Birthday Boat Ride Part 2

Birthday Boat Ride Part 2

Birthday Boat Ride

Chapter 3

Four hours later Jack went down below to awaken Diana who was sleeping peacefully with her arms wrapped around Samantha in the spooning position. He woke her gently, “hey honey, how you doing?”

“Hmm, she cooed, opening her eyes Hi,” was all she managed before closing her eyes again.

“Come on honey we have to go, it’s getting late, and we need to get the boats back to the dock.”

“HMM, ok,” was all that came out.

“You know, Jack, Monica can give you directions to our house from hers and we can meet you there and she and Samantha can rest.” “I’m afraid even if she does wake up, she won’t be able swim back to Peter’s boat.” “She is totally wiped out!” I think those extra guys from the neighboring boats really worked these two hard.” Nancy said.

“Yeah, good point, she’s really zonked.” “You don’t think she took something do you?”

“No, we don’t have any drugs on board, we don’t believe in that stuff, and no one had clothes on so I don’t how they could have smuggled something aboard.” “I think she was fucked silly and is exhausted.” “You men don’t think we women are doing anything when we’re fucking but I assure you we are working as hard as you and she and Samantha may have set the boat’s record for bedroom work this afternoon.”

“Jack laughed; I am very well aware of how much effort Diana puts into sex!”

“Come on, leave them to rest,” Nancy said. Jack turned to follow her and had to stop and admire her gorgeous ass and those big puffy pussy lips showing between her legs as she went top side!

Once topside, Debbie asked, “where’s Diana?”

“She’s asleep down below, Nancy says she is just exhausted from all the sex she had today, and she suggested we let her ride home with them and then I can pick her up at their house.” Jack explained.

“Ok, Judy and I will bring your car over to Bob and Nancy’s house so you will have it and you can stay here with her.”

“Ok, thank you.”

Debbie returned to Peter’s boat and the two boats hoisted anchors and turned towards the open sea. Jack was standing by the rail when suddenly Nancy handed him a tall Mia Tia.

“I propose a toast to your wife’s birthday and to meeting such a wonderful couple!”

Jack smiled, “thank you, you and Bob are very kind so show us so much hospitality, if there is ever anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.”

“Well now that you mentioned it, there is something you can do for me.”

“Just name it.”

“It’s getting a little chilly out here on open water and it’s making my nipples hard, perhaps we could take our drinks down below and you could help me warm them?”

“I would be most happy to warm your nipples Nancy, lead the way!”

Nancy stretched out in the middle of the bed and Jack marveled at her beauty. There was only a tiny bit more to her to Nancy than to Diana and she was probably 20 years her senior.

She had bigger and heavier tits that flattened out on her chest when she laid back. A little more waist and her hips flared more due to childbirth. But what really captivated him was her pussy! She had a huge labia; her pussy lips were big, and puffy and completely bald so they stood out and looked even bigger than they were. Jack couldn’t wait to get his lips around those babies.

Jack crawled between her legs and inhaled deeply savoring her scent. Then he sucked her lips into his mouth, enjoying the gasp that suddenly exited Nancy as he began to gently chew on her pussy. He increased his attack on her pleasure zone. Once he had her squirming around, he released her lips and separated them with his fingers so he could lick her slit and clit!


Nancy’s legs began to quiver and then go stiff as her breath caught and then her entire body bucked up and then crashed down onto the bed and her hands clawed at Jack’s head trying to pull him into her cunt! Jack was happy he made her cum so quickly, but he wasn’t finished licking that beautiful pussy so as her orgasm began to subside, he sucked her clit out of its hiding place and into his mouth where he could torture it with his tongue and teeth.

“OH FUCK!!!” Nancy screamed at the top of her lungs reengaging Jack’s head with her sex. “OH, FUCK! CAREFUL I’M GOINGGGGGGGG…CUMMMM,” Nancy’s body went stiff as a board again and suddenly she began to squirt pussy juice in Jack’s face. Jack tried his best to lick it up but the faster he licked the more she squirted, until finally she collapsed flat on the mattress and Jack stopped licking.

