Pictur Perfect

Pictur Perfect

Picture Perfect, (the revised edition)


My original, “Picture perfect,” was written as a, stand alone, story but I received so many questions as to the wife’s motives, that I decided to write a follow up story from Judy’s point of view. This proved more difficult than I had expected but the two stories generated so much interest that I thought I would revise both stories to make them more believable.

Please be advise; The forced, male to male, rape toward the end is essential to the telling of this story. I did revise it considerably to make it more understandable. But, If it offends you, please don’t read the story.

Some of you will still not like the end. There are many parts of this story that are very close to my own and, although my story did not end as this one does, there is a part of me that wishes it did.

The first part is Gary’s story. He tells it as it unfolds and he states each situation as he knows it. The second part is Judy’s story who will correct some of Gary’s misconceptions although the facts are the facts.

Since I was told several times, that I rushed the end of the last story, there will be a third part this time, culminating into, what I hope, will be a memorable ending.

I hope you enjoy the revision and, as always, I enjoy your feedback.
Thank you.

My name is Gary Asher. I’m a professional photographer. I have a small, but profitable, photo studio in down town Chicago. Because of the nature of my business I sometimes work with the most beautiful women in the city and, not once in ten years of marriage, have I ever considered cheating on my wife, Judy.

I was the luckiest guy in the world and I knew it. My wife, who still looks as good today as she did fifteen years ago, is the loving mother of our nine year old daughter, Tammy and the most devoted and caring wife a man could ever want. Not to mention, we’ve been together for twelve years and the sex is as good as the first time we made love. I’ve heard about other couple’s sex life and how it would get stale and deteriorate after a while, but ours was always spontaneous and fresh. Sometimes we would make love twice a week and other times twice a day. Sometimes we would use toys or some exotic location, but we always seemed to be in sync with each other and in all our years together, one had never denied the other, not once!

When I first met Judy she was a top model herself, probably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. At least I thought so. We met on my first major shoot. Prior to that I was doing model composites, some small advertising photography and, I’m not too proud to admit it, but I even took a few weddings to keep my head above water. This was my big break, it was the big time, a 3 day shoot for a major client and I was all puffed up like a peacock. I would have never had the balls to even ask Judy out under any other circumstances. We dated for two years. Then, in a city where everyone was living together, we decided to make it legal. We exchanged vows in front of our friends, family, and God. You might say, for me life was picture perfect……….until that fateful day.

I had a couple hours in the afternoon between shoots and I hadn’t eaten yet so I went to The Little General’s, a restaurant and bar on Wacker Drive just a few blocks from my studio. I liked the atmosphere there. It had some intimate, 2 person, booths along a hallway that led to the quiet, dimly lit bar. The food was good, the drinks were strong, and the advice of the bartender, Herb, was always sound. Sometimes, when Judy is in town shopping, she’d surprise me at the studio and we’d go there for lunch.

If I was alone I’d usually sit at the bar and eat my food there while talking over the world’s problems with Herb. This day was no different. Herb was at the other end of the bar when I sat down and gave me a nod of his head acknowledging me and letting me know he would be with me in a minute. I smiled and nodded back. The waitress came over with a menu and I had just decided on what I wanted when Herb approached.

“Hi Gary,” he said, “your usual?”

“Yeah, thanks Herb, that’ll be fine.” I put in my order with the waitress just as Herb was setting my screwdriver on the bar in front of me.

“How’s everything going Gary?” he asked. I thought I detected a bit of concern or trepidation in his voice.

“Everything is going well Herb. Thanks.” I could see Herb had something on his mind. I thought Herb might be having problems at home and was looking for someone to unload on so I probed as to his worried look.

“You look like you have something on your mind Herb. Anything you want to talk about?’

“Well, I just wondered if everything was alright between you and the misses, that’s all.” That was not what I expected to hear. I thought he was bothered about something in his life and he seemed to be bothered with something in mine.

“Sure Herb,” I said a little surprised with his question, “why do you ask?”

“Well,” he started, “it’s really none of my business but I consider you a friend, Gary. It’s……well it’s just that she was in here the other day with another guy and…….well, they seemed to be getting along pretty good together that’s all.”

I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. Okay I thought, don’t be alarmed, this could be nothing. “Are you sure it was Judy?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” he said most assuredly. “You’re married to one of the most gorgeous women in the city, she’s hard to miss my friend. It was Judy alright.”

Why wouldn’t she tell me she was in town, I wondered. Just the fact that she was with someone doesn’t mean there’s anything going on, but I wondered why she didn’t tell me she was in town or that she had lunch with a friend.

“Herb, when you say they were getting along pretty good, what do you mean exactly?”

“Gary, it could have been very innocent. I don’t want to start any trouble between you and your wife, that’s for sure, but they were kind of….you know….flirting with each other and holding hands.”

Okay, I thought, this is starting to sound like more than innocently meeting a friend. My food came but I was no longer very hungry. Herb got busy at the other end of the bar and left me alone with my thoughts for awhile. I sat there nursing my drink. I think I took two bites of my lunch. I didn’t wait for Herb to ask me if I wanted another drink, I threw a twenty on the bar and left. There had to be an explanation, I thought.

On the way back to the studio, I walked at a slower pace while deep in thought. I had known Herb for several years and knew Herb wouldn’t have mentioned anything if he didn’t believe there was something to be concerned about. I trusted Judy completely but she was a beautiful woman and I knew most of Chicago’s male population would give anything to get into her pants. The more I thought, the more worried I became.

When I got back to the studio I still had about 30 minutes before my client would be there so I called, Sammy, an old friend. Sammy was a procurer of things. He had a list of clients who would hire him to find and purchase what ever it was that they needed. I had used Sammy’s special talents many times to outfit the studio. Hell, half the equipment in the studio I got from Sammy. The stuff was always top quality. I knew it wasn’t stolen or gray market because it always came with the manufacturer’s warranties and I always got it for under wholesale. When you are in a business where a single camera can cost thirty grand, Sammy was a great guy to know.

