Raped by Pep 1-4

Raped by Pep 1-4

I felt the pain before I could protest the girth I felt pressing against my pussyhole. I thought I was dreaming at first. I laid there frozen, on my stomach as I felt my pussy being stretched beyond its capacity. Short, quick strokes, each one ripping my hole open, each time the huge thing went deeper. I felt it ponding against my cervix, each time causing a sharp pain deep in my gut. My pussy is dripping blood and precum from the monster dick hammering. I squirmed to get away scurrying up the bed. Then I felt it! A sharp pair of teeth sunk deep into my back holding me in place. The smell of dog breath permeated the air. I felt the fur rub against my back as I let out a gurgling scream. I was being raped. By a dog. I couldn’t believe it.
“ahhhhhhh. Pep heel boy.” I managed thru clenched teeth. This command only seemed to excite him. He sunk his teeth deeper into my back and pounded harder. The pain was unbearable. It felt as if the huge monsterdick was getting bigger, and my back was on fire. Stretching my hole wider, ripping the opening. The room starts to spin.

“Arggggggg. Please heel Pep” I cried.

Pep pumped as hard as he could while letting out an ear piercing howl as he exploded deep in my womb. Cum mixed with blood gushed out of my pussy pushing Peps shriveling dick out with it. Darkness consumed me as I passed out!

Five Hours Later
“Superfreak, Superfreak superfreaky now, “ my cellphone sang again for the 100th time in a row. My pussy was on fire and my sheets were bloody. Snatching my phone off the nightstand, the ringing stopped.
Boom boom boom boom.

“Come on now, first the phone now the door, I can’t. “

“Superfreak, Superfreak, superfreaky now”

“Yes” I huffed

“Janie, Where are you? I’ve been banging on the door for the last 20 minutes. I Told you I would be here by 8pm.” Mike asked.

“I’m sorry, I had a long day, and I fell asleep. Mike I’m coming to open the door but I don’t feel up to going out anymore.”

“That’s fine baby. Maybe we can watch a movie and have a few glasses of wine. Just come open the door.”
Climbing out of bed, Pep stood and began growling. He barked each time I attempted to limp pass him out of the room.

“Come on Pep, heel. I gotta get the door. “

Pep stood on his hind legs and tried humping on My leg as I walk by him. I could feel the slimy wet dick slide from its sheath as he humped.

“Down Boy”

Boom Boom Boom. “I’m coming” I said knocking Pep to the side and speed walking for the front door. I opened the door feeling a little spooked by Peps behavior.

” I guess you can say it’s my fault that he’s acting like I am his sexslave all of a sudden. You see I love to watch pornos and masturbate. The kinkier the porno the better. Some days I masturbate three or four times a day and I’m still not satisfied. I surf chat lines and dating sites and participate in a lot of phonesex.

Mike doesn’t know this side of me. He wouldn’t understand. Sometimes, if I had too much to drink, I have to send Mike home, I can’t let him find out , and having sex with a drunk me would definitely reveal more than intended. Mike thinks the wildest thing I’ve done sexually was to receive oral sex in a car. Shiiiit, that’s probably one of the tamest things I’ve done. He likes to ‘convince’ me to do things like licking his ass and sucking his balls. If only he knew, I could teach him a thing or two” I thought

“Hey baby, a penny for your thoughts” Mike said breaking into my thoughts.

“Nothing just had a bad dream that’s all”

“About what, and why are you limping?”

I quickly attempted to straighten my walk.

“My foot fell asleep.” I lied.

“Ruff, ruff ruff.” Pep barked and jumped up ,licking Mike’s face.

“Hey big boy. How’s my big boy? You been keeping mommy safe like I taught you? Has mommy given you any peanut butter today?” Mike asked rubbing Peps head.