Jack raised up with raging hard on and began to mount her, but he noticed she didn’t seem fully aware of what was happening, and he didn’t want to fuck her if she was semi-conscious so instead, he settled down and took her in his arms and kissed her ear.

“Hey, Nancy, are you ok?”

“Hmm, more than ok, thank you.”

“You seem sort of out of it.”

“Yeah, I haven’t cum like that in I don’t know how long!” “Man, you can really eat pussy, Jack.”

“Thanks, but yours is really easy to eat, you must have a sugar factory in you, to get your pussy that sweet!”

This made Nancy laugh and she put her arms around him and opened her eyes. “I don’t know about any sugar factories in me, but there is a nice hard cock in me, and I think you should fuck me like the slut I am, make me your slut, Jack!” “Fuck me long, hard and cum deep in me!”

Twenty minutes later they both lay sweating and trying to catch their breath, when they heard Samantha say, “hey you two love birds, if you’re done trying to wear out that mattress we are in the channel and should be home in just a few minutes.”

“Thank you, sweetheart, have you been there long?”

“Long enough to know Jack has now been thoroughly fucked, that’s for sure!”

“Goodness Jack, I raised a pervert voyeur!” This made everyone laugh and Samantha came over to the bed and sucked the cum and pussy juice off of Jack’s cock, but it didn’t make him hard.

“Just as I said, Jack has now been thoroughly and completely fucked. I know that because I can suck cock like a porn star, but he didn’t even begin to harden. Good job mom!” With that, Samantha turned and went back up top while Jack and Nancy pulled the sheets off the bed.

“Damn, there’s still a wet spot from us, better leave the sheets off and let it dry, come on we should be home about now.”

Jack was expecting Bob to take a slip or a channel anchor, but he pulled right up to his own private dock behind his house. Jack went the master stateroom to see if he could wake Diana.

“Hey sleepily head, you awake,” he whispered in her ear and kissed her softly?

“Hmm,” she mumbled, as she rolled over, stretched and smiled. “Hi, wow, did I fall asleep?”

“Yes, I think you had a very busy afternoon,” Jack said chuckling.

She giggled, “you could say that! “Where are we, it feels like the boat is stopped.”

We are at Bob and Nancy’s house; they have a boat dock in their back yard!

“Wow, must be nice, ok, I need to pee.” She got up and went to the head and when she came out, she said, “I’m naked and I don’t have anything to put on, it’s on the other boat!”

Jack laughed at that statement, “honey, you have been naked since we pulled out of the harbor this morning and everyone on board has seen you and had sex with you, some twice, so I don’t think you will shock any of these people by being naked.”

“Ok, good point, but I don’t want to keep walking around naked if other people are dressed.”

“Well, I’m not dressed and nether are the others, except for Bob, and Samuel, who were topside when they brought the yacht through the harbor. Nancy and Samantha are still naked.” About that time Samantha came bounding in, “hey Jack, is she awake yet?”

“Yes, she is up and moving!”

“Wow, girl, you are one hell of a party girl.” “I thought I could party, but you really party!” “You fucked all the men from three boats and were looking for more.”

“What do you mean,” Diana, said, confused as to what Samantha was referring to?

“I mean, what you did this afternoon, with the guys, me, mom and dad and a half a dozen others!”

“Uh oh,” Diana thought for a moment and then turned a shade of bright pink, “oh no!” “God, I am soooo sorry, I must have made a total slut of myself, huh!” She said as she hid her face in her hands.

“Boy, I’ll say you did!” “But don’t worry about it, you’re in good company as far as total sluts go. Mom and I qualified a long, long time ago, as did Monica, the only thing I am a little bummed about is that Samuel thinks you give better head than I do!” She said pouting.