I picked up the phone in the shooting room and dialed Sammy’s number. “Hello Sammy, it’s Gary.”

“Hey there pal, how you doing?” Sammy was always in good spirits. “How’s it hanging?”

“Not too bad, Sammy. Hey old buddy I need your help.”

“What do you need?” he asked.

“Do you have access to any small spy cameras?” I asked.

“Spy cameras,” he sounded surprised, “what the hell are you going to do with spy cameras?”

Sammy was a good friend. He had been to our house on several occasions and knew both Judy and Tammy. “Sammy, you have to promise that what I’m going to tell you goes no further than the two of us,” I said.

“Of course pal, what the hell is going on? This is starting to sound serious.” There was real concern in his voice.

I told him of my luncheon conversation with Herb. I told him I really didn’t believe Judy would cheat on me and I hated the idea of spying on her, but I couldn’t go around worrying either. Herb’s description of Judy’s demeanor with another man and her neglect to tell me she was in town the other day was, at the least, cause for some apprehension.

Sammy’s emphatic rejection of any wrong doing on Judy’s part was encouraging to say the least. “No way,” he said, “out of all my married friends, none have as solid of a marriage as you and Judy. You guys are the envy of every couple who know you. Why don’t you just ask her, I’m sure there’s some reasonable explanation.”

I thought about his words and, for a brief moment, forgot about spying on her and considered just asking her as Sammy suggested. But, would that really put my mind to rest?

“Sammy I’m sure you’re right,” I said. “I can’t even imagine Judy really cheating on me, but if I confronted her and she was seeing someone else she would obviously just deny it and if she wasn’t she might get really pissed knowing I even suspected her. I sure don’t want to jeopardize my marriage because of some unfounded rumors. That’s why you can’t tell a soul about this, Sammy, not a soul. If she is innocent I don’t ever want her to know I even considered suspecting her of infidelity.”

“Don’t worry my friend, I wouldn’t say a word. I still think you’re barking up the wrong tree but I’ll get you the cameras. How many do you want?”

“Wow, good question. The problem is Judy has her cell phone with her everywhere. I guess three would do it, no make that four. One for the living room, one for the bedroom, one for the kitchen, and one for her car. She’s constantly talking on her blue tooth when she’s in the car.”

“Okay, how long are you going to be there tonight?” Sammy asked.

“Well,” I said, “it’s about 2 O’clock now, I have a client coming any minute, that’ll take a couple hours, …..I’ll be here till about 5:00 I guess. I can stay longer if you want me to.”

“No, 5 O’clock is fine,” he said, “I’ll pick up some stuff and see you at the studio before you go.”

“Thanks old buddy,” I said, “I can always count of you.”

“I still think you’re probably making a mountain out of a mole hill,” he said.

The shoot went like clock work and I was already in the back office going over some of the shots when I saw the light I have in there go on telling me someone was in the outer office. I walked through the shooting room and into the outer office to find Sammy with my new equipment.

“Hi there my friend,” he said. “I’ve got everything you need.”

“Fantastic Sammy, thanks.” Normally I would be elated with new equipment, but knowing the reason behind getting this stuff put a damper on my enthusiasm.

“Okay, this stuff is very high tech. Everything is in HD and capable of shooting in extreme low light conditions. They’re all wireless video so you can watch and hear everything going on right on your computer in real time. They’re also activated by motion detectors so they only start when there is some movement. They’re all hidden in these things. Here’s a desk clock you can put on the fireplace mantle. The wide angle lens will cover the whole living room. I thought this wall clock would go in the kitchen and here is a fake smoke detector. The camera is inside. If you mount this over the doorway you’ll be able to see everything that goes on in the bedroom. Here’s the only one that’s not hidden. It gets mounted under the dash of her car. There’s some directions on how to mount it so it’s completely out of sight but you’ll be able to see and hear your wife while she’s driving.”

I looked at all the stuff. There was no way she would discover I was spying on her, but that didn’t diminish my feelings of guilt. I thanked Sammy and told him we would get together over a drink soon. I left the studio for home. When I got close to the house I parked my car down the block so I could get into the garage with out Judy hearing me. Installing the small video camera under the dash was easy and took little time. I walked back to my car and drove into the drive. Judy, as usual, met me at the door, put her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss. God, I love getting that greeting every day.

She saw the packages I had in my hand. “Whatcha got,” she asked, “something for me?”

“Well kind of,” I said. “One of the stores on State Street had a, one day, sale. I couldn’t help myself. Everything was so cheap. I bought a new clock for the mantle, a wall clock for the kitchen, and we don’t have a smoke detector in our room so I picked up one of them as well.”

“Gee thanks,” she playfully said, “you’re so romantic.” I grinned.

After dinner I set the inconspicuous looking clocks to the right time, put the one on the mantle and installed the other on the kitchen wall. Next I went up stairs and attached the fake smoke detector to the bedroom ceiling.

When I came back down stairs Judy was helping Tammy with a school project so I went into my office to do some picture editing. While I was there I checked to make sure the kitchen camera was functioning okay. Since that was the only room with someone moving, it was the only camera I could check. It was working perfectly. I could see and hear the two most important people in my life. I prayed it would always stay that way.

I got engrossed in my work and time got away from me. Judy poked her head through the door and said she had put out daughter in bed but she wanted a kiss from her daddy. I was ashamed of myself for working all night and taking time that I should have spent with my family. I apologized to Judy and went in to Tammy’s room so I could give her an extra big smooch on her forehead. She asked me if I’d read her a story and, since I hadn’t spent any time with her all night, I readily agreed.

“And they lived happily ever after, the end.” I closed the book and looked down at my daughter’s beaming face. Tammy looked into my eyes with a big wide smile. She reached out her arms and I gave her one more big hug before tucking her in. “Pleasant dreams honey,” I said. Then I turned out the light and headed down stairs.

As I got to the first floor I met Judy who was on her way up. She smiled, put her arms around my neck and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. I looked into her eyes and swore they were smiling as well.

