Mama's Replacement

Mama's Replacement

Only in my dreams could I conceive what is happening. I must be dreaming, this can’t be real, can it? I wake from the dream of having sex with my wife. A dream I now realize, because my wife had died two years ago. The dream is of my wife twenty-years-younger, but I'm the age I am now. I'm still groggy from sleep, but the dream seems to continue in my mind, as I'm feeling intense pleasure in my groin.

I run my hand under the covers wanting to stroke my cock. Wait, my cock is hard, and something is moving down there. I’m still dreaming? I focus my eyes in the moonlight coming through the window and notice the blanket moving up and down. I pull the blanket off, and the beautiful face of my wife Eve stairs back at me. Piercing blue eyes stare into my very soul, her face happy as her mouth slides up and down my cock.

“Eve, is that you?” I ask.

She just smiles with her eyes as she continues to fellate my stiff cock. Eve had adored performing fellatio on me, and also loved the taste of my cum. I just close my eyes and enjoy the feeling. I fear I will wake too soon and spoil this incredible experience. It feels so real, I never want it to end.

I feel her stop sucking me and look down to see her crawling up my body. She sits upright and takes my cock and places it at her soft, wet entrance. I watch as I'm engulfed in the penetrating warmth of her sweet pussy. Wait, her pussy is bare; Eve never shaved her pussy. She had always had a thin mat of dirty blonde pubic hair.

“Eve, did you shave, honey?” I ask.

She continues riding me without answering as I look at her body. Her boobs are more prominent than I remember, and she is thrusting hard and fast. Eve was always gentle and slow.

Her orgasm peaks as she continues and mine follows right after. It finally dawns on me that I am awake, and it’s not my wife, but her lookalike, her mini-me.


“Yes, daddy.” She responds.

“Rachel, baby, what are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m making us feel good silly,” she responds.

“Baby, I love you so much, but you shouldn’t be doing this. I’m your daddy baby, and daddies aren’t supposed to lie with their babies,” I say.

“Daddy, I’m not a baby anymore. I’m twenty-two, the same age momma was when you first laid with her. I want to be with you like this, and momma said it was okay for me to be with you.”

“Baby, your mamma loved you more than life, the same way I do. We both wanted you to find a wonderful man that would show you all the joys life could offer.”

“Daddy, come with me.”

Rachel grabs my hand and pulls me out of bed. Both of us are still naked, and I can’t help but marvel at my daughter’s beauty. From the time she was sixteen until my wife died, people had commented on both how beautiful she is and how much she looked like her mother. She pulls me into the living room and asked me to sit on the couch.

I hesitate, realizing both of us are naked, but reluctantly sit. Rachel loads a disk into the player and turns the T.V. on. She comes back to the couch with the remote in her hand and sits next to me.

“Now daddy, this is going to be hard. The disk I just put in is mamma before she died. Mamma and I made this for you, but she told me not to play it until I thought you were ready. It’s okay to cry daddy, I’m sure I’ll cry, but mamma wanted to tell you something after you had time to heal. It’s okay to touch and hold me because I want you to, and I want to hold you while we watch this together.

Tears are already streaming down my face as I think about seeing Eve again. Rachel pushes play, then slips her arms around me, and my dear sweet Eve appears on the screen, naked.

“Hi, John, hi, baby. I’m guessing I’ve been gone for a year or more, but know that I will always love you, and my spirit is sitting next to you.

John, honey, you were the love of my life, I just wish life would have given us more time. But, I know that my mini-me is sitting next to you and is now ready to take my place. I mean that in every sense of the words, John.

Honey, I know you never looked at her with anything but the adoring eyes of a father. But, John, Rachel has loved you as more than a father since she hit puberty. I thought she would grow out of it. I even had her talk to a psychologist for a while, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Rachel’s heart wanted something I thought we could never give her.

Then, I was diagnosed with cancer, and I realized one day, that I hadn’t given birth to my daughter, I had given birth to my replacement. My consolation is that I got to watch her grow into a fine young woman. A woman I would be proud to have to take my place. Look at her sitting next to you, John, she is a healthier and more beautiful version of me. I mean just look at her spectacular breasts, I always dreamed of having breasts her size.

