A Night Out - Part 4

A Night Out - Part 4

Part 4

We head out of the club and back up the alley to the main road. I hail a passing black cab and we climb into the seat.

I give the name of a road you are unfamiliar with to the driver and we set off.

You give me a questioning look, but I just smile in return, my hand rests on your knee, then slides softly up and down your thigh, each stroke venturing a little higher.

You decide to lean back in your seat and enjoy the ride. The mixture of the wine you have had and the soft stroking of your thigh is making you feel relaxed.

You are brought back from your thoughts when the taxi halts and I motion for you to exit the cab. I pay the driver and join you on the pavement.

You look around. You recognise from the buildings that we are in the area of town which is popular with young drinkers. There are several bars and clubs, all competing for the same late teens and early twenties crowd. The streets are fairly busy. Many of the bars have pavement seating set out. Several drinkers glance across but don’t stare for long.

I take you by the hand and lead you along the street.

You catch your reflection in the window of one of the bars we pass.

You are looking a bit dishevelled after visiting the last club and you plan to take a trip to the ladies as soon as we arrive at where we are going, but for now you are enjoying the fact that you have spent the day being well fucked.

A gently breeze blows up and under the hem of your dress and feels like a cool breath on your exposed pussy. You smile.

I stop outside the entrance to one of the bars. You see that it is just a door at street level and you realise that it must be a basement bar. The name ‘Lucky’s’ and a shamrock logo are glowing in green neon above the door. You spot me handing the guy on the door a card. He examines the card, smiles and stands to the side, revealing the sign on the door saying ‘Closed Tonight: Private Party’.

Once through the main door you are faced with a steep flight of stairs leading down, into the basement. You concentrate, knowing the descent in high heels will be tricky, given the amount of wine you have had.

You successfully make your way down, holding the handrail. I follow you, a couple of steps behind.

At the bottom you turn right, through a doorway, into a bar area.

The bar area is quite small. There are only around half a dozen small round tables, and seating for no more than twenty five people.

All the seating would be taken if the people in the bar were sat down, but they are not. They are mainly stood at or near the bar counter itself, holding pints, bottles of lager, and, or shot glasses.

You notice, somewhat surprisingly, that all the customers are men, young men, mainly in their twenties who all seem to be quite big but not fat.

Your heart starts to beat a little quicker.

You again give me a questioning look, but again you only get a smile in reply.

I take you by the hand and lead you to the bar. The crowd of blokes parts to let us through. I order a bottle of lager and a large glass of wine from the young waitress.

You feel all the eyes in the room are on you as you take a large drink from the wine glass.

You turn and face the room. The crowd has formed a semi-circle around where you are stood.

You look out at the sea of faces, unable to make out individuals, as your head spins and your mind travels at one hundred miles an hour.

You suddenly become aware that a wooden box has appeared in front of you?

You feel me take your hand and leave you in no doubt that I want you to stand on the box.

Your knees wobble a little, but you take in a breath, steady yourself, and climb onto the box. It has raised you only about twelve inches off the floor, but in the small area of this bar, it feels higher. You are instantly reminded of the events which took place on-stage earlier tonight.

You see and hear the crowd of blokes begin to clap. Not applause, but slow loud handclaps, in time, together. Clap,.........Clap,........Clap,.........Clap!

You feel the hem of your dress being lifted. You look down, and behind over your shoulder, to see it is me raising the dress. I raise it a little higher, revealing to the crowd the lace tops of your cum stained stocking and the flesh of your inner thighs.

A large cheer erupts from the male audience!

The cheer increases in volume as your naked pussy is exposed and comes into view.

You gasp. You feel as though it is not you stood on the box. You imagine yourself instead to be one of the crowd, watching as the dress is lifted all the way up, revealing first the suspender belt around the waist of ‘the woman on the box’, then the bare stomach, then the sheer material of a black bra. The dress is then removed completely, leaving ‘the woman’ half-naked, stood on a box, surrounded by a large group of men she has never met before!

A loud cheer from the crowd brings you back to reality - it is you on the box.

I take a hold of your hand. You begin to turn around slowly on the box as I begin to walk slowly around it displaying you to the audience . As you reach the point where you have turned one hundred and eighty degrees, and you are facing the bar counter, you spot the young waitress watching you. She smiles, knowingly. You attempt to smile back but you are aware that now your backside is facing towards the crowd there is renewed cheering and some whistling.