“I love you my husband,” she said as she kissed me again.

I kissed her back, reassured her of my love as well, and we walked up the stairs to our bedroom. We both got undressed and she snuggled into my arms. We didn’t have sex. We didn’t need it. Sometimes just holding the girl of your dreams close to your body is just as good. We both drifted off.

The next morning we were both in a great mood. I had, pretty much, dismissed my suspicions. We talked about our plans for the day as we all had breakfast. She told me she was going to her girlfriend’s house after dropping Tammy off at school, so if I call her, she said, I should call her on her cell.

I was walking on air, relieved of my worries as I got into my little BMW, Z3. I put the convertible top down as I backed out of the drive on this glorious summer day. Judy and Tammy both waved as they got into Judy’s SUV and headed off to school. It was the start of a beautiful day, I thought, and headed into town along Lake Shore Drive instead of using the expressway. It took a little longer that way, but I loved the scenic drive.

I was getting things ready in the studio for another day when I notice the moving picture in a small window on my computer. It was Judy in her car talking on her cell, as usual. I thought, what the hell, I paid for all this high tech spy crap, I might as well see how it works. I expanded the window and turned up the volume.

“Hey girl,” I heard her say,….. “yeah, I’m on my way right now.” I knew she was headed to her girlfriend, Amber’s house. Judy and Amber had been best friends since they modeled together in the old days. Amber and her husband, Bill was a really nice couple. Bill and I played golf together sometimes and the four of us would go out for dinner and a movie 4 or 5 times a year.

I was about to minimize the window when I heard something I didn’t like. “Oh hey,” I heard Judy say, “I have to tell you about Pete….Oh, he’s just a special love of mine,” she said with a chuckle in her voice, “yeah, I’ll tell you all about it when I get there…huh, I’m at Northwest Highway. I’ll be there in ten minutes.” She disconnected the call. I could see the big smile on her face.

I just sat there for a minute, my mind spinning. Okay, don’t panic, I thought, this could still be something innocent. Then I felt reality sink in, who am I kidding?

Damn, damn, damn! I thought. Son of a bitch, she IS seeing somebody. I could hardly catch my breath. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I could feel my face get flushed and I was starting to sweat from my forehead. As I got up from my chair my hand instinctively found a plastic pen laying next to the computer. I picked it up and threw it against the wall in anger. The pen was smashed to pieces. I could feel my knees get weak and I had to sit back down. I put my head in my hands and started to cry.

“Please God, please don’t let this happen,” I prayed. I laid my head on the desk. “Please God no, please no.” I was still sitting there sobbing when the light went on and I knew my first clients of the day were in the outside office. I tried to pull myself together. “I’ll be right with you,” I yelled. I quickly went into the washroom and ran some cold water over my face and tried to bathe my eyes to get some of the redness out.

Just getting through the day was probably one of the hardest things I ever had to do. In front of me, however, was something I had to do that was even harder, go home and keep from falling apart in front of my wife and child.

I still had my doubts that Judy was cheating on me. I know, the evidence was mounting, Herb’s story about Judy flirting with another man, the fact that she didn’t tell me she was in town that day, and now this, an admission to her girl friend that she had a special love named Pete. The proof was staring me in the face, but I just couldn’t bring myself to believe it. In any case, I needed more to substantiate my suspicions before confronting her so I had to remain cool. If she was cheating I would give her enough rope to hang herself and if she wasn’t, I didn’t want her to know what I thought.

Judy met me at the door with her usual, arms around the neck and a passionate lip lock, greeting. Somehow though, she felt tense to me. Her body was a little stiff as if she was nervous.

At dinner I was probably a little more quiet than normal and I think Judy picked up on it, but didn’t say anything. On the way home from Amber’s place she picked up a couple children’s movies and the three of us spent the night as a family all cuddled together on the couch eating popcorn and watching Disney classics.

After putting Tammy to bed, we retired ourselves. I guess I didn’t do as good a job as I thought I did. Judy scooted her naked body close to mine. She lightly brushed my face with her hand and asked me if something was wrong. I denied that anything was wrong and said I was simply tired, but I don’t think she bought it, not completely anyway.

For the next several days everything was normal. There was no more mention of Pete and Judy seemed more relaxed and so was I. By Monday of the following week I was starting to believe all my suspicions were just a figment of my imagination. Later that afternoon, while editing some shots from an advertising shoot I had done the week before, I saw my lovely wife sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and talking on her cell. At first I didn’t even turn up the volume and just continued with my editing, but curiosity got the better of me so I walked over to the computer, maximized the screen and turned up the volume.

I could tell right away she was talking to Amber by the light hearted tone in her voice. Then, suddenly, her tone changed, she sounded more serious.

“By the way girl,” she said, “I have a bone to pick with you. I wish you had never mentioned cheating on Gary.”

Damn, I thought, I just can’t over look this or deny it any longer, there is no doubt now that she either is, or at least has, cheated on me.

She went on. “Yeah…..last week, all that talk about cheating. I felt so guilty just thinking about it. I actually think Gary might have suspected something. He was awful quiet the other night…… No I haven’t talked to Pete since that day in town….. Yeah….I know, but I just can’t get what you said out of my mind. I wish we had never started that stupid conversation… I know, I know, but the guilt feelings are still there.”

At this point I really wished I had bugged her phone. Trying to figure out what’s happening by listening to one side of a two sided conversation wasn’t working. From all the things I heard though, I felt the evidence was in, she had cheated on me, probably with this Pete character.

Ever since that conversation with Herb almost two weeks ago now, my emotions have been on a roller coaster ride. Right now they were at their absolute lowest. I had no more appointments for the day. I walked to the outer office, locked the door and put the closed sign up so I wouldn’t get any walk ins, then I went to the changing room in the back of the studio. There was a bed in there so models could lay down and rest on long shoots if they wanted. I flopped myself down and proceeded to bawl my eyes out.