I’m guessing that this morning you woke to her giving you an incredible blowjob, or maybe even riding your beautiful cock. It’s going to come as a shock, honey, but it’s not the first time. Rachel gave you her virginity when she was sixteen, just after I was diagnosed. Honey, I’m sorry we took advantage of you, but I knew you would never do anything with her as long as I drew breath. You’re just such a heavy sleeper, I figured I could teach her what she needed to know. Please understand, my love.

Honey, I know legally she can never be your wife, but I want you to marry our daughter. I want you to give her the same life you gave me. She has my engagement and wedding ring, but I told her to never wear it unless you slip it on her finger. You have my blessing if your heart so desires.

John, I urge you to give her the same love and devotion you gave me. I have seen her heart, and it is devoted to only you. If you reject her as your lover, she will still stay close as your daughter, but I don’t believe she will ever be whole without you.

Oh, and by the way, honey, you know the dildo replica I had made from your beautiful cock? It was for Rachel. Now my darling, if it is in your heart, I want you to give her the same passionate kiss you always gave me. It will be her first. Then I want you to make love to her right there on the same couch you and I made love on a thousand times.

Goodbye, my love, Goodbye, my sweet girl, I promise to watch over both of you.”

We both sit there, holding one another while the tears subside. I feel Rachel look up at me, so I look down and stare into her captivating blue eyes for a moment before I pressed my lips to hers. I push my tongue into her warm mouth, our tongues meet and dance passionately around our mouths.

I lay back on the couch, and pull Rachel on top of me as I go. As Rachel is fully on top of me, she presses her warm mound onto my manhood. The passion in our kiss intensifies as she grinds her moist sex against me.

She finally pulls away from our kiss. “Oh daddy, I’ve wanted this for so long. I want you to make love to me. Make me feel like a real woman.”

“Okay, baby, I always enjoyed pleasuring your mother first. I want you to sit on my chest to I can give you an orgasm with my tongue.”

Rachel sits on my chest, and I pull her sexy bare muff to my mouth. I poke my tongue out and split her lips apart. I can still taste my own cum as I dip into her sweet opening. The smell of her sex permeates my senses, and her sweet nectar combines with my own cum dripping in my mouth.

Rachel is now riding my mouth and tongue as I bring her to orgasm quickly. Eve had always been a talented lover but was mostly quiet during sex. Rachel, however, was very vocal and directive as she humped my face.

“Yes, daddy, yes, right there, oh yes daddy, fuck me with your tongue. Yes, oh god daddy, yes, suck my clit daddy, oh god, oh god, daddy, I’m cumming.”

Rachel cums spectacularly, drenching my face in her nectar. She screams, she moans and uses language that would make a sailor blush. I continued to lick and clean her sweet juices as she comes down from the most intense orgasm I have ever witnessed. I avoid her clit, but when I pressed my mouth to her opening, she shuttered and has another orgasm.

I kept licking her until she tells me to stop, she can’t take anymore. She rolls over and down on the floor.

“My turn, daddy.”

Rachel kneels between my legs and begins giving me a blowjob. She is marvelous at giving fellatio. Like Eve, Rachel doesn’t have a gag reflex and can easily take me into her throat. She also has a long pointy tongue that she uses to great effect.

Her tongue swirls around my cockhead, tickling the sensitive underside before she plunges me into her throat. Then with my cock buried in her throat, her tongue would reach out to lick my balls. The look in her eyes was somewhere between love and lust as she brings me to my second orgasm of the morning.

“Did you like it, daddy?”

“Yes, baby, that was fantastic. I can’t believe how good you are at fellatio.”

“Mama taught me well. I did it a lot to you before mama died. You almost caught us a few times. I always gave you head under the covers, and mama would watch you in case you woke up. If you did wake up, she would quickly take my place. Then as she got sicker, she started making you turn out the lights so I could take her place.”

“Baby, why would a beautiful young woman like you want to be stuck with a forty-five-year-old man? You have your whole life ahead of you, and my life is half over. You just graduated from college, you’ve started your first job. The world is at your feet.”

“Daddy, I tried to date guys and girls, but nothing clicked for me. I always end up comparing them to my first love, and they never measure up. I mean, there were a couple that I thought I could be with, but my heart always told me, ‘Your first and only love is waiting for you at home.’”