You see, Pep was a gift from Mike. The Great Dane mixed with a Cane Corso. was only a few months old and he stood as tall as my waist, and weighed over 100 lbs., though he only stood as tall as Mikes lower thighs. When Pep stood on his two back legs, he stood taller than me. He loves peanut butter and is usually a very playful puppy. Mike had trained him thoroughly, teaching him many different commands. He usually obeyed my commands but today was different. He and Mike have this weird sort of communication. Mike could nod his head and Pep will move wherever he needs him. That doesn’t work for me.

“Yeah, I gave him Peanut butter today, why are you concerned? It’s not like you’re going to walk him when it’s time to let that funky shit out.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and slipped my tongue into his mouth.

“Interesting” Mike said after sucking my tongue and swirling his tongue around the confines of my mouth. It was almost as if he was tasting my mouth!

“What were you eating?”

“Huh? Nothing. I just woke up, I didn’t brush my teeth yet, sorry.”

“Right. Well, I’m going into the kitchen to fix us dinner, while you go shower and get comfortable” Mike said with a weird smirk. “Come on Pep, let’s go have a man talk while the queen primps.” He said taking Pep until the kitchen with him.

I hurried to my bedroom , with each step pain exploded between my legs. “Pep really put a whooping on me! I will never do that again” I mumbled as I thought about the events that led up to Pep raping me.

Earlier today
……….Rubbing my pussy back and forth with my whole hand, I occasionally dipped my middle finger in the hole. I continued to watch the thick chocolate beauty ‘Raven Samone’ slide open her fat blueberry black pussylips, revealing the hot pink interior. Stretching her lips wide, the small dark hole opened like a rosebud on a sunny bring day. The German Shepard appeared on screen and dove his long tongue straight into her cotton candy tunnel. He started sliding his tongue in and out as Raven Zamone arched her back and rode the dogs tongue, grinding her hips hard against it. This shit blew me away! She seemed just as surprised as I was by the dog’s decision to join her masturbation session.

Her face revealed her internal plight between right and wrong the minute she felt the hot breath on her cunt. Quickly throwing caution to the wind, she squirmed against the dogs tongue until her back arched, eyes rolled to the back of her head and her body spasmed, as multiple orgasms rolled thru her body. The dog slid his tongue out of the girls pussy, and began lapping at the cum dripping from her jet black pussylips.

“What the fuck?” I shoved two fingers as deep as they could go as I watched the computer screen. My pussy was soaked. I bent my fingers forward and pressed against my gspot.

“Oh shit………………………………….ahh, ahh oh my god” I practically yelled as I moved my hips forward to meet the rhythm of the attack on my g-spot and back to meet the pressure of my thumb on my clit. As if on cue, Pep stood from under the bed watching me curiously with his ears back and tail raised.

Slap, slap, slap. I slapped my wet pussy hard. “Oh shit, ahh, ahh oh shit” I moaned thru labored breathing.

Pep walked over and sniffed, blowing out his warm breath on my clit before sitting back and watching.

“Oh shit Pep, do that again” I huffed, pressing my hips forward. My pussy gushed. Pep continued to watch.
Slap slap slap. I slapped my pussy hard again. And again Pep slid his nose up the length of my pussy, before blowing his breath on it, then sitting back again. I pulled on my clit and squeezed it tight. My pussy started spasming against the fingers attacking my g-spot.

“Fuck Pep that was hot! I’m still Cumming. But that’s not what I’m looking for Pep. I need the big one. The one that starts at my toes. “ I mumbled while still rubbing my clit. Pep started sniffing my pussy. He sniffed my ass.

“ Let’s try something Pep. You see , I want my pussy ate and since you like this peanut butter so much, I wonder if I rub it on my pussy, would you lick it off.

Grabbing the jar off the end table, I smeared the thick paste like butter on my labia and especially around my clit!

“Here boy, you want a treat” I purred as I continued to smear the peanut butter.

Hesitant at first, Pep stood and began sniffing the butter. After a few agonizing minutes of sniffing, Pep stuck his long tongue out and began licking around my pussyhole as if he knew the order and was saving the clit for last.