By the time my eyes were void of any more tears, it was late afternoon. I had to pull myself together and go home. I had no idea how I could face her, but I couldn’t crack now. If she had any idea I knew as much as I did she would cool it and I would never know for sure, what was going on. I didn’t think I could live like that. Besides, small as it was, there was still an outside chance this was all a big mistake.

I jumped into the shower and got cleaned up. I blew my hair dry and put a cold wash cloth on my eyes to take the redness out. I knew I wasn’t a good enough actor to be bright and cheery at home so, from the moment I walked in the door I started making excuses that I had, had a really rough day. Judy seemed to believe me and sympathized. There was no mention of sex again once we hit the sack and I was glad. For the first time since meeting her, I really wasn’t in the mood to make love to my wife.

Well, if I thought Monday was the worst day of my life, Tuesday was about to show me different. I always tried to set as many appointments as I could in one day, but now I was scheduling them farther apart. Tuesday I had nothing until 1:00pm. I spent the morning in front of the computer watching my wife go from one room to the other cleaning the house.

She had just gone into the kitchen to make herself some lunch when her cell phone rang. “Pete,” she said with some surprise in her voice, “how are you? Yeah, I enjoyed it too. It’s been a very long time……..Pete, that was a long time ago………yeah, I know, I hadn’t really thought about it until I saw you a couple weeks ago………No!……..Why, because we’re both married, that’s why.

Damn, I thought, this one sided conversation is going to drive me insane. I wish I could here what this Pete, jack ass, was saying.

Judy continued with her conversation. “Pete, I don’t know. I don’t think I could live with myself………Well, I’ll tell you what, I don’t think this is something we should discuss on the phone. My husband is going out of town on Thursday……….

I am? I thought. Oh, she’s talking about the advertising shots we were supposed to do in Paris, Illinois. I forgot to tell her the trip was cancelled. The client decided not to pay all the added expenses for the trip and we shot it in the studio. With all that’s been going on, I forgot to tell her.

“so let’s do this. Can you get away around lunch time this Friday,” Judy continued. “Okay, on Golf road there’s a quiet, little place out by 83. You know it then? Alright, let’s meet there at noon on Friday and we’ll talk about it, but I’m not making any promises Pete. ………….Yeah, you too. Bye.

She closed her phone, but only for a moment. She flipped it back open almost immediately and made another call.

“Amber, guess who just called, Pete……..Yeah, remember the story I told you about when we did it?………….Remember what you said?….Yup, well he feels the same way……No I didn’t say I’d fuck him….Damn you girl, you put that fucking thought in my head, now I can’t get it out…..fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! ……….

I could tell Judy was fighting with her emotions, out side of the bedroom, I think I’ve only heard her say, “fuck” two of three times during our whole marriage.

“Well I said I didn’t want to talk about over the phone. Gary is supposed to go out of town this Friday and won‘t be back till Sunday. I’m not sure if the trip is still on or not though to tell you the truth. He hasn’t mentioned it to me for the last couple of weeks. He usually reminds me if he’s going out of town a week or so before he leaves. Anyway, I told Pete I’d meet him at that little restaurant on Golf road, you know, we’ve had lunch there a couple of times. I’m supposed to meet him there at noon this Friday. ….Yeah, that’s the one with the little motel across the street. That’s why I picked it. Just in case.”

I’d heard enough, I couldn’t listen anymore. Even with out hearing the other side of the conversation I knew Judy had slept with this guy, Pete before. When? Did it make any difference? Now she was probably going to do it again this Friday. For the last two weeks I’ve been wallowing in self pity, wringing my hands and saying, “woe is me.” Well here’s where it stops. Now I’m pissed. I can’t ever remember being so pissed. The woman I loved more than life itself betrayed me, betrayed our vows, and betrayed our family. My life as I knew it was over. Now I wanted to strike out and hurt them like they hurt me. I was out for blood.

There was no way I could face Judy tonight, not without blowing up and confronting her and I didn’t want to do that yet. I wanted the goods on her and Pete. I had to keep it together until Friday. Then I would put my plan into action and I was going to unleash hell itself.

I called home about 5:00pm. Judy answered. “Hi honey,” I said trying to keep my cool, “hey listen, I’m trying to sell a big ad campaign to a new client and I going to take him out tonight to wine and dine him so, don’t expect me home till late tonight.”

There was a long pause, “Well, what do you mean by late honey, will you be home for dinner?” She asked. I could hear the concern in her voice.

“No hon, I probably won’t be home until the wee hours of the morning. Don’t wait up. Give Tammy a big hug and a kiss for me. I have to go honey, I love you, see you in the AM.”

“Gary, are you sure there’s nothing wrong?” She asked. “You’ve been awfully quiet these last few nights.”

“No honey, honest. I’ve just been trying to land this big account and I’ve been a little worried I wouldn’t get it, that’s all. But things are looking better and I hope to seal the deal tonight. I’ll tell you what, I have to leave early Friday morning for that shoot down state…..

She interrupted, “So you’re still going on that? You haven’t mentioned it. I thought maybe it had been cancelled or something.”

“I’m sorry honey, I’ve just had so much on my mind lately. Yes, I still have to make the trip. I’ll leave early Friday morning and I’ll be back Sunday night. Anyway, as I was saying, Thursday night, what do you say we drop Tammy off at your mother’s and go out for dinner. Just you and me.

“Oh honey that would be wonderful,” she exclaimed, “is that a promise?” I could hear the relief in her voice now.

“Yup honey that’s a promise.”

“Okay honey, it’s a date. Wake me up when you get in so I know you’re home safely, will ya?”

“How about I just let you sleep honey. When you wake up in the morning and feel me along side of you, you’ll know I got home safely.”

We both chuckled a little, exchanged our, “I love you’s,” and hung up. I really did need a stiff drink, a couple of them in fact. I called Sammy and asked if he’d like to collect on those drinks I owed him. I told him they came with strings attached though, I get to cry on his shoulder all night. He laughed and told me that’s what shoulders were for.

Sammy sat, mostly shaking his head in disbelief, as I told him my sad story. He lived down town and could take a taxi home so he downed one scotch and water after another. I wanted to do the same but I still had to drive home so I had only two drinks all night, the rest of the time I had orange juice or a soft drink while pouring my heart out.