My journey around the box continues and you turn once more to face the crowd of men. Many of them are now pointing their camera phones at you, clicking away! You are filled with a sense of dread when it dawns on you that those pictures will probably be sent by text to their mates, and their mates, and eventually to hundreds, maybe thousands of people! They may even end up posted on the internet!

I move your hand in front of you, and you realise I am helping you to step down off the box. You carefully step down but wobble a little as your heel lands on an uneven section of the beer stained wooden floor. You wonder if this is the only reason you have been brought to this bar, to be paraded on a box for the delight of this crowd of young men!

You walk forward, following, as I lead you towards one of the small square tables. It is the only one completely empty of any glasses or bottles.

You stand in front of the table, facing me as I am stood at the other side of it. I take both your hands in mine and pull you gently forward towards me, bending you at the waist, over the table. You lower your body down. Your heels make your calves stretch tight. The familiar pain shoots up the back of your legs.

Your bra covered tits rest on the table. Your bare arse is on display though, pointing at the crowd of men who have positioned themselves in a newly formed semi-circle around and behind you.

“Dave should go first, it’s his stag do!”

You wonder how the hell you have ended up here! You are lay face down on a dirty wooden table, your hands are being held tight by the wrists! Your tits are rubbing raw on the table completely unprotected by the very thin material of your black bra. Your stocking clad legs are stretched tight as you stand in high heels, bending forward, over the table. Your naked pussy and arse are exposed and you are about to be fucked by some guy on his stag do, and god knows how many of his mates!

You feel what you can only assume to be Dave’s fingers on your backside, the thumb and forefinger kneading and parting your arse cheeks, exposing your fleshy pussy lips.

Your pussy has been fucked a lot today and you have the sensation that the fleshy lips are puffy and loose. It will take at least one good night’s sleep for your pussy to regain its natural size and shape!

The thoughts of how your pussy might look at this particular moment disappear when you feel the head of Dave’s cock on your pussy. He has parted your lips with the fingers of his left hand and he is using his right hand to guide his cock slowly into you.

You feel the head of his cock push its way into you. You are surprised how easily he slips inside. It is now over two hours since your pussy was filled with the cum of the stranger in the alleyway. Maybe, the large dildo in the previous club has stretched your pussy wide? Maybe Dave is not blessed with a large cock?

Again your thoughts return to the present as you feel Dave begin banging away for all he is worth even though you feel as though he is barely touching the sides! He is holding your hips tightly and thrusting quickly in and out. You are relieved when he finally shoots his hot sperm into you and withdraws. A loud cheer from behind lets you know that Dave’s mates enjoyed his performance.

“Rick, you’re the best man, you go next”. You hear one of the lads say.

You decide that to relieve the pressure on them you need to move your legs. You part them a little further, allowing you to rest more of your weight on the table. The action also causes some of Dave’s freshly deposited spunk to drip from your pussy. You hear it plop as it hits the dirty wooden floor.

You feel a new hard cock being placed on your pussy. It only rests for a fraction of a second before it rams inside you. Despite the lubricating effect of Dave’s spunk, you feel Rick’s cock filling your pussy. Rick must be bigger that Dave!

Rick begins to pump his cock in and out. His large cock feels good. He leans over your back and grabs your bra strap, using it as a handle to help him thrust harder and deeper into you. You are just beginning to enjoy Rick when you feel him stand up straight and stop pumping. He grabs your hips firmly and with one final thrust, his hot spunk is jetted inside you! After only a moment Rick’s cock slips out of your pussy and your feel a fresh large glob of spunk leave you and your hear it squelch as it drops onto the floor.

You raise your head and look into my eyes a hundred questions race through your mind. I smile at you and purse my lips into a kiss, bringing my head low I plant the kiss on your forehead.

I pull your arms once more and you close your eyes as you lay your head back down on the table.

From behind you, you hear the shout of “My turn!”

Another cock is inside you before you can even ready yourself to receive it, the owner of the cock has a firm hold of your hips and he is pumping away like a man possessed. He cums quickly and you feel more hot spunk squirt inside you. Then once more you feel the cock leave you and some fresh spunk flow out of your pussy to join the other liquid mess already on the floor.