The wet tongue stroking my pussy and the seemingly steady stream of hot breath on my clit proved to be too much to handle. Cum started squirting into Peps face as he licked me into a major orgasm. He continued to lap at my pussy despite the sporadic squirts of cum. I bucked my hips wildly with each lick. I tried to back away, my clit was extremely sensitive, and I needed Pep to stop.

“Good boy! Heel Pep” Pep ignored my command and continued to lap at my now dripping pussy.

“Pep that’s enough” I managed. Pep still continued to lap, like a mad man. I tried running , by scooting up the bed but Pep just climbed up on the bed with me. I slid my hand down there and he nipped my hand with teeth, growling at me.

“Pep, get down boy”. I said, as I started getting concerned that I had lost control of the situation. Pep lapped faster, occasionally nipping my black pussy lips with his teeth! I froze when I felt them for the first time. The piercing pain shot thru my body. I couldn’t move, nor could I talk. The pain was so intense. Just when I could no longer take it, Pep would switch to licking the length of my entire pussy with long, strong strokes. Though, I wanted Pep to stop, I can’t deny the pressure building up within me.

“Pep down, NOW’ I yelled. Pep seemed to have heard me this time, he held his head up and sat back. Watching me as he had earlier, he whined as I walked past him spent, to take a shower.

“That was crazy. I have done and thought about some wild shit, but that one tops them all. Who would have known that my Pep could be a better lover than Mike? I don’t think I will be trying that again anytime soon. Pep acted like my pussy belong to him.” I said aloud to myself as I located a mirror to check out the damage.

“Damn Pep, you broke the skin. Why did you have to bite me so hard. Come to think about it, I have never been bitten down there hard enough to cause pain ever”

Stepping into the shower, I opened my legs to let the jets spray my sore pussy. I gently pulled the swollen lips open letting the spray wet my opening. I couldn’t help thinking about Peps tongue.

“What the fuck? I’m rubbing my pussy thinking about my dog eating me out”. I thought.

I slid two fingers in and out of my pussy. I pumped hard, slamming my hand up against my cunt with each stroke. I pounded up to the point of orgasm but stopped just short of it and removed my fingers. I sucked my cunt juices off each finger. I grabbed the soap and washed up. I had to get out of this tub. I had to finish the job I had started with my fingers. Taking my time, I stepped out of the tub and dried and walked back into my bedroom with Pep.

I laid my towel down on the bed and sat on it. I laid back and bent my knees letting my smooth chocolate thighs fall back onto the bed, exposing my smooth black pussy. The moment I opened my legs, Peps nose went up in the air.

“Down boy, this one’s a solo!” I hissed as I began to rub slow deliberate circles around my fat juicy clit.

It slid easily from under its hood as it began to swell to my touch. Pep leaned his head in and sniffed hard. I pushed his head back and continued the assault on my clit with now wet fingers. I can’t lie, I was torn between letting Pep help and being scared he would bite me again, only worse this time. I held Peps Head back and rubbed faster and harder against my clit. I felt it in the pit of my stomach. I slid my hand down between my pussylips spreading them wide. I sat up on my elbows and bared down hard on my pelvis. A warm golden stream of pee streamed out into Peps face. He backed away stuck his tongue out and licked the urine from his face. This drove me insane. I rubbed fast hard circles into my clit until I exploded. My legs locked and my body spasmed. I fell back onto the bed and started drifting off to sleep.

Minutes or maybe hours into my sleep, I felt Pep licking my pussy clean. He growled as he nuzzled his nose roughly into my pussy. I was too exhausted to move an inch. I passed out.

I woke hours later to darkness. The sun had set. I stumbled to the kitchen grabbed a Gatorade and a cucumber to replenish my body. As I walked back into my room, I couldn’t help thinking how much of a good fit this hard cucumber would be. I sat on the bed and placed the cold cucumber against my hot pussy and melted. Again the moment I opened my legs Peps nose flew into the air. I slid the cucumber slowly into my pussy.