I got home about 1:00am. I snuck in the house and quietly crawled into bed. Judy looked so radiant lying there. A small smile adorned her face as she must have realized I was next to her. She sighed and scooted up, next to me. I actually cherished that moment because I knew there were very few of them left. More tears filled my eyes as I drifted off to sleep.

I could tell the next morning, at breakfast, that Judy was worried. Try as I did, there was just no way I could pretend everything was great. Each and every moment of the last few days my heart felt as if it was being slowly ripped from my chest.

Thursday would be our last night together before springing my trap. I had to pull it off or she might cancel her little meeting Friday. All day Thursday I prepared myself mentally. By the time I got home that night, I had brain washed myself into believing everything would some how work out for the best. It was the only way I could function.

When I came home Judy was waiting for me with her usual greeting except, this time, she looked unusually gorgeous. Actually, breath taking is more like it, because that’s exactly what she did, took my breath away.

I should be nominated for an academy award for that night. We went to the nicest restaurant in town. After dinner we went into the piano bar. We sat in a quiet little booth in the corner next to the window over looking Lake Michigan. We talked and she reaffirmed her love for me. I thought, we’ll see tomorrow.

We picked Tammy up on the way home. She was so tired she fell asleep in the car. I carried her into the house and right up to her bedroom. Judy came in and we both tucked her in. After that Judy and I went to bed. She was in the mood for love, and I knew it might be the last night I had, to make love to her.

You would think I would have had trouble keeping it up, but that was not the case. I gently started kissing her neck. She sucked in a quick, deep breath as I maneuvered my way to her breasts. I delicately sucked on her nipples, first one, then the other. She was in seventh heaven already, her body squirming with ecstasy. I slowly kissed my way down her tight stomach and stuck my tongue in her navel as my hand drifted down and, every so lightly, danced over her perfectly smooth mound. Her body tensed up and she arched her back as I moved further down, my mouth finding her clit. I teased it ever so gently, then worked my way inside of her using my tongue to bring her an earth shattering climax three times with in the span of a few minutes. I was never sure if I was that good with my tongue or it was just the way Judy’s body responded, but I never failed to get her off like that.

After a short recess allowing her to catch her breath, Judy responded by swallowing my cock. She worked it like only she could. I held off as long as I could before exploding down Judy’s throat. She moaned as she lovingly took every drop. We held each other tight and she reached down and started fondling my cock and balls. It didn’t take long before I felt life down there again. She smiled as she bent over and took me in her mouth for the second time. With in minutes Judy had me rock hard again. This time I climbed between her legs and slipped my cock deep into Judy’s warm, wet pussy. I lost count of the number of orgasms she had. After awhile I could feel myself getting ready to cum again. I picked up the pace and the force of my strokes. Judy looked into my eyes as she reached her arms around my neck. She pulled me down on top of her and held me tight as we both climaxed together. I could swear I heard fireworks.

I thought we were probably through for the night, but Judy had one more go around in her. She whispered in my ear, “If you can get it up one more time, I’ll let you take me in the ass.”

I smiled. The thought of this possibly being our last night together seemed to gave me, almost super human powers. With her help I was up and ready again in no time. Judy laid face down with a pillow propped under her stomach. I took some cum from her pussy and smeared over my cock. I leaned down and slowly pushed it in. “Oooooooh,” she cooed, “Oh yes honey, that feels sooo good.”

I closed my eyes as I rhythmically drove my cock in and out of my wife’s anus. Again she came multiple times. For the third time that night, I could feel my own orgasm building. I know the earth shook that time as I exploded with a mind shattering force.

We both collapsed in a ball of sweat and exhaustion. Judy softly pressed her lips to my ear and whispered, “my man.” With in minutes we fell asleep in each others arms.

In spite of my physical and mental exhaustion from the previous evening, my eyes opened at the crack of dawn. My first thought was of stopping time in it’s tracks. I did not want to face the day that laid a head of me. I felt as if it were the last day of my life. For several minutes I didn’t move a muscle. I stared at the ceiling still holding my entire life in my arms. I was second guessing myself now. Was I doing the right thing? I knew I could stop this from happening, all I had to do was confront her, but what about next time…..would there be a next time? How would I know, would she just be more clever the next time?

No. Even though it went against every fiber of my being, I had to go through with my plan. I had to know for sure, not only to be able to live with her, but to be able to live with myself.

I gently pulled my arm from under my tarnished goddess and carefully got out of bed. There was still two hours left before the alarm would go off and I didn’t want to wake her. I grabbed some clean clothes and went down stairs to shower. I stood under the warm relaxing spray and completely fell apart. My knees buckled, I had stayed so strong for the little play I had performed the night before, but I could no longer keep my emotions in check. I slumped in the corner of the shower and cried like a baby.

I’m not sure how long I cried, but the water was starting to cool off so took a couple deep breaths and was determined to face this day as a man, no matter how it turned out.

I toweled off, got dressed and went into the kitchen to make coffee. I walked into the living room and took the hidden camera clock down from the mantle and stuck it in the SUV. My wife never paid any attention to it and I knew she wouldn’t miss it.

I returned to the kitchen and sat at the table sipping the fresh cup of brew. I sat there staring into space while having two more cups. Finally I decided it was time to get packed. I had to make it look good for Judy. I quietly pulled my suitcase from the closet and started stuffing it with clothes.

I heard Judy starting to stir. I looked over and saw her bright face smiling as she stretched her arms up and over her head. “Mmmmmmm,” she mewed as she looked in my direction. “Good morning stud.”

I smiled back. “Hi gorgeous.”

“Last night was incredible honey. Thank you for an unbelievably fantastic evening.”

“It was fantastic for me too, honey. I thank you in return.” She closed her eyes and I could see from the smile on her face that she was remembering the passion that flowed through the two of us just a few hours ago. “So what do you have planned while I’m gone?” I asked.

