Sexual adventures with Emily and her family pt. 3

Sexual adventures with Emily and her family pt. 3

That night we drove home, giggling and reminiscing about everything that happened earlier. Emily was clearly a little nervous that Bruce might find out, but I think she trusted that Scott would keep his mouth closed... he had a lot to lose too if Bruce were to find out that Scott had fucked his wife off and on for hours... even taking pictures. I didn't know if Emily would ever see the pictures, but I planned on fucking Scott more... and surely I'd get to check the photos out at some point eventually. Before leaving Scott's house we made sure to get our story straight... we came over, took some underwear pics, and Emily hung out in his backyard while he fucked me... nothing more, nothing less.

We pulled up to Emily's house, and Emily gave me a sweet smile and said "I've really missed this... I had no idea how much until you came to visit". I asked "missed what... fucking different guys" with a joking tone, too which Emily laughed and said "yeah... but I was talking about running around with you... doing things together again... having someone I trust to be open with without judgement". I grabbed her hand and said "I've missed it too... I hate that we live so far apart". "Me too..."she responded as we exited the car and went inside.

Emily told me "there's some wine in the fridge, why don't you pour us a glass while check on the boys?" "I'm on it" I replied as I went to the fridge as requested, ready to unwind before calling it a night. I knew Emily had work the next morning, so I had tomorrow open to explore LA if I felt up to it... or maybe just chill out and relax. Emily walked into the kitchen just as I finished pouring the wine, and as I handed her a glass she chuckled and said "they were looking at porn again... I swear, over half the time I go in there, they have some form of porn on their screen. I don't really care if they watch porn, but it just seems like a lot". I giggled as I sipped my wine and said "I'm sure it's normal for boys their age... they don't get out much, so I'm sure they haven't had much experience with anything sexually... and their hormones are surely raging. Besides, if they do have an overly active sex drive, they come by it naturally" while giving her a playful slap on the arm. Emily said "you wouldn't believe how many times I've caught them jacking off.. not together of course, but still..."

I received an alert on my phone notifying me that Scott had sent me pictures from the photo shoot... they were just the underwear photos, as agreed on, and they looked... amazing! I had no idea just how good of a photographer Scott was, but I never would have expected the photos to be on this level. "Emily, look at these... we look sexy as fuck!". Emily viewed the pics on my phone of the two of us posing in our underwear, and I could tell she was equally impressed. "Wow... Bruce is going to love these! Go ahead and send them to him... I can't wait to hear what he thinks" Emily said as she added his number to my phone. Honestly, I was excited to see what he thought as well. Emily winked at me as she said "feel free to flirt with him... get him excited to fuck you when he gets back", with which i responded with a flirtatious smile and said "I certainly will".

It wasn't long after I sent the pictures before I heard Emily's phone start ringing, and I knew it was Bruce before she even looked at her phone. She had a proud smirk on her face as she turned on the speaker phone and said "hi baby... so what did you think of the photos?". Bruce was quick to respond "holy shit, you guys look amazing!... Scott did an awesome job!"... if only Bruce knew the job Scott had done to his wife, lol. I chimed in "don't we look sexy?... maybe we'll do another photo shoot sometime and show more". Bruce, a little hesitantly, said "maybe.. I can't believe Scott saw you like that Emily... you can slightly see your nipples through your bra". Emily snickered and said "It's no big deal, Scott was professional and assured me no one else would see the photos... are you jealous?". Bruce once again hesitated a little and said "not jealous really... just a little shocked... but it's a bit of a turn on too... I'll talk to Scott about it, make sure things won't be awkward between us". Emily said "I think he'll be OK... he's a pro, and I'm sure he's done dirtier pics than this in his past".

Bruce responded "oh yeah... he used to take photos for a few adult magazines before they went out of business, so I know he's comfortable taking sexy pics... I just don't want him to be weird about it with you being one of the girls he photographed". I decided to add "maybe Scott can take pictures of us having a threesome". I saw Emily's eyes light up as Bruce responded "I don't know... that seems a little fast... and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with him seeing Emily in that way". I giggled as I replied "too late, I'm sure Scott's already jerking off to these pics". Bruce laughed and said "I'm sure he probably has been!... I'll talk to him and make sure things are cool, and we'll go from there". Emily said "you know we're both looking forward to getting fucked by you when you get back home... aren't we Diana?". I added "I can't wait... are you excited to fuck me Bruce?". Bruce was silent for a few seconds and said "I'm looking forward to fucking both of you". Emily smiled at me as she told Bruce "we're about to unwind for the night, so I'll let you go. Goodnight, sweetheart. I love you". Bruce added "goodnight, I love you too" before she hung up the phone.

Emily laughed and said "today has been awesome!.. but I'm exhausted now and I have work in the morning, so I'm going to call it a night. Let me know about any flirting with Bruce!". I assured her I would and wished her a goodnight sleep. Once she was in her room I immediately texted Bruce "just so you know, I did fuck Scott... just like I said I would ". Bruce texted back "lucky guy! Where was Emily while he fucked you?". I sent "she was in his backyard laying out by the pool... don't worry, she wasn't watching him fuck me, lol". Bruce sent "lol, I was just wondering. Thanks for sending me the pics. Feel free to send me any pics you'd like". I answered "are you hinting that you'd like me to send you some dirty pics?". He replied "I certainly wouldn't mind ". I removed my bra, and lifted my shirt to take a picture of my boobs... but I covered my nipples with my free hand while I stood in front of the refrigerator. I sent it to him with a message "I want to see your cock. Are you stroking it for me". I open the fridge to get a drink, and as I opened the can of soda I heard the alert sound on my phone letting me know Bruce had replied back. He had sent a picture of his cock with his hands wrapped tightly around the base, which made it look huge and veinny.

I asked Bruce "be honest. Does it turn you on a little bit knowing Scott took pictures of your wife in her panties today". I went into the living room and sat down to watch some TV as I waited a bit for his reply. Eventually he said "honestly, yes. I'm not sure why, but it does. Maybe I do want him to see her naked, I'm not sure". I replied back "you have a hot wife, of course you'd be proud to show her off. It was sexy posing for him, I could tell he wanted to see more". Bruce was quick to reply "I'd like to see more of you right now". I knew what he was hinting at, so I lifted my shirt up again exposing my tits to the camera and started taking pics... but after a few clicks I noticed something in the corner of my eye... it was Connor, and he was standing in front of me... looking right at me... or more accurately, right at my tits. I froze as I put the phone down and apologized "I didn't hear you coming, I'm sorry... this is embarrassing". Connor didn't say a word, he just kept staring, which reminded me that my tits were still exposed to him even as I said that.