The cold vegetable stretching my tight hot pussy caused an immediate release. I lay on my stomach to nap for a few more minutes when I felt Peps tongue lash against my pussy. Letting out a growl from his gut , He hopped onto the bed and pressed his slimy massive penis against my pussyhole. Pep continued to pound away at my pussy while biting deep into my back for an hour.

Before he came he swelled really big inside of me. I felt as if he was ripping me from the inside out. I screamed at the top of lungs but Pep pumped harder. Tearing my pussy with each short stroke. Blood ran down my back and between my thighs………

Pep groaned and howled while being stroked. Mike pressed my head forward until my lips were directly in front of Peps dick. Billy stuck his tongue out licking first Pep then my lips. A short jab to the back of my neck caused me to open wide While running a bath, I sat with a mirror to inspect the damage to my cunt.

Although I felt like Pep had ripped me a new asshole, it wasn’t all that bad. The swelling made it look worse than it actually was. I reached in the drawer and grabbed the tube of China Vaginal Shrinking Cream that I bought off the black market.

“I don’t know what they put in this stuff , but it works like a charm.” I said as I rubbed the cream along the huge lips.

I applied a large amount to my hand and smeared it like lotion on my entire hand, front and back. I slid four fingers in at once. Turning it to ensure the creamed was spread evenly, I slid my thumb in next. Using my hand to rub the cream into my slick tunnel, I closed my fist, and pulled it to the entrance. This felt AMAZING. I eased my fist back in, as far as I could extend my arm at this weird position. I felt as If I was getting fucked from the inside out.

“Holy shit” I huffed, while opening my hand and easing my digits out.

“I’ve got to remember to try that shit again, but first, I need to tighten this delicacy back up, because I need Mike to lick my wounds.”

I waited the required 15 minutes for the cream and slid into the hot bubble bath. I felt the tingle and resisted the strong urge to pee, due to the cream working its magic. That’s exactly what it was, MAGIC. I have been fucked with some really big toys and Mike never seems to know. And Mike is definitely the stereotypical WHITE BOY. He’s probably about five inches. Sometimes I want to yell for him to “stick that lil cock in my big black ass, where it belongs” but he can never know that side of me. He wouldn’t understand.

Anyway, My pussy shrinks right back to its original size. When the urge to pee became too great, I stood watching my body in the mirror , opened my now normal (with the exception of the small tooth print in each lip) and started peeing. Midway thru. I squeezed on my muscle and stopped the flow.

“I can’t believe I am still horny after all of that” I said resuming the flow.

I released my lips, grabbed a reusable douche bottle and sprayed warm water into my pussy. I slid my index finger in to check tightness, and was please to feel my pussy walls hugging my finger. I stepped into a short cotton nightgown and a pair ballerina slippers. I decided to be a daring with Mike and skip the underwear.

“I wonder what Mike would think if he knew what Pep Done?” Or that perhaps Pep was a better pussylicker than he, himself? I wonder if I rub peanut butter on my pussy for Mike, Would heat me until every drop is gone? “ I thought as I lotioned my body.

Brushing my hand against my pussy, I couldn’t resist stroking my clit. I had to be quiet, I didn’t want Mike or even worse Pep to hear me. I quieted my breathing as I rubbed small circles into my clit. Grabbing the cucumber from earlier, I slid the vegetable against my pussy, rocking my hips, creating a rhythm and just the right friction.


“Babe Do you want garden Or fren…… What the fuck! Don’t stop, please?” Mike stood wide eyed, while his small dick grew to attention in his pants.

Ruff, ruff, ruff…grrrrrrrr,ruff. Pep barked and growled hopping up on the bed.

I tossed the cucumber beside the bed on site of Mike and Pep. Embarrassed, I scrambled to cover my naked body with my towel.

“Mike, why didn’t you knock? Please leave and wait for me in the front room.” I yelled

“Babe, its ok, so you are human. You masturbate, so what”

Ruff, Ruff, Ruff. “Down Boy Heel Peep” I huffed

Ruff, ruff ruff “Heel Pep. Down Boy” Mike said just above a whisper.