“Baby, it isn’t a question of love. No one will ever love you more than I do, but people around here know you’re my daughter. Carrying on an incestuous relationship can have dire consequences.”

“I’ve thought a lot about that. Daddy, you and I are both engineers, and I know I don’t have any real experience yet, but you do. I want to open our own business with the money mama left me. I’ve actually been doing a lot of research, and there is an old established firm for sale a couple of hundred miles from here. The owner wants to retire and is willing to sell to an experienced engineer.”

“Baby, I’ve been at this same company for twenty years.”

“I know daddy, but think of what you and I could do together… as… a husband and wife team.”

“Let me think about it, baby.”

I go to work thinking a lot about my life. I have indeed been feeling ready to reenter life. Rachel has made my life more comfortable, but the thought of incest worries me. In the daylight, couldn’t I love Rachel as my wife? If I’m honest with myself, there have been more than a few times I had looked at her as a woman, especially since Eve died. God, it felt good this morning.

Nothing could prepare me for my homecoming this evening, though. Rachel meets me at the door the way her mother used too.

“Welcome home, darling,” she says. She gives me a passionate French kiss, then turns and walks to the kitchen. She is wearing an apron, only an apron with her entire backside exposed. She gets halfway to the kitchen, stops, and looks over her shoulder.

“Dinner will be ready in a few,” she says, “and dessert,” she shakes her bum, “will follow after.” She winks and proceeds into the kitchen.

“Holy hell, I’m in trouble now,” I think.

Rachel calls me to dinner a few minutes later, after I wash up. I couldn’t help but notice a few of her bathroom products were now in the master bath. I go into the dining room, and there is only one place setting.

Rachel walks in completely nude and sets dinner in front of me. Then she sits in my lap, smiles, and starts to feed me what she prepared.

“You’re not going to make this easy on me, are you?” I ask. “And what’s with calling me darling now?”

“Why, darling, I would never try to make you do something you didn’t want to do,” she replies.

“Your mother always said that right before she got me to do something I didn’t want to do. She also used to say, ‘good men sometimes need a nudge in the right direction to do what they need to do.’”

“Mama did say that, didn’t she,” says Rachel.

“And calling me darling?”

“Well, daddy, I figured if we do start living as man and wife, it will not do for me to call you daddy in public. So I need to start calling you something else. Mama called you, darling, honey, and dear, so I thought I would use those too.”

“Baby, you know I love you more than anything in this world. I don’t think I would have made it without you after your mother died. I want you to be happy, not just today, not just tomorrow, but for the rest of your life. I just don’t see why you would want an old guy like me when you could have any young guy you wanted?”

“Daddy, I’ve dated guys my age a few times, and even though they were good looking, intelligent, and nice guys, I just didn’t feel attracted to them. I look at good looking guys your age, and I just feel all giddy inside. If you reject me, I would be sad and would probably find someone one day, but whomever that person would be, they would be around your age. I know there’s a taboo around the type of relationship I’m asking you for, but I want it. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen; if you’ll have me.”

For an answer, I stare lovingly into her beautiful blue eyes for a moment, then reach out and pull her face to mine. I kiss her with a passion that until this moment had been reserved for my late wife. Rachel responds by melting into my arms and returning my kiss with equal enthusiasm.

We kiss for several minutes before I try to break the kiss, but Rachel isn’t having it. She seems to double her efforts and her passion. As our kiss continues, she repositions from sitting on my lap to straddling my lap. Then she moves my left hand to her bum, and my right hand to her breast.

We continue to kiss as I explore and fondle her tight young body. Rachel has her mother’s face and overall height and shape, but the similarities stop there. Rachel has larger tits and a fuller bum. Eve’s nipples were like large raisins, whereas Rachel is closer to a full grape size.

It seems odd for a second that I’m comparing my wife and daughter in this way, but the thought passes quickly as Rachel starts grinding her sex into mine. I begin to meet her thrusts and push her pelvis into mine when she finally brakes the kiss.

“Oh, daddy, I’ve wanted this for so long, I can’t express how happy I am right now. I love you so much.”

Rachel pulls me into a tight embrace and whispers into my ear. “Take me to bed and make love to me, Daddy.”