Ok, Jack thought, now that was a strange comment to make; her brother thinks my wife sucks cock better than his sister? Does that mean he knows firsthand how well his sister sucks?

“Come on everyone,” Nancy called from above, “let’s go eat.”

“Diana is concerned that someone may see her walking naked into your house.” Jack told Nancy.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, the neighbors are used to us walking around nude, just smile and wave.” “I think it makes some of the neighbor’s day to see us naked, so I do it as often as I can.” “And they will love what you’re showing, honey, come on now let’s do the naked parade and make someone’s day!”

The three of them walked up the stairs and onto the deck then the dock and into the house. There were some neighbors or the right side of them, but they acted as though everything was normal, which maybe it was, maybe seeing them naked was a regular thing and the man with a drink smiled and waved so he must be cool with it.

Once in the house everyone headed for a shower. Diana and Jack were led to a guest room with its own bathroom. Once showered they felt much better and when they came out of the shower, they saw that Nancy had laid out robes for them to wear until their clothes arrived.

They went downstairs to find the others and in hope of finding something to eat also and sure enough there was a smorgasbord set up and Bob, Nancy and Samuel were just starting to eat.

While eating, Nancy said, “I hope you two will stay the night, it’s such a long drive and you have had a busy day.” Diana blushed a little at that comment and almost choked on her drink.

“Oh, I’m sorry dear, did I embarrass you?” Nancy asked sincerely.

“Ah, yes, or rather no; I think I embarrassed myself today.”

“Oh, whatever do you mean?” Nancy asked smiling.

“By doing everyone in sight! Diana replied sheepishly. Everyone laughed.

“No, not at all my dear, Nancy assured her.” “Trust me, in this family, every one of us have behaved just as you did today; and dare I say, some of us, myself included, have been far more slutish.” “Isn’t that true honey?”

“Like I said earlier, Diana, around this family what you did is nothing more than a day on the water, right dad,” Samantha asked while spreading her legs so he could see her pussy?

“Right honey, and it was refreshing to see someone else pulling the train today; I think you have pulled it every weekend since you got home from school!” This made everyone laugh and even made Samantha blush a little.

“You just wait daddy dearest.” “You will get yours!” “Besides, I was simply giving dear old mom a break!” More laughter.

“Giving ‘Old’ mom a break?” “I may be your mother but I’m not so old I can’t pull my own trains thank you little miss college slut!” Nancy said laughing. “I was pulling trains when I was pregnant with you and your brother!”

“No wonder we turned out to be a bigger sluts than you!” Samantha laughed.

There was a knock on the door, and it was Debbie and Judy. They had brought Jack and Diana’s clothes but hadn’t stopped for dinner, so they filled a plate and joined the party. They too were invited to spend the night, so they removed their clothes, and everyone had another drink.

Chapter 4

Everyone was eating, drinking and laughing and just having fun when Jack left to go to the bathroom. When he came out Samantha was waiting for him in the hallway. God she was beautiful! Long natural blond hair, beautiful facial features, long graceful neck, good sized breasts that were well rounded and jiggled just enough to keep your interests, tiny waist tapering to nice hips and firm ass, and the longest damn legs a 5’9” girl could have.

She was twisting a strand of hair around her fingers as some girls do when trying to catch a guy’s attention. “Jack,” she said in a soft, sexy voice. “We haven’t had a chance to get to know one another yet.”

“No, we haven’t, have we?”

Would you like to go someplace more private and get better acquainted?

“Sure, lead the way.” She led him up the back stairs to her bedroom, which truthfully looked like a master bedroom it was so big. She had a king size bed with lots of frilly pillows and it was done in pinks and light blue. Since they were already naked under their robs there really was no preliminary maneuvers, like trying to undress her. Instead, she just turned, untied her robe and kissed him long, deep and very sensually. She wrapped her arms around him and ran her hands though his hair, then she undid his robe.