Pep backed off and laid beside the bed. Mike stood in the doorway with the same weird smirk he had earlier when he spoke to Pep. It made me uncomfortable. Made the hair on the back of my neck stand.

What the fuck was that?

“Mike please leave and take Pep, I’m sorry you saw that and yes I do Masturbate. The cat is out of the bag. But I need to get dressed and I need privacy.”

Mike stood quiet for a few more seconds before backing out and closing the door. He was acting weird. I have dated him for the last 11 months and never have I felt unsafe. I thought he couldn’t get enough of my sweet hot chocolate.

Mike stood outside the door thinking about what he would do to me. He stroked his five inch hard on slowly, he didn’t want to cum yet, he had a long night in store. Mike was self-conscious about the small size of his cock and thought everyone made fun of it. This included me.

“Pep, it’s cool, you will get some tonight. I promise. Let’s go wait for this black bitch. She swears she slick. Think I don’t know what she says about me. But I’m gonna get the last laugh. My dick is too small, oh yea. Babydick? huh you wanna call me names? I’m gonna fix this black tramp Pep. Remind her that all ingress whores are meant to be slaves” He whispered as he eyed his bag of treats he snuck in while Janie bathed.

“ She thinks she’s too good for me?” Never want to have sex or even just giving me a blowjob. She blows my dick like it’s a disgusting piece of meat, I’m going to show her” Mike zipped his pants back up.

“Mike, I think I’m done for the night. I want to go to bed and I want you to go home.”

“Too bad, bitch, I’m staying, so come sit down so we can get this party started.” Mike said in a low tone.

I walked towards the door to let Mike out.

“Pep” Mike called out. Pep went into attack mode, moving in on me

“Heel Pep”

Grrrrrrr grrrrrr Woof woof woof grrrrrrr

I couldn’t believe it. Pep turned on me
“Janie come sit down. Take that gown off on your way”

“Mike, what is this about? Did you sic Pep on me? How can you expect us to continue after this.” I asked feeling betrayed.

“Save the tears Janie, I know you are a whore. I know you pretend to be holier than thou because you are not attracted to me. I know you make fun of the size of my cock, and today, you’re going to pay, you monkey bitch. You like being a nasty black bitch, I going you like the trash you are, then leave your body there in the trash”.

Body? What the fuck? I don’t know this man.
“Make fun of you? Ashamed? What the hell are you talking about Mike I love you. Your size don’t mean anything.”

Whomp, whomp. With the speed of lightning Mike backhand slapped me twice, busting my lips. He grabbed my long ponytail, pulling my head down to his thigh and kneed me repeatedly in the face. Pain exploded in the center of my face and spread to the edges. I felt my nose break on contact as blood trickled out. Mike stood me straight and tossed me onto the couch.

“I said , take this fucking gown off, black dirty bitch” He said ripping the gown from my body.

I laid frozen in place, not quite believing that my kind pushover Mike was doing this to me..
“Mike please”

“Bitch, don’t call that name again, Keep your mouth closed and make this easy. “

Ding Dong.Ding Dong Boob boom boom.

“Mike someone’s at the door, please enough. “ I cried

Mike leaned in and licked the blood running out of my nose. He grabbed the dirty wet dishrag off the table and stuffed it into my mouth. Pulling me by my hair, he walked over to the door and checked the peephole.

“Whats up Billy, glad you can make it. Did you bring him?” Mike asked the stranger who was now standing in my living room. He seemed unmoved by the sight of a naked black brick house in front of him.
My normally perky 38Ds swung freely from my body with every jerk Mike caused. My small waist only seemed to make it look worse because my big chocolate ass only looked bigger.

“Yea, I bought Him. He’s in the car. Now Mike, I know you said this here was personal, But that’s one fine black bitch you have there, and after I mate her with King, I want a little taste, If that’s alright with you”. The big redneck looking white man said, while rubbing his rough calloused hand up my thigh.

Ruff, ruff ruff, grrrrrrrrrrr ruff. Pep leapt into the air snapping at the big man’s lingering hand.

“It’s ok Pep, you and have shared before haven’t we?”