You close your eyes tight as a fourth cock is now buried in your dripping, cum filled, pussy. You barely feel it as it slides in and out. Again, you wonder if this bloke is small, or if your stretched and well lubricated pussy is the reason? The bloke grips your hips tight and then shoots his load inside you. After he withdraws from your pussy you feel more hot cum drip from you. Some of it drops straight down onto the growing puddle on the floor, and some begins to slide down your inner thigh.

The fifth cock to enter you is the largest you have had! It’s bigger than Rick’s! Thanks to the large amount of cum inside it, your pussy accommodates the new cock with relative ease! You can feel that this new cock is not only very long, but also very thick! You make an effort to clench and un-clench your pussy onto this cock, determined to try and enjoy the experience rather than be just enjoyed! Your are extremely tired after all of today’s events and all your muscles ache so you have to concentrate hard. Eventually you are happy with the rhythm established between you and ‘number 5’. You are definitely enjoying this cock, it feels good as it slides effortlessly in and out. You begin to moan a little as you start to loose yourself in the moment.

The rhythm begins to increase, the pumping becomes faster, harder and deeper. You feel the first signs of your own orgasm begin to build. You try to push your hips back to meet the thrusts into you. Your pelvis is sliding back and forth on the edge of the table, your newly aroused and hardened clit is being rubbed in time with the motion. Your orgasm is upon you! You thrash your hips from side to side, trying to rub your clit on the table edge! The orgasm racks your lower body, then consumes all of you, and despite still being held tightly by the wrists, your arms flail around, as the final waves of pleasure wash over you!

Your orgasm sends the bloke inside you over the edge! He pulls his cock out of your pussy and you feel his hot spunk land on your back! A second spurt lands on you back too. His third spurt is felt on your arse, the hot fluid landing right on your hole. You feel the cock being placed on your crack and then rubbed slowly back and forth before you feel it lifted away and disappear altogether.

A cheer from the crowd brings you back into reality again! You open your eyes and blink.

“Who’s next?” you hear.

“After Big Pete, I think she is going to be like a bucket!” Another voice replies, laughing.

“Dave’s Dad should have a go!” A new voice shouts.

A huge cheer reveals that the crowd agree with the suggestion.

You close your eyes and lower your head once more. You move your legs, again trying to relieve the tension which is noticeable in your calves.

You feel a cock being rubbed along your crack, between your arse cheeks, sliding up and down on Big Pete’s recently deposited spunk.

You feel the cock slide effortlessly into your pussy.

“You’re right. Pete has stretched this cunt wide as a bucket!” The voice from behind you does belong to an older man.

You feel the cock slip out of your pussy and then feel it rest on the entrance to your arse!

A loud cheer from the crowd alerts you to what is about to happen it is the last thing you hear before you feel the cock being pushed firmly into your arse.

You feel it slide in quite easily. The combination of being fucked in the arse three times already today, and the large amount of cum which has been deposited on your bottom and pussy, helps the cock to enter your normally very tight hole.

You feel the cock as it slides in and out. The action causes more of the spunk in your pussy to leak out and run down the inner thigh of your right leg. You feel it reach the tops of your stocking, which begin to soak up the fluid.

Dave’s dad pumps his cock in and out of your arse. Your clit is again being rubbed on the table edge by the motion. You feel tiny shock waves dart up inside you every time your clit is stimulated. You are nowhere near reaching another orgasm but the constant stimulation is giving you great pleasure, all the same.

You sense the familiar signs, as Dave’s dad’s own orgasm begins. He takes a firm hold on your hips and then with a final thrust he shoots his cum up into your arse.

A couple more hard thrusts to finish and his cock slides out. You sink down onto the table. Your knees finally give way. They have been locked in position whilst the six men have fucked you.

Your wrists are released. You slide from the table and sink to your knees on the cum soaked floor. You look down between your legs as a stream of spunk leaks out of your pussy to join the puddle already there. You see your pussy lips, swollen and now no longer pink but bright red in colour.

Your shoulders sag as fatigue and exhaustion take over you.

You hear a cheer from behind, and then applause! The men are all clapping and whistling! And like for any performer who has just pleased an audience, a warm satisfied feeling spreads over you.

Your right hand is held, and then lifted. You raise your head and see me helping you to your feet. You stand reluctantly. Your legs are like jelly. However, you let yourself be led.

I lead you away from the crowd, towards the back of the room. There are two doors on the back wall. Ladies and Gents.

A sign on the ladies reads ‘Out of Order’.

I push open the door to the gents and, still holding your hand, I lead you inside.