"Oh my God, I can't believe you saw me like that!" I said as I lowered my shirt to cover my large naked nipples. Connor finally spoke and said "I'm sorry, I didn't know... I was just going to the kitchen...". I interrupted him by saying "you didn't do anything wrong, I should have went to my room to take those pics... I'm the one who's sorry... please don't tell anyone, I'm so embarrassed and your parents would kill me". Connor smiled and said "It's OK... I won't say anything to them". "Promise?" I asked, honestly hoping he didn't say anything... I didn't want his mom thinking I was hitting on her boys. I didn't mind if they peeked at me while I was naked, but I didn't want them to know that I knew they could see me! Connor added "I promise" which put my mind at ease a bit, and he then added "you looked good though". I felt my face get a little warm as I became flustered and said "well thanks... it's nice knowing a young guy still finds me attractive". He smiled at me and said "I'm going to get a snack" as he walked into the kitchen.

I quickly sent Bruce one of the pictures, and then followed Connor into the kitchen to ask him "would you guys like me to cook breakfast in the morning? I make a mean omelet". I was honestly a little concerned still, so I figured a good breakfast might win him over. Connor said "sure, sounds good". I smiled and said "great... if I sleep in past 8, please wake me up... I don't want to be sleeping in all day". Connor agreed, as I went to my room and closed the door. I felt weird because it's rare I'm caught nude involuntarily, so I was genuinely caught off guard and embarrassed... but I also couldn't help but feel aroused that Connor saw me... topless. I knew he had seen me naked before, but he doesn't know that I know... this felt different, like a line had been crossed... I figured I was probably just over thinking it... after all, it was a legitimate accident.

I checked my phone to find I had a few missed messages. One was Bruce saying "I love those tits" followed by another message containing a short video of him stroking his cock. I also received a message from Scott saying "i hope you liked the photos. It was great meeting you today. ". I felt my pussy warm up as I thought about Bruce stroking his dick thinking about, remembering Scott fucking me earlier, and Connor staring at my naked tits... why did I hesitate to cover my tits when Connor was staring?... I just sat there and let him stare before pulling my shirt down. I stripped down and dug my little waterproof bullet vibrator out of my luggage, and sprawled out on the bed... ready to make myself cum one last time for the day. I took a picture of myself spread out nude on the bed showing my pussy, and sent it to both Bruce and Scott before working my clit over with the vibrator, recalling how both of them had fucked me within the last 24 hours... how Emily got fucked also... how Connor and Craig had been peeping on my pussy... how Bruce was currently jacking off looking at the pic of my naked body I sent him... I felt an orgasm building up quickly as I thought about how much they all wanted to fuck me right now, and I ended up passing out from cuming so hard.

I woke up the next morning feeling someone shaking my shoulder and whispering my name... I realized it was Connor, but I was still hesitant to wake up... as I slowly started to wake up with my eyes closed, I remembered I had past out nude, and I worried I was on full display. I opened my eyes to a smiling Connor, and quickly realized I was covered by the blanket... thankfully I must I have covered myself in the middle of the night. Connor said "you told me to wake you up, but you were sleeping heavily". I heard Craig from closer to the door ask "so what were you doing with that thing in your hand?"... I didn't even know he was in the room, so it caught me off guard and startled me. I realized I still had the vibrating bullet in my right hand, which would explain his question...

"Oh my God, I'm so embarrassed..." I stammered as I surely blushed "don't tease me, it's just a little vibrator... girls have to masterbate to sometimes" I said as I put it under my pillow. "Besides..." I added "It's not like you guys don't jerk off, it's normal for adults to masterbate". Craig snickered and asked "do you mind if we watch?"... I was taken back a bit that he would even ask. "What?... watch me masturbate?" I asked as they both smiled at me. Craig replied "yeah... since it's normal... it's not like we haven't seen it in porn"... I was not expecting him to be so blunt, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to... the idea of being nude and openly showing them my pussy... it turned me on a lot. They might even jerk off in front of me a well, and thinking about that heated up my pussy.

I chuckled as I said "I can't do that in front of you guys... it's probably best to stick to just watching it online in porn. I know you guys have seen plenty of naked women, but I'm pretty sure your mom wouldn't like the idea of me being naked in front of you guys". Craig shrugged and said "It's not like we're going to tell her... besides, you let Connor see your tits last night". I looked at Connor who shifted his eyes down to his feet as he said "I only told Craig, I promise". I looked back at Craig and said "I didn't show him my tits... he just caught me taking a topless selfie... it was embarrassing, so let's keep it between us, ok?" Craig smirked at me and said "we won't say anything to anyone... but I think it's only fair I get a look also... since I'm keeping the secret after all".

Part of me was upset he was pushing me into showing him my tits... but a much bigger part of me was aroused by it. I wanted to expose myself anyway, and now I had an excuse... it was out of my control. I looked at both of them and noticed they looked excited... like they knew they were going to get their way, and I'd show them my tits... and they were right. "You guys have pretty much already seen me topless when I wore that see thru shirt yesterday morning... so I guess it doesn't really matter at this point...". I picked my shorts up off the floor, and put them on under the blanket... and then stood up out of bed completely topless in front of them. "Is this better?" I said, as I cupped my breasts. They both have me a big grin as they agreed by saying, "that's much better!" "Fucking nice!" "Thank you"... I rolled my eyes a bit with a smile and said "good... so mums the word, you don't mention this to anyone, deal?".

Craig broke his stare from my nipples to ask "would it be OK if you stayed like that for awhile?... since you're already letting us look?". I shrugged my shoulders and said "I guess so... it doesn't matter now, right?". I looked at Connor and asked "is that what you want Connor? Do you want me to stay like this?". Connor nodded while staring at my nipples like he was trying to memorize every detail. I chuckled as I said "ok, but I'm taking a bath after breakfast, and I'm getting dressed once I get out of the bath". Craig smiled and said "ok, deal", as I walked toward the kitchen in nothing but my shorts, with the boys following closely... the whole time staring at my naked chest like they were hypnotized by my erect dark nipples.

"I know I said omelets, but I'm not cooking those with my tits out... so either pancakes, or I can put a shirt on". Both the boys were quick to say "pancakes sound great". I playfully told my eyes with a smile and said "I'm glad you like looking at my tits enough to give up on omelets... do they look the same as they did in my see thru shirt yesterday?". Connor was first to speak up and say "they look better... more detail and color... you have great titties Diana". I gave a bashful smile and said "thank you!... you don't think they are too saggy?" as I pushed my chest out for closer inspection. Craig spoke up and said "not at all... you're beautiful"... I have to admit, bring told I was beautiful by a young man like that made me giddy and feel like a school girl... it was incredibly flattering.

I started the pancakes as Craig picked up my phone from the counter and asked "can I see the picture that Connor caught you taking?". I shrugged and said "why not, I'm already letting you see my tits anyway". He noticed it was locked and asked me for the pass code... which I thought about just unlocking it for him, but my hands were messy, and I had nothing to hide at this point anyway. "The pass code is 0707" I said as I poured the batter on the stove. "Don't be snooping, just find the pic and then turn the phone off". They both hovered over my phone as he unlocked it and went to the photos. "It should be the last few photos, so don't go scrolling past that"... I said, clearly forgetting about the photo I had taken and sent to their dad and Scott last night.