Shared before? What the fuck is he talking about?

Mike snatched the phone cord from the wall. He used scissors to cut it in half. Each piece was used to secure my arms to the radiator beside the footstool. I was placed on my stomach with my ass in the air across the footstool. My knees bent on the floor, were secured at the knee, around the stool. So even if I attempted to stand and take the stool with me, I wouldn’t get far. The wires would force me back down.

Mike went into kitchen and returned with a Budweiser. He pressed the cold drink with the cap attached, against my cunthole.

“Arrrrgggggggggg Arrrrrrgggggg…..” I tried pleading with Mike to stop now, I wouldn’t tell anyone I promised, but with the rag stuffed in my mouth I could say nothing.

“I always wanted a black nigger bitch to suck the piss and cum of out my dick. I’m going to remove the rag and replace it with this white fat hillbilly cock, you be real careful with them teeth if you want them, you hear?” Big white Billy said with lust in his eyes.

He removed the rag. Placing his fat dick on my lips, I refused to open my mouth. Billy hauled off and punched me in the face so hard, I spit my first (of many) tooth of the day out Billy Slammed his dick into the small space in the back of my throat. I bucked against the restraints, but nothing mattered. I couldn’t breathe. Billy was suffocating me.

“What, you can’t breathe bitch? Huh? “ he asked sliding the head of his dick along my tongue. Then BAM. He slammed his dick deep in my throat again. He squeezed my nostrils and continued to push hard against my throat. Pulling out of my mouth I gasped for air .

“Hahahahaha, now I want you to do something for me. I’m going to bring ole Pep over and you’re going to suck his dick too. Watch them teeth.” Mike said

“Come on Billy , he’s ready for you”

Billy stood Pep on his back legs with his other two over top of me like a 69 sort of. What I next Blew me away. Billy reached down and started stroking the sheath that housed Peps Dick. The Huge pink monster slithered out like a snake. It continued to get thicker as it swelled with blood. He stroked a few more times, before lowering his head to meet Peps Penis. Mike slurped the big thing unto his mouth quickly and released it just as quick

“Your turn Janie” Mike said as he appeared naked and Pep went crazy…….

With the dog’s slippery penis against my lips, I opened wide. He started hammering at the back of my throat. Peps strokes were short and packed with power. Each stroke I gagged. I felt My asscheeks being spread apart.

“No, Please, Mike. Stop this now. I won’t tell I promise” I mumbled around Peps dick.

I felt Mikes small Babydick slide into my ass. I tightened my body to stop the invader but his cock was so small that it simply slid in. Mike cleared his throat and conjured up a mouth full of spit. With force, he spit in my hair with it splashing on the side of my face.

He leaned forward so he was laying on my back, and started stroking Peps Dick as I sucked. Well while he face fucked me. Pep had slammed into my throat so much, I had vomit trailing down my chin. The huge pink monsterdick was slick with vomit as well.

“Hey bitch, Meet King. “ Billy appeared.

He had a huge German Shepard on a leash. The dog must have sex regularly because he had an instant hard on, and never barked. His dick looked about 10 inches once out of the sheath
“Would you look at that. A jet black dog to fuck a jet black bitch.” Billy slurred

Mike slid his Babydick out of my ass, and helped Billy’s dog up. He stroked the giant pink dick with care. Mike guided the dog’s dick to my pussyhole and King went to work.

I felt his huge dick pushing against the small opening. In one quick motion, Kings dick pummeled between my sugar walls slamming into my cervix.

“Owwwwwww” I yelled biting down on Peps Dick.

Pep growled as he pulled his dick from my mouth. He whined loudly. This made Mike mad.

“Didn’t Billy tell you to watch your fucking teeth” Mike yelled as he punched me repeatedly in the face.

Placing a pillow under my head, Mike forced my head into the pillow until I couldn’t breathe .

King began to swell , the room was spinning, and Mike continued to punch my face.
Bloodied, I begged thru Missing teeth and a bloody mouth .

