck again, so I moved down to her clit and began sucking for all I was worth. She began to shiver as she came, and I put my finger in her ass, just as she peaked. I have never been with a woman who squirted, but when she came this time my faced was drenched. She fell down to the bed, her ass still quivering, face buried in the pillow, and said “My God, I’ve never cum like that before!”

She rolled over, and looked at me, I was soaking in her naked body, and she had smallish tits, but nice pink nipples about a ½ inch long. I looked down at her pussy, which was still quivering from her orgasm and saw a trimmed patch of light blonde hair. “Wow, you’re a natural blonde?” I said.
She smiled and said “ Carpet matches the curtains, you like?”

“Yeah”, I muttered as I went down for another taste. She pushed me back and said” Your turn, I gotta taste you!” With that, she pushed me back on the bad and grabbed my cock. She slowly began stroking it, and moves her mouth closer, then began lightly kissing the head and shaft. She licked the sides for a second, and the put her lips on the head, then boom, she took the whole thing in her mouth. I’m not huge, about 7 inches, but she was all the way down to the base, and I could feel her tongue come out and lick my nuts. I about exploded, but she grabbed my cock and gripped it real tight. “Not yet, I want to enjoy sucking your cock for awhile!” she said then began to fuck my cock with her mouth. I was in heaven; she was working my nuts with her hands and deepthroating me like I had never been before. I was about to cum, when she stopped, looked at me and said, “ I guess I’ll return the favor.” and began to lick my ass. I had never had my ass licked before, and I can see why she liked it so much, she ran her tongue around my asshole and worked my cock with her hand. She must of sense that it was time, and she back up to my cock and began to suck me like crazy. I could feel my nuts begin to pulse, as she continued to suck, and just as I started to cum, she slid her finger into my ass. I exploded; I’d never cum like that before. I heard her struggle to keep it in her mouth, but she would not take her mouth off my exploding cock. I felt like I pumped a gallon of cum into her mouth, and she took it all like a champ, as she continued to work my cock. She finished with a light kiss, and rolled over onto her back, with a smile on her face. “ God, you sure gave me a nice snack there, I can’t believe how good you taste, my ex smoked and I always hated his cum, but you, I could get used to that, real easy!” she said as she looked at me.

I sat there, still shaking, in amazement to what she had said, she looked back at me and said, “ We’re not done yet are we?” as she leaned back and began rubbing her clit. My cock sprang right back to attention, and she said, “ Guess not!” She pushed me back down on the bed and started working my cock with her hand; the she took it in her mouth again. As she hit bottom, she flung he leg over my head, and I was looking directly into that beautiful pussy and asshole again. I attacked her clit again, as she sucked my cock every harder that before. She began to buck again, so I buried my tongue deeper into her, as I fingered her ass. She pushed her mouth down on my cock and sucked on my as she came. Once she settled down she began licking me like a lollipop, then stopped. She spun around and face me, then sat on my cock. She leaned forward and we began to kiss like two teenagers, as I pounded her from below. She positioned herself so I could suck on her nipples, which seemed to drive her crazy. She bucked and ground her pussy harder against me as she came again, then she pulled herself off me. “I need you behind me!” she panted as she got on her knees, presenting me with her gorgeous ass. I moaned at the view, and she said, “See something you like?” as she wiggled her butt.
“ I think that is the sexiest pose for a woman, and you are amazing.” I said as I got behind her. She turned to look at me, as I buried my face in her ass again, licking both her holes. She squealed and she ran her hand down her back and slipped finger into her ass. I watch as she fingered her asshole, and I got to my knees and entered her. I could not believe how tight she felt, I looked down to watch as she her fingerfuck her asshole while I pounded her pussy with my cock. The sight of her pussylips around my cock made me crazy and I was starting to get near the edge, but then she slid another finger into her ass and I lost it. I pounded away at her as I filled her pussy with stream after stream of cum. She pushed back on me harder, trying to get as muck of me in as possible. She dropped down onto her stomach and I slid out of her pussy. I was still semi-hard, and she began rubbing her butt against me. “Time for some other fun?” she asked.
“Whatever you want, I just might need a minute.” I said.
She smiled and stood up; she pushed me back and began sucking my cock again. “God, I love the taste of your cum!” she said licking up the remnants left on my cock.
I was amazed, this chick was something else and in no time I was rock hard. She stopped and lay back on the bed and pulled me to her. I entered her pussy and began slamming her hard, she began rubbing her clit, but then grabbed my cock and pulled it out. I felt her rubbing it against her as she found the right spot, then said”Take it slow, but don’t stop.” I slowly pushed against her asshole and felt her let me in. I worked my way into her, then she grabbed my hips and pulled me all the way in. She looked at me with a grin and said,
“Now I’m not any kind of virgin, give me a second to adjust.”
She started moving her ass into me and I began to slowly thrust into her. I was only a matter of seconds before I was pounding her ass as hard as I was her pussy. She shuddered and clawed at me as I worked my cock in and out of her. She rubbed her clit and pussy as I maintained my pace, finally my balls began to tingle and I told her I was gonna cum.
“Do it on my face, please! Cum on my face, I need it now!” she screamed.. I pulled out of her ass and blew my third load on her face, the first stream hit her on the forehead, the proceeded down to her open mouth. She grabbed my cock jerked it hard getting every drop in her mouth.
I leaned back and watched her as she licked my jizz off her fingers and then she smiled at me and said, “ It turned out better tonight that I expected!” as she crawled beside me. I put my arm around her and said, “Yeah, and to think that I hate coming to these damn seminars.”
Just then to door rattled, it was Dan he was back.
Angel got up to get dressed, and bent over to get her thong, and there was that view again. I got behind her, and she stood up as I cupped her breasts. She pushed her ass against me and whispered, “ Round Two tomorrow nite? We’ll get our own room, I’ll bring something special!”
We dressed and I walked her to the door, Dan was sitting on a chair outside the room looking at us like we were nuts.
“My God, you two know we gotta be up in 45 minutes? he said as he went into the room.
I walked Angel to her room, she smiled at me then gave me a long deep kiss, our juices once again mingled as we broke the kiss.
“Tomorrow night. I can’t wait to taste you again.” She said as she closed the door.
I stood there amazed, and thought, “Only 12 hours to go!”

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