Jack resisted reaching for her boobs or ass just yet, but it was a struggle when you have a young woman like this in your arms. Eventually he backed her to the bed and when she had to sit down, he broke the kiss, went to his knees, and raised her legs and parted them. She knew instantly what he wanted to do and thought he must have read her mind!

“Oh, are you going to kiss my other lips, I hope!”

“Yes, I am if you don’t mind?”

“Oh, I don’t mind, I love to be licked!”

She leaned back and spread her knees wide so he could see the splendor of her sex completely devoid of hair with puffy, pink labia that parted like the petals of a rose when she pulled her knees apart. Below this gorgeous pussy was a tiny pink bud that marked the entrance to her anal cavity, which looked like it had never been penetrated.

Jack lowered his head and as he moved in to lick her beautiful pussy, he filled his nostrils with her scent. A scent so amazing it made his cock twitch and his mouth water!

He flicked his tongue on her clit and she flinched. He then went down and licked her pink rose bud until she was squirming and wiggling around, then he switched targets and parting her swelling pussy lips and he began to drive her crazy with his tongue! He licked her toughly through several orgasms and when she had been begging for him to fuck her for three or four minutes he moved up and raised her legs higher and took her tight little cunt clean to the balls!

He had been fucking her for just a bit when suddenly he felt someone reach around him and then kiss him on the neck and he all but shit when he heard a male’s voice say, “may I clean up afterward?” It was Samuel and apparently, he was bi or at least enjoyed licking cum from his sister.

“Can my brother play too Jack, please, Samantha cooed?”

“Sure, why not, Jack said” Thinking that it had been a totally weird weekend, why not go with the flow!

“Oh goody, he is really good at sucking cock and licking pussy! Come on bro, jump in and show Jack how well you can suck cock!

“Sure,” Samuel replied as he climbed up onto the bed and made a bee line for Jack’s cock. “Hmm, he hummed, extra good with your pussy juice all over it, Samantha!”

Pushing Jack back onto the bed he began to deep throat him, causing Jack to moan and reach for Samuel’s head just as he would if his sister was sucking him!

“Agggg, damn, he is good,” Jack groaned looking over at Samantha, who had a look in her eyes that surprised Jack; he had never seen such lust! He wondered just how close the siblings were?

Samantha got up and swung a leg over Jack’s head and then settled that gorgeous little pussy down onto his face so he could lick her while her bother sucked him off! Soon, he was squirming and groaning and trying to tell Samuel that he was about to cum but apparently Samuel could tell he was about to cum and wanted him to cum in his mouth!

“Aaaaaaaaaggggggggggggg” Jack groaned as he released his hot sticky cum deep into another man’s mouth! Samuel was sucking like a hungry baby calf on Jack’s cock while manipulating his balls with his hand, coxing out every last drop he could!

“Damn you, Sam!” “You know I wanted Jack to cum in me so I could count another guy fucking me!”

Samuel gave Jack’s cock a cleaning suck and the licked his lips and looking at his sister and said, “well you can still count him; he did fuck you!”

“No, that’s not how the game works, the guy has to cum in you for it to count!”

“Well maybe I will fuck you again, then you will be even!”

“No, that won’t work either, you have already been counted.” “I wish I could count you because as much as we fuck, I would be so far ahead I wouldn’t need to worry!” “And honest Jack, fucking you wasn’t all about the silly game I am playing.” “I really wanted to, you’re cute and fun!”

“I’m sorry Samantha, if I had known I wouldn’t have let him suck me off!” But if you give me a little bit of time, maybe we can still fuck.” Jack told her.

“OK, I like that idea!” Samantha said smiling again.

They went downstairs to see what everyone else was doing and what they found probably shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone, but it did surprise Jack. Diana was being spit roasted by two older guys who were new to the scene. Debby and Nancy were working one another’s pussies in the classic 69, while Judy was getting fucked by Bob and had some middle-aged woman eating her at the same time! It turned out that the neighbors next door came by for a drink and stayed for a fuck!