I stand up, and she wraps her legs around my waist. The fingers of my right hand slip between her thighs and touch the warm moist folds of her pussy. Rachel moans into my ear as my fingers ran back and forth. I make it to my bed and lay her down and just kind of fall on top, as she will not release me from her grasp.

I roll to the side, and she goes with me and ends up on top. As she looks down at me, there is a fire in her eyes like nothing I had ever seen. I’m wearing a button-down shirt; she didn’t bother with the buttons and just grabbed at the collar and ripped it open, sending buttons flying in every direction.

I felt powerless as she continues on to my pants. She unbuckles my belt and pulls down the zipper and begins removing my pants and boxers. She gets them to my knees before realizing I have shoes on; slip-on luckily. One shoe flew to the right, and one to the left, and my pants and boxers quickly follow.

She quickly has my already hard cock in her hand, stroking it, looking at it with lust in her eyes as she licks her lips. She leans down and licks the tip before I grab her under the arms and pull her up. I roll her to the bottom, then kiss her hard on the mouth for a moment.

“No, baby,” I say. “This night is about you and giving you my love.”

I move down to her firm breasts, kissing the areola in circles around her large hard nipple. I suck her left nipple into my mouth while rolling the right between my fingers. Rachel moans lightly and pushes my face against her breast. I spend several minutes sucking both nipples until they are rock hard. I take each nipple between my thumb and finger and continue to roll and massage them as I work my way down her body.

I kiss around her smooth, clean mound, and then get a whiff of her aroma. Her smell is a lot more powerful then I have imagined and made me drunk with lust. I can’t wait any longer and have to taste her. Her nectar is thick and gooey like honey, and it tastes sweet with just a hint of tartness. I run my tongue the length of her slit, and it blossoms open like a rose opening to the sun.

Rachel cries out, “Oh god, daddy, what did you do?”

I run my tongue up and down, then dip into her opening. I had never known a woman to get so wet this early. I suck and tongue at her opening for a moment, and she fills my mouth with her nectar. I lick back up and flick her clit a few times before sucking it into my mouth. My sucking took her over the edge, and she has the most powerful orgasm I have ever witnessed. She bucks and squirms, and clamps her legs down on my head.

“Oh fuck daddy, oh my god, fuck, fuck, oh FUUUUCK.”

Her nectar is so thick and has soaked my face so much. I thought I have been slimmed with ectoplasm. ‘Who ya gonna call?’

It takes several minutes for her to come down from the rafters before she finally speaks.

“Oh my god, daddy… that… that was AMAAAZIING!”

“Baby, hasn’t anyone ever done that to you before?”

“No, daddy, no one but you has ever touched me down there. Oh, except Billy, he tried to finger me once, but it mostly hurt, so I made him stop. I’ve given a couple of boys handjobs, and I gave Jack a blowjob, but as I told you, It just didn’t feel right.”

“So you never experimented with a girlfriend?” I asked.

“Yes, daddy, I played with a girl in college. We kissed and touched, but nothing more. It was fun, but I just don’t feel attracted to girls.”

“Honey, liking girls is nothing to be ashamed of. I hate to break your image of her, but your mother had sex with a few women in college.”

“Yeah, I know, she told me, but I’ve never been interested in having sex with a woman.”

“Okay, baby, I just don’t want you to think it’s wrong.”

“Okay, daddy, can I have your thing now?”

I kiss her clit and flick it with my tongue, which makes her give a little yelp. Then I move up her body and position my cock, and push forward. Rachel is so slick and wet I slid in without effort. She lets out a long slow moan as I thrust into her.

I begin long, slow strokes, and Rachel seems to be enjoying the pace. As I continue pumping, I lean down and suck both of her nipples. She wraps her legs around my waist and encourages me to move at a faster pace. I spend a few minutes thrusting into her hard, then ask if she wants to try a different position. We switch places with her riding me cowgirl. The sight of my beautiful twenty-two-year-old daughter riding my cock is doing the trick.

“Baby, let me know when you’re getting close, so daddy can cum with you.”

“Okay, daddy, not much longer.”

Rachel rides me a little longer until she starts pumping me hard and fast. “I’m close, daddy!”

“Baby, I’m going to cum!”

“Yes, daddy, yes, cum with me, oh yes, daddy, I’m cumming, oh god, yes!”

I explode into my daughter as her orgasm hits her.