“Nothing much,” she said, “I might do some shopping today. The week-end I plan on spending with Tammy. I thought we’d go to the zoo tomorrow and maybe one of the museums on Sunday.”

“Damn, sounds like a great time, I wish I didn’t have to go on this trip.”

“Well, there’s nothing that says we can’t plan another family outing next week-end,” she said.

“Then it’s a date,” I said trying, once again, to keep it together. “Listen honey, I’ve got to get going, I still have to get down to the studio and pack the equipment. The keys to the Z3 are on the dresser. Don’t wrap it around a telephone pole,” I said jokingly.

She smiled and held her arms out to give me a hug. I sat on the side of the bed and felt her naked body press against me. She planted a loving kiss on my lips. I kissed her back and said good-bye. I tip toed into Tammy’s room, gave my sleeping little girl a kiss on the cheek, and left to face what ever destiny had in mind.

Again I took Lake Shore Drive into work. It was early enough, there was very little traffic and I needed all the aesthetic distractions I could get.
Once down town I stopped at the little diner where I sometimes have breakfast. I really didn’t feel like eating, but it was going to be a long day and I didn’t know when I would get a chance to eat again.

I had already cancelled all my appointments for the day. I left the closed sign on the front door and just sat in the back room killing time.
About 9:30 am I took a deep breath, mustered all the courage I had, and told myself it was show time. I picked up my Nikon D3 digital camera. It has the capability of shooting 9, extremely sharp pictures, every second. That, along with the wireless spy cam I took from the house, should be plenty for documenting anything I need to.

I knew the little restaurant Judy was talking about. Besides Judy and Amber, Judy and I had also eaten there. The motel she spoke of was one of those cheap chain deals with the doors to all the rooms available from the outside.

Once I was there I drove around the block a couple of times trying to figure out the best place to park. I wanted a good vantage point for both the motel and the restaurant, but of course, I didn’t want Judy to spot the car. I found the perfect spot. Judy would be coming from the east and pull into the restaurant’s parking lot. She would have no reason to come this far up the street.

It wasn’t quite 11:00 yet so I had plenty of time. I left the car where it was and walked to the motel office. There was only one person on duty, a young man in his late 20’s. I was doubtful that he made a lot of money as a motel clerk, so I approached him with my bribe. I held a crisp, new $100 dollar bill in front of him and asked if he would like to earn it. Asking who he had to kill he held out his hand, palm side up. I told him it was nothing so drastic. He would probably have someone here asking for a room around 1:00 o’clock. I asked if he would give me access and a spar key to a predetermined room. He didn’t hesitate. He gave me the spare key to room 108. I took down his private cell phone number and told him I would call him when I saw them heading for the motel. That way there would be no chance of him giving the room to the wrong couple.

I walked back to the SUV and got the clock with the video spy camera that I took from the house. Again I didn’t think Judy ever even looked at it so I doubted she would recognize it in the room. I set it up on the built in dresser across from the bed. I would have all the action covered from that vantage point. The only thing left to do now was wait.

As noon approached I saw several single men enter the restaurant, but by 12:10 still no Judy. With every second that ticked by my heart jumped with excitement. Maybe she won’t show. Then Armageddon. I had a strong telephoto lens on my camera and I could see my black, Z3 turning into the parking lot. I had gotten my hopes so high only to have them dashed to pieces. I switch lenses on the camera and got ready for the show down. A little after 1:00 o’clock Judy emerged from the restaurant with a guy a half step behind her. It was Pete Jeffers! I knew the son-of-a-bitch. He worked at one of the ad agencies down town. He and I had even worked on a couple of projects together last year. He had his hand on the small of Judy’s back as they waited for traffic to clear. I called the desk clerk and told him to look out the window. The couple he saw crossing the street was the couple I was telling him about. He said he saw them and would make sure they got room 108.

I watched as they crossed the street. Judy stayed outside while Pete went in and rented the room. I notice Judy wasn’t smiling and really didn’t look like she was enjoying herself that much, but she was still there. I watched Pete lead her to the room, opened the door, and go inside. I flipped open my laptop and watched.

I watched as Judy undressed in silence. Pete couldn’t wait to throw off his clothes and left them in a rumpled mess on the floor. Judy sat on the edge of bed right in front of the camera. She didn’t look happy, she looked worried. Pete noticed it too.

“Will you relax,” he said, “ I’ve been waiting a long time to erase the memory of the first time we did this.”

I had no idea what that meant, but he did confirm they had slept together before.

“Let’s just get this over with, huh,” Judy said, “I don’t like this, not at all. We’re both taking such a big risk.”

“Oh for crying out loud, no one is going to find out. Relax will ya,” said Pete.

He laid her back on the bed and started shoving his fingers in her pussy right away. Romantic he was not. I figured I’d better get in there because it didn’t look like this was going to be a marathon session.

By the time I got to the door I could tell, by the grunting sounds, that he already had his cock inside my wife. I used my spare key to quietly unlock the door and opened it just a crack to peek inside. The mother fucker on top of my wife had his back to the door and I could see Judy had her eyes closed. I stealthily entered the room and maneuvered so I had both faces visible. I centered their images in my viewfinder and pressed on the shutter release. The camera quickly snapped off about 20 shots with a series of audible clicks.

Being a photographer’s wife I knew my wife recognized the noise immediately. Her eyes flew open and she screamed hysterically. “Don’t let me stop you,” I said in a remarkably controlled voice, “I just came to pick up a couple things. I walked to the hidden video camera on the dresser, unplugged it and walked out of the room.

Judy, in her hysteria, pushed her lover off the bed so hard he fell to the floor head first. I was already outside when Judy came running after me completely naked.

“Gary,” she cried, “wait, wait, oh God, please wait, don’t go, I have to explain,” she was frantic.

“Explain,” I said, “what is there to explain, I caught you in bed with another man.” Some movement from the open door way caught my eye and I could see Pete trying to get his pants on. I looked back into Judy’s face. It was already stained with tears and I can’t say I’ve ever seen more terror in someone’s face. At that moment I felt sorry for her, I just wanted to take her in my arms and tell her everything would be all right, that I would fix everything. But of course, I couldn’t fix this.

