Brother,Sister,Friend and Me.

Brother,Sister,Friend and Me.

I was spending the weekend at my best friends place. Pete and I go all the way back to preschool. Now at 15 we still go to the same school and play for the same football team. His parents have a large property on the edge of Sydney where we go dirt bike riding as often as we can and this weekend we could, so we did. It had rained the day before, filling the creeks and making the tracks muddy, perfect riding conditions. Boys will be boys so we rode through every puddle at breakneck speed till tired, dirty and wet, we pulled up outside the shed adjoining the main house. Pete pulled the hose off the reel and we washed the bikes and hosed each other off, the leathers were water proofed so this was the easiest way to clean up. We went inside and hung them up. There is a self contained unit in the shed, it was for the grounds keeper and the bathroom had an inside and outside door so if one needed to pee, one didn’t have to tramp through the living room. “shower time Pete.” and I stripped off my t shirt and undies. Now Pete and I had often seen each other naked. We showered together with the rest of the team after games but for the past few months he would go home to shower and I put it down to shyness as puberty kicked in. Pete also had one of the smallest penis on the team and I guess that was also embarrassing him. “you go first mate.” he said and stood looking at me with a sort of pleading smile. “come on mate, no time to be shy, don’t waste water, shower with a friend and all that shit, now get in here Pete.”
“look Mikey, I’ve sort of got this problem. Every time I look at a naked guy I..well I start to bar up and have to grab a towel and cover up. I think I’m fuckin gay mate.”
“You still like chicks Pete?”
“yeh..but they don’t like me. I’m only like 5” and I cum as soon as I’m in. Oh..I can’t get up again for at least an hour. What the fuck am I going to do. The guys I’ve been with don’t give a crap how fast I cum or how big my dick is. So you can see where this is going..I’m happier with boys.”
“and what am I Pete. Your best mate. I don’t care if you’re gay or small or quick. For fucks sake mate, I’m bisexual and...”
“you’re bi? Bullshit’re the school stud.”
“yeh, well be that as it may, I’m also other things and one of those things is I’m here for you ok.? And if you crack a fat in the shower I’ll get rid of it for you so drop your pants and get your arse in here.” and he did. I washed his back and down his legs. I soaped my hands and ran my fingers between Pete’s bum cheeks. When I pushed the tip of my finger into his bum rim he jerked but said nothing so I said “you can’t have a clean arse without some discomfort.” Pete giggled. I turned him around and washed his chest and thighs. Pete was half hard and when my hands reached his balls he was hard in a second. “sorry mate..I did warn you.” His cock was probably closer to 6” but was still that slim “ little boy” penis. “and I told you I’d take care of it.” I soaped my hands again and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. It was really hard and hot and I began to stroke it. Pete stiffened and put his arm around my shoulders to steady himself. He arched his back and began to shake. A thin stream of white goo shot out of his cock eye almost reaching the shower screen and apart from a couple of small globs that oozed out, that was it. I was still stroking Pete’s dick and he was gyrating his hips, dry cumming till it got too intense and he pulled my hand away. His penis was instantly soft and limp. The whole episode took no more than a minute. “fuck that was awesome mate.” and I smiled the kindest way I knew how. Pete had a serious problem. When he came down from his high he stood in front of me and looked down at my thick, long penis. “can I Mikey?” and I just nodded, so with a smile, he put his hand under my dick and lifted it feeling the weight. “do you know there’s a hundred chicks at school and quite a few guys would kill to play with this cock and here I am holding it. Wow man, it’s heavy.” Pete seemed to have a fascination with my penis, he bent over for a better look and felt it all over. It started to stiffen and now he played with my lemon sized balls and penis erectus, I was fully up and throbbing. “holy