Wild Magic Ch 16-18

Wild Magic Ch 16-18

My cock made squelching sounds as I pounded into her from behind, her body pressed flat into the wall mirror, while she sucked two of my fingers to stiffle the moans. Her panties rubbed the side of my shaft, so I used my free hand to pull them aside. She slightly bit down on my finger as her pussy bathed my cock in her second orgasm.

We had left Jessi and Lucy in a hot, incestuous, lesbian pile, and our silent agreement to focus on them was off. We strolled a few blocks and found one of those teen angst fashion boutiques, walls lined in pleather corsets and ironic t-shirts, and the music turned up. We browsed for a bit, then ducked into the dressing room and locked the door.

Annie was instantly on me. "Oh, fuck me. That was so hot, I've got to have my big brother's cock in me now. Fuck your little sister's pussy, you know you want to." She kissed my mouth and face while her hands worked at freeing my confined cock.

When it sprang free, she turned and faced the only solid wall in this dressing room, a full sized mirror mounted on the brick back wall, standing on a short stool. She lifted her skirt and arched her back, showing off her polka-dot panties covering her tiny teenage ass. The crotch was already soaked through and I could see her pussy through the thin fabric.

She pulled them to the side, presenting her drooling cunt to me. "I'm ready. Fuck me, please."

With little hesitation, I slipped into the sweet folds of her pussy with no resistance. She instantly flooded my shaft with her pent up orgasm. She started to cry out, and I stuffed my fingers in her mouth to quiet her. Her shaking legs knocked over the stool she had been perched on, leaving her feet dangling while she was pinned to the mirror by my body.

*Knock knock* "Is everything okay in there?" The attendant asked over the music. She had seemed pretty, in her punk fashion way, when we first came in.

"Um, no. I mean, yeah. I just, uh, tripped over my belt." I answered back, slipping deeper into Annie's hot body.

"Okay, sir. Do you need my assistance?"

I leaned in to Annie's ear as I fucked her harder into the mirror. "Do I? Do I need assistance with this hot, juicy pussy? Is this cock in need of help filling your insides with hot cum?" Annie shuddered as I whispered to her. I was certain the squelch of her second orgasm was audible through the door, while Annie let out a solid low moan around my fingers.

Annie relaxed, and I pulled out of her. With her feet on the ground, her legs were shakey, and she went all the way to the floor. She pulled my cock into her mouth and licked her juices from me.

"No, ma'am. I've got this under control." I finally answered. Annie sucked me deep into her throat, her tongue trying to milk my cum from my cock.

"Okay, just ring the bell if you change your mind." I thought I could sense disappointment in her voice as she walked away.

Annie was far from disappointment, however. I could feel her drawing my orgasm to the surface. She seemed possessed by a focus, using her mouth to fuck me like only a sex crazed little sister could manage.

My knees almost buckled as I unleashed my spunk down her throat. She drank what she could, leaving the rest to drip down her face. She sat with a look of satisfaction and absolute exhaustion. I enjoyed giving her that level of happiness.

A few minutes later we were dressed and at the checkout counter. The attendant wore a name tag that read "Jaz", and her multicolored hair stood out against her olive complexion. Annie seemed infatuated as Jaz rang up the t-shirts and thong underwear and various other accessories that she'd picked out.

As I swiped my card to pay, Jaz said, "So, my shift is over in about three hours, if either of you are available to do something. Or both of you. You're both cute."

I looked at Annie, and she could only nod in awe. I answered for us both. "I think we both are available. We'll meet you at the theater across the street?"

"Sounds good. And sweety," She ran her finger across Annie's cheek. "You missed a bit of your brother's cum here. Don't worry, I got it." She popped the finger in her mouth and licked it clean. "Mmm, all better.


After leaving the shop Annie came out of her daze. She was animate and excited about our date.

"Whoa, slow down. It's three hous away. What can we do to kill three hours? Dad's office is clear across town."

Annie jumped up, "Mom's firm is only about three blocks that way. If we hurry we could catch her for lunch. Race you!"

Annie was off like a rabbit. I gave chase, and was hard pressed to catch her. I had longer legs, but she was much lighter and able to avoid people easier. I did my best to stay hard on her heels, until the plaza that housed Mom's law firm came into view.