“Oh god daddy, that feels so good, I feel your hot cum in me. I feel so complete, oh yes.”

She falls forward onto my chest, panting like she just ran a marathon. We lay in each other’s arms, recovering. It is true; I, too, have felt an emptiness that is now gone. I once again feel complete again. It amazes me, but the message from my wife gives me a feeling of peace inside with what I have just done.

“So baby, I notice you moved some of your stuff in here.”

Rachel lifted her head and smiled, “Hehe, yes, darling, I thought I might want a few essentials in our bedroom.”

“So it’s back to darling now? Were you so certain I’d say yes to you and your mom’s proposal?”

“Yes, its darling, honey, or dear. Unless we have company over that knows us, or we’re having sex. I kind of like calling you daddy when we have sex. And, mama told me if I did everything right, and waited till you were ready, You’d fold like a cheap suit.”

“Well, no one knew me better than your mother, and no one knows me better than you. Be careful with the darling’s and honey’s, you don’t want to make a mistake of when you use it.”

“Come on, daddy, let’s go take a shower and get ready for bed.”


Over the next week, I study the company prospectus my daughter had given me. I hated to leave my current company, and the home, my wife and I had built together. For a life with my daughter to succeed, though, we have to move away from people who know us.

We went to see the owner of the company. The Broker told us he is a crusty old bastard that has turned down every prospective buyer they have sent over. Rachel and I had rehearsed what we would say, and I thought our meeting went well. The owner is in his late sixties, and he and his wife had started the business forty years ago, and were ready to retire. He is concerned about his current fifteen employees, and wants to make sure anyone that buys the business is in it for the long haul. We assure him we are a married couple that will be purchasing the company to put down roots. He is especially impressed that both of us are engineers, but that I also have a business degree.

We get the call from the Broker about a week later that the owner likes us and wants us to run his business. The Broker doesn’t go into details, but we will meet the owner and his wife over dinner on Sunday.

We meet Betty and Robert at the Kalabash Club in what would soon be our new town.

“Robert, It’s so good to see you again,” I say as we shake hands.

“Yes, it’s a pleasure to see you and Rachel again. This is my wife Betty, please have a seat.”

In a very southern drawl, Betty spoke, “Daddy and I are so pleased you could join us. Daddy had a good feeling after meeting you last week. I’ll let him explain the details, but we look forward to working with you.”

Betty calling Robert daddy gives me chills. But we sit and have drinks while we listen to their proposal. Rachel and I will come into the business as the new managing directors. In exchange for paying the Broker fees, we will receive twenty percent of the company. Betty and Robert will stay on for two years to ease the transition but will be taking three months of vacation every year to travel. At the end of the two years, they would simply give us all but thirty-five percent. Twenty percent of the business is owned by the employees, and Betty and Robert will retain fifteen percent. When both Betty and Robert have passed away, their fifteen percent will go to the employee account.

Rachel and I step away to consider their most generous offer. It is really an amazing offer, they were basically giving us the business in exchange for paying the Broker. Rachel came up with only one question, what would our salary be during the transition? So we go back and sit down to discuss this final question.

“We really like what you’re offering us, it’s an amazing offer. We just need to know what you plan on paying us, as we will need money to live on?” asks Rachel.

“Daddy and I pride ourselves on being fair with our employees. We usually hire new engineers or new employees right out of college. If say, we hired someone with three years of work experience, we would pay them the same as any other three-year employee. Every job has a base pay, then a specific bump for each year of service. Then every two years, we do a cost of living adjustment. So, John, you will get the same pay as Robert, and Rachel, you will get base electrical engineers pay. How does that sound?” asks Betty.

“That sounds very fare Betty. John and I accept your generous offer,” says Rachel.

“Great, now that that’s out of the way, I’m famished. Gentlemen, would you order something for us while we go powder our noses?” asks Betty.

Betty stood and extends her hand to Rachel, and they walk off to the powder room.

[Rachel’s Narration]

I walk into the lady’s room with Betty leading the way, and we stand at the mirror chit-chatting about the area until Betty gets serious.

“So, Sugar, what happened to your mother?”

I’m a little taken aback by the question, but answer, “She died a little over two years ago from cancer.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, dear. I didn’t mean to open a wound,” Betty states.