“Please Mike, I had enough. Make him stop Please” I begged.

I felt something very hard pressed against my asshole. Streams of spit covered my face and body.

“Whose got a Babydick now? I heard Mike say.

The hard object pressed against my asshole started applying pressure. I squirmed and begged.

Slam. Slam slam


The long hard object slammed into my ass. My asscheeks jiggled as if clapping for the intruder.

King continued to hammer away at my pussy .I could feel his thick drool dripping onto my back. He was howling as loud as a coyote as his dick swelled busting open my pussy along the way.

As blood and cum gushed out, Kings dick slid out too, leaving the hard object in my ass. It was going so deep into my ass I thought it would come out of my mouth. Billy knelt down on his knees . he grabbed the back of my head, sat his big dick on the pillow. He forced it down my throat hard.


I choked as my ass was being rammed. The object was pulled from my ass. Mike stuck a broom in my face. Brown smears of shit laced the broomstick.

“Lick it bitch. “ Billy took his dick from my throat and Mike inserted the broomstick. He slammed it down my throat causing me to vomit instantly.

Pep climbed up on the chair and pressed his dick into my now bloody hole. He leaned forward and bit deep into my back to hold me still.

He hammered my pussy until I passed out.
I don’t know how long peps thick monster dick fucked me, but when I woke up, he was still pounding away at the same pace, with the same ferociousness. My back felt wet from the blood. Mike and Billy were not within my line of sight, but I heard sucking sounds and moaning. I passed out again.

Later that evening

The strong scent offended my senses. I opened my eyes to find Mike holding a bottle of rush, a sexually stimulating inhalant. It burns everything from your nose to your brain. After the initial burn, it creates a warm fuzzy feeling throughout your body. Your nerve endings are on fire, which is exactly how I felt, until I felt the sting of the belt across my ass

. Shwapp, shwapp, shwapp

“Aahhhhhhhhhh” I yelled

Mike forced my face back until the pillow. He held it there until my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

Huhhhhuhhhhu. I sucked in as much air as I could.

He slammed my head back down into the pillow and held it again.

Huuuhhhhhuuuuuhhhhhh And again I suck in as much air as I could.

The chair was now painted red from the blood oozing from my face, pussy and asshole. I felt Mike attaching clamps to my pussylips. They felt like little teeth . They were heavy as if something was hanging on them. I could’ve sworn I felt my black kips tearing off.

Shwapp Shwapp, Shwapp, I felt the cool air brush past my clit before I felt the terrible sting.

“Oh my godddd, Please help me” I cried

“ Nobody to help you here” Mike said appearing from the kitchen area.

He carried a jump rope tied a lot like a noose. He slipped it over my head and started pulling. He pulled so hard, I thought my head would pop off. Gasping for air, I struggled against the restraints. He eased up and removed the rope. He slapped the rope across my back.

Ding Dong. Ding Dong

Superfreak, superfreak, superfreaky now. My phone sung.

“Who the fuck is that Bitch? You expecting someone?” Billy asked with the homemade noose back around my neck.

“My sister! She wants me to babysit the twins. If I don’t answer, she will know something is wrong and call the police. Mike Both four cars are outside.” I managed

“Great more black nigress pussy to demolish, Let that black whore in Mike. And her bastard babies.” Billy said getting excited.

Billy always wanted to abuse a black woman. And the thing he would do to them bastard babies. He couldn’t contain his excitement.

“Please just be quiet and let them leave. Please don’t hurt them. They are not babies, they are 7 years old. Mike come on let them go” I begged.

“Billy get her untied quick and in the bedroom. You stay there too. I will handle this out here. We don’t need the drama so I will try to get rid of her."

Billy freed my hands and feet and covered the bloody couch with his coat. Throwing me over his shoulder, we retreated to the bedroom as I silently prayed for my sister’s safety. I heard the door close.

“Where’s Aunt Janie uncle Mike?” Angie the female twin asked
Billy’s heart sped up. He hopped up of me and rushed to the door, waiting for the little voice to enter the room.

