The Family After Party

The Family After Party

Every year my family gets together for a weekend reunion. Lisa and I had plenty of camping gear. We took the boys camping several times a summer on weekends as they were growing up.

We pitched our tents in my grandfather's field far enough from the house that we could enjoy some after-hour fun. Coming from a large family, several of us smoke cigarettes and other things, as well as drank. As our practice, Lisa and I had a large civil war era cabin tent have we assembled in little time. We lived near his farm so we were the first people there. My grandfather directed traffic as more cars and tents dotted the field.

I hooked up the trailer to his antique Farmall and collected firewood and the necessary tools for the firepit. Two large rear tractor wheels made the fire ring. I used my tent and my cousin Jake's to judge placement. I piled the wood between our tents as well as a couple of axes and two fire extinguishers. Two water barrels on mobile stands offered water to anyone who needed it. Benches ringed the pit and two large tables sat under canopies for food and preparations.

When I say a large family I am not exaggerating. The year Lisa and I were married he had 106 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren. So planning was needed to make this event a success.

The encampments were arranged in a roughly spoke pattern. Those family members that were tea-totaling were arranged in one corner nearest the homestead. Those who had an occasional "nip" came next. The rest of us took the rest of the circle and arranged our tents in two groups with all facing the large pit. I made a reservation for a bank of porta-potties large the furthest fence from the house.

Shower facilities were a large water tank with solar heat above a panel trailer leveled in place with four stalls. Grandfather approved all the preparations then went home to wait for the line of family that would be coming across his porch to wish him well. Only a few of us knew his coffee was more Irish than coffee. So we snickered every time one of the more stuffed shirts of the group tried to take it away from him. Grandfather still believed in "spare the rod, spoil the child". So he would whack anyone touching his cup unless it was to refill his ceramic smile mug.

By Friday afternoon the field looked like a church chautauqua, not a family reunion. Lisa and I moved between campsites welcoming everybody and checking if they had all they needed for the week. We met up occasionally for a quick peck or pat then off again to the next camp. As the sun eased down behind the western rim of the valley Lisa and I lit the first fire of the week and slumped in our director's chairs. A couple of cold beers and the first joint of the week soothed us down enough to allow us to think about our personal time.

The tent was a left-over from our " period camping" days. So inside the tent, we had updated our gear. A small cast iron wood burner with a percolator on pot lightly bubbling sat in one corner. A folding table with two chairs sat in the other corner. Against the back wall was the headboard of our rustic queen-sized bed. A good friend of ours made the bed collapsible as payment for Lisa giving him a blowjob.

We entered the tent. I lit the stove and Lisa began removing her clothes. She complained her arms hurt. I stepped behind her and unhooked her bra and started rubbing her shoulders where the straps had cut deep furrows in her skin. The price you pay for the double D breasts she carries all day. From the tops of her shoulders, my hands down her back to her sides under the arms around to her front following the strap marks until my hands moved to cup her breasts. Lisa rested against my chest and turned lips to mine. We continued kissing getting more excited with every kiss. Massaging the large breasts Lisa moaned and moved her hand between us. She squeezed my cock through my jeans.

My right hand moved down her side to unbutton her hip huggers and wormed into her panties. My fingers rubbed her velvety outer lips using the juices already forming there. By the time my fingers parted her pussy lips my tongue parts her other lips. We broke our embrace momentarily to climb in bed. Lisa shed her clothes and lay on the bed as I dropped my clothes in a pile at the end of the bed.

As I stood naked at the end of the bed, Lisa crawled down to me. That impish grin that brings me to rock hardness crossed her lips as she took my balls in her little hand and brought me to the rail. Lisa's breasts hang over the footboard as she aimed my cock to her lips. She flicked the to of my cock before parting her lips and sucking me in. Nursing my cock head while I tugged on her nipples, Lisa was moaning as she sucked more of my tool in her mouth. My hands roamed over her back as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her silky soft mouth. She pulled back and let my cock free. She lay in her back in the middle of our bed, dipped a finger in her pussy and crooked her glistening finger in my direction.

I was between her thighs in a flash. I drank in the scent of her sweet pussy before lapping the clear juices from her bare pussy as she wiggled her butt on the bed. I pulled her legs over my shoulders drawing her pussy up and out so I had full access to her juicy treasures. Her juices had migrated down from her pussy to the rim of her puckered rose. I tongued both openings in turn until she begged me to screw her.

Who am I to deny my wife's release? I moved over her and worked the tip of my cock into her slippery opening. We both moaned as my cock slipped in deeper and deeper until our pelvic bones touched. I kissed her passionately for several seconds until she rolled her hips signaling her need. I started with long, slow strokes. Bringing my cock almost out then back into the base. Lisa clawed at my back as I sawed in and out until my own excitement became too much. We were wild animals, arms and legs wrapped around ourselves as we drove to release. I thrust together until I froze and filled her pussy with my semen that triggered her sensual explosion and release.

