Fortune Teller…part one

Fortune Teller…part one

My name is Passion, not the real name of mine, but it will do for this story. About three years ago I was traveling in North America, near the American-Canadian border where a small motel was found. Just one of these quaint little places found off the highway; that is high in the forested mountains, with a shop, diner, and a few rooms.

With this being late in the off season of travel, and it snowing up a storm! This was the first time I have seen or even touched snow in my life! I got stuck there at the motel for several days, and struck up a friendship with one of the workers, a lady by the name of Hopakaia.

Hopakaia lives at the motel, working in the gift shop and doing the various odd jobs of cleaning, laundry, and the like about the place. She also does some fortune telling for the guests who are interested in that thing. After her day was done, I was invited to her small apartment at the back of the place, where she offered a free demonstration of her abilities.

She did a few readings of my palm lines, in regards to such matters of how my life and family have gone so far, and did so with a stunning degree of accuracy. I and my family have always held that our fates are all pre-ordained, unknowable, but to a handful of people…and it looked like Hopakaia is one of them.

“You know Hopakaia, the future is already ordained for all of us, what the readers say is already meant to happen, and it shall happen.”

This caught her curiosity and made her pause for awhile as she sipped her coffee. Now I was drinking tea mixed with a strong whisky, some kind of home made stuff from what she said. The coffee drunk here in America is far too weak for my liking, more like drinking flavored water than real coffee; I like it strong enough that the spoon used stands up in it, before dissolving away.

“So, let me see if I have this strait, no matter what the future is shown to be, you will do it, because that is what will happen anyways, even if you don’t want to?” The look of curiosity and interest on her face were genuine. It was nice to share ones culture and beliefs with another person.

“Yup, that is the way it works. You cannot fight your fate, and like it or not, that is what will happen to you.” She went to get more tea and coffee, asking if I would like more of the whisky with it.

“Delighted to, its delicious when mixed together.”

I went quiet for a bit, thinking that there may be something she could do. “Can you do a reading of how my future in love and other things will turn out? Especially here in the Americas?”

This caused a peculiar smirk to cross her face, and seemed her eyes danced with an inner light. I just assumed at the time that meant she understood, and has a glimmer of my future fate.

“How do you mean by ‘other things’ in the way of love?” She was smiling slightly, hands cupping her chin, and a look of mischief growing; indicating she understood but was going to drag it out of me before doing anything.

“Just other things…” Now I started to feel a flush gaining on my cheeks and neck. Hopakaia grinned and nodded for me to continue speaking, relishing every moment of my total embarrassment. “I mean…will there be another one in my life…or more precisely…”

“Precisely as to what, this vagueness is not helping me in determining your fate.”

Finally I just took a deep breath, and spoke to her. “More precisely…will I be in bed with someone at the time. You know - me naked, legs apart, and the bed shaking to pieces as we get it on with each other.”

Her giggles were soon joined by mine, as the tension broke between the two of us. I explained much about the ways and customs of my homeland; and about the restrictions of the law on sexuality. I did not have to tell her that I have never been with anyone before; she pretty well figured it out on her own.

“So that is the problem eh? Tell you what let me fill you in on the way it really happens here in the states.” For the next ten minutes or so, she went into rather extensive and vivid accounts of sexual matters in the land. With another cup of tea in my hands, she told stories from her own, apparently very extensive experience, in such matters.

She excused herself for a couple of minutes, returning with a deck of fortune reading cards. “I normally would not use these just for anyone, they are very old, seven generations to be precise, and always tell what the future will be to a flawless degree.”

Understanding the compliment she was giving me, and the unspoken question asked I nodded my head for her to do a reading of my fate. “What will be will be, so let it be done in all things to come.”

The cards were laid out one at a time, with various types of patterns and pictures detailed on them. She started to tell me of their combined meanings, and with each word my interest and hope grew…

“In answer to your questions Passion, yes there will be a romance for you while in America.” She tapped a card that had many hearts upon it, situated next to a card with men and women intertwined.

“There will be a time of great love-making, and it will be in a most unexpected manner. Not violent, just sudden and intense for the encounter.” Now THAT got my attention, and I could feel the heat of desire and expectation rising in me. It felt strange, giddy, and sweet all at the same time, not what I had expected to happen.

“This card tells when, the twin moons indicate it will be at this night; most likely someone here at the motel. But then again, who knows for sure. Let’s look for some clues as to who it is…if you wish to continue.”

I nodded at her and waved my hand for her to hurry up and show who I will be with. Oh man! I was thinking. This is actually going to happen! And it will be this very night at the motel! My attention returned to her cards, as she set the next ones out.

“Interesting…green eyes, brown hair…interesting mix of traits for an exotic lover, or perhaps I should say lover’s as in more than one? Hmm, lets see now, the cards indicate that there indeed will be more than one tonight."

She looked at me knowingly, and I blushed deeper than before, the interest building up in myself like a fire in its sheer intensity. “Lucky you, getting laid more than once in a night. Not many women can claim such an achievement even in the states.”

Her eyes drifted across my body, as if searching for some kind of hidden message or flaws. Instead of it making me nervous, it felt good for some strange reason. Eyes locked on my face, she declared “I can see you are definitely in the mood tonight Passion.”