Oh, looks like mom and dad didn’t wait for us, Jack, so just jump in wherever you want. About that time another young lady came through the back door and waved at Samantha.

“Hi, Stephanie,” Samantha called to her. “Hey Jack, how about you do me and Steph together, she is our next-door neighbor, and we grew up together and one of those guys going to town on your wife is her dad and her mom is eating that girl over there with my dad.” “What do you say, she is a super fun, freaky fuck, and you won’t be disappointed?”

“Ok, sounds good and she certainly looks good!” Stephanie wasn’t waiting for an invite; she was already undressed. All she had to do was pull her top off and then wiggle out of her cutoffs and she was as naked as the rest of us.

Samantha led Jack over and introduced him to Stephanie.

“Hi, nice to meet you and even nicer to see you,” Jack said admiring her curves. Stephanie was a little shorter than Samantha and a little more filled out. She was easily a D-cup and had a generous ass on her. Jack couldn’t wait to get between her thighs.

Samantha went to her knees and began to suck Jack’s cock while he made out with Stephanie. As they kissed Jack let his right-hand cup her right breast and he was surprised at the weight of tit. He began manipulating her nipple and it took no time to turn hard. Once he had it hard, he bent his head to her breast and began sucking on her tit like a baby nursing his mother. Stephanie was moaning and groaning, and Samantha stood up and joined them in kissing. Jack stuck his finger into Stephanie’s pussy to see if she was ready, and she griped it hard with her cunt muscles and moaned loudly.

“God, I love to be fingered fucked.” Jack continued to finger her and the harder he fucked her the more she moaned and groaned. He wasn’t sure he could ever remember a woman loving to be fingered this much, but if it was what would get her to lubricate her fuck hole then he was all for it! Using his two middle fingers he probed for that special spot that women have right behind their clitoris. When he found it, Stephanie groan loudly, bent her legs and said yes, through clenched teeth. Jack began to make the come here sign with his fingers and that sent her over the top.

“Oh, MY FUCKING GOD! I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGG!!!” Stephanie shouted at the top of her lungs! “FUCK YES, KEEP DOING THAT!”

Wow, Jack thought to himself, that’s the fastest I have ever made a woman cum! He continued to hold her and stimulate her G-spot and she all but melted in his arms. Her legs were convulsing so hard that she lost her balance and he had to hold her up. She tucked her head into his shoulder and began making indecipherable sounds as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body!

“You better stop now, or she may faint completely.” Samantha said.

Jack stopped fingering Stephanie and expected something from her, but there was nothing; it was like she was in a trance.

Ok, we better lay her down, so she wakes up, Samantha said as she helped Jack lay Stephanie onto the sofa. Once Stephanie was stretched out on the sofa, she stopped making noises and it was like she was asleep. Jack grabbed some pillows and put them under her feet and after just a short while her eyes fluttered and then opened.

“Hey, welcome back,” Samantha laughed as she held Stephanie’s hand.

“Hi, it must have happened again, huh?”

“Yeah, afraid so, but no worries. Jack held you and you didn’t fall or hit anything so all’s good!”

“Thank you, Jack,” and I am sorry I flipped out on you. I guess I owe you a fuck or a at least a blowjob, huh? Stephanie said looking up at Jack.

“Oh, that’s alright, I am just glad you are ok.” Jack assured her, although he was disappointed, he wasn’t going to get any off this hottie.

“Hey, if you’re feeling better why don’t you stay over tonight with me, and we can both do Jack?”

“Ok, that sounds cool!” Give me a few more minutes to get my legs back and I will be ready to go.

“Hey, honey, did you have another episode?” Jack looked up to see a middle-aged woman leaning over looking at Stephanie.

“Yeah, apparently, I did mom, but Jack here held me and nothing bad happened.”

“Thank you for taking care of our little girl, Jack.” “I believe we have met your wife already. “My name is Martha and if I can ever repay your kindness, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Easy mom, he’s mine first, then if he has any gas left you can have a shot at him.”

