. Smack, Smack two sharp slaps across his face cheeks caused his eyes to open and see the shape of his wife standing over him. “Hey maggot I am going to work don’t stay in that fucking bed all day; and make sure this place is cleaned up when I get back”. Her resentment for him had been at an all time low for a number of years now. Her money was keeping both of them as he had long since become unemployable.

It had all been heavenly when they first met; she thought he was Mr, Wonderful. How he excited her with all his plans for a rosy future. He was the rising star at Filberts a financial dynamics firm. He was told on good authority once he settled down with a wife he would quickly become part of the top management team. She admired him so much; an orphan child practically put on the streets when he was 16. How many kids that age and without any family could have made their own way in the world? It was a whirlwind romance and a quiet wedding just the two of them as he wanted it.

The only bugbear being the honeymoon had to be postponed due to forthcoming high managerial talks. He was lodging in a rather run down part of town due to the fact it was owned by one of the bosses relatives. He was waiting for the sale of his house in another town to go through; this would provide them with a considerable sum of money. True to her word she did not tell her family they were married until after the event. They had never met him; and she could not wait to parade him. Instead of being the proudest day of her life however it turned out to be the first day of a living nightmare.

She had explained about the wedding over the phone and they were not concerned about missing it; all that mattered was her happiness. Everything seemed to be going so well as she introduced him to the family. Her parents, brother and sister were very impressed as he wooed them just like he had her. Mother could not resist inviting the neighbours to come in and meet her daughter’s Prince Charming. Needles to say he convinced them he was a catch in a million and way above their expectations. The only person not overly excited by him was their neighbour’s son. He hardly spoke and spent most of his time looking at her new husband in an unnerving way.

Perhaps he held a torch for her and was jealous? Though he had never given her any indication; or even spent time with her despite living next door. The atmosphere mainly though was like a birthday or any happy celebration with food and drink aplenty. She could not help but notice however her sister and the neighbour’s son having what seemed a secret conversation. They then left and she watched them walk across to his house; perhaps they were a secret item? She was listening to her husband as were all the guests; when she seen them both return, He had everyone enthralled as he was told them about how he saved his firm almost $4 million after a telephone failure in Malaysia. “Of course I can not reveal the finer points” he had concluded; everyone nodded with a wink as they pretended to understand. The two were in what looked like serious talk once again, she did not want to ask what it was however and chance ruining the special occasion.

The end of the night came and the taxi cab arrived to take the newlyweds back to what was hers but now their small apartment. All her family and friends were hugging and kissing them both goodnights “It has been such a fabulous day”. When it was her sister’s turn she did not see the happy face of earlier. “Take care I will see you very soon” she said gripping her hand very tight. “Make sure you look after my sister” she then said to her husband staring in to his eyes; there was no friendly kiss. She sensed something was wrong but the taxi cab was waiting.

“It has been so nice these last five days together pity you have to be back at work tomorrow” she said as they lay naked on the bed. “I could arrange a little more time off if you want” “Oh no what about your managerial talks; we gave up the honeymoon for them”. The next day he was back at work and she was relaxing on her last day of her leave when the phone rang. “Sis I got to talk to you it’s very important can I come over?” “Of course you can my husband returned to work today”. “I know he has sis that’s why I am coming over bye”. She figured she was pregnant with the boy next door; that would explain their strange behaviour that night.

“Sis I have to come straight to the point; your husband is not who he says he is”. “WHAT” accompanied with a look of amazement was all she could muster in reply to a bolt from the blue like that. “He is a psychotic” she carried on as assuredly as she could being the bearer of news like this. “What the fuck, where did you get this shit information” she was teetering on a tornado. It took quite a while; but eventually she became calm enough to absorb the madness. The boy next door worked in the mental health department; he had recognised her husband immediately. He then went out on a limb for her and unofficially checked his files. He worked at Filberts alright but it was a “Work with the Community” job. It was created as an act of goodwill by the firm as part of rehabilitation; he was actually a temporary messenger boy.

He was not an orphan; his parents were divorced and his mother had thrown him out when she could no longer cope with him. ---------After trying to take it in she asked her sister to leave as she wanted to confront him alone. She was still holding the slender chance that it was mistaken identity. “Honey great news the money for the house has come through; five thousand more than I expected” were his first words as he opened the door. The words brought a brief moment of hope; how could he be lying if he has all that money? “I have even better news; it has gone straight into new shares selected by the number one man at work. All we have to do is sit on them for a few years and we are millionaires; honey I did this all for you”. It was strange; but all she could do was have a long ironic laugh.