fuck mate, it’s huge. I can’t get my fingers around it. I haven’t seen a knob that wide even in pornos.” I was around 8” long but three times as thick as his dick and this only spurred him on. He had both hands around my shaft and pulled the full length towards him and then back toward my balls. He moved forward and pushed my cock head into his belly button and twisted side to side as he stroked me faster and harder. Pete was pulling so hard he was pushing me back and forth and I needed to put my hands on his shoulders for balance so we sort of jerked in unison. “cum on me buddy, show me the legendary flood the girls talk about. Tell me when you’re close, I wanna watch.” I wasn’t really turned on before, I mean a wank’s a wank, a physical release but now I had to uphold my reputation. I pictured Pete’s mum after we’d fucked, she was laying spread eagle on her bed leaking long streams of my boy cream from her swollen cunt and I instantly felt the start of my orgasm building. Pete could sense the change in me and increased speed. I pictured her gaping arse hole when I pulled out of it and climbed even closer to blowing my load. I wondered what he would do if he knew where my mind was. What he would do if he knew his hands were her mouth. I pictured her cum covered face and her tongue licking her lips and I stiffened, arched my back and yelled “now Pete. NOW.” and I blasted a thick rope of hot, white spunk all over his belly. It hit with such force it splattered and before it could start to run down the second stream hit him and the third followed by another. He was covered from his nipples to his knees in my sticky goo and I pushed into his belly drooling the last globs on his already cum soaked torso. Pete’s hands were also covered in slime and he was looking down in disbelief. I took one of his hands and put his finger tips between by bum hole and balls and pulled upward. When his fingers touched my sack I put his thumb and forefinger at the base of my shaft and pulled up to my knob flange. I could feel the last of my spunk being squeezed up my cum tube and a thick white blob oozed from my cock eye. Pete suddenly bent further forward and sucked the end of my cock into his mouth. When he pulled his head back, my cock was totally drained. I said nothing. Pete stood and said “they weren’t lying, you cum buckets. Look at this beautiful mess and it tastes so good.” I watched as he scooped handfuls off his chest and swallowed making “yum” noises. He was my best mate and I needed to assure him I was ok with what just happened so I dipped my fingertips into my own cum and licked them clean. The smile on Pete’s face told me all was good. We washed the slime off ourselves and the shower walls and raced each other down the covered walkway into the pool area with only towels wrapped around us. Pete burst through the doors and came to a dead stop and I was right behind so I cannoned into his back sprawling him onto the lawn and falling beside him, both our towels flying off in different directions. I thought he was mucking around so I jumped up and put a foot on his arse but he rolled over and pointed. Four bikini clad teenage girls sat on beach towels no more than three metres away staring at the commotion that interrupted their sunbaking. Pete jumped to his feet and we stood side by side, totally naked as four pairs of eyes ran up and down our bodies, all coming to a stop at my fat cock hanging over my big balls. Now there was clapping and giggles and whispering. Pete’s 16 year old sister Nikki stood up, hands on hips “do you always have to embarrass me in front of my friends Peter Kelly?” and that sent him scurrying off, scooping up his towel. Nothing much embarrasses me so I bowed to my audience, turned to pick up my towel and gave the girls a big brown eye and a rear view of my ball bag. More clapping and giggles. I wrapped up and walked toward the doors. I had to cross right in front of the smiling foursome, within touching range when one of the girls said “show us again, show us again.” And another voice joined in then a third. I glanced at Nikki who gave me a smile and a “what the heck” shrug so I opened the towel and spread my legs. “oh my God, will ya look at that thing”
“holy shit..yummy.”
“my boyfriend’s a dwarf compared to that.”