Just then I heard Pete’s voice yell for me to wait up. I looked back at Judy who was still standing naked in the parking lot of the motel. I told her she had better stop ass hole from coming out here. If he gets near me I won’t be responsible for what will happen. She turned and ran toward the room yelling at Pete to just stay there. By the time she turned back around I was at my car. I started the engine and pulled into the street with out looking back toward the motel. My cell phone started ringing almost immediately. I ignored it and turned it off for the time being.

My next stop was our bank. I took half of our personal savings and transferred it into my business account. On the way back into the studio I turned my phone back on and notice I had 23 missed calls. I ignored them and called my attorney. I told him what happened. He couldn’t believe it either. In addition to family legal matters, he also handled divorces. We were the one couple he was sure of. that would never be in need of his services in that respect. He was wrong. I told him to start the ball rolling for the divorce and turned the phone off again when we were done talking.

As soon as I got back to the studio I used the business phone to call and cancel our joint credit cards. I still had one strictly for business. That would suffice for now. As soon as I hung up, the business phone started to ring. I unplugged the phone from the back so I wouldn’t have to listen to it.

I figured Judy’s next move would be to come to the studio. She still had a key to the front door and I didn’t have time to get the locks changed anymore. I cursed myself for not doing that last week, but with so many other things on my mind you just can’t think of everything.

I needed a change of scenery anyway so I got into the SUV and started driving. I wasn’t sure where I was going, I only knew I had to get away for a while. I found myself in Grand Haven, Michigan outside a motel overlooking the Grand River. This was as good a place as any, I thought.

It was late and I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast so I wandered down to the motel restaurant. I watched young couples all around me enjoying each others company and wondered if I’d ever have another woman in my life. I doubted it. I’d probably never trust another woman again. I had my daughter. What ever happens during the divorce I’ll never forget my child. I will make sure she is a part of my life and I am a part of hers. I couldn’t even imagine Judy trying to come between us in any way. Yes, I will always have my daughter. As for ever taking another spouse, well, I thought, I’m probably going to die a lonely old man.

It had been a long day. After finishing dinner I went back up to my room. Just for curiosity sake I turned my cell phone back on. I now had 119 missed calls. She’s persistent if nothing else. I turned it back off just as it started to ring again.

I was so exhausted I laid down on the bed with my clothes still on. Now that I could let my guard down, I started to cry again. I cried myself to sleep.

Saturday, Grand Haven was a bustling place. There were art fairs all around and lots of friendly people. I walked up and down the busy streets looking at all the wonderful paintings, sculptures, and hand made jewelry. I tried to keep my mind off my troubles, but that was easier said than done.

Later that night I felt like being alone so I ordered room service and watched an old movie on the TV. I couldn’t help but think back to just a few nights ago, when I was sitting with my family and watching those Disney movies. God, it seemed like a life time ago.

Sunday morning I decided it was time to get back to Chicago. I was sure Judy had been at the studio already, looking for me and doubted she would be back since she didn’t find me. I pulled up Sunday afternoon and parked the car in the alley. I needed to keep busy. I still had some editing to do on a job I shot days ago. I cooped myself up in the back room and threw myself into my work. I hadn’t realized the time until my stomach started growling. I wasn’t in the mood for a big meal so I walked down the street to a little 24 hour greasy spoon.

By the time I got back to the studio it was after 10:00 pm. I was tired so I stripped down to my shorts and sacked out on the bed in the models dressing room. Tomorrow was Monday. I would open for business and try to get on with my life, I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to noises. I looked around the room. It was still dark. Again I heard something. It sounded like it was coming from the shooting room. Just then I noticed the light was on in the back office. Someone had come in through the front door. My first thought, of course, was Judy. I glanced at wrist watch. It was 3:00 am. Then I heard voices, they were male voices and more than one.

Under normal circumstances I would never confront someone in this situation. Hell, I didn’t even know if they were armed. But right now I didn’t care. After everything that had happened this was just too much. I boldly walked out to the shooting room and came face to face with 5, rather large, shadowy figures. Instantly I kicked the guy in front of the pack and caught him in the right knee. He yelled out in pain. Just then I heard a familiar voice.

“Wait, Gary, hold on, no one wants to hurt you,” it was that ass hole Pete. I didn’t care how many guys he had with him, he was going down.

I turned toward the dark figure I knew to be him and smashed my right fist into the side of his head. “Ahhhhh, son of a bitch,” I heard him yell as he stumbled and went to one knee. I felt a sharp pain to the side of my back and flinched. Another man grabbed me around the neck and pulled me back while someone else hit me in the face. I knew I was done for.

Just then I heard Judy’s voice, she was screaming. “Stop, stop, you weren’t supposed to hurt him, leave him alone,” she cried. I could see her pushing and wildly hitting one of the men.

“Tell him that lady,” I heard one of the guys say.

“Damn it, Gary,” it was Pete again, I guess I didn’t break his jaw after all. Shit! “Will you just settle down, no one wants to hurt you. He went over to Judy and pulled her off of one of my assailants.

“You promised,” she said to Pete, “you promised he wouldn’t get hurt. Let him go, I’m calling this whole thing off. Let him go.”

“Sorry doll,” Pete said, “no can do, not now. We’ve gone this far, we’re going through with it.”

Judy turned and started for the phone in the back room. “I’m calling the police,” she said.

Pete grabbed her and threw her down. She screamed at the sudden act of aggression.

After being punched in the eye my sight was a little blurry but when I saw Pete push her, I reached down inside me for one more burst of strength. I broke the grip of one of the guys holding me and swung my right arm up connecting to the side of his face. “Damn it!“ he yelled. I tried struggling to my feet again, but these guys were strong. It took all of them, but they held me on my hands and knees.

I looked over to Judy. She was sprawled out on the floor crying. Pete was bending down over her and taking something from her hands. He then walked in my direction. I heard one of the guys tell Pete to hurry up. This wasn’t going like they planned. Not at all.