Across flat open ground I had the advantage, and sprinted passed Annie, through the open door, and into the foyer. I turned, hands in the air full of triumph, only to see Annie hurtling through the air directly into me and tackling me to the ground.

I lay flat on my back, arms and legs spread, with my sister strattling my torso. "I win." She declared.

"What? How?" I sputtered.


"She certainly looks like she won from this angle." Came the dry reply from the receptionist. "If you want to contest it, I can recommend a good lawyer." She always reminded me of the receptionist from the old Ghostbusters movies.

I untangled myself and stood up. "As a matter of fact, I might. Is my mom available?"

"She is. I'm taking lunch orders, and since it's involved a potential client, we'll just business expense yours." She exaggerated a wink as she passed over the pad and pen. I wrote my order, and passed it to Annie.

We thanked her and headed back to mom's office. Her door was open and we heard laughter. As we came in, we saw mom on the couch laughing with her assistant, Jorge. The name was confusing, because he pronounced it the English George, spelled it the Spanish Jorge, and the guy was south Asian. Had to be a story there.

Mom saw us and got excited. "And my children came to celebrate with us! This day just keeps getting better!"

Jorge sprang to his feet and brought over two more chairs. He took one chair, and Annie fell down into mom's arms. I sat in the remaining chair and asked, "What exactly are we celebrating?"

"Just that Jorge here managed to secure the foundation funding for a full five years. We are going to be able to help so many people because of him."

Jorge looked uncomfortable. "I've been telling you, hehe, it was everyone working together. I just made a phone call. If the proposal wasn't fantastic, then they would never have agreed to do it." He tried to explain away his involvement, but mom was having none of it.

"One phone call, to his college roommate who works as an aide to a senator, who heads a commission, and happens to be very sympathetic to our cause. One very important phone call." Mom hugged Annie tightly while praising her administrative assistant.

While they told us the details, Paula came through and delivered the lunches from a cart and left. Through a mouthful of sandwich, mom asked, "So why did you really come by? Not that I mind."

"I've got a date!" Annie blurted out. "Or, we've got a date, I mean. The, uh, the same person, I guess. She thought we both were cute and asked us out…" She paused her rambling to ask, "Is that weird?"

Mom laughed. "Honey, what have we taught you? As long as everyone is open and honest, and nobody is getting hurt, then it's fine. If she's interested in both of you, and you're interested back, then go for it. Speaking of being above board, does she know about you and…" She paused and her eyes darted towards me.

Annie got a look of mischief and answered, "Yeah. She pretty much caught us in the act."

Mom gasped. "Oh my. What HAVE you been up to today?"

Annie and mom huddled up and Annie told the story of her morning in a whisper. Jorge and I ate our lunches in an awkward silence while the ladies talked. I helped him clean up while mom gasped and Annie giggled.

The ladies seemed to be getting pretty intense, eye gazing and lip biting, and as much as I'd love to watch them, I had to remind Annie. "Hey, our date is in two hours and we still need to clean up and get clothes."

"Nonsense! No need to go all of the way home for that. We have a staff gym and shower here. Jorge can take my card and pick you up a nice outfit that your date will like. Annie has plenty here in these bags, I'm sure we can work something out for her." She whispered instructions in Jorge's ear before she lead us to a basement gym.


The hot water felt great on my skin, as I washed away the morning's grime. I though about Annie's pussy, fitted just for me. Then I thought about Jessi, and how she broke her cherry in a desperate need of my cum.

Then Lucy, moaning like a whore while getting fucked by her own daughter, and Elise getting hammered by her brother.

I stroked my cock as I envisioned what Jaz would look like splayed out waiting for my cum. I bet she would…

"Hehe, careful! It's slippery!" I was interrupted from my daydream by voices. "I know it's slippery! That's the point."

I quietly rinsed the soap from my body and padded to the women's shower room. I peaked out and spotted mom and Annie through the steam taking turns. Annie soaped mom's ample tits, and mom washed Annie's smaller but perked breasts.

Annie's hand got lower and lower until her fingers found mom's snatch. "Mmmm, sweetie. Does mommy need a good cleaning down there?" She asked while looking down at her daughter.

"Oh, I think so, mommy. My fingers are all sticky. Mine is dirty, too. I've been playing with it all day. Do you want to wash mine?"