“eewwww, can you imagine what that would do to your insides. Gross..put it away you show off.” The last comment came from Haley, a self confessed 17 year old virgin and man hater. I think she used that excuse ‘cause she couldn’t keep a boyfriend, mind you she was solid, the swim team champion with short cropped hair and definitely looked butch. One of the girls was on her knees moving forward but Nikki jumped between us and pointed. “no touching ok.” Haley piped in again “why would you want to touch that fat slug..disgusting.” and she got up and left. The other girls were laughing and Nikki said “enough Mikey, boot off.” “ok girls, the next viewing by appointment only.” and that brought a chorus of “where and when.” Now we were supposed to be alone Pete and me but it was a hot day and while we were bush bashing Nikki invited her friends over for a splash. She was staying at Haley’s with the others for a party and was to stay the night. The other two girls were picked up by one of their brothers and went home. Haley had disappeared so we started searching and Pete found her crashed out in the pool bar, a half empty bottle of whisky still clutched in her hand. The three of us carried her to one of the guest rooms, crap she was heavy. Her bikini was dripping wet, she must have just staggered out of the pool so while Pete and I held her up Nikki stripped it off and wiped her down. We lay her on the bed and when Pete straightened up he was sporting a bulge in his pants. Haley had a very prominent mound with black curly pubic hair trimmed at her bikini line and he was staring at her wrinkled cunt flaps peeking out. So that’s what turns you on Petey, I thought. The butch look! And a plan began to form in my mind. He wasn’t the only one turned on by this Amazon. Nikki had her hand over her pussy without realising it, her finger tips doing a little dance playing with her clit through her bikini. She caught me checking her out, stopped fingering, blushed a bright red and left. We had a meeting deciding we could not send her home drunk so Nikki rang and convinced Haley’s mum to let her sleep over.
We raided the bar, one drunk was not enough. The three of us watched some movies and Pete seemed to go to the loo a lot and take a long time. The next time he went I followed from a distance and watched him stop at Haley’s door and stare, holding his dick, not game to move his hand in case he blew in his pants. Nikki asked me “what’s up.” and I answered “ your little brother’s cock.”
“what? How..I mean why?”
“he thinks he’s turning gay but I think I’ve discovered the perfect woman for him. Next time he goes for a pee come with me.” So we got a little drunker and Pete gets up and goes and we follow hiding just around the corner. Nikki is holding herself up by putting her arm around my neck. We look around the corner and sure enough Pete is at the door holding his cock. “what about his “problem”. He’ll probably blow before he gets it in.” she whispers in my ear. I drag her back into the lounge. “you know about that Nikki? How?”
“Oh God. Now I’ve done it. I’m half pissed. Well we fucked a couple of times..I mean, we nearly fucked a couple of times..I mean he pushed in and squirted and slipped out all soft. It was like over before it started..maybe 20 seconds..honest. We never tried again after the second time. You won’t tell anyone Mikey will you. Please don’t tell I’ll be sent away. I’ll do anything you want.”
“anything Nikki?” She looked me in the eye realising what she had just promised. “yes..anything.” She slid her hand into my shorts and gripped my thick shaft and wide flange. She shook her head “I’m going to regret this.”
When Pete came back Nikki told him I knew about them. She also told him their secret was safe ‘cause she had agreed to anything I wanted in exchange of my silence. He was very calm about the whole thing then burst into laughter. “Silence. Just this afternoon he and I gave each other hand jobs and dad told me mum reckons he’s the best fuck she’s ever had. Who can blackmail who here?”
“your mum told your dad about me?”
“mum and dad are swingers. Why do you think they are gone so often. They don’t like to fuck local people so they travel. And they tell each other all the gory details. Hey sis, remember back a while mum had a real sore pussy. That was no motor bike, that was Mikey.”
“oh heavens” she said “and I nearly let him fuck me.”
“good one mate. Arse wipe. You just destroyed a dream.”
“a dream. Mikey , talk to me ‘cause if you’ve been dreaming of me so have I been dreaming of you but I was so scared you would hurt me and now I know about mum and you..well she’s had two kids and look what you did to her.”