I flipped the pancakes and noticed I had some batter on my right breast, and as I turned to show them I saw they were zooming in on my phone and looking at it intently. "Guys, my tits are right here, you don't have to stare at the phone" I said as I looked at the photo, and realized they were zoomed in on my gaping cunt, and I immediately remembered the picture I took last night. "I forgot I took that picture... you guys shouldn't be looking at that! I can't believe you zoomed in on, and are staring at my open pussy!" Craig said "it was the most recent photo like you said". I took the pancakes off the oven and said "I forgot I took that pic... I shouldn't have let you in my phone... although you didn't need to zoom in and stare at my pussy". Connor smirked and said "I couldn't help it, I'm sorry... you look so hot, I couldn't ignore it!". Craig added "I like how you remove all your pussy hair so it's easier to see everything".

I handed them their plates and picked up my phone while saying "ok, that's enough... you got to sneak a look at my pussy... I'm already letting you stare at my tits". I noticed Connor was squeezing his cock through his shorts, but he didn't think it was noticeable. Craig smiled at me and said "you look really sexy naked... any guy would be lucky to fuck you". I smirked and held up my tits and said "are you guys going to be thinking about me the next time you jack off?... I have to admit, knowing you guys like seeing me naked turns me on a lot...". Connor looked at me a little confused, but with a smirk and said "it does?... you like letting us see you?". I quickly added "I shouldn't have said that, never mind... I'm going to take a bath now, so have your last look at my tits before I go". I gave my chest a little shimmy and teasingly pinched my nipples. I reminded them one more time "you guys better not say a word about this to anyone, got it?" before walking back to my room to get my toy.

I knew they wanted to watch me masturbate, and I wanted them to watch me as well... so now was my chance. I knew they would be watching via the peepholes while I was in the bathtub, but just to eliminate any doubt I showed them my toy and said "I might be in here for a bit, I'll let you know when I'm out". Once I was inside the bathroom and closed the door, I could hear them rush into Craig's room and go into the closet within seconds. I'm sure they could see the smile on my face as I pulled down my shorts, and turned around to show off my ass. I heard their voices, "I'd love to bend her over right now" "I can't believe she let us look at her tits... she so fucking hot" "I hope she uses the toy in the bathtub so we can watch her use it".

I leaned into the tub to start running the water as I could hear them shuffling over to the tub for a better view. I sat down on the side of the tub with a leg on each side so that I was spread open for a clear view, and slowly rubbed the top of my slit... I looked down at the holes in the wall and could barely see their eyes staring at my cunt, but the running water made it difficult to make out what they were saying, as I could hear them talking. I waited patiently for the water to rise high enough to turn it off, and slowly lowered myself into the water as I could clearly hear them again. "Her pussy is even prettier than it was in the picture" "god damn, she makes my cock hard!... I want to fuck her so bad!" "Mmmm, me too".

I powered on my water proof vibrating bullet, and rose my pussy up to their eye level as I started grinding it against my clit. I could see them staring at my cunt as I said to myself "they were looking at my tits... they saw a picture of my pussy... I bet they were so horny looking at me"... I said it knowing they could hear me... and I wanted them to know it turned me on letting them see me earlier... and saying it out loud made my pussy throb. I started swinging my pussy closer and closer to the peep holes, as I swung back and forth between the two eyes that were glued to my open cunt. "Oh my God, her pussy is right up in our faces and she's doesn't even know" "it's so close that I can smell her pussy through the hole"... I felt my pussy start to throb even harder and I knew I was close to cumming. I grunted "I'm going to cum!... I'm such a fucking slut! I'm going to cum!" Just before I felt my pussy start convulsions, as I'm sure the boys could see my pussy contracting back and forth, as I kept my pussy spread for their enjoyment.

I didn't expect to cum so fast... I was just overly aroused and I couldn't control it. I knew they were still looking, and that they had seen as much of my body as they possibly could... I hope the memory would fuel their fantasies and help them cum for years to come. I allowed my pussy to recuperate while I finished cleaning my body, all while listening to their crude comments... "I want to cum inside her" "I get the shower next, I need to blow my load" "I'm so fucking hard right now" "how could we get her to let us fuck her?" "I bet she knows how to suck dick really good". It turned me on knowing they were so aroused by the idea of fucking me... that they wanted me so badly... but I had no interest in fucking them. They were to young for me, and I didn't see them a sexually attractive... yet I loved knowing that they saw me that way. I figured letting them get their thrills wasn't hurting anyone... and doing so was a turn on for me as well... I love teasing a hard cock.

Once I was dried off I realized I forgot to bring a change of clothes. .. I guess I was to focused on getting my vibrator. I just wrapped the towel around myself and walked out, and went to Craig's room to let them know I was out of the bathtub if they wanted it (as if they didn't already know). His door was open, and apparently I caught them off guard because they were just coming out of his closet as I walked in... I didn't want to bust them, but I knew it would seem odd if I didn't ask "why are you guys in the closet?". Connor stammered or and looked at Craig... Craig, with a bright red face said "he was helping me put some stuff up in the closet". Connor looked a little concerned, but was quickly relieved when I said "oh, ok... the bathroom is free if you guys want to shower". Craig smiled and said "Thanks, I'm first" as he grabbed some clothes and walked past me to go in... I knew he was just anxious to jack off after all the teasing I'd done... and Connor was clearly having a hard time concealing his erection, as I noticed his dick pressing against his shorts as it caused a very noticeable tent that he tried to hide with his hands.

I asked him as I looked at his crotch "Connor, is that from me showing you my tits earlier?... did I do that to you?". Connor turned red as he grew obviously embarrassed and said "I was hoping it wasn't noticing... I'm sorry"... I smiled and said "there's nothing to be sorry for... it's natural, and flattering really... I'll leave you alone so you can take care of it". I walked out and into my room and noticed Connor had followed me... which was unexpected. Connor spoke up and said "can I see you one more time...". Even after seeing my tits all morning, and peeping on me as I masturbate with my pussy within inches of his face, he still wanted to see more. I gave him a smile and asked "are you wanting a mental refresher before you masturbate?". Connor turned red again, despite still sporting an obvious erection, as he sheepishly said "...yeah... is that ok?". I gave him a wink and told him "of course... I'm glad I can help... you've already looked at my tits all morning, so I don't mind... I need to put on some panties first though". Connor said "can I see you without the panties?... that picture on your phone was really hot..."

I would have been happy to spread my legs wide and watched him jack off and cum while he looked at me... but I knew that was going to far. I had already let him stare at my naked tits, I wasn't willing to push things further... it was to risky. I had no problem showing him my spread pussy when I could act like I didn't know he was looking. I think Connor could see my hesitancy and added "or maybe I could see that picture again on your phone... I've already seen it, sooo...". I smiled while rolling my eyes and said "I guess since you've already seen the picture, you can look at it one more time... let me find my phone". I looked around the room trying to remember where I placed it, and noticed Connor doing the same, when I recalled leaving it in the shorts I was wearing to the bathroom... but I got a dirty idea that I wanted to try.

