Team Photos 6: Alex

Team Photos 6: Alex

Team Photos 6 – Alex gets his revenge

“Hey sis, what you doing?” I asked as I walked around in front of her. I crouched down, angling my throbbing dick so it was right in front of her eyes, then with a few short strokes, I erupted. Long thick ropes of my cum splattered across her pretty little face, I kept pumping myself, aiming at her eyes, nose, mouth then finally up across her hair, trying to coat her entire face.

“How’s that for a treat you little bitch?”

I’d left school early to make sure that I got home before Lauren, giving myself time to prepare. I went into their room, going through both of their drawers, looking for anything that I could use against them, but unfortunately I didn’t find anything bad. So I had to settle for pulling two pairs of panties out of the clothes hamper, I’m pretty sure that I got a black pair of Caitlyn’s and a pink pair from Lauren. I quickly went back downstairs and hid in our parents room, Lauren would be home soon and I wanted her to think she was alone.
I bided my time for about ten minutes, lightly stroking my cock and sniffing their panties until I heard the front door open. I couldn’t stop myself from grinning, it was almost time, I just had to give her a few minutes to relax so I could catch her by surprise. She went upstairs and then a few minutes later she came thumping back down, before going and opening the door to the backyard. I could hear her saying something to the dog, but I couldn’t quite make it out, then I heard the door sliding shut again and then nothing.

Shit! I thought to myself, is she playing with her stupid dog? I wasn’t sure about going after her with Dusty around, I didn’t want to get bitten if she started resisting, Dusty was pretty protective of Lauren so I would have to be careful. After waiting for another couple of minutes and still not hearing anything I carefully snuck out and went to the kitchen window. The sight before my eyes blew my mind, Lauren wasn’t actually playing with Dusty, fooling around would be more like it.

Lauren was down on her hands and knees, her skirt flipped up over her ass and nothing else covering her glorious body. Even from here I could see her nipples sticking out, her small tits hanging down, the lovely cheeks of her ass split apart and Dusty sticking his tongue right in her pussy, licking like his life depended on it.

HOLY SHIT! That dirty little slut, is this what she preferred? Dog cock over a real human cock like mine? I couldn’t deny that the sight was getting me hot, even with her tiny tits, she was incredibly hot and seeing her moving her hips up and down trying to get that long doggy tongue in her pussy was pretty fucking awesome.

She soon reached under herself and began rubbing her pussy while Dusty continued slurping away at her little pussy, it looked like she was getting close to coming and so was I. But there was no way I was going to waste my load of cum on the floor, I was going to save it for her. I pinched the base of my cock hard, until the urge to come retreated and I calmed down a bit.

I looked back out the window and saw that Lauren was now sitting facing the dog and putting socks on his front paws. What the hell was she doing? I wondered. The answer was soon obvious as she turned around, saying something and patting her ass. Dusty quickly jumped up, mounting her and wrapping his paws around her waist.

Oh man, she was actually fucking the dog! She was mine now, I raced upstairs and grabbed my phone, cursing myself for not having thought of it earlier. I propped it up on the window sill so it had a great angle of what was going on and started videoing my dirty little bitch of a sister.

She was just crouching there, Dusty hammering away at her body with furious speed, causing her whole body to shake. She suddenly arched her back and this time I could hear her moaning, obviously cumming. Lauren reached back, grabbing at Dusty’s cock, damn I hope she wasn’t finished, I wanted to see more of this.

She wiggled around a bit before letting him go and he lunged forward again, quickly building up to rapid pace. Lauren’s head was thrown back, a strained grimace on her face, what was up? She didn’t look like she was enjoying it as much as before, had something changed. Dusty’s hairy legs prevented me from actually seeing his cock or her pussy.

Lauren reached under herself, rubbing at her pussy and I decided now was the time to get involved myself. I slid open the door, but she didn’t seem to hear the low rumble as it slid along its tracks. Hmmm, maybe I could get close without her noticing?

I reached back inside and grabbed my phone, then let my aching cock lead the way to my naked horny 13 year old sister. I wondered for a moment how she had gotten started on this, but then I just thought about how I was going to get into her instead.

I walked carefully forward, trying to stay directly behind her so she wouldn’t see me. Dusty saw me, he turned his head, tongue hanging out, I could swear he was grinning as pounded into her, never once slowing down even with an audience. I just patted him on the butt, encouraging him to go for it.

I crouched down to get a better look, trying to see between his legs and that’s when I realized he was fucking her in the ass! I could see her ass stretched wide around his cock, his precum dribbling out and down around the two fingers Lauren had buried in her pussy. I zoomed in with my phone, making sure I got a nice close up of her lewdly stretched asshole and pussy.