Pete knelt down in front of me. “Okay Gary, here’s how this is going to go down. You’re going to open your mouth like a good little boy, and Larry here is going to stick his cock in it. I’m going to use this nice digital camera you bought for your wife and take picture of you sucking Larry’s cock. Then you’re going to go back home to your lovely wife and daughter and forget any of this ever happened. You’re also never ever, (he emphasized those words) going to mention any of this to my wife or anyone that we know. Hear me! As long as you play by the rules, these pictures will never surface, but if you, so much as cough in my wife’s direction, I’ll use these pictures to ruin you. And you know I can do it.”

“Okay hot shot,” said the guy I presumed was Larry. He was standing in front of me holding his dick in his hand, “open up and let’s get this over with.”

“You try to stick that in my mouth and I’ll bite it in two,” I said.

The guy looked at Pete who was standing by with the camera. “This guy’s crazy,” he said, “I believe him. I’m not sticking my meat in his mouth.”

Pete bent down to face me again, “Okay jack ass,” he said to me, “have it your own way.” He looked back at Larry who was still holding his cock in his hand. “Okay stick it in his ass then, he can’t bite it off from back there.”

I heard Judy scream at the top of her lungs. “No, don’t you dare do that to him.” She ran at Pete but he stopped her cold with a slap across her face. At that moment, if I had been able to get free, Pete would have been a dead man. Judy went to the floor again in a ball of tears.

Larry circled around behind me. I felt his spittle on my small hole, then I felt him push hard inside of me and start pumping. I thought he was going to rip me apart. Pete was walking around taking one flash picture after another. Then with a grunt, it was over. The mother fucker raping me had actually climaxed and shot one string of cum after another into my rectum. You just sealed your doom, I thought.

The picture taking stopped. “Okay,” I heard Pete say, “I got enough pictures. Let’s get out of here.”

Someone was pulling my arms behind my back and I felt them snap a pair of handcuffs around my wrists. Pete spoke up. “Remember what I said there pal, you’re going to forget everything that’s happened, you’re going back to your wife and you will never tell my wife or anyone we know about this or I’ll ruin you with these.”

He threw the key to the cuffs in a corner of the room. “Here,” he said to Judy, “wait till we’ve gone, then you can uncuff him if your want.”

As soon as they left I called to Judy who was still laying on the floor in hysterics. “Judy, get that key and get these cuffs off me, hurry up.” She scurried over and felt around the floor in the dark corner. In just a few seconds she found the key and hurried over to free me. I immediately picked up the phone and called the police. I reported my rape, told them Pete Jeffers was the instigator and gave them a description of his car. I gave them the route I figured he would take home and told them he had a camera in the car with him that had photographic proof of the crime.

By now my right eye, where they punched me, was swollen almost completely shut. I knew I had DNA evidence inside my bowels and to reframe from taking a shower, even though I had an overwhelming urge to do so. Judy was still crying when the police showed up. They told me, for legal purposes, I should take an ambulance to the hospital and called one for me. Then they started to question Judy.

I told the two officers she didn’t have anything to do with it, in fact she tried several times to stop them. One of the policemen asked me, if she had nothing to do with it, why was she there, something I hadn’t even thought of in all the commotion. I looked at her as she tried to stop crying long enough to talk to the officer. I couldn’t believe she had a part in this.

The ambulance came and I was taken to the hospital while Judy was taken to the police station to give a statement. At the hospital they performed a rape kit on me and took blood to test for HIV and other STD. When I was finally released I called the police to find out what I had to do next. They told me they caught Jeffers on the way home and had the camera as evidence. Under questioning he gave up the names of the others involved as well. Then they told me something I didn’t want to hear. Judy had admitted to being a part of the plot to blackmail me. She would be charged with conspiracy to commit blackmail and rape. I told them I didn’t want to press charges against Judy, after all, she was still the mother of my child, but they told me it was out of my hands, it was the prosecutor’s office who would be pressing charges. I asked if she had been released yet. No they said, they had contacted her parents but they refused to put up her bail. She would remain in jail until her trial date.

I tried to visit her but she wouldn’t see me. She had given a guard a message for me. She said she was so ashamed she couldn’t look me in the face. She said I should forget about her. She was expecting to spend many years behind bars so I should take our daughter and raise her up right. Judy said she was guilty and she deserved everything she got.

I had envisioned a divorce where we would both still be there for our daughter. Now I had to face the prospect of completely losing Judy and raising our daughter on my own.

After a couple of weeks trying to get my head together, I decided Chicago could no longer be home. I had some contacts in California so I made some calls. I was able to put together enough potential clients out there that I could move the business.

In view of the charges pending against Judy, the divorce went through quickly. I had a buyer for the house and I had already shipped my studio equipment to L.A. In the mean time I had been on the phone every day with the prosecutor who was handling Judy’s case. Every day I pleaded with him to drop, or at least, reduce her charges. After 3 months I wore him down. He agreed to reduce the charges to simple assault. He would recommend a 6 month sentence, 3 months of which, had already been served. I thank him profusely. I know she did wrong, but I knew I would never love anyone like I loved and still love Judy.

I said my good-byes to Judy’s parents and all my friends then left for the west coast. My lawyer kept me informed. Pete Jeffers pled guilty to blackmail and rape. He will be in Joliet state prison for many, many years. Of course his wife divorced him, took the kids and left him to rot in jail. The other members of the rape squad were also convicted and sentenced according to their role in the crime.

True to his word, Judy was charged with simple assault and released 3 months after I left. Her father helped her get a job in New Jersey where she now resides. I live in Los Angeles now with my wonderful daughter. I still work with some of the most beautiful women in the city, but although I’ve had many chances, I’ve still never cheated on Judy. I doubt I ever will.


Don’t be too hard on Judy until you hear her side of the story in, “Not so picture perfect” (Revised). There is no doubt that Judy did wrong, but Gary is under several misconceptions that only Judy can clear up.

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