"Do you see it anywhere?" I asked Connor, as I feigned bring clueless to its location. He walked around the room with his cock clearly straining against his shorts, while he looked for it and replied "no... are you sure it's in here?". I stood there, still wearing nothing but a towel and said "maybe i kicked it under something by accident again... let me check under the bed, and you look under the desk and night stands". I got down on my hands and knees and stuck my head under the bed while raising my ass up, which of course uncovered my naked ass for his view, as I pretended not to notice. I couldn't see his face, but I'm sure he noticed, because he was just standing in one spot as I said "It's hard to see down here, so I'm just trying to feel around... did you check under the night stand?". He lowered down behind me as I spread my legs apart a little more, and feigned looking for my phone while staring between my legs... I don't know if he didn't realize I could see him, or just didn't think about it, but he never looked past my spread ass and gaping pussy. I shifted around a little, acting as if I was searching for it, and looked back again to see him lean his face in toward my pussy as he squeezed his dick through his pants... he got close enough to where I could feel his heavy breath gently blow against my open pussy, and I had to stop myself from falling backwards toward his face... that would have been awkward for both of us.

I was caught off guard when he pulled his cock out of his shorts, and started squeezing and slowly stroking it... as if he was doing everything he could to prevent from cumming, but couldn't help him self from taking advantage of the view. At first I was a little concerned he was going to fuck me, but when I realized he was just looking I allowed him to get a few strokes on himself while my asshole and pussy were available for his close inspection. His cock looked so tense and hard that it actually appeared angry... like it needed what I had, and wanted it more than anything else. I enjoyed watching him... it was my turn to be the voyeur, although he was still voyeuring me. He would pick up the pace and then stop while squeezing his dick, I think to prevent himself from cuming... but I noticed it was getting more difficult for him as I wiggled my ass a little and said "maybe I left it in my shorts... is it there?". Connor didn't even attempt to look at my shorts, his attention was locked between my legs as I rocked back and forth, and around which made my pussy gape open more and close, back and forth. Connor just said "I don't see it"... but I knew he didn't bother to check because I knew it was there... and I could see his face still staring at my cunt.

I was about to back out when I noticed him once again frantically start jacking off as he once again leaned his face toward my naked crotch. I knew he was going to cum, and honestly I wanted to see it... so I said "maybe it went way back here then, as I rolled over on my back and scooted further underneath the bed, allowing him a frontal view of my pussy as I slowly opened my legs a little and watched his hand work his shaft as he leaned back slightly and started cumming on his shirt... huge massive loads continued to stream out as he tried to hide his heavy breathing. Seeing him ejaculated all over his shirt made my pussy start flowing, and I wondered if he could tell. He stood up as I said "I don't think it's here, I'm getting out from under this bed" as a turned over again showing my ass, as I slowly backed out and sat up.

Connor was red in the face and still looked out of breath as he put on a new shirt from his drawer, and held onto his previous cum covered shirt that was now crumbled up in his hand. I took a second to look around and then picked up my shorts, with my phone inside. I looked at Connor and said "it was in my shorts, you said you checked" in a teasing tone. Connor seemed a bit nervous as he said "I must have over looked it"... I shrugged and said "at least we found it... I need to get dressed before this towel falls off of me". Connor smiled and said "I wish I could be so lucky" as I picked out some panties and said "you're so sweet... you know how to make me feel sexy" as I slipped the panties on under my towel. I gave Connor a playful and seductive glance, and said "do you still want to see that pic on my phone before you jerk off".

Connor said "yes please", and I unlocked my phone. I said "I'm not really comfortable showing you my pussy, but I know you've already seen this picture... so I don't mind helping you out"... of course I knew he had just had his face close enough to taste my naked pussy just minutes ago when he blew his load... but I wasn't going to tell him that. I handed him the phone as I said "you're mom would kill me if she knew I was showing you this, so you better keep your mouth shut... got it?" Connor smiled and asked "so does that mean you'll be topless for us when she's not around?". The little pervert had a point... "I guess... as long as you guys can keep your mouths shut, I don't see why not" I said, as I dropped my towel to the floor, and stood there in just my panties as he looked back and forth between the picture of my pussy and my exposed tits. "You should probably take advantage of having Craig's room to yourself now... I'm going to lay down and take a nap", I said as I sat down on the bed. Connor nodded his head while saying "thank you" with a smirk, as he walked out of the room.

I laid down in my bed and thought about everything that had happened since I came to visit... how I fucked Bruce, and Scott... how I watched Scott fuck Emily... how Connor and Craig have been peeking on me, and how I showed them my tits, and exposed my pussy... I felt like such a slut, and I loved it. I couldn't wait to fuck Scott again later that night, and I looked forward to Bruce fucking me in front of Emily. I hoped Bruce would eventually let Scott fuck Emily, she really loved it when he fucked her yesterday, and I know she'd be happy to get to repeat it guilt free... or at least without worry. I don't think she felt too guilty, nor do I think she should... especially after Bruce had blown his load inside my pussy just that morning. You would think that with all the sexual activity going on that I'd be satisfied, but honestly it was just making me crave it that much more... as I continued to rub myself as I drifted asleep.

I was woken by my phone, and I knew by the ring tone it was Emily. As soon as I answered the phone it must have been apparent she woke me up, because the first thing she asked was "are you still asleep?". I let her know that I had just taken a nap, and asked her what was up. She answered "so... I know Scott is coming by tonight with some prints from the shoot yesterday... and I know you will fuck him again..." "I plan on it " I replied, which was responded with giggles and her saying "I figured so... anyway, I've been thinking about it, and I really want to fuck him again... but I'm afraid of the implication if I do it again... I'm not trying to have an ongoing affair, which is why I told him that it would just be that one day". I told her "it was so hot watching him fuck you... watching him explore your forbidden body... so, what are you thinking?". She answered "the blindfold trick... like we talked about yesterday... if you're willing, I'll pick one up on the way home... we can even use it on Bruce when he gets back". I giggled and said "of course I'm willing... I'm getting horny just thinking about it". Emily said "I am too... hopefully he doesn't find out, but if he does I'll just be sure to let him know it won't happen again". I agree and said "He shouldn't figure it out, but if so it's not like he'll be upset". Emily chuckled and said "I'm going to get one now at an adult store, and then I'll start heading home... thanks for everything Diana!". I replied back "there's no need to thank me... thank you!".

After hanging up the phone I decided to look online for horny guys in the area... maybe just a few guys I could have a quick play session with when I had the time... it wasn't that I hadn't had enough, it's just that I always wanted more... I love seeing how a guy looks at me the first time he fucks me... how his cock feels inside me... watching him explore my pussy... I always just enjoyed the excitement of something new. Most guys aren't worth repeated meetings, but almost always worth that one time... I guess that makes me a slut, which I don't mind... I am who I am, and I like what I like. I may not broadcast it to everybody, but I'm not ashamed of it either. I always felt like Emily was the same way, but now she's married and trying to be good... mostly, anyway.