Lauren was moaning incoherently, all sorts of weird noises were coming from her mouth, her squelching pussy and ass. Then she spasmed violently, calling out Dusty's name several times then calling out Caitlyn’s name as well.

She pulled her fingers from her pussy and hung her head down, just twitching occasionally. I could see Dusty's knot banging at her ass and then I suddenly had an idea. I put both hands on Dusty's rump and pushed hard, I could see his knot pop inside her no longer quite so tight ass.

That got her attention, she jerked up and reached back for his cock but she was too late, he was lodged in tight. He stopped humping and just stood there, I was pretty sure he was coming inside her so now was my time.

“Hey sis, what you doing?” I asked as I walked around in front of her. I crouched down, angling my throbbing dick so it was right in front of her eyes, then with a few short strokes, I erupted. Long thick ropes of my cum splattered across her pretty little face, I kept pumping myself, aiming at her eyes, nose, mouth then finally up across her hair, trying to coat her entire face.

“How’s that for a treat you little bitch?”

Lauren looked up at me, her mouth hanging open in shock. One of her beautiful blue eyes was locked onto mine, the other closed and covered in cum.

“What, what, what are you doing here?” she could hardly get the words out. I started laughing she looked so funny, covered in my cum and struggling to form words. I aimed my phone at her face, taking several photos before grabbing my half hard cock with my other hand and rubbing it across her face, smearing my cum all over her, until she was completely smeared with it.

She tried to pull back, but Dusty still had her in his grasp. I ran my cock across her lips, “come on Lauren, you wouldn’t suck me last night but here’s your chance to be a good little sister.”

She had her lips pressed firmly together, refusing to open up. I dropped my phone to the ground and rubbed some cum into her nostrils before pinching them shut. She squirmed and tried to wriggle away but Dusty would have none of it, he gave a small growl and I could see Lauren’s one good eye go wide. I don’t think he had ever growled at her before and she finally seemed to realize how trapped she was.

With a gasp she opened wide and I slipped my cock into her mouth, “Don’t even think about biting me, you little slut. If you don’t do everything I tell you to, then these photos are going up on the walls at school and I’ll email them to all your friends!”

I could feel her teeth just touching my dick, she hesitated for a moment staring at me before closing her eyes, finally giving in she began to suck my cock back to hardness.

“Good girl, don’t forget to use your tongue too” I encouraged her. This was my first blow job and I meant to make the most of it. I grabbed a handful of hair and shoved her down on my throbbing cock, pushing until her nose was buried in my pubes, my dick reaching the back of her throat.

Lauren reacted violently, thrashing around and pushing at my legs, desperate to get my cock out of her throat, I held her there for a few seconds before letting her come up for air. She choked and dragged in several deep breaths before I jammed my cock back in, thrusting several times before pulling back. Thick ropes of saliva were dripping from cock, connected to her bottom lip, her eyes were watering and she gasping for breath.

“What’s the matter Lauren? Are you too much of a little girl to suck a man’s cock?” My cock was as hard as it had ever been, she looked incredible down there like that, my cum all over her face, a dog draped over her back and looking every inch the dirty slut I knew she was.

“Is that supposed to be a man’s cock? Dusty is bigger than that and he’s just a dog!” she practically snarled at me. “He’s more of a man than you are.”

Just then Dusty started moving and turned himself around, still knotted to her, but now facing the other way, ass to ass, his tail half draping her butt.

I could see her little asshole stretched tightly around his knot as he began trying to pull away. “Oh Dusty, no stop, don’t move” she cried out.

Dusty immediately stopped pulling and stood there patiently, damn that dog for obeying her all the time. I pulled on my handful of hair, causing her to crawl forward dragging Dusty along with her asshole, then I tilted her head up and jammed my cock back in her mouth. I was furious and fit to burst, I was going to make her choke on my cock.

I pushed all the way in until I could feel my knob pushing at her throat, before easing slowly back and thrusting in again, quickly setting up a steady rhythm. Lauren was choking and gasping and I could feel myself getting close to cumming.

Suddenly Dusty pulled hard and his knot slipped from her ass and huge amounts of dog cum started pouring from Lauren’s butthole. I had no idea dogs came so much! I buried myself all the way in Laurens mouth, feeling her lips against my ball sack and I came again, giving short thrusts as I emptied my balls right into the back of her throat. She gagged for a moment, then I could feel her swallowing my load. I fired several shots before I pulled back, letting the last of my cum dribble out into her mouth.