"Unh, yeah. Right there, baby. You are cleaning momma up so good. Oh fuuuuu…"

"Mmmm, mom, you sure are tasty. And you left some of daddy's cream in there for me? What a treat."

"Ung, uhn. Mmm, how do you know it's your daddy's cream your licking up?"

"The same, uhn, the same way you know, oh God, know that is your son's cream you're licking up."

"Oh, my. I didn't know my daughter was so, uhn, so free spirited. Or that my husband liked them so young."

"Mom, shut up and fuck me!" Annie demanded. The talking stopped and the moaning picked up.

I sneaked up to get a better view in the steam and found them in full 69 position, Annie on top of mom with her face buried deep in mom's cunt. Annie was noisy and energetic, but mom was skilled and experienced. She knew just where to touch and lick to excite her daughter.

I stroked my shaft while I watched this scene. I must have gotten too close, because mom spotted me. She winked at me.

"So you've been using your sweet little pussy all day, huh? Have you given this little rosebud any attention?" She licked at Annie's asshole, and she stiffened in surprise. "I take that as a no."

"No, I've never…" She trailed off. "Wouldn't it hurt?"

"Oh, it can." Mom wetted her finger with Annie's pussy and started working it into her tight anus. "But with the right touch, it can be quite nice." Annie slowly relaxed, allowing mom's finger to penetrate deeper.

"Yeah, with a gentle touch, you'd be surprised." She slipped another finger in with the first. Annie grunted, but soon relaxed more, allowing mom to stretch her virgin asshole more. She mouthed for me to come closer.

"With the right touch, you might be surprised at how nice it can be." She took my cock in her free hand and guided me into her daughter's butt. Annie only moaned while she looked back at me, then began relaxing more to allow me deeper. My knees were on either side of mom's head, and I could feel her taking turns between Annie's clit and my balls.

I moved slowly, trying not to hurt her. Every time I though she hit her limit, she would take a moment then push back on me more. When my hips finally met her cheeks, she started rocking. I could feel her body relax bit by bit, until she was sliding smoothly across my dick.

"Uhn. Fuck me. Fuck my asshole with that amazing cock. Fuck me. Grab my hips and make me scream."

Not to disappoint, I gripped her hips tightly, withdrew nearly my full length, and forceably drove into her.

"Aaaaayyeeeeeaaaaeeeeaaaa!" She cried out.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I-"

"More. Fuck me harder!"

At her demand, I cut all caution, and started pistoning into her asshole. Mom called out encouraging things in between mouthfuls of cunt and balls.

The basement shower echoed with her screams, as I pushed deeper into her bowels again and again. Mom watched as I defiled her daughter, and seemed to enjoy every second of it.

I fell back onto my heels and pulled Annie with me. She immediately started bouncing on my lap, while mom turned to watch and touch herself. I cupped Annie's tits as she railed herself on my pole.

"Yeah, baby girl. Cum on your brother's cock. Feel him deep in you."

"I do, momma. I do. I want him to fill my ass with cum. Tell him he has to, momma."

"You heard her, honey. She wants you to fill her up. Annie, sweetie, when do you want him to cum?"

"N-now, momma. I want his cum now."

I pulled her tightly against me and unleashed a torrent of cum deep into her bowels. My hips jerked into her again and again, filling her up with my seed until it spilled out around my cock.

My dick gradually slipped from her ass, and mom crawled over on her hands and knees. She licked up the spilled cum from my cock and Annie's tender asshole while we could only gasp for air.

When she finished tending to our needs, mom stood and helped us to our feet. Annie's legs were unsteady, much like a newborn fawn walking for the first time. We supported her and walked out to the dressing area, where we found the outfits laid out by Jorge.

They were both kind of punk rock style that matched with Jaz's style better than my original t-shirt and jeans I'd been wearing. I wasn't going to complain about Annie's outfit, certainly. She wore a see through shirt and tiny black bra, with a super short skirt and thigh high black boots.

"So, how do I look?" Annie asked while she posed.

"Good enough to eat." Chimed a small voice in the mist of the shower room. I turned to see a bit of blue before losing it.

Mom ushered us upstairs. "You look great, sweetie. You're going to be late. Get to your date, and I want all of the details tonight.

"We will, mom." I called as we headed off to meet Jaz.

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