“Nikki your mum loves sexual pain. She begged me to hurt her. She made me fuck her arse so hard it was hurting me. You are not only beautiful but one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t hurt you. I have learnt a lot of patience..Everything need not happen at once.” She came over to me and kissed me on the lips. “In that case we’ll try but promise me you’ll stop if I ask.” I nodded, she smiled and Pete said “my best mate and my sister..excellent.”
“ok, here’s the plan. Pete, you’re going to fuck Haley tonight.”
“what? Are you loco. She would kill me..she hates men.”
“not tonight. She’s drunk as a skunk and naked on the bed. Now I’ve got some magic spray, the local anaesthetic coach uses on the footy field. I’m gonna get Nikki to get you hard and I’ll spray your cock. It will go totally numb for about 15 minutes before you’ll need more. Now I figure if you’re there beside her naked when she wakes up she might just think you’ve already done it and are ready for seconds. That’s where I come to the rescue. Nikki’s going to wank me into a soup bowl and we smear cum all over Haley including her flaps and inner thighs. That should convince her she is no longer a virgin.”
“and what makes you think she’ll fuck me not kill me?”
“Pete..her old boyfriend told me she really wants to fuck..she goes off her head with foreplay but she can’t let loose unless she’s drunk and when he finally got her pissed she passed out just as he was putting it in.”
We changed the plan a little. Both brother and sister milked me into a soup bowl, Pete cupping my balls and Nikki pulling and licking. The result was an amazing bowl full of thick gooy boy cream that astonished Nikki and her face made Pete giggle like a girl. “what? I’ve never seen that much cum before. I’ll explode if he ever cums in me and I don’t think it will fit anyway.” It was the first time she’d seen me erect “but I did promise we would try and we will ok?” Now it was Pete’s turn. Both Nikki and I could see the apprehension in his eyes so I stood behind him playing with his bum while she put his thin dick into her mouth. He was instantly erect and she gagged as the tip touched her throat. Mission accomplished she moved her head back and I reached around him and sprayed his knob. It was cold and his penis began to shrivel in protest so I pushed a finger past his bum rim and into his arse. Pete was hard again and I sprayed the rest of his cock and gave the knob a second coat. All three of us walked up the hall and into Haley’s room. She hadn’t moved and I think we all stared at that huge mound again. Nikki carried the spunk bowl and let Pete lay beside Haley before she dribbled the warm cum over the black curly pubic hair and down her flaps and thighs. Haley started to wake and her eyes flickered. I had earlier told Pete to drape one arm over her ample firm tits and pretend to be asleep and that was the scene as we slipped into the hallway and half closed the door. Haley opened her eyes fully. She looked from side to side. When she saw Pete laying beside her she twisted to face him and his arm sort of slid around her. The confusion in her eyes turned to shock as she realised they were both naked and it must have been at that moment she felt the wet slime dribbling down her bum crack. She didn’t move her body just her hand that went straight between her legs. She felt the gooy, hot mess that lay there and lifted her fingers to her face. They were covered in white sticky strands of cum. She knew it was spunk ‘cause she had done hand jobs and this was the same stuff that covered her hands then. Nikki and I held our breaths and then Haley smiled just as Pete pretended to wake. We held our breaths again as they looked at each other.
“hello Haley. How do you feel?”
“I’m not sure. I’m still half drunk. What happened..I mean did we..oh I guess we did, I’m covered in I still a virgin or did you just blow on me?”
“You don’t remember? You lost your virginity at ten past seven. You said you would remember the time and date forever. Never mind.” Nikki and I were finding it hard not to laugh.
“was it ok for you?”
“was I good? I’ve never fucked before. I’ve always wanted to be a good fuck.”
“Haley, you sat on my cock and rode me till we both collapsed, You were fantastic. Any longer and you’d have killed me.” Nikki stifled a laugh and whispered in my ear “he’s good, very good, he’s playing on her physical prowess. She just loves praise.”