“I’m okay with it now. I watched and cared for mama for four years, so I guess it prepared me a little, but I’ve healed,” I reply.

“Yes, I’m sure it’s still tough on you, though. Is John over her passing yet?” Betty continues fixing her makeup in the mirror before stating, “I imagine he still grieves for his wife at times. It took Robert four or five years to get over the death of his wife… my mother.”

I just stand there with my heart beating out of my chest as Betty talks. Betty turns and looks at me with a wicked little smile, then takes my hands in hers.

“What, you think we didn’t know John is your father. Sugar, we’ve been searching years for a couple that's like us. My mother died when I was young, but her death was a car accident. So I didn’t have the time to prepare like you did, but Daddy gave me his undivided attention as I grew up. He took me to the beach for my seventeenth birthday, we were supposed to have a two-room suite. Instead, it was a king-size bed and a couch. He wouldn’t let me sleep on the couch, and I wouldn’t let him sleep on the couch. So we did the only logical thing, we shared the bed. I woke in the morning with my hand resting on his very hard cock sticking out of his shorts. I started to play with it, then decided I wanted to suck it. Daddy woke up confused, but I convinced him to make love to me. We’ve been living as man and wife ever since, forty-years now.”

I stand there flabbergasted for a moment longer before I could speak, “But… how did you figure us out?”

“Daddy says you have John’s eyes, mouth, and ears. So he researched you after you left. He found a picture in your college paper from when you graduated, captioned’ Daughter follows in her father’s footsteps to become an engineer.’”

“I… I don’t know what to say. We were doing this to so people wouldn’t know; I’ll have to talk to my dad and make sure he still wants to do this. With you knowing and all.”

“Sugar, before you make any rash decisions, know this. Almost all of our employees and their spouses are closely related. We have first cousins, aunt and nephew, brother and sister, two sisters, a transgender, and a few other odd pairings. We look for those that are often shunned by the rest of the world. They all know about and accept daddy and me as a husband and wife that are also father and daughter. We won’t out you if you don’t wish it, but I would encourage you too. Your new employees will feel at ease if you do, and they will be your new family and friends that you don’t have to hide from.”

“This is… overwhelming. We were planning on hiding this from everyone,” I respond.

“Sugar, if you take this deal, you will not need to hide,” says Betty. “And sugar, just so you know, daddy is having this same conversation with John. We thought it would be less jarring if we each talked to you individually.”

“I guess it really would be nice to not have to hide from everyone,” I say.

Betty and I finish and walk back to the table. Daddy is sitting with a deer in the headlight look. He doesn’t respond when I call his name, so I walk around the table and plant a passionate kiss on his lips. He came too and responds by kissing me back with the same passion. I broke the kiss and spoke loud enough for Betty and Robert to hear;

“It’s okay darling, we’re home.”

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Part 25: Body Heat

Episode II Of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 25: Body Heat Saturday morning we awoke to find the heat was dead. No heat in November means it is very cold in our apartment. Stephanie and Sandy didn’t want to stay, so they went to a friend’s house. “They can’t be here till Monday” Holly said, getting off the phone and sitting next to me on the couch. We both had sweats on. “We could take advantage of it being this cold” I said. “How” Holly asked me. “Body Heat” I said. A few minutes later we were both naked...


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The First Night She Tried Anal

You let yourself in with the set of keys I gave you a couple months back. You throw them on the table, along with your purse, trying to be quiet. You’re not sure if I’m asleep or not. You leave all your dirty clothes by the washing machine and dart past the bedroom, naked, into the bathroom. You admire yourself in the mirror thinking even covered in the grime from the day, your hair a mess, you feel sexy. Your breasts are perky, with lovely nipples in just the right location that would give a playboy bunny a run for their...


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The War of 2020 Pt. 2_(2)

Ch. 5 Delivered Jack moved along the treeline, stepping quietly over rocks and unearthed roots. He just spent hours trekking through the woods, mapping out the extensive Compound. It had such a large amount of dense forestry within its borders, it was almost a liability. Jack could remain hidden fairly easily while still getting close enough to hear certain conversations. He had slept outside of CG Barberi's cabin last night, waiting patiently for Morgan to appear. Instead of her, he saw that nut job leaving in an explosive rage. Jack could hear him yelling the moment he walked out the front...


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