House Slut 41: Closing ceremonies

House Slut 41: Closing ceremonies

When Tegan awoke the next morning she found herself in bed alone. Last night Candy had slept between her and Jackson, with James apparently not being part of the sleepover plans. They had all slept in the nude after getting cleaned up and while Tegan had mostly kept to herself – exhausted as she was – Candy had snuggled against her and Jackson had spooned with her, his hands groping her big soft breasts through the night.

Venturing stiffly from the bedroom Tegan strolled naked into the living area to find Jackson standing on the balcony enjoying a cup of coffee, Candy on her knees in front of him, blowing him. The panels of the balcony where lightly smoked glass, so there would be no question to any passers by on the street below what exactly was happening, even if the details were obscured.

Shaking off her initial surprise Tegan joined Jackson and stood overlooking the quiet neighbourhood, unbothered by the fact she was exposed to the street from the waist up. Not that there was anyone around anyway.

“Morning.” She offered.

“Morning.” Jackson responded, saluting her with his cup. As soon as she joined Candy moved away from Jackson and shifted in front of Tegan, urging her legs apart and pressed her mouth to Tegan’s slit, greeting her with her warm mouth instead of using words.

“Oh, hello.” Tegan said coyly, gently petting Candy on the head.

“Let me get you a cup.” Jackson said, tapping his mug and turning to head inside. Tegan let herself daydream as she stood in the open air getting her pussy eaten. Her muscles had recovered well from her extended bondage session but her holes were aching after being forcefully dildoed and fisted. Candy’s warm mouth was wonderfully soothing.

When Jackson returned with her coffee and a fresh cup for himself she took a sip and leaned on the railing, her knees trembling a little as Candy sucked her clit.

“Soooo…” Tegan drew out the syllable, somewhat distracted. “…what’s the plan for today?”

“Well, James was happy to lend us Candy in exchange for joining us last night. We only have a few hours left until you leave, right?” His tone seemed to suggest a query that Tegan might have changed her mind. She had not.

“That’s right. I head back home around six.” She affirmed. She didn’t know if Jackson had thought their weekend of debauchery would have somehow enticed her back into his life permanently now that she was a lot more open minded about sex than she had been when they broke up. While she did not regret anything that had taken place this weekend, she wouldn’t become his personal whore. She was her own whore.

Below, Candy stopped administering to Tegan and switched back to Jackson.

“So you got me as your pet slave for the weekend and scored a bonus one.” Tegan quipped.

“I guess so.” Jackson stroked Candy’s hair as she worked. “So the plan, broadly speaking, was that we can do whatever we want with her as long as James gets a copy of the video.”

“I’m guessing you have some ideas.” Tegan prompted.

“Sure, but I was actually thinking I’d like to get your input.”

“In what regard?”

“Maybe some domination? I mean sure, I’m absolutely going to fuck her again while I have her. But I thought maybe you’d like to take the lead.”

“Hmm.” Tegan took a long sip of coffee. “So you’ll put me in control for awhile?”


“And you’ll do whatever I tell you?” Tegan pressed him, taking advantage of the fact Candy sucking his prick was probably making him more agreeable than usual.

“Sure.” Jackson said.

“Then let’s get started.”


A short time later after making plans with Candy in the bedroom, Tegan had convinced Jackson to let her bind his wrists behind his back with manacles as well as fit a cockring around the base of his cock and behind his balls. She didn’t have her pseudo-dominatrix outfit with her so she opted to remain in the nude, but she had found a riding crop and had put on Candy’s strap on harness onto which she fitted the dildo she brought from home rather than the ludicrously oversized Edgar.

She had Jackson lay on the bed unable to touch himself and put some soft slow music on, dancing with Candy. She mostly ignored Jackson other than occasional fleeting glances to ensure they had his attention, the two women rubbing up against each other, running their hands over each others’ curves. Tegan pantomimed taking Candy from behind with the strap on sliding between her thighs, then roughly took her by the hair forcing her to her knees, sliding the fake cock between her huge tits and into her mouth.

From all appearances, Jackson seemed to enjoy the show. After a few minutes, Tegan led Candy to the bed.

“Worship a real cock, slut.” Tegan commanded authoritatively as she snapped the crop against Candy’s ass. “But don’t let him cum yet.”