After some searching I messaged a few guys on the app. I considered asking if Bruce and Emily had anymore friends as well, but I didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable by fucking all their friends. I decided I would post my own ad letting guys know I was in town for a short period of time, and interested in quick encounters and sexual adventures... I had no idea how many guys would reply, but I was excited to find out. I added a couple of the photos I had taken and put the ad up. I knew I was fucking Scott tonight with Emily, so I wasn't in any hurry... but I wanted to be prepared for when a new cock was needed.

Emily came home smiling ear to ear, obviously excited about tonight's plans. "Look what I got at the store!" Emily said with excitement, "of course I got a blindfold, but check these out... they're ear buds that cancel out all incoming sounds, so anyone wearing them can only hear a humming sound". "Interesting" I said as I tried them out "they really do work... I can't even hear myself talking!" I added before removing them from my ears. I grined at Emily and asked "so I guess you'd like Scott to wear both these tonight?" Emily gave me her sexy smirk as she said "yes.. I don't have to worry about being quiet while I sneak in and get fucked by him". I smiled at her and said "I love it... we could have a lot of fun with those". Emily slightly bit her lip and said "I was thinking the same thing... I'm thinking about dropping the boys off for a movie so that they aren't around tonight... how were they today, did they give you any trouble?". I snickered "no trouble at all. They pretty much stayed in their room all day"... I didn't dare mention I walked around topless in front of them all morning.

Emily walked in Craig's room, and told the boys "Diana and I want the house to ourselves tonight, so I'm going to give you guys a ride to the mall so you can catch a movie and get dinner". Both the boys seemed fine with that, as she closed their door and told me "still watching porn in there... those boys are obsessed with pussy". I chuckled "what guy isn't, right?". Emily shrugged and said "we should wear the same perfume tonight, further throw Scott off any discrepancies". I smiled and said "you're really looking forward to fucking him again, aren't you?". Emily smiled back and said "yeah... a lot actually. The idea of sneaking one last fuck out of him without him knowing... it makes me horny as hell". I knew what she meant... there was the taboo of doing something you weren't supposed to do, and getting what you want... I knew it wasn't anything most people would do, but Emily and I were kindred spirits in that regard... and we knew we could trust each other not to say anything to anyone else. Besides, it's not like Scott wouldn't jump at the chance to fuck her again.

Emily reminded the boys that their father was coming home tomorrow night, so they needed to clean up their room and straighten up the house a little in the morning. I was looking forward to finally fucking Bruce in front of Emily, no longer needing to keep it a secret... and I knew she was excited to see it too, and hopefully open some doors to a more open relationship. I know my girl needs a new cock occasionally, just like I do... so hopefully I could help her out. Emily rounded up her son's and let me know as she was leaving "I'll be right back. I got some tequila for later, but feel free to help yourself if you'd like"... she's like me, hornier when drunk, and I knew we had an awesome night planned as a poured my first shot.

About 40 minutes and 3 shots later Emily walked in with a huge devious smile and said "pour me some shots, let's get this party started!". I poured us both a couple rounds as I told her about the picture I had sent Bruce and Scott the night before of my pussy. Emily giggled and said "Bruce told me about that... he said he'd love more pics like that of both of us". I smirked and said "well let's not disappoint him... let's take a few pics while we wait on Scott". Emily took another shot and took off her shirt, as I laughed and did the same. I propped my phone up on the coffee table, and set it to take pictures on voice command. We started off with pictures in our underwear, and then topless, and then nude... not really taking long between pictures aside from drinking the occasional shot. She opened my legs and spread open my pussy for a picture, and I in turn did the same... and when I noticed her moan I ran my fingers up and down her slit.

"You're thinking about how you're going to fuck Scott, aren't you?". Emily moaned and said "I want his cock inside of me again" before I started rubbing my fingers inside of her. I started pumping my two middle fingers inside her cunt which caused a wet smacking sound, as I had the camera take a few pics of the action. The alcohol and anticipating of the night to come clearly had us both overly aroused, as we started kissing each other... only to be interrupted by her phone ringing. We both expected it to be Bruce, but it was Scott who just said "hey, I just wanted to let you guys know I was on the way". Emily, still rubbing her clit, said "thanks for the heads up... Emily and I were just taking some pics for Bruce, I'll put a robe on". Scott playfully said "I don't mind if you're not dressed, no need to go out of your way on my behalf". Emily chuckled and said "now, now... no more of that... it was a one time thing, so no ideas, remember?". Emily winked at me as she took another shot, and I followed her lead and took one as well. Scott said "ok... but if you ever change your mind, just let me know". Emily giggled and said "See you in a bit" and hung up the phone.

Emily got up to grab a robe, and grabbed one for me as well as I sent her the pics I had taken. Some turned out blurry, but most looked pretty good... of course I was a little tipsy as well, so I was probably not the best judge. It was clear Emily was pretty inebriated as well, but that didn't stop us from taking a couple more shots before Scott arrived. Once we heard the knock on the door, we knew the fun was about to begin. Emily answered the door while I poured more shots for all of us... and I'm sure it was obvious to Scott we were pretty drunk already. "Hello ladies, great to see you again... looks like you guys are having a good time" Scott said as he walked into the living room and sat down. He was dressed extremely well, which was a funny contrast to the fact we were only wearing robes.

I looked at Scott and explained "sorry for the lack of attire, we were taking some sexy photos for Bruce". Scott smiled and said "so I've heard... I'd love to see them". Emily handed him a shot and said "you know the rules, no more of that... you had your fun already. Besides I'm sure you still have plenty of pictures to admire from yesterday". I knew she didn't care if he saw the pictures, she just wanted to give the impression that she cared... Scott said "speaking of which" as he brought up his briefcase, "here are a few prints, as promised". I couldn't believe how beautiful we looked in the photos... I honestly think it's the best photos I've ever had done. Emily was the first to speak up saying "wow Scott... these are incredible... I wasn't expecting the pictures to turn out this gorgeous!". Scott said "thank you... it's the least I could do after everything yesterday. Plus, I was hoping if the pictures made a good enough impression on Bruce that he might be interested in taking more".

I looked over at Bruce, who was looking down toward Emily's crotch... and I realized she had her legs gapped, and I was sure he was getting a direct view of her pussy. I figured she was doing it intentionally, but if she was as drunk as I was feeling... it could have been an honest mistake. I rubbed her thigh to see if she'd realize and close her leg, but rather then close it, she seemed to swing her other leg back and forth... repeatedly giving him a peek. I knew she doing it on purpose at that point. Emily glanced at him and said "unless Bruce says it's OK, we can't fuck again, even if we take more pics... it was a one time thing, remember". Bruce nodded and said "I understand, but if you ever change your mind..."and then gave her a wink as he poured us all another round of shots.