When I asked her how she could tell, she pointed down at the front o my t-shirt, where the nipples of my breasts are as erect as anything. Not having bothered to wear a bra this night, I was embarrassed by how my body was acting. This set Hopakaia off into major giggling, deepening my own blush that much more.

“Now to the matter at hand, according to the cards, go to your room and wait for the sign, which will be a series of knocks on the door. I don’t know how long of a wait you will have, so be ready when they arrive tonight…and enjoy yourself.”


Back at the room, I was finishing a shower, nervous and yet anxious at the same time, when the knock at the door came. Gulping, as it now was as the Americans would say it is “Showtime” for me, I called out to them to come on in and get comfortable. “I’ll be out shortly, just give me a minute or so, and get comfortable if you wish to.”

I spruced up my hair and lips, and then wrapped a small towel about myself; I figured any clothing would be quite unneeded this night. Looking over my reflection in the mirror, I steeled myself for the encounter. “Well little girl, in a few minutes, he will be laying on top of and inside of you. So be glad, for when he cums inside of you, then you become a woman indeed.”

Stepping out into the room, I started to introduce myself to the lucky gentleman whom will be fucking me tonight. Unfortunately I did not get more than a short “Hi there…” before stuttering to sheer incomprehension in the words. For right there before me stood a sight of rare beauty, chestnut hair, green eyes, well shaped in all regards…but just not a man…it was a young woman!!!

I looked her over as she folded up her dress, laying it atop the coat on the floor. She was wearing a set of sheer white bra and panties. "Seems like this is the right room now, isn't it?”

Fate has just arrived in my presence. I just nodded to her at the question, waiting for the next part to play out. There is to be more than one lover tonight, and they will have the right color of eyes and hair. I gulped a couple of times as she shrugged, removing her bra and panties.

I saw how BIG those breasts were, much fuller and larger than mine indeed. She came over to me, walking with her hips seductively swaying, a light bounce to her step, and a wide smile of passion alight on her face. I could not help but notice the sheer beauty of her body, especially from her breasts downward!!!

For the first time I had ever seen what it meant for a woman to be "shaved" down there, I guess my eyes were locked onto her womanhood for longer than needed, shivering slightly with a mix of trepidation and delight at what was to come.

“Well now, I see that indeed you are a beauty. Let me guess, this is the first time you have ever been with a lady? Now, now, I’ve been around the block a few times, so its easy enough to see for me.”

I could not help staring at her nipples, looking like flush silver dollars, with the tits being hardened to the max!!! I had to force myself to raise my eyes up to her lips, full and sweet looking, and flickering with that tongue that I knew was soon to go to work on various parts of my anatomy...(BIG TIME SHIVER OF SHEER DELIGHT!!!)

Her finger softly caressed my lips, while the other hand is rubbing my neck. I just went into a complete shuddering at the feel, a touch sensitive but commanding at the same time. Then both hands moved slowly down my shoulders and arms with the lightest of feather touches...I accidently dropped my towel to the floor, and wound up blushed as she looked me over with an eye of experience...and sheer, unmidigated LUST!!!

My nipples became flushed and erect as the hands continued caressing me, working their way slowly to my breasts, cupping them softly; her fingers played upon my nipples so well that a fiery burning came with the giggling that parted my mouth. She teased me with a quick nibble on them, pressing lightly with her lips and circling her tongue over each in turn. My hands found their way to her head, and held her there.

Part of my brain screamed to stop, but my body overuled it, telling it to let it continue and happen, for this is what it was made for!!! I could feel my very breath become flustered and shallow, while my heart started pounding so hard I feared it would burst. I could not see at all, so hard of desire was flowing through my body, that they were shut TIGHT from the feeling.

She released my nipples from her mouth, giving me a brief moment of respite until her lushious lips met mine. Not exactly knowing what was going on, I did what she did as we kissed and tongued each other. Hands went down my backside, clutching me on the butt, holding it firmly yet gently, a mix of the fist of iron covered with a velvet glove at the same time.

My hands seemed to move of their own violation, carefully and nervously at first, taking the time to explore those huge breasts via touch. She let me examine them in their fullest of womanly glories, nipples erect like the great cedars of lebanon. Hot to the touch, and covered with a soft sheen of sweat garnered with the anticipation of coming passion, I realized she was getting as excited or more so than I was at the time.

It was to begin now, I understood. The union ordained by fate, set right before me at this time. Our bodies began to flow in time, synchronized by the feeling of touch, alive with the heat of lust, and linked by the fulfillment of desired passions.

As she gently moved me towards the bed, we were intertwined with kissing, touching, and feelings, both bodies shaking for an union of flesh to flesh, lips to lips, and the desire for release of rapturous delight!!! Then she laid me down, her soft body on top of me, feeling like an extention of myself; as I imagined I was an extention of her. For some unknown amount of time we lay there, linked by the fires within, building up in me via her touch, her look, and desires, bringing me to an edge of ectasy then letting up briefly only to bring me back again.

Easing downward, she kissed my breasts, chest, and stomach slwoly as she went, often nibbling lightly and playfully with her teeth. As she approached my womanhood, she eased my legs apart, and stroked softly my pussy, teasing me with more touches and light blowing of her breath on it. Finally I felt I could stand it no more, she spread apart my skin with her fingers, and extended out her tongue...ready to initiate me into the arts of woman-woman lovemaking...

Just in time for the damn knock on the door.

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