Candy crawled onto the bed and grasped Jackson around the base, rubbing her face against him, nuzzling his upright prick and kissing it from base to tip and back down again, taking his balls into her mouth one by one to suck on them stroking his cock as it pressed against her cheek.

As Candy had already been fairly thoroughly using her mouth all morning Jackson was clearly nearly ready to pop and contrary to her instructions Tegan urged her on, lightly smacking her with the crop and taunting her like an erotic drill instructor.

“Show me you mean it, cunt. Work the balls. Is this your first day around cock you worthless bitch?” She landed a particularly heavy swat on Candy’s plump ass and she yelped with surprise and yanked Jackson’s cock, which was apparently just enough to push him over the edge, and he let out a surprised moan as he squirted a small dollop of jizz onto Candy’s cheek.

Tegan hit her again then took her by the hair, pulling her to her feet and inspecting the mess.

“Look what you’ve done, you slut.” Tegan scooped the goo off her cheek and showed her the dangling strand before wiping it off on the other woman’s lips. “Now you’re going to have to get his dick hard again, otherwise he’s useless to me.”

“Sorry ma’am.” Candy mumbled between her sticky lips, acting appropriately chastised.

“Lie down.” She pushed Candy onto the bed next to Jackson then pointed the crop at him. “You, get up and straddle her. We’re going to put her big whorebags to some actual fucking use.”

Jackson complied with a little assistance from Tegan, straddling the girl’s waist and shuffling up until his semi-limp cock sat in her cleavage. Tegan drizzled a couple of drops of lube then used her hand to grease up the space between Candy’s breasts and guide Jackson’s cock between them as Candy held them from the sides to create a tight channel.

Meanwhile Tegan knelt by Candy’s head and offered her the fake cock she was wearing, slapping it against her face gently.

“Get me wet, slut, I’m going to warm up your hole so a man can use it.” She said, pandering to Jackson’s ego.

Candy obligingly took the head of Tegan’s fake dick into her mouth, using her tongue to spread saliva all over it as Tegan forced it to the back of her throat, while Jackson slowly moved his hips, rubbing his cock between her flesh globes. He hadn’t really cum, his squirt was more of a premature misfire, so it didn’t take long to get back to full hardness. Tegan leaned over and kissed him, teasingly rubbing the tip of the crop against his nipples while Candy sucked her ‘cock’.

After a minute of that she moved around between Candy’s legs and started exploring her with her fingers, making sure she was wet enough. Confirming she was, Tegan guided her cock to Candy’s slit and pushed into her entrance, making Candy moan as a few inches of the dildo slid into her. She hadn’t done this before but there didn’t seem to be much to it. She pushed more of her dildo into Candy using her bodyweight until she’d given her about six inches, then began to move back and forth, watching in fascination as her fake extension moved in and out of the other woman’s shaved slit.

“Can I fuck her now, Mistress Tegan?” Jackson queried, and Tegan lashed the crop against his shoulderblades.

“You’ll get what you get.” Tegan answered sharply. “I’m the one doing the fucking right now.”

“Yes Mistress.” Jackson said, continuing to gyrate his hips and work himself between Candy’s fleshy tits.

After a couple of minutes Tegan pulled out of Candy and squirted some lube on her dildo, spreading it all over with her hand.

“I think after last night I deserve some revenge, don’t you think, Jax?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“So it’s only fair I should get to do some assfucking, right?”

“Absolutely, Mistress.”

“I’m so glad you agree.” Tegan said with a cruel smirk as she moved up behind Jackson, grabbing the link between his manacles and slipping her lubed up hand between his asscheeks, smearing some on his hole. Candy grabbed him by she shoulders to force him to bend down and keep him in position.

“What the fuck?” Jackson said in alarm as Tegan pulled his manacles for leverage and guided her cock to his asshole.

“Just relax, you’ll enjoy it once you give it a try.” Tegan said, more or less paraphrasing something he had said to her the first time he convinced her to let him do it to her. She wondered if he would even remember. In any case, he seemed to stop resisting and she took that as the green light, pushing her cock against his virgin anus, the firm latex staying on target as she eased the head into him.