After finishing the shot, I got up and sat on Scott's lap and said "you know I'm still happy to fuck you tonight... would you like that Scott? Would you like to fuck me again?" Scott smiled and "I'd like that very much, love". I leaned in to kiss him as he ran his hand inside my robe and cupped my breast. After a minute I heard camera noises, and I thought Emily was taking pictures of us... which I wouldn't have minded... but she was just taking pics of the photos Scott had brought over. I slid down to the floor between his legs and started to unbutton his pants, and then pulled them down and off so that he was just in his boxers, but still fully dressed from the waist up. I opened my robe to show him my tits when he asked "are we going to do this right here in front of Emily?". I smiled and pulled his cock out and gave it a little wiggle while saying "why not... I don't think Emily will mind". I turned to give Emily a smile, as she broke away from her phone to look at Scott's raging cock and said "damn Scott, you're cock looks extremely hard!". Emily was right, it looked bigger than I remembered and the head looked swollen. Scott said "I took a couple viagra earlier. I wanted to make sure I didn't disappoint, but I think I over did it.

I looked back at Emily who looked like she was lost in lust as she stared at his cock, and I could see the unobstructed view Scott had of her swollen wet pussy lips. I turned back around and started sucking his cock, stroking it for Emily's viewing pleasure when her phone rang... surely it wasn't the boys needing a ride already. Emily said "It's Bruce, I'm sure he wants to talk about the photos I sent... why don't you guys go to my room? He's wanting to video chat". I pulled Bruce out of his chair and lead him by his cock to the bedroom as I heard Emily answer the phone as I closed the door. Once inside I lifted his shirt over his head while letting my robe fall off of me and said "now where were we..." before pushing him back on the bed softly and sucking his cock again. Bruce through panted breaths asked "Is it OK for us to do this in here?". I giggled and said "of course, she wouldn't have told us to come in here otherwise". I moved up to lay next to him and started kissing him again as he explored my breasts and pussy with his fingers. When his cock would hit me, it had no give to it... it was rock solid like I'd never seen before. I gripped his dick and could feel his pulse as it throbbed with the rhythm of his heart beat. I felt my pussy heat up as I climbed on top of him and rubbed the head of his cock against the opening between my legs.

I teased the head of his dick, not allowing him to fully penetrate me... despite his attempts to thrust forward under me. I looked into his eyes and said "do you need my slutty pussy? Do you need to get fucked?". Scott didn't say a word, he just lifted me up as he rolled over on top of me and pinned me down as he trusted deep and hard inside of me with a primal grunt. "Fuck... yes, use me like a whore" I moaned as he plowed into me without mercy, creating loud smacking sounds to ring out across the room. "Do you like fucking me in Bruce's bed... after you just fucked his wife yesterday?" I asked as he continued to plunge into me. "Do you wish you could fuck her again?". Scott grunted "yes... I want you both".

I noticed the door opening slowly behind Scott, and Emily walked in waving the blindfold and ear buds. I smiled at her and nodded as she put them down on the dresser and slowly walked out closing the door again. As drunk as she was, I was surprised she managed to stay so quiet. Scott slowed his pace, I think trying to control himself, and I took advantage of the situation by rolling on top of him and rode him slowly. I rubbed his chest as his eyes stared at my tits and said "I have a fun idea... want to do something a little kinky?". He smiled at me and said "what do you have in mind?". I got up and grabbed the mask and ear buds and explained he wouldn't be able to hear or see anything while wearing them... and I wanted him to be thinking about Emily... I wanted him to call me Emily.

Scott looked at me a little confused and said "are you sure? I don't want to give the impression I'm only fucking you because I can't get Emily... I mean, you're incredibly sexy". I smiled and said "I wouldn't take it that way at all... I want to role play being Emily while you fuck me... and I want you to role play that I'm her as well. As long as you're not weirded out by it". Scott smiled and said "if that's what you want, I'm happy to" as he stroked his dick in front of me. I smiled as I put the ear buds in his ears, and lowered the blindfold over his eyes. Scott said "this is so weird, I can't hear or see anything!", but I decided to test it out by clapping my hands near his head... and he didn't even flinch. I grabbed a hold of his cock and stroked it while calling Emily's name.

It only took a few seconds for Emily to slowly open the door and see he was ready. She bit her lip and said "are you sure he can't hear me?". I sucked his cock a little and then said "come over and suck his cock, and I'll show you". Emily stumbled a little over to the bed as she dropped her robe and quickly devoured his cock down her throat as I walked over and clapped near his ear again, with still no flinch. Scott moaned "Emily, you are so good at that... suck my cock Emily". Emily froze for a minute and looked at me, and I told her "it's OK... I told him to pretend I was you". Emily got a huge grin on her face as she started sucking his cock again, as I stood back and watched while rubbing my little pussy. I said "this is so hot... I love watching you be a little whore... I know you feel like a slut with your husbands friend thrusting his cock in your mouth". Emily moaned and then said "I'm going to feel his cock inside of me again" as she clumsily climbed on top of him.

Scott could feel her getting on top of him, and he grabbed her hips to direct her toward his cock while saying "fuck me Emily, I want your pussy again". Emily lowered herself down into him, saying "you want to fuck me so bad, and you have no idea you're inside of me right now". She started bouncing and moaning "you're dick is bigger than I remember... you're so far inside of me". I watched the whole thing play out with extreme arousal as I continued to rub my pussy. Scott grunted "I promise Bruce won't find out Emily... I've thought about fucking you so many times throughout the years". I said "do you like knowing you're fucking your husbands friend in your marital bed... and no one knows but us". Emily moaned "I love being a cheating slut, I can't help it, I fucking love it!... I love fucking Scott without him even knowing it's me... I love knowing he will always think about when he got to fuck me". As Emily kept talking, it was apparent she was working herself toward an orgasm, and was getting ready to cum already... which was probably for the best so she didn't get caught, plus I still wanted to fuck him more as well.

Emily was really working his cock, leaning forward on his chest while slapping her pussy down furiously on his dick. Scott wrapped his arms around her as he slammed up inside of her, and Emily started kissing him passionately. I rubbed the back of her head and said "this is so hot... but we need to end it soon before he finds out it's you and not me". Emily looked over at me while still frantically fucking him and said "I know... just one more minute... I love knowing... he wants my pussy... so bad.. yet... doesn't even know... he's fucking me right now!". She sat up against, grinding down on his cock, and he started to reach for the blindfold while saying "can I take this off know Diana, I want to see you". Emily quickly grabbed his hands and placed it back on her hips, and then gave him a playful little slap on the cheek. Emily turned to me and said "ok, when I get off... you start sucking his dick... and I'll leave the room".