“Oops, sorry honey, not trying to swipe your guy, just looking for some fresh cock is all.” “Do you want to try to stand up, honey, Stephanie’s mom asked.”

“I think I am ok now, but I would rather just stay right here and reward Jack for giving me one of my best orgasms, ever!”

“Ok honey, and Jack, if I can ever repay you in any way, please just let me know, we live right next door, and my bedroom is always open to our little girl’s savior.”

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Jack’s head was reeling from the conversation. Everyone is naked, Stephanie faints from the intensity of her orgasm and mom is trying to pick me up! WTF?

But he had to admit banging Stephanie sure looked like fun, but he wasn’t sure now was the right time. But fate intervened and it appeared everyone was done, and it was time to go to bed and Stephanie’s mom and dad thought it best she went home tonight rather than staying for more fun.

“Oh shoot, I wanted to make up for fainting!” Stephanie pouted.

“No worries, maybe another time, Stephanie.” “I better take my wife to bed; she looks pretty well wasted over there and I don’t want to leave her there leaking all over the carpet.” Everyone turned to look, and they saw Diana spread-eagle on the floor with cum slowly leaking from her fun zone.

Jack got up and went to Diana and roused her gently. “Come on honey, we need to get you to bed.”

“No, no more, I am fucked out.”

This caused everyone to laugh, and Stephanie’s dad said, “well it looks like my work here is done for the day!” Everyone laughed more.

Jack got her up and said goodnight and led her up to the guest room.

He led Diana to the bed and then had her move up on the bed. Looking at her pussy when her legs were open, he had to wonder how many loads she had taken that day.

“Does your kitty hurt honey?” He asked because it was all red and swollen.

“Yeah, it’s pretty sore but I can take one more if you want the sloppiest cunt, you have ever had?”

“I want you for sure but no, I don’t want to hurt you or add to what looks like a sore kitty!”

“Ah, you’re so sweet, why don’t you kiss it and make it feel better and then if something comes up you can just stick it in to see how it feels?”

Jack had to smile, what the hell it was a crazy weekend why not sample her super sloppy pussy. He crawled between her legs and leaned down to lick her. Her vulva was covered in dried and still wet cum and pussy juice. She smelled of sex and Jack was aroused by how incredibly sluty she had been today. He thought, in for a penny in for a pound, he leaned all the way in and licked her labia from bottom to top, cupping his tongue so he could scoop cum out of her fun hole. It was still warm and creamy and slightly salty. He dove back in for seconds and in only a minute or two Diana was wiggling around and moaning.

Jack didn’t want to go too far because her pussy looked red and sore, so he stopped there and kissed her goodnight!

Chapter 5

In the morning he woke up rested from his sleep and went to take a shower, while in the shower he heard the door open, and he assumed it was Diana.

“Morning, how are you feeling?”

Good, thank you said a male voice as he felt the guy wrap his arms around him and reach for Jack’s cock.

“Samuel?” Jack asked washing soap out of his eyes.

“Yes, it’s me, how are feeling this morning, Jack?”

“Uh, good, but I am confused, why are you coming on to me?”

“Oh, I thought you knew, I am as bi as my sister is, and I was hoping we could share some sperm with one another, after all, you seemed to like my blow job last night?”

“Uh, well yeah, you suck cock very good, but I don’t know that I am quite ready to jump off the cliff and go completely bi myself.” Jack said, wrestling Samuel’s hand off his growing cock and turning around so he could face Samuel.

“You know, a lot of guys say that but if they just relax and try it, they find they like it. It’s just sex, and sex is fun and makes you feel good, right?”

“Yeah, it does.”

“Have you ever done anything with another guy?”

“I have shared my wife with other guys and tasted their cum in her and I sucked cum off a guy once after he pulled out of her, why?”

“Well then, you’re not cum shy or cock shy so you’re half-way there.” Then he kissed Jack on the lips. It was a soft kiss at first but when Jack didn’t break it, Samuel increased the passion and reached back and grasped Jack’s ass.