“Peter Kelly, I don’t remember so we’ll have to do it again and I can see you’re ready.” She swung her legs over his and lifted her hips, took his stiff cock in her hand and guided it into her hole. She slid down and stiffened then relaxed and changed her angle and began to fuck my best mate. This girl can swim 30 laps and not breath heavy. She was sliding up and down so hard the bed was jumping. From where we stood spying we could see her juices running down Pete’s shaft onto his small ball sack. “That’s what I fuckin good.. cock in my cunt.” and Haley threw her head back and screamed so loud both Nikki and I jumped. She had just had her first vaginal orgasm and it drained her quickly. She collapsed onto Pete’s chest panting and making “yum” noise in her throat. For the first time in his sexual life, Pete hadn’t blown his load instantly and this drove him on to new heights. He pushed Haley onto her back and grabbed her behind her knees pushing her legs up and apart her cunt hole still round and open. Pete was out of control. He drove into her as hard as he could pushing her up the bed and making her scream again and again. “do it..shove that cock up me..make me cum again..oh God’s happening..I’m cumming..fuck yyeeesss.” Haley lifted off the bed and thrust back against Pete driving him over the brink and into that wonderful cavern of orgasm. “oh my God..this is too much..fuuucckk.” Their orgasms finished at about the same time and a mix of alcohol and sexual bliss sent Haley back to la la land. Pete was totally limp laying on top of his sleeping conquest, finally he rolled off her and fell to the floor unable to stand on very shaky knees. Nikki on one side and me on the other we carried him to the lounge. Nikki was a little concerned about her baby brother but the biggest smile on his face soon had us all in stitches. Three naked teens sitting on the lounge, laughing our heads off. When we finally settled it was Pete who spoke first. “that was the most extraordinary feeling ever. I could feel everything despite the spray but I couldn’t cum and then suddenly when Haley went off it felt like my balls erupted. Thanks Mikey. Nikki you’re the best but I gotta lay down guys..I’m fucked..literally. If I don’t go to bed I’ll crash right here.” and Nikki went with him to his room and tucked him in.
Nikki and I went to my bed. We lay beside each other and talked and petted. Finally Nikki said “play with my cunt Mikey..get me ready.” She had her mum’s large flaps and I spread them easily slipping two fingers inside. I was suddenly aware there was no resistance and slid another finger in. Still no resistance. Now I’ve got big hands and thick fingers and three fingers side by side is pretty close to my shaft size. “you ok Nikki?” “yes just fine. That feels nice.” I pulled my fingers out and slid all four into her hole and I could only just feel a little tightness. I had never felt a cunt this loose. “Nikki, have you had anyone else except Pete?”
“this is’s the only one.”
“do you play with put things in there?”
“no..I only play with my clit. The last time I put my fingers in, my whole hand slipped in there..oh I see where you’re coming from. Mikey, do I have a big cunt?”
“big is beautiful. Show me how you did that.” She didn’t need lube, she reached down and her fist disappeared inside her. Nikki bucked her hips. She hadn’t done this for a long time and now different feelings flooded through her. She seemed to ignore me and concentrated on this new sensation fist fucking her cunt till she realised I was being neglected and held my shaft with her free hand never slowing the movement of the other. Her eyes opened in surprise and she said “hold me baby..I’m about to explode” and explode she did squirting girl juice all over me, the bed and a large part of the floor. She pulled her hand out and I was looking at a hole big enough for a beaver to call home. She was drenched and shaking. “why didn’t you stop me..I can only cum once and I was so hoping it would be with you.” “it’s ok Nikki..I’ll make you cum again.”