I usually take the time to clean up the mess I had made. This was our normal practice to the mutual joy of both of us, but the work of the day robbed both us of the energy to continue. Our sleep came quickly so we our naked when the sun started to light our tent the next morning.


The next morning Lisa headed to the showers and I stepped out of our tent with a mug of coffee and loose athletic shorts covering my otherwise naked groin. I was setting in my director's chair sipping my coffee when Vickie, my cousin's wife, came up and gave me one of her luscious kisses," where's your wife?"

"She's in the shower." I thumbed over my shoulder.

"Hmm. I wonder if she needs some help." Vickie grabbed her robe and sprinted for the shower trailer. Her husband Mike joined Lisa's chair, "We heard you and Lisa last night. Thanks, I haven't got a ride like that from Vickie in months." I should have told him that Vickie has been coming over and screwing Lisa and me for several months but who am I to start problems at the reunion. Mike did know about Vickie and me so it was only half a lie. Mike and Vickie had been swinging with us for two years after our youngest children had moved out.

Lisa came back from the shower with a healthy glow as did Vickie so I knew they had to wash each other's hard to reach places. Lisa gave me a long kiss, showing her ass to anyone looking our way before swinging her hips as she entered our tent. She came back out in a halter top and Daisy Dukes that barely covered her important parts.

We ate a light breakfast and started moving through the encampment checking on everybody. Lisa would bend over and show off her full chest to any and all takers. We had partied with enough of them to know who was up for swinging as the week went on. Lisa would squeeze an occasional cock or pinch a nipple while kissing another lady's cheek. I knew what was happening, she was planning her rounds for the week. I smiled watching my wife and I made a few mental notes as to who's tent was who's.


As we moved through the day, Lisa and I made sure everyone had access to three hot meals and other amenities they needed. We even took grandpa his lunch. By lunch, he had drank several of his special Irish coffees. So when Lisa bent over in front of him he grabbed her ass cheek. Lisa giggled and pushed his hand away. She turned and gave him a peck on the cheek. She is always a tease. Grandpa's gnarled hand moved in her halter top and squeezed her quickly hardening nipple. Lisa cooed softly as he kneaded her tender flesh. Let me explain something now. Lisa is a major nymphomaniac. I found that out the year after we married. We had some long nights of discussion and understanding. So we have lovers outside our marriage. Most we share but there are a couple we keep to ourselves, more for the other person than either of us.

One person we share is granddad. We have been taking care of him for a few years now. We live near the farm so it was natural that we check on him regularly. You know meals, regular bathing, and Lisa helps him with the regular hardons from his heart medications. If I don't jack him off or give him a blowjob she gives him a blowjob or on rare occasions lets him screw her.

Today was one of those exceptional days. Lisa asked Vickie to give her a hand bathing the old man. They stripped the few clothes both of them wore and took "Pop" in the bathroom. An hour later the three of them came out of the bathroom with smiles on their faces. Pop had a major league shit-eating grin on his face the rest of the day and I made a mental note to check with the two of them later about the events in that room.

But both of the ladies had diamond hard nipples and the definite scent of sex around them when I kissed both of them. I know what both of them taste like so when my lips touched theirs it was easy to deduce at least part of the festivities. While Lisa fed Pop I pulled Vickie in the bathroom at the other end of the house and french kissed her deeply several times.

I unbuttoned her baby blue, short-sleeved top and quickly cupped those breasts. They may not be as big as Lisa's, but their hand-sized mounds were made to be played with. She sat on the counter while I nursed her nipples back to hardness.

I dropped my shorts and Vickie dropped to her knees. She had me hard in minutes. She stood back up and we kissed deeply until I spoon her around. I pushed her forward so her elbows rested on the counter and her firm legs spread before me. I worked my cock into her as she moaned in time with my thrusts. When Vickie came on my cock I pulled out of her and worked my now wet cock in her butt. I thrust her ass like I did her juicy pussy. We were busy when Lisa entered the room with us. She stood near us and exchanged kisses with Vickie. She then reached under us with both hands. She began drawing little circles around Vickie's clit while her other hand probed my ass. Vickie and I went crazy with the extra stimulation. Vickie came again as I shot into her bottom. We separated as Vickie and Lisa kissed. Then Vickie took her position on the floor. She moved Lisa's fingers out of the way and locked her lips on Lisa's clit. I moved in to suck Lisa's nipples as she exploded in Vickie's face. We dressed and headed out to see Pop asleep in his favorite chair.

Dinner time I noticed Lisa was missing so I walked around camp until I heard the telltale sound of sex. I have four female relatives that are openly gay. My aunt Missy had her own 40-foot camper and it was rocking from all the activity inside. Lisa was on her knees while Missy was working her favorite strapless dildo in her sopping pussy. Her mouth was locked on Fanny's pussy while she sat on a thick strap-on toy Melissa was wearing. Vickie and barb were in the middle of a sixty-nine session while three other women at around necking and fingering each other. I stepped out of the camper and walked away. I would have been jacking off otherwise.

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