She got off of him quickly and stumbled to the floor next to me, as I grabbed his cock and sucked her pussy juices off of it. I looked at Scott and he was reaching for his blindfold again, so I told Emily to "stay down on the floor!". I grabbed his hands as he lifted the blindfold slightly, and saw his eyes looking at me as I shook my head and put the blindfold back down. He gave a slight smirk as his eyes were covered by the blindfold again, and I laid next to him and rolled him on top of me. Scott didn't hesitate to pull my leg up and start fucking me again... and I desperately needed it. I called out to Emily "ok, you can go now"... and then watched her slowly stand up and stare at us with a grin as he continued to slam into me... slowly pick up her robe, and then stumble out of the room.

A waited a couple of minutes after Emily left before I removed one of the ear buds and said "did you enjoy that... was it fun to imagine you were fucking Emily?". He removed the blindfold, this time with resistance from me, and said "that was fun... you guys have very similar body types, so it honestly felt like I was fucking Emily". I smiled and said "I had fun too.. but now you're fucking me... so fuck me good". Scott looked at me intensely as he flipped me over and started fucking me from behind. "Fuck me Scott... you can use my little whore pussy any way you want". Scott didn't disappoint, and I had no idea how he managed to have so much stamina, as he pounded his hips against my ass. I felt my orgasm building up, and I was ready... I wanted to cum so bad! "I'm going to cum Scott... do you want to cum in me?"... Scott gripped down on my ass, squeezing my checks as he picked up his pace, which I didn't know was possible... I felt his cock growing inside of me, and knew he was about to cum... and when I felt him spurting in my cunt, it sent me over the edge and I started cumming, causing loud splashing sounds to ring out.

We laid in the bed, catching our breath and laughing. Scott said "I've never done anything like that before, that was... interesting.". I rolled over to cuddle and noticed his dick was still raging hard, which took me by surprise. I grabbed his cock and asked "you did cum, right?... I mean I can feel that you did, but you're still rock hard". Scott said "I think I shouldn't have taken two of those viagra... hopefully I'm not like this all night". I slightly stroked his cock as I said "I'd be happy to help all night, but it's probably not a good idea with her boys coming home tonight". I got up and grabbed my robe and put it on, and he took the cue and put on his shirt and boxers as well. He put his arms out to show his cock was pushing his boxers out away from his body, and I laughed and asked if I could take a picture. Scott said "as long as it doesn't end up on the internet".

I snapped a picture, and then asked to take one with his dick out as well. Once I took those, I walked up next to him and took a selfie with him while my tits were out as well. Scott asked "may I see?", to which I replied "of course" as I pulled up my photo gallery. Scott smiled and said "those are great, will you send them to me?". "Of course" I replied before hesitantly asking him "can you keep a secret?". He gave me a confused smile and said "you know I can"... I smiled back and said "don't tell Emily, but I'll show you the pics we took earlier if you'd like to see them". Scott's smile broadened as he said "absolutely!". I handed him my phone as he scrolled through, commenting on how sexy we were before asking "can you send these to me as well?". I responded "only if you promise to delete them later... she'd kill me if she found out, but it's not like you don't have pictures of her already". I knew Emily wouldn't care... she'd probably like knowing he had them, but she wouldn't want him to know that.

We walked out and entered the living room to retrieve his pants, and it appeared Emily had passed out on the couch... but her robe was open, exposing her tits and ass as she slept on her side. We both froze in place looking at her, and I wondered if she did it on purpose or not... I could believe either one. I looked at Scott, and he had his dick out again and was slowly stroking it while looking her over. I gave him a mischievous grin as I walked over and leaned in to her ear to wake her up, saying "Emily... wake up... you passed out..." but she didn't budge. With my face in hers, her eyes slowly opened up and she winked at me as she quickly closed her eyes again. I thought to myself "that's probably something I would do too", as i turned to Scott to make sure he hadn't notice her wink... but he was still stroking while looking at her pussy peeking out from under her ass.

I put my finger up to my lips, signaling for Scott to be quiet, and then opened her legs to show off her pussy. The same pussy she had been teasing him with earlier. He gave a slight moan as he took in her view, before I buried my face in her pussy and started eating her out. Emily did her best not to move or moan, but she couldn't help but grunt a little when I flicked her clit with my tongue. I looked up at Scott and said "It's your turn"... Scott looked at me a little shocked, and looking very unsure... but I knew he wanted to... and I knew Emily wanted him to also. "Don't worry, she'll never know... our secret" I whispered with a playful wink. Scott thought about it for a bit and then dropped down to his knees... he looked at me and whispered "what if she wakes up". "She won't, she's to wasted to wake up right now... but I have an idea".

I got up and went back into Emily's room, leaving Scott with his face within inches of Emily's open pussy while he jerked off. I walked back in the living room with the blindfold, and put it on Emily while saying "there... if she wakes up, which she won't, we'll just say it was me... ok?". Scott still looked nervous, but reached out and slightly rubbed her pussy before spreading it open, and said "you promise no one else will know about this?". "I promise", I lied as I gave him a reassuring smile.

He slowly explored her pussy with his tongue as I rubbed her breasts. I said "isn't Bruce a lucky guy to have a wife with titties like this?". Scott sat up looking at her body while stroking his cock again, and then started to slowly rub the head of his dick up against her pussy. I was in awe... was he going to fuck her? Was he going to take advantage of her being passed out? Scott looked at me as he put the head of his dick at the opening of her pussy, and says "do you think she'd wake up if I put it in?". I couldn't stop looking at her pussy, as it looked hungry to swallow the cock that was next to it, and I said "put it in slowly". That's all Scott needed to hear as he pierced her with his cock, sliding in slowly until it was all the way in. He looked at me nervously as he started to slightly wiggle and I said "Bruce got lucky to get a wife with such a great pussy also... how does it feel wrapped around your cock?". Scott moaned and said "amazing... Bruce is so lucky".

He slowly slid his cock back and looked at me, almost like he wanted permission, but without me saying anything he slowly pushed back into her. I knew the teasing had to be driving Emily crazy as she grunted slightly once he was fully inside her again. He froze as I said "don't worry... she's to trashed to wake up", and I poured myself a couple more shots of tequila. I knew Scott thought he was getting away with something he shouldn't be doing, and I knew Emily was loving that he was. Once again he pulled out slowly, and then slowly pushed back in... and then again... and again. He was fucking her at a slow cautious pace, when Emily slowly grinded down on his dick. Scott froze in panic, but Emily continued to slowly grind before muttering "Fuck me, Bruce". He looked at me, still with a panicked look as she once again grunted "Bruce.. fuck me already" in a drunken slur.

I looked at Scott and said "I got to be Emily... now you get to be Bruce". He still looked concerned, so I said "she's not going to know... don't worry". Scott looked down at her pussy as he grinded forward against her and she grinded back. I whispered in his ear "fuck her, Bruce", and slowly but surely he started picking up the pace... I watched as each stroke got a little faster as he built up his rhythm. Emily moaned as he continued to use her unconscious body, and he grew more and more brave doing so. I encouraged him by saying "there you go Bruce... fuck your wife like she asked for". He got up and moved around to lay behind her and pushed his cock up inside her again from behind. I watched as he reached around to grab her tits and once again slowly built up a steady pace, until eventually he was fucking her pretty good. Scott didn't take her eyes off of Emily as he told me "I can't believe I'm doing this... I shouldn't be doing this, but it feels so good". I assured him "is not like she doesn't want you to fuck her... she's just trying to be good for Bruce... besides, she'll never know, so what's the harm?". I guess that was good enough for Scott, because I watched as he lifted one of her legs, which provided me with a fantastic view of his cock penetrating her pussy.