The toilets are small, only one cubicle, two wall-mounted urinals, a single wash basin and an electric hand dryer. The toilets are empty.

I walk you over to the urinals, your heels clip clip clip on the clay tiled floor.

I turn you to face me and, with my hands on your shoulders, I lower you to a sitting position on the porcelain urinal, facing outwards.

You spread your legs wide and begin to piss a hot stream into the bowl beneath you. The liquid bounces of the blue cakes in the bowl, and splashes up; wetting your bottom, your pussy and your inner thighs. You lean forward, resting your hands on me as you finish peeing.

You are then aware that four of the lads from the stag party have entered the toilets. The first one goes into the cubicle and very soon after you hear the sound of piss hitting the water in the toilet bowl.

A second marches up to the vacant urinal next to the one you are sat on. He takes out his cock and begins to piss. His stream is fast and as it hits the blue cakes in the urinal hard, steam rises from the hot liquid.

The third bloke to enter the toilet has run out of options. He looks at the sink, but just as he is about to relieve himself in it, I stand to one side and point between your legs.

The bloke takes out his cock as he moves towards ‘your’ urinal. He stands between your legs and begins to piss. He is a good shot. His hot stream lands mostly between your thighs and in the urinal itself. The lager fuelled piss is hot and steamy. As the stream continues the bloke decides to take a chance. He deliberately aims his stream at your pussy! The hot liquid soaks your pussy, cleaning off some of the spunk which had been there.

The bloke finishes. He has barely had chance to put his cock away when the fourth guy who entered the toilet pushes him to the side and begins to piss on you!

This guy is not even attempting to get the piss into the urinal! He pisses on your pussy, then moves the stream up higher and onto your stomach. The hot piss bounces off you. Now he moves the stream even higher. He is pissing on your tits, the ultra sheer material of your bra is now completely transparent. As the power in the stream begins to fade, it falls back down to you stomach, your pussy, and your inner thighs.

The guy stops pissing.

“I think you have got some cleaning up to do” you hear me say to you.

You look up at me and see that I am pointing at the cock of the guy who has just pissed on you.

The guy understands immediately. He positions himself ready as you lower your head and tentatively lick the head of his cock.

Instead of repulsing you, the initial taste of his dirty cock sends you into a frenzy of horny desire. You begin to suck on his cock like a starving filthy whore. The cock is rock hard within seconds and after sucking it for only a few minutes a load of hot cum shoots into your mouth.

You don’t remove the cock until you have sucked all the spunk from it and cleaned it as originally intended.

The guy stands in front of you with his hands on his hips and a huge grin on his face.

The bloke who pissed on you first now swaps places with the guy you just sucked off, he wants a turn.

He stands in front of you with his hands on his hips and his semi-erect cock pointing out of the fly in his jeans.

You reach down and hold the cock, then bend over so that you can guide it into your mouth. Again, you suck like a whore, the cock responds quickly and is fully erect in your mouth. A couple of moments later and another load of cum fills your mouth. You swallow it down, then lick the last few drops off the still hard cock.

The other two lads who had been in the toilets and who had been watching their mates being sucked off by you come closer. They had both been wanking hard whilst watching you blow their mates and now they were ready to cum.

You are expecting to have to suck each of them off, but the first one ejaculates over your tits as soon as he stands next to you, the sight of this sends his mate over the edge too! His spunk also shoots out, most lands on your tits, the second spurt is more powerful and hits your left cheek. You gather the warm spunk on your finger tip and suck it into your mouth.

Both lads now milk their cocks onto your stomach and your thighs.

When they have safely tucked their cocks back in their jeans, all four lads leave laughing and joking with one another.

I help you to your feet. You stand uneasily in your high heels.

I hold out your black dress in front of me, and despite the fact that you are covered in cum and piss, I slip it on over your head. You are too tired too protest.

We go back out into the main bar. You are relieved to see that the stag party seems to have moved on. Only the waitress watches as we make our way to the exit and up the stairs.

You take a deep breath as we leave through the main door and out onto the street.

You then breathe a sigh of relief as you see a taxi waiting right outside the bar, the rear door of the cab is being held open by the bouncer. He smiles knowingly as you clip clip clip quickly across the pavement and dive onto the back seat.

I join you and the cab door closes.

“Station Hotel” I shout through the security glass, and the taxi pulls away from the kerb……

To be continued…..

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