I left her laying on her back and lay beside her on my side. I got her to lift her knees and pushed up against her bum cheeks. This way we could kiss and I could play with her tits, her belly, her clit and bum hole while I fucked her. My cock head was resting against her cunt flaps and she reached down and almost pulled it into her. My mushroom knob stretched her hole a fraction and slid in. Nikki gasped as she felt my full length bottom out on her cervix. This was the first woman I had penetrated without any effort or pain and her insides felt like a thick hot jelly. Her cunt closed around my shaft almost trying to spit me out and then unclenched and let me slide almost all the way in again. I reached over and put my finger tips on her clit so each time I pushed it would move between them but Nikki was desperate for another orgasm and began to lift her hips in time with my thrusts and so her clit rubbed harder on my fingers. She had never cum twice in a row before and I could tell by her urgency that this was going to be extreme. Nikki looked at me and we leaned into each other and kissed. She was breathing so fast it was a quick kiss but the passion oozed out of her and she was bucking so hard my dick slipped out of her with a loud slurp. I pulled her to her knees and got behind her. She already had her hand between her legs and grabbed my meat and pushed back hard. I slid back into her cave and we began a frenzied thrashing, my balls slapping her clit with a loud clapping noise. Her face was in the pillows muffling the cries of ecstasy and now I could feel her cunt heat rise and her whole body was shaking till without further warning she began hitting the bed with clenched fists and a gush of girl cum covered my cock and balls and sprayed into my lap and ran down her legs. Nikki was sobbing as the intensity of her orgasm racked through her. She was so exhausted I had to hold her up by the hips as I felt my time arrive. I drove into her and my spunk raced up my shaft tube and hosed her cunt walls with hot, sticky, white boy cream but the feeling became so intense I had to pull out and finish shooting onto Nikki’s bum cheeks. She collapsed onto her belly laying still holding both hands over her hole and not stemming the flow of our juices through her fingers onto the sheets. I lay beside her and spooned into her. We were both covered in cum and the bed was soaked but we were too gone to move so we let the afterglow of orgasm carry us away into the land of Nod and fell into a deep sleep.
Some hours later the sound of breaking glass woke me. Nikki was crashed beside me softly snoring. She wasn’t a big drinker till last night so I figured she would be out for a while. Pete was never going to surface till mid morning and after the workout he’d had maybe even later. I crawled out of bed and went downstairs where the sound had come from. The lights were on and standing at the bar, a bottle in one hand and a broken glass at her feet, was Haley. She had a faraway look in her eyes, a tell tale sign she’d had a few and she swayed slightly holding herself up by one elbow. “sorry Mikey..sorry to wake you. I’ll clean it up.”
“keep still. Don’t step on the glass. Stay right there.” I was worried she’d move and cut her feet to shreds so I scooped a cushion off the lounge and pushed the lot away from her in one sweep. “what the fuck are you doing girl?”
“I’m celebrating and drowning my sorrows. Wanna join me?” she slurred. I poured us both a drink and helped her to the lounge. “what’s the occasion?”
“I’m not a virgin anymore.” I pretended to be shocked, surprised and happy all in one expression.
“so what’s to be sad about?”
“I don’t remember it happening. The second time was ok but I always wanted to remember the feel of my first cock going up me. And I just couldn’t get enough.”
“you mean he came too soon?”
“no, not that but not enough as in he was long enough but not at all thick and even though I came a couple of times, it just wasn’t what I’d dreamed of. I pictured myself with swollen cunt flaps and walking bowlegged and saying ouch when I sat down but I can’t feel anything different down there. He didn’t stretch me one little bit. Is that normal should know..I mean your cock is real thick.”
“yeh, but this arvo you said it’s a disgusting, fat slug.”