It was the humiliation she felt the most what would all her friends and neighbours be thinking now? After all how could anyone blame him; ‘any fool can see he is not normal’. In the madness of it all she even allowed him to stay. There was social worker visits which convinced her he would be at great risk if she threw him out. She seen him as a responsibility brought about by her own negligence. Everything changed between them though and there was no intimacy; it became a carer patient relationship. She continued working and he claimed some small financial benefits. The years quickly passed and his true character was so very evident.

One time he was in hospital for three weeks after a severe beating by some money lenders. He told them he had a huge amount of money coming from a bookmaker the following day and got an inflated loan which he took to a casino that night. His plan was obvious but needless to say did not work. The loan sharks had not afforded him the sympathy his wife and social workers regularly did. His demands of money for alcohol and gambling were becoming harder to keep up with; and she had to keep him busy with something. On one of his three monthly assessment days he was allowed time on a computer. Amazingly he took to it straight away even attending a short instruction course; then he was allowed a grant to buy his own.

It was a real blessing for his wife as he began spending a lot of time on it and no longer asked for money they did not have. Although she never missed a day at work her attitude to life became a very lethargic one. But now knowing he was safe at home on his computer she decided to drop in to a bar now and again after work with friends. After a few months or so she knew enough people to even visit on her own. Eventually the obvious happened after more than a few drinks with a man she had become friendly with. There was just enough room in the back seat of her car to pull her panties down and spread her legs a little. It took some manoeuvring but she managed to guide his cock in and she was fucked for the first time in over four years.

It was an appetiser and she wanted more; but in her own bed not the back seat of a car. “Fuck why shouldn’t I bring him home, our marriage is long over; I take good care of him and hell it’s my home”. She told her husband of her decision and thankfully for her he was not bothered in the slightest. So it began and a stream of men returned home with her in the next year or so; she always made it clear it was for sex only and no relationships. A few of them used to leave her money knowing her financial position. She was no prostitute but she never refused it and was most grateful. “This is my life now -work, a few drinks, and a jump in bed once a week or so. If hubby stays out of trouble like he has done the last year or so I will be content”.

She would secretly check what he was doing on the internet now and then; and discovered he used porn sites a lot. He was telling people he was a successful business man in a top job just like he had told her. Though it made her smile more than anything; as long as it was only make believe and it kept him out of trouble. She returned home from work one night however and finished up dealing with the consequences of his actions. When she came through the door he was standing there with a weird smile on his face. The next thing she knew hands were grabbing her and carrying her to the bedroom. Three strange men were on the bed with her groping her breasts and putting their hands up her panties. She tried to scream but nothing came out; her look was one of complete terror.

Suddenly one of them said “Hold on, fuck, shit, this is a complete surprise to you isn’t it”. The three of them eventually calmed her down; and she was beginning to realise it was something to do with her husband. After becoming assured they would not hurt her she let them explain the situation. It transpired they were friends from the internet; “Your husband told us you had fantasies about being raped. He set up the time and when he would let us in and everything; we thought all was cool especially when you matched the photos”. “Photos what photos”? They went to the website and there she was; photos galore most completely naked.

He had been snapping away at her while she had been fucking her men friends; others were of her asleep with open legs. He had managed to get some of his self getting ready to lick her pussy. It turned out one of her boyfriends enjoyed talking film of him licking her pussy after he had fucked her. “Fuck I must I have been in some drunken states not to realise what was going on; I need a drink I think we all do”.

They had brought a whole lot of booze and snacks in anticipation of what they thought would be a horny night of wife fucking for them. They chatted and she realised they were just regular guys who would not turn the chance of free pussy down. “We were all supposed to rape you then your husband would get to lick the cum out of your pussy; he is always telling us how it turns him on”. “His actions never ceased to amaze her; though even then she could not be angry not anymore.

“Well boys my husband was telling the truth that is exactly what we do want; and make sure you shoot plenty for him to eat out”. They men were all happily drunk and they did not have to be told twice. Again they carried her to the bedroom; only this time there was no objection. She could never have imagined how much she would enjoy lots of hands feeling all over her body. It was her first time with more than one man and she was making the most of it. All of them were completely naked and they kissed, bit, sucked, licked and boy did they fuck her. She experienced a lot of things for the first time that night; anal, double penetration, hard face fucking, squirting and multiple orgasms.

Finally they were all fucked out and she shouted “Maggot” that was all she had called him for a long time; “Time for you to keep your part of the deal”. She opened her legs and raised her knees before he moved between her legs. He looked down at her pussy leaking spunk; his mouth gorged on it. It was the first time she had knowingly let him touch her since they were in love. She could not believe she was enjoying him eating her pussy out. Maggot looked up and said “We should do this more often don’t you think”. “Of course, why not, invite everybody round to fuck me. ------Come on I want you to hear you all laugh; because we are having the time of our fucking lives”.

She left for work in the dark wondering if she or her maggot would ever have the ability to grow wings and fly.

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