I was surprised when I felt her tongue running over my knob and her lips closed around my shaft, trying to get the last of my cum out. My dick finally slipped free with a pop from her mouth and I collapsed down onto the grass, temporarily drained of energy.

Lauren stayed on her hands and knees, not looking at me, just staring at the ground before she began running her fingers over her face, scraping up my cum and sucking her fingers into her mouth.

Had I just got my sister hooked on my cum? She looked so hot, sucking on her cum soaked fingers I could feel my cock hardening again. Dusty was sitting a short way off, licking at his dick, noisily slobbering away.

“Do you want some more cum Lauren?”

She finally looked at me, if looks could kill I think I would have been an instant dead man. I scooted backwards, a little scared of that look, wanting to be out of her reach.

“You FUCKWAD!!!! How dare you do that to me?”

The anger in her voice was unmistakable, had I gone too far? I had wanted to humiliate her and make her pay for teasing me, but I finally realized that I had pretty much just raped my sister.

“Oh god Lauren, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to get carried away like that” I didn’t know what to think now, but thankfully Dusty came to my rescue.

Without either of us noticing he had come back to clean up his mistress, just like any good dog should. With a loud slurp we both heard his tongue slide up Lauren’s ass and he began licking up all the cum that was still leaking from Lauren’s ass.

I couldn’t believe it, Lauren came instantly, what the hell? She moaned and whimpered as Dusty continued his assault on her sensitive bits. I just sat back and watched as she writhed under his tongue before finally pushing him away and collapsing onto her side, her legs pulled up almost into a fetal position.

I waited a couple of minutes, Lauren was still just lying there and the grass was starting to make my ass itch.

“Lauren…Lauren are you ok?” I asked.
“What do you think asshole? I just had the most amazing ass fuck ever and then my asshole brother comes in, sprays his goo all over my face and then jams his dick down my throat, cums again and never even asks if I mind? How would you feel?......Asshole!”

She seemed to be trying to stop herself from smiling and the anger was gone from her voice. I still wasn’t sure where this was going though, so I had to step carefully. She stretched out, lying on her side with her head propped up on one hand looking at me.

“I’m really sorry Lauren, but when I came home and saw you and Dusty, I just couldn’t believe it. You looked so hot, I couldn’t help myself and after the way you teased me last night it was just too much.” I gave her a sheepish grin and a shrug.

“And you think that makes it okay to jam your cock down someone’s throat like that?” There was definitely a smile there now.

“Well, I don’t know if that makes it ok, but you did it really well and you practically tried to jam your ass down my throat last night!” My cock was pointing straight up again and I could see her eyes following it whenever I moved.

“You did eat my ass really well, I guess this makes us even….for now. Wanna do it again?” Her free hand ran down her stomach, until she reached her pussy, before running her fingers through her matted pubes. Her whole pussy was covered in dog spit, dog cum and I’m sure some of her own juices were mixed in there somewhere.

“Uhhh, you look a little messy right now sis”

Lauren looked down and laughed, I can fix that. “Dusty, come here boy” She got back up on her hands and knees, her ass stuck up in the air. “Lick, Dusty, Lick”

Dusty quickly stuck his nose back in her ass and began licking her pussy and asshole. Lauren let out a long moan and reached out for me, her hand running up my leg, only able to reach my knee. I slid forward, spreading my legs until my cock was right under her face.

Never breaking eye contact Lauren grabbed my dick, stuck out her tongue and took a long lick up the side before swirling her tongue around the head and back down the other side.

“Oh god Lauren that’s incredible”

Lauren opened her mouth and sucked the tip of my cock in, just holding it there for a moment, her tongue swirling around my knob, just as Dusty’s tongue was swirling around her pussy. Then she eased her mouth down until her nose was right in my pubes. I could feel her throat swallowing around my shaft before she eased back up and pulled off completely.

“Like that do you? If you hadn’t been so rough before I could have done it more easily.”

Before I could say anything she swallowed my cock again, going right down until I was fully engulfed, then I felt her tongue licking at my sac. Holy shit she was amazing, where had my little sister learned to do all these things?

Lauren started humming, or maybe she was moaning, it was hard to tell, but either way the vibrations on my cock were incredible. Somehow I was ready to come again but I didn’t want to waste another load in her mouth, I wanted to fuck this incredible little vixen. I gently cupped her face in my hands and pulled up off my cock. She gave me a puzzled look as I moved out from beneath her and standing up.

“I want to fuck you” not the most eloquent of proposals but I meant it and it came from my heart or maybe it was just from my cock.

“Well if you can pry Dusty’s tongue out of my ass, then go for it” she giggled at me as she shook her ass. She wasn’t kidding though, Dusty was really digging deep with his tongue, sliding it right up her ass, licking out all of his cum from deep inside her.