Scott moaned "I'm going to cum... I can't stop it". I said "pull out, you can cum in my mouth" as I dropped down and opened my mouth near her pussy. Scott didn't miss a beat as he pulled out of her and placed his cock in my mouth. After a few seconds of fucking my face while staring at Emily's tits, he blew a massive load in my mouth, that seemed it would never end... once he was finished he quickly got up and started putting on his pants... almost like he was in a hurry, as if he was afraid he might still get caught. I walked up and kissed him on the cheek and said "See... she's still sound asleep... no need to worry, no one else will ever know". Scott exhaled like he was relieved while looking down at her naked body, as I added "you go ahead and go home before the boys get here, I'll get her to her bed". Scott smiled and said "thank you... this is a night I will never forget". I walked him to the door with my robe still fully open, and said "thank you for everything, Scott. I'll send you those pictures like I promised in a bit, but remember to delete them so no one finds out, ok?". Scott said "thank you again, I promise... I still can't believe that happened". I gave him a real kiss and said "don't worry, it's our secret... I might even take some more pics of her while she's passed out if you'd like" with a wink. Scott smiled back and said "I'd like that very much". I smiled at him again and said "goodnight Scott", as I stood there fully exposed from the front and slowly closed the door.

I watched him drive away before I said "Emily, he's gone". Emily quickly sat up and took off the blindfold while giving me the biggest smile. She said "oh my God, that was so fucking hot!". I laughed and said "he was so nervous, but came so hard in my mouth". Emily said "I was just planning on teasing him by letting him peek on me... but then you started licking me, then he started licking me... and when I felt his cock in me, I wanted to get fucked again so bad!". I said "it was awesome to be a part of... watching you fuck him without him knowing, and watching him fuck you while thinking you didn't know... I'm still turned on by it all". Emily smiled and said "I heard you say you were going to send him the pics we took". I replied "yeah, I let him look at them already, and I said I'd send them to him if he would keep it a secret from you". Emily moaned "Mmmm, I like it... he's sneaking around to see me naked and to fuck me". I giggled and said "but I'm not sending this to him" as I showed her my phone, and played the video I secretly took of him fucking her just a few minutes ago.

"Holy shit, that's so fucking hot" Emily said as she started rubbing herself... let's make sure no one else sees that!". I smirked and said "of course, it's for our eyes only... Scott doesn't even know about the video, it would probably scare him if he knew". Emily giggled and said "I'm going to bed, I have work in the morning". I asked her "what about the boys? Do they need a ride?". She said "I told them to call me and I'd order them an Uber... do you mind ordering them one, unless you're going to bed too... I can stay up". I said "sure thing, no problem... I won't be sleeping anytime soon". Emily responded "thank you... I'll give them your number and pay you back tomorrow".

I said "one last thing before you go to bed... can you lay back down and act like you're passed out again?... I promised Scott some more pictures". Emily smiled and said "gladly!... make sure to get some close ups of the pussy he just violated". We both laughed, and I continued to take "sneaky" pictures for Scott... which I realized could lead to a way for Emily to tease him anytime she wanted, and still act oblivious to him seeing her... and when I mentioned i

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A Brother's Best Friend

A Brother’s Best Friend By D.R.Millennium: NC-17 Slash/Incest Disclaimer: I did not create and do not own any readily recognizable media characters. I have no agreement, legal or otherwise, with the creators or owners. This is purely for entertainment--I have not made, do not seek, and will not accept any profit for it. This story is in no way meant to reflect on the lives or life styles of the actors/actresses who originally portrayed the characters. I have nothing but fond affection and respect for them, for giving me so much entertainment, and no disrespect is meant by anything herein. At...


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Birth of the Ringtaker # 1

Don't ask me where it all came from. I just don't know. I would tell you if I knew, but I don't. Maybe I have a wire crossed. Maybe there's too much or too few of the right kind of hormones being secreted. Maybe it's just there's a hole in my character. Whatever it is, I accepted it a long time ago. When did it start you ask? Geez, gotta be sometime around a year or 2 after puberty. I hit it right after my 11th birthday. It was a slow, gradual process at first. When year 12 came, it all...


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Marissa's Mind

Marissa always got her way, with everything. School, home, boys, Melissa's boys- you name it, she probably had it. The girls were twins. Marissa was born differently though. She had the power to control minds, and Melissa didn't know. The girl's mom didn't know. Only Marissa knew. And now, as both girls were seniors in highschool, Melissa had something Marissa had ALWAYS wanted, the captain of the football team as her boyfriend, with every other guy drooling after her. This was the last week of school, and Marissa wanted Tom- the football team captain- before school was out. The girls were...


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School Blackmail 01

Thursday: Thank you staff and students all for assembling on such a short notice. Said my school principal, Mr. Jones. I know this unexpected assembly is cutting into your time, so I'll make it quick.. Mr. Jones called for an assembly just a minute ago. Nobody in my class, nor me, knows what it is about. It wasn't planned is all we know. Who am I? My name is Ian, and I am a senior in Stanapolis High School. I'm average height, blond hair, green eyes, and I don't do any sports, They just never interest me. Instead I invest lots...


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Hades' Gift

Luke Solberg was, perhaps, the most unhappy 18 year old in Spokane, Montana. He had been orphaned at the tender age of 8, and the only memory of his parents that remained was a blurry photo from a newspaper article detailing the gruesome plane crash which had claimed the lives of Luke's parents along with those of the 132 other passengers. The only survivor of Flight 316 had been Luke, who had miraculously survived when his seat had been wrenched from the fuselage of the airplane and become lodged precariously in the branches of an oak tree. This astounding piece of...


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A longing lust of mine for thomas

No, Thomas is hott. Jake is just cute. You know, like the boy next door, nothing special.I told Heather as we walked to the locker room . We walked pased the basketball court, and there he was the most georgous guy I new. He was about 5' 11, brown hair, green eyes that could set a girl off, and the best smile. I waved and he waved back. Everyone in the school said he liked me but I denied it, although I knew it was true. We've been best friends forever. Me and Heather walked around a bit talking before going...


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My girlfriend Kay #2

My Girlfriend Kay #2 My name is Gus and I live in middle Texas on a 500 ac. ranch with my girlfriend Kay ,We are I guess naturist we are self sufficient in almost every thing . We still have to go out and pick up things for the ranch ,gas , groceries . But mostly we keep to our self's , we do have friends in the burbs were we moved from and had a very good time with them in our younger days . I haven't thought a lot about them until last week . When I was able...


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