Jack returned the kiss and grabbed Samuel’s ass and pulled him into himself, causing their cocks to grind together. Jack moved his hand to Samuel’s cock and felt its sooth firm texture and a flood of memories returned to Jack.

Memories of when he was about 13 or 14 and he and several of his friends were exploring sex and he had engaged in sucking a couple of boys off several times over the summer. Although they all agreed they had to keep this amongst themselves, so they didn’t get a reputation of being gay, they did continue it into high school and he and the other two guys had done it a little since. So, when Jack dropped to his knees in front of Samuel and took his cock into his mouth to suck off it seemed like old times when he would eagerly suck off one his buddies.

Jack felt the tip of Samuel’s cock touch the back of his throat and he knew he needed to relax and let the head slide into his throat, but he gagged on the first attempt, and the second, but the third time is the charm and he managed to relax enough to allow Samuel’s cock head to slide through his throat opening and into his throat! He remembered to stay calm and relaxed, so he didn’t choke on Samuel’s mushroom headed cock. But he did need to come up for air, so he pulled Samuel’s sizable cock out of his throat and all the way up to his lips.

“Oh, Fuck Yeah, you dirty cock sucker, SUCK IT!” Samuel grunted.

Jack didn’t let Samuel’s calling him a cock sucker deter him, he went right back down and took him into his throat again, and again and again until Samuel grabbed Jack’s head and tried to face fuck him.

OH, F U C K Y E A H, I’m going to cum!!! And he shot a huge load of creamy gooey man cum down Jack’s throat! Jack pulled Samuel’s cock out halfway so he would cum in his mouth while he breathed through his nose and Samuel filled Jack’s mouth with his hot white cum!

After Samuel was done cumming Jack stood up and kissed him with the snowball in his mouth and they swirled their tongues around one another and then swallow what was in their mouth.

“Damn, you do know how to party,” Samuel said and then kissed Jack softly.

Jack chuckled, “you have no idea how many times I have want to suck a cock, especially right after it has fucked my wife.”

“You should just go for it.” “I find more guys are closet bi or even full on gay if giving the chance.” “When did you start sucking cock?”

“Uh, I guess I was around 13 or 14, the summer between seventh and eighth grade.” “Man, that was a great summer!” “It was three boys and three girls who hung around all the time.” “Two of the girls were sisters so one was a year younger than the rest of us, but you would have never known it the way she took to deep throating cock!“ “How about you, how old were you?

“Oh, I think I have been sucking cock ever since I can remember, seriously!” “ I saw others like dad and my uncles, and all of mom and dad’s friends sucking and fucking each other so I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to do it in polite company.” “By junior high I was even sucking a teacher for an A.” “Honestly, I don’t know if I am gay and like pussy or if I am straight but like a little, no, a lot of cock. Most guys in my fraternity think I am more gay than straight, but they are cool with it either way because it just means another blow job or a piece of ass for them!” “Do you bottom, or top?”

“I haven’t in years, but I did as a kid and I liked bottom better I think, I would rather fuck a wet pussy than even a well lubed ass, man or women.” Plus, if I am bottoming, I can always suck cock and get cum from both ends! Jack laughed.

“I totally agree, and my ass is available if you want it, or if not, I would be happy to suck you off again?”

“Thanks, but I’ll take a rain check if you don’t mind, I was sort of hoping to get your sister alone before we left.”

“Oh, you should, she is as good a fuck as she looks!”

They dried off and Jack went to wake Diana and was pleasantly surprised to find Samantha chatting with Diana.

“Good morning sunshine times two! How are you ladies this fine morning.”

“Great, Samantha answered, and what were the two of you nasty boys doing in the shower?

“Showering, what else would you do in the shower?” Jack answered.

“Hmm, I don’t know, maybe making boy love? Samantha giggled.”

“Or sucking cock, Diana said laughing.”