Admittedly, this wasn’t exactly the gentlest way to introduce Jackson to assplay, even Tegan had had difficulty with Trevor’s cock in her ass and her dildo was roughly Trevor-sized, but then again she’d had Edgar hollow her out less than 24 hours ago and figured Jackson could handle it. She felt the tip clear the tight ring of muscles and a few inches slid into him easily. To his credit Jackson barely let out a grunt.

“Good boy.” Tegan teased, letting go of his manacles. “Taking it like a man.”

Tegan grabbed his hips and pulled herself closer, slowly letting more of her dildo move into him.

“Better back onto me now, bitch, if you wanna keep fucking her tits.”

“He’s gotten harder.” Candy noted, updating Tegan on Jackson’s status as she let go of his shoulders and squeezed her breasts together again.

“Mmm really? You like it when I fuck your boycunt?” Tegan teased, pushing another inch up inside him.

“Nngh.” Jackson grunted, taking Tegan’s orders he began to slowly thrust between Candy’s tits again, Tegan holding steady, letting Jackson move on and off her thick cock at his own pace. She leaned back, cupping Candy’s pussy with her hand and began playing with the other woman’s clit, eliciting a soft moan from her to keep Jackson encouraged.

It didn’t take long for them to develop a steady, if slow rhythm. As Jackson grew accustomed to the anal penetration his stifled grunts of discomfort grew into moans of pleasure and Tegan sensed he was about to blow.

“You gonna cum now, little boy?” She taunted him. “Tell mistress Tegan when it’s gonna happen.”

“I’m gonna cum.” Jackson capitulated.

“Beg me for permission.”

“Please.” Jackson groaned.

“I said beg, bitch.” Tegan gripped his hips and shoved the last few unused inches of her dildo up into Jackson’s ass, eliciting a strangled cry of surprise from him and he began to shake, his cock exploding between Candy’s breasts as multiple bursts of watery jizz flowed out of him.

“Oh my god, there’s so much!” Candy squealed with amused delight. “He’s going off like a firehose!”

Jackson was helplessly pinned between the two women, his cock twitching and pulsing, leaking his fluids into her cleavage.

“Did you seriously just blow your load? I never gave you permission.” Tegan chastised him.

Jackson had no response to that, probably feeling a number of conflicting emotions. Underneath him, Candy slid out from under him and Tegan, propping herself up on her arms into a semi upright position, enticingly jiggling her soft melons back and forth, displaying the sticky mess that had spread all over her chest. Tegan pushed on the back of Jackson’s head, forcing him down towards the other woman’s cleavage.

“Clean it up, bitch.” She commanded. “You made a mess, now take responsibility for it.”

Jackson hesitated but was under to pretense that he didn’t understand what he had to do. Gingerly he lowered his head to Candy’s chest and began to lick up his thin cum from her cleavage.

“Good boy.” Tegan purred as her and Candy exchanged a smouldering look over the top of his head. Tegan pressed a hand against Jackson’s ass and slowly withdrew the dildo from him and dismounting Candy to remove the harness and threw the dildo into the en suite shower to deal with later. She rejoined the other two on the bed just as Jackson seemed to be finishing up, gently running her fingers through his hair.

“Good job.” She assured him, allowing him to stop. The change over him now compared to the rest of the weekend was surprising. It seemed that a small amount of domination and humiliation had brought a massive change in his demeanour. She saw him as almost puppylike, a combination of obedience and an eagerness to please.

“How should we reward him?” Candy queried.

“I don’t know, it looks like this little fella is out for the count.” She teased mockingly, reaching down to gently cradle Jackson’s limp cock in her hand. “What do you think, slave?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Mistress.” Tegan reminded him.

“Whatever you want, Mistress.”

“Such a good boy. Candy, do you think he has earned the right to lick your pussy?”

“Maybe a little, at least until his cock is useful again.”

“There you go, slave, Candy will allow you to try and pleasure her.”

“Thank you Mistress.” Jackson acknowledged as he gingerly slid off the bed between Candy’s legs and put his face between her thighs. Tegan had a feeling he’d be a bit more respectful of girls’ buttholes in the future. Candy settled back on the bed and sighed pleasantly as Jackson worked between her legs and Tegan lay on her side, leaning in to make out with Candy, running her hands over her chest, squeezing the big fleshy globes, fascinated by their size. Candy reciprocated, running her hand down Tegan’s body and slipping her fingers between Tegan’s legs, gathering some moisture on her fingertips and massaging it into her clit.

