The CEO’s Unusual Retirement Party

The CEO’s Unusual Retirement Party

The CEO’s Unusual Retirement Party

by Vanessa Evans

Graham Paxton was a very successful businessman who, in the 25 years that he built his business empire, had developed it to make it worth billions. Unfortunately that was at the cost of his wife who hated the long hours that he worked and she left him with a daughter (Siobhan) who Graham sent to a private boarding school. When she left the school she went and worked for him and after another 5 years she became her father’s assistant. It didn’t bother Siobhan that the office gossip had her as a snooty, bossy, stuck-up, heartless, prudish bitch.

At the age of 50 Graham decided that it was time for him to retire but he kept his plans quiet until the night of the company’s summer ball. After the meal and after one hours dancing Graham called for silence for what everyone thought was to be the annual pep talk but it was anything but that.

As usual he was stood half way up the very wide staircase where there is an open area that is bigger than most people’s lounge. Stood next to Graham, as usual, was his daughter Siobhan in her expensive, designer gown, and also as usual there were quite a few people stood on the balcony that extended round the main hall and had doors going off it to all the bedrooms and bathrooms.

What was unusual was that there was a huge table behind them.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Graham started, “this will not be the usual speech, tonight I am announcing my retirement.”

Graham paused there to let everyone absorb what he had just said.

“What is going to happen to the business I hear you ask? Well, in my hand I have 2 envelopes, one is an offer from a conglomerate who want to eliminate their opposition closing down my hard earned company, and the other envelope contains my desired option for who is going to take over from me as CEO. I am now going to ask Siobhan to read it out loud.”

Graham passed the envelope to Siobhan who opened it and scanned down the first page. Printed in big, bold letters at the top of the page were: -


When Siobhan silently got to the bottom of the page, with shock on her face, she said,

“Daddy, you can’t be serious? What person would agree to this?”

“Read it out loud Siobhan.”

She did.

“I Graham Paxton herewith gift all of my business empire in 10 years time to the person to be know as ‘X’ until Siobhan reads out loud the name on the last page of this document. PROVIDED that ‘X’ conforms to all the requirements listed below. I will attend Board Meetings during those 10 years and will have a casting vote on all issues.

The requirement of ‘X’ for the gift to be confirmed in 10 years time are: -

1. That he or she strips naked within 5 minutes of when Siobhan reads the name on the last page of this document.

2. That he or she lives naked in any house that they own or lives in.

3. That if he or she is not completely bald below their neck when they take off their clothes, he or she will submit to my Butler, James, to shaving them on the table behind us within 30 minutes of this document being read out loud.

4. That he or she attends all Board Meetings totally naked.

And for the next 10 years he or she will: -

1. Not wear any underwear of any kind.

2. Remain hairless below their neck.

2. Wear only clothes appropriate for a teenager at a Mediterranean night club.

3. Will wear no more than one layer of clothing.

As Siobhan was reading the document a number of loud gasps could be heard and there was quite a bit of quiet chatter.

Siobhan got to the end of the page and looked at her expressionless father. She was dreading turning the page. She had expected her father to pass the business to her when he retired but hadn’t expected that to be for at least another 10 years, but this? Who was this mystery person, would Siobhan keep her job or would this person sack her? And most importantly to her, would she still inherit her father’s business and fortune?

Siobhan was nearly wetting her knickers as she turned the page and got the shock of her life. Her face immediately went white then bright red and she was sure that her legs were about to give way.

“Read the name Siobhan.” Graham Paxton said.

It was at least another minute before Siobhan could actually get the words out of her mouth. She tried a couple of times, her mouth moving but no sound was cumming out. Finally, everyone heard the name.

“Siobhan Louise Paxton.”

After the sudden loud chattering and cheering, then the expectant silence, Graham Paxton said,

“Now read out loud the additional requirement that is below your name Siobhan.”

Siobhan slowly lifted the document and looked below her name.

“After Siobhan is completely bald below her neck she will lay on the above mentioned table and let every current board member and manager, if they so desire, perform cunnilingus on her until she has had at least 4 orgasms for each hour, or part of, that she is laying there.”

Siobhan dropped the document and her jaw. Again there was a long silence before Graham Paxton said,

“Please read the first 3 requirements on the first page again Siobhan, out loud please.”

After another pause Siobhan did read them, her face and upper chest still as red as a London bus.

After yet another pause Graham Paxton said,

“The clock is ticking Siobhan, do I open the other envelope and let the staff know their fate?”

Siobhan gave her father a pleading look but his face didn’t alter one little bit, so a good 5 minutes after she had read her full name out Siobhan reached for the zip at the back of her fitted gown. As it slid down her she revealed that the gown had a built-in padded bra and everyone saw that she only has ‘AA’ cup breasts, another factor that added to her embarrassment and humiliation.

Siobhan was left standing in just her ample knickers and 5 inch heels.

Again she looked over to her father with the pleading look that she had used on her father many times to get her own way, but he just used a hand to motion for her to complete her strip.

Slowly Siobhan put her thumbs in the top of her knickers and they started to descend revealing a very unkept mass of dark pubic hair.

“James, get and get the shaving equipment.” shouted Graham Paxton.

Siobhan’s embarrassment and humiliation got even worse as James told her to climb onto the table and spread her legs wide. As she did so her little tits all but disappeared as they fell flat on her chest leaving only 2 small nipples sticking up. As James started cutting the masses of hair off her pubes Siobhan started crying. She tried to turn her head so that no one could see her face but whichever way she looked dozens of eyes, at least half of them company staff that she had been bossing about, were all staring at her.

Siobhan just wanted to curl-up and die but at the same time she wasn’t going to loose the company that she thought was rightly hers.

James did an excellent job of denuding Siobhan of all of her pubic hair, even going to the extent of ordering her to raise and spread her legs so that he could shave all around her anus. When he had finished Graham Paxton instructed his daughter to remain in place on the table whilst he read out the names of every board member and manager who were invited to taste Siobhan’s pussy. When the first one came up, one Roger Taylor, his face was beaming and those close by could hear him saying,

“I’m going to enjoy this, this bitch deserves every bit of the humiliation that she is receiving, bring her down a peg or ten.”

Graham Paxton heard him and couldn’t deny that his daughter had turned out to be a first class bitch and could be heard replying,

“She truly is Roger, but I hope that tonight and the next 10 years will teach her a lot and bring her back to the real world.”

After 16 men and 2 women had performed cunnilingus on Siobhan bringing her to 6 orgasms, Siobhan was too exhausted to even get up off the table, not even close her legs, for a good hour whilst the summer ball got back under way. Over the next couple of hours or so nearly everyone there went and got a close look at their boss to be, spread-eagle and unable to do more than stare at the ceiling.

When everyone had left Graham Paxton got James to carry Siobhan to her room and place her on top of her bed. When Graham Paxton went to check on his daughter the next morning she was still laying there spread-eagle on her bed and when she saw him she said,

“Daddy, I am so sorry that I have been such a bitch, will you fuck me please.”

“Well my dear,” he replied as he unfastened his trousers, “I hope that you learned a lot last night and will continue to do so over the next 10 years.”

“I have, and I will daddy.” Siobhan replied, then she screamed loud enough for James in the kitchen to hear her as the first cock to ever enter her vagina thrust into her and brought her to another orgasm.

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