I grabbed his collar and had to pull quite hard to separate them, he gave out a pathetic little whine, “Sorry Dusty, this bitch is mine now”

I knelt down behind Laurens sweet little ass, rubbing my knob up and down her lips, coating it in her juices before easing my way into her dripping pussy. We both let out a simultaneous moan as I slowly pushed my way in. I couldn’t believe how tight she was, like a warm, wet glove squeezing every inch of my dick until I was finally buried to the hilt in my sister. I just held motionless, luxuriating in the feel, this was the first pussy I had ever been in and I wanted to remember every moment.

I was rudely interrupted by Lauren’s voice, “Come on Alex, Dusty fucks better than this, do I need to get him to show you what to do?”

Hell no, I thought. I pulled back before slamming back into her, doing it over and over again until I had a good pace going, loving the sound of her ass slapping against my thighs.

“Is this better? Do you like your brothers cock more than the dogs?” I timed each word with a thrust, burying myself to the hilt every time, Lauren just let out a moan, her head hanging down, hair falling down covering her face.

I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her up, forcing her to arch her back until she was almost kneeling upright, I then reached around, cupping one of her small breasts before roughly pinching a nipple. That got more a reaction, she writhed in my grip, grinding her ass against me, letting out a whimper.

“Yessss, fuck me bro, fuck me hard.” Lauren reached down between her legs grabbing my ball sack and lightly squeezing, I groaned in her ear before letting go and pushing her down to the ground, my cock slipping free of the slippery grip of her pussy. She was now lying flat on her stomach, legs still spread with me kneeling between them, and if she wanted a hard fuck then I was going to do my best to give her one.

I spread her butt cheeks apart, revealing her swollen asshole, still slightly gaping and glistening with dog spit. I moved forward, angling my cock down and pushing against her pucker. Even after the stretching Dusty had given her ass, she was still tight, far tighter than I had expected.

“Oh fuck Alex, you’re in my ass, your huge cock is in my asssss!” her last words drawn out as I buried myself inside her, I could feel my balls resting wetly against her pussy lips and all of my cock snug and warm inside her bowels.

I slowly pulled back, seeing her asshole being stretched and extending out, reluctant to let go of me, my dick came free with a popping noise, before I pushed back inside her. I could fuck her ass all day long, but I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer and time would be running out on us soon.

I stretched out on top of her and began making shallow thrusts into her ass, feeling every inch of my cock being squeezed as I eased in and out. Lauren just kept moaning, one hand still between her legs, working on her clit. Then I felt the weirdest thing, Dusty must have gotten impatient and decided to come back for more, as I felt his tongue go rasping up my balls and across my anus, startling me, causing me to flinch away and thrust hard into Laurens ass.

She let another squeal and said “that’s it Dusty, lick me all up, lick boy, lick!”

I didn’t know what to do, it was definitely weird but the combination of Laurens ass and Dusty's tongue on my balls and asshole was pushing me over the top. I decided to just go with it and began hammering hard into Laurens ass. Spreading my legs a little wider, parting my cheeks and letting Dusty have better access I could feel his tongue licking my sweaty ass crack, edging me closer to another powerful orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum Lauren, I’m gonna cum in your dirty little ass!”
“Cum in me Alex, cum with me, oh god I’m cumming!” She started crying out, moaning loudly, I almost panicked, surely the neighbors would hear her she was so loud. But I was too close to cumming myself, with a couple more thrusts I pushed in as far as I could before firing several loads of cum inside her, coating the walls of her ass with my jism.

Dusty kept licking away at both of us, trying to get at my cum which was leaking out around my cock. My dick slowly started to shrink and I pulled back and rolled off to the side, Dusty dived straight in, sticking his tongue up her ass causing her to squeal again.

“Please stop, no Dusty, I can’t take anymore” she tried to close her legs, but Dusty had his nose buried between her cheeks and his tongue delving deep inside her.

I looked at my watch, shit! Mum and Dad should have been home ten minutes ago, they must be late and they could be here any minute.

“Lauren get up, we have to get cleaned up!” Not waiting another minute, I dashed inside, grabbing my clothes and headed upstairs. I heard a car door slam in the driveway, followed by the front door opening and mum calling out, “Lauren! We’re home.”

I was safe but I had left her lying almost naked on the back lawn, her face covered in the sticky remains of my cum and Dusty licking everything else out of her ass. She was going to be in so much trouble, I just laughed, I’d gotten what I wanted and this was fitting payback for leaving me with aching balls last night.

Good luck Lauren, I thought.

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