Tegan lifted herself up and straddled Candy’s face, looking down at her as she lowered herself to her mouth and Candy instantly went to work with her mouth, using her longue to explore Tegan and suck at her clit, gripping Tegan’s ass with her hands. For now she had forgotten about Jackson, and pressed her wet slit hard against the other woman’s mouth. She had a growing itch that needed scratching and it felt like it had been a long time since she’d had any decent oral. Candy moaned appreciatively as she ate Tegan, and quite quickly – seeming to go from 0-100 very suddenly – Candy reached orgasm. She clamped her moaning mouth down on Tegan’s clit and sucked hard, flicking her tongue urgently against her tingling nub as if trying to channel her sexual energy directly into Tegan and Tegan screamed with pleasure as she came in Candy’s mouth, a whole lot of pent up energy finally releasing.

As she came down from her orgasmic high she gracelessly dismounted Candy’s face and collapsed on the bed panting, Candy in a similar predicament, the two women sharing a tender kiss with a giggle as they caught their breath, before finally turning their attention to Jackson who was standing demurely at the end of the bed, his hands still cuffed behind him, his cock back at full mast.

“Ooh, it looks like someone is awake again.” Candy remarked.

“What do you think he plans to do with that?” Tegan asked rhetorically.

“Maybe we should ask him.” Candy suggested.

“Maybe.” Tegan looked over at Jackson, pretending to consider the question as if it were a difficult one. “Do you think you deserve our attention, slave?”

“I don’t know, Mistress.” Jackson said. Tegan knew he was trying to avoid being presumptuous, lest he incur some punishment.

“Don’t be shy.” Tegan cooed, reorienting herself on the bed to face him. “You’ve earned a reward. Just tell us what you want. Anything.”

“I Just want to fuck you both.” Jackson said bluntly.

“I think we can accommodate that.” Tegan stood up and moved behind Jackson to unbind him, giving him back use of his hands. He rubbed his wrists as Tegan climbed on top of Candy, wiggling her ass enticingly at Jackson as she pressed her hips down to Candy’s, lining their pussies up next to each other.

Jackson was quick to take control, plunging into Candy’s slit, groping Tegan’s ass as he began to thrust. Tegan and Candy resumed making out, Tegan admiring how cute Candy looked while she was getting fucked. After a minute Jackson switched to Tegan. Gasping her hips as he pulled himself into her and it was Candy’s turn to watch Tegan’s face as her eyes glazed over, kissing her neck and reaching down to grip her ass, keeping her spread for Jackson’s viewing pleasure.

Jackson switched back and forth, seeming to gain new energy each time, prolonging his stamina. As the extended fuck session went on both girls seemed to be right on the brink of orgasm several times but Jackson always switched to the other girl before they could get there, probably deliberately.

Finally Jackson pulled out for the last time and flopped down on the bed beside them.

“Finish me with your mouths.” He commanded urgently. Tegan climbed off of Candy and got on the other side of Jackson while Candy reoriented herself. They closed in on his upright member from either side and started running their mouths up and down the sides of his shaft, tasting the combined juices clinging to his skin, almost as if they were trying to kiss only Jackson’s penis was in the way. They worked together trying to give him a bit of a show, taking turns taking the tip into their mouths and swirling their tongue over the head while the other worked the base. Finally Jackson was unable to hold back.

“I’m cumming.” He announced and Tegan pressed her lips against the fleshy part underneath the head – the meatus, she thought it was called – and sucked while flicking her tongue against it, while Candy ran her tongue around the swollen, throbbing glans. With a grunt of relief, Jackson erupted, his cum shooting high up into the air and raining down on their faces as they continued to tease, coaxing out another two jets of hot spunk that coated their cheeks and lips and chins, much thicker and stickier than the weak watery stuff that he had shot off earlier. Biology was weird.

As the last little dribble of cum leaked from him Candy swept it up with her tongue then Tegan and Candy started on each other, kissing deeply as they pressed their cum-glazed faces together, breaking away from the kiss to collect the mess from each others faces with their lips, bringing their mouths back together to share it all back and forth with their tongues while Jackson watched. Eventually, once their faces were (mostly) clean they presented their open mouths to Jackson before swallowing in unison.

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