The door opened and the twins walked in with a confused expression on their face as they took in the scene before them. I was naked laying on the bed, bloody, staring at them. The huge white man in the corner stared at them as if He would make a pot of stew with them. 2 huge dogs with big pink things hanging out their privates. And uncle Mike. They started crying, as if they knew the torment I had went thru. Or what they were about to go thru.

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Mentoring Brandon Chapter 12

MENTORING BRANDON By Bob Chapter 12: Fantasies Finally Realized As I drifted off into a deep sleep I couldn't help but think about what Bran and I had talked about. I knew I was more experienced than Brandon in the area of sex, since I was his first sexual experience. I also could tell that he was quite intrigued about a multiple sexual experience. I also believed that would be a lot of fun, but I didn't want to push too hard, since I didn't want to loose the love of my life. I was just about to drift off to...


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A longing lust of mine for thomas

No, Thomas is hott. Jake is just cute. You know, like the boy next door, nothing special.I told Heather as we walked to the locker room . We walked pased the basketball court, and there he was the most georgous guy I new. He was about 5' 11, brown hair, green eyes that could set a girl off, and the best smile. I waved and he waved back. Everyone in the school said he liked me but I denied it, although I knew it was true. We've been best friends forever. Me and Heather walked around a bit talking before going...


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CALCUTTA. India is a beautiful country. It was more so when the east India Company ruled its coast on all three sides. I was a small kid way back then, maybe ten or so. Calcutta was a bustling city, and was important by way of trade. now Calcutta is infamous for the mighty monsoons. it rains almost daily at noon. it was one wet rainy afternoon in Calcutta where our story begins. due to the rains I had been devoting much of my time looking out of the window. little drops of rain played an unusual music over the tin slant...


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Lucas's love 2_(1)

So I got to my knees and I took Jason's dick in my mouth and sucked it. It felt so good I did not want it to ever end however about 15 minutes later Jason filled my mouth with his cum and he said Can I suck you off So I got back up to my feet and said No you can not and I walked out his room and out his house and returned to my house. When I got here I got a call from Jason. when I answered he said What the fuck? Jason I have already exsplained...


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Old flame 2

For anyone who missed the previous story, this is about my old girlfriend Dana who I ran into while in Vegas on a bachelor party with my buddies. Dana is a married sexy mid 30’s blonde, with the nicest legs and ass you’ve ever seen. She's very pretty with big blue eyes and takes care of herself very well. We hooked up the previous night and I got her to do some things she says she’s never done……….. After our hotel room session Dana and I, went back to be with our friends. Of course when I met back up with...


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Jaded Part 1- Water's Edge

All I could think about was how hot it was today and just how cold it was yesterday; the heavy winds that had blown my Walmart bag across the parking lot as my friends had giggled at my pursuit had turned to intense rays beating down on my sixteen year old body. I’ll be honest, it was a body most of my friends- even the older ones- envied and it was in part because of my body that the older girls even hung out with me anyways. My innocent face and long blond hair complimented my 34B chest and slender 5”6...


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Marissa's Mind

Marissa always got her way, with everything. School, home, boys, Melissa's boys- you name it, she probably had it. The girls were twins. Marissa was born differently though. She had the power to control minds, and Melissa didn't know. The girl's mom didn't know. Only Marissa knew. And now, as both girls were seniors in highschool, Melissa had something Marissa had ALWAYS wanted, the captain of the football team as her boyfriend, with every other guy drooling after her. This was the last week of school, and Marissa wanted Tom- the football team captain- before school was out. The girls were...


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Lust in Space S1E4: Derivium Found

Maurine was excited. She had found that not only had the ship already scanned for the Derivium they needed to fuel the engines, but there was a modular deployable extractor (MDE) unit in the hold. All she had to do was search the logs for the scan data and she would be in business. She felt a little guilty that the guys' and Judy's task was so hard. ********************** Wow, Don. This is so hard. Judy pumped her hands along his shaft before popping the head in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Fuck, Judy. You are just the...


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