“Ok, busted Jack answered, Samuel has awakened my inner bi guy!” Everyone laughed.

“It’s about time you got in touch with the inner bi guy, how was it?” Diana laughingly asked.

“Good, very good, at least for me, Jack replied, how do you think I did Samuel?”

“Pretty good for someone who hasn’t given head in years, but practice will make you a better cock sucker!” “But you were saying in the bathroom that you were hoping to have some time with sis here, what do you think sis, up for a foursome?”

“Oh, leave me out of it please, I need a long soak in a hot bath to soothe kitty!”

“Oh, I have just the bath oil for kitty, come on everyone, Diana you can take a bath in my tub, it’s much bigger and made for luxuriating in.” Everyone followed Samantha to her room where she started a bath for Diana and gave her the bath oil and headphones so she could listen to music from a built-in stereo system.

“So, you boys want to have a threesome?” Samantha asked

“Sure, if you’re up for it,” Jack answered.

“I am always up for sex with cute men,” Samantha answered as she laid down on her bed and spread her legs. Jack was the first to savor her sweet pussy and being a dedicated pussy licker, he was able to bring her to the brink of an orgasm quickly but then he backed off just enough to prolong her climax!

“Oh fuck, please let me cum, please!”

Hmm, I will but not just yet, Jack remarked as he dove back in to lick more of the sweat cunt juice that was all but pouring out of Samantha’s fuck hole! He was trying to time his attack on her clit just right and as her hips began to rise up off the bed and she was holding her breath he sucked her clit into his mouth and nibbled on it!

“OH, MY FUCKING GOD!!!” Samantha screamed! As she released a torrent of pussy just all over Jack’s face!

“OH GOD, OH OH, OH, GODDDDD CUMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGG!” She cried again and again. Her hips went as high as they could and then she crashed down onto the bed with a thud!


Jack looked her in the eye, and he saw what he wanted, a totally sex crazed woman begging for a fucking! Without a word, he spread her legs and inserted his throbbing cock and began fucking her with abandon. He wasn’t trying to make love to her, but instead he was using her in the manner she wanted, as a fuck toy to be licked and dicked and left oozing cum!

Her first orgasm was almost immediate and once again she squirted all over Jack. The only sounds in the room were the slapping of bodies and grunting of two wild animals mating!

“OH FUCK!” She screamed as her orgasm overtook her and her hips tried to rise up and her legs began to quiver, and her cunt closed down on Jack’s cock like a vice!

“OH, FUCK ME!!!”

Jack fucked her as hard and as deep as he could now only concerned with his orgasm and with her flat on her back with her legs spread as wide as humanly possible, he came. He came like a hurricane splashing his hot seed against her cervix and beyond into her womb. Jet spray after jet spray he filled her wanton fuck hole!

Jack rolled off and Samuel took her balls deep!

“OH FUCK, NO, PLEASE NO, I CAN’T SAMMY, PLEASE OH, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, YES FUCK ME!” She cried! And her brother fucked her mercilessly and she was lost in a wave after wave of orgasms until she finally hyperventilated and passed out and Samuel emptied his ball juice deep within her womb!

As they were driving home Jack asked Diana how she enjoyed her birthday weekend and she looked at him and smiled.

“It was the best birthday weekend ever!” “But I think I am going to need a week before we can do anything, so I hope you enjoyed your roll in the bed with Samantha?”

“Oh boy did I ever, that kid can really fuck! And now I have a new suck buddy and we are invited back for a weekend cruise whenever we want or if we want, we can party with the kids and I would really like to tap that kid next door, Stephanie!” “How about you, would you enjoy another boat ride or house party?”

“What me? You can’t mean innocent little ol me? Diana laughed. HELL, YEAH, I WOULD! Just give me a couple of weeks to rest up and you can raise the anchor and set sail or call for a house party, I am in either way!”

They both laughed, and as they dove, and they both thought, it’s going to be a fun summer!

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