“I’ve changed my mind. I want that fat slug in my cunt. I want to feel stretched and filled. I want a man cock not a boy cock. So take me to bed and do me, do me good.” It was a command not a request. Athlete versus athlete but she was playing team captain and I’d have none of that so I took her to her room and we fell onto the bed. Haley was already playing with my dick and I barred up quickly to my full length and girth. “Shit Mikey, that’s so much bigger than before. My God, get that thing in me now.” Another command. She lay on her back and spread her legs wide exposing that big hairy mound and she reached down spreading her cunt flaps with her finger tips. I pushed my big mushroom cock head into her opening and watched it stretch and stretch till the wide flange would go no further and she pushed me off shaking her head. I waited a few moments and tried again but my knob was just too big and Haley was in pain as her cunt stretched to tearing point. The same happened on our third attempt and she burst into tears. I got out from between her thighs and left the room. She must have thought I was going back to my room and cried even more, sobbing into the pillow. I was in the kitchen and had the cooking oil bottle in my hand. After precum, cooking oil is the best lube going. Being so big I’d tried every brand but oil is extra slippery and doesn’t wash away with cunt juice. I walked back in her room and sat on the bed. Haley looked up in surprise and stopped sobbing. She lay on her side so it was my turn to command. “on your back you big beautiful Amazon. Spread those legs and let me slime that tight pussy so my big knob can get inside.” She obeyed in a flash and spread her legs so wide they were almost at right angles to her body. I poured oil onto her mound and let it run down between her flaps. She wanted to help and rubbed it all over and in. I slipped a finger tip into her bum rim and she jerked back but I explained dry clenching arse holes sometimes chafe. Now I poured some onto my knob and down the shaft and put the bottle on the dresser. I climbed back between her legs and leaned forward. This time Haley guided my cock to her opening and I pushed the tip of my head into her. She took a deep breath as I spread her lips further and further apart and just when I thought it wouldn’t happen, the flange was swallowed, her cunt lips closed around my shaft and I slid into her. Haley screamed tossing her head from side to side. Her stomach muscles rippled and her hips moved sideways trying to throw me off and stop the pain but I grabbed her wrists and crossed her arms across her chest squashing those full firm tits and I held her down. I pulled my cock all the way out and pushed back in bringing another scream as my cock rim stretched her on the way out and again going in. Tears streamed down Haley’s face but I kept holding her down and pulling right out then back in. The change came slowly. Little by little her opening loosened and the pain subsided. The oil was doing a great job and now bit by bit I felt her girl juice begin to join the slime. I stopped coming right out and began long slow strokes that seemed to calm her even more and I knew she was starting to feel the full size of the thing inside her without pain. “my God Mikey, that hurt so much but it’s almost gone. Can we stop for a minute.” I pushed all the way into her and kept still like she asked, my cock soaking in her hot wet cave and I released her arms and lay on top of her. Haley held my face and we kissed long and slow and she sucked my tongue into her mouth and bit down gently. I moved my lips around on hers and nibbled and before too long we seemed to melt into each other. She was totally sober now, I can’t explain that but she was. All the competitive feelings were gone, there would be no loser just two winners and my aggressive Amazon was now a pussy cat in my arms. Her hands ran down my back and came to rest on my bum cheeks and she put her feet flat on the bed either side of my hips. I knew she was ready so we slowly moved together getting to know each other’s needs and as we explored, Haley would murmur “yes, just like that.” each time I reached a new spot inside her. I don’t know how long we made love for..maybe an hour till finally she gave in to her lust and began to climb toward orgasm. I was almost out of resolve and was finding it hard to hold back myself so I responded by sliding quicker and deeper. Haley pushed back against me meeting thrust with thrust and she began to shake all over. Her finger nails dug into my bum cheeks and she bit my neck making a sort of growling noise. Her body stiffened and she lifted her hips off the bed letting me deeper inside her and I felt the hot explosion around my shaft just as she bit down breaking the skin and drawing blood. The sudden pain shocked me into my own orgasm and hot streams of white boy juice gushed into her. Haley felt the scalding flood that filled her making her insides swell and she jerked my cock out losing a huge stream making room for more and slipped my cock back in without losing any sensation or missing a beat. We were both pounding each other relentlessly till I was drained and she was spent and the intensity was bordering on pain. I collapsed onto her not being able to support my weight on my elbows any longer just as she moved her mouth from my neck. She held me there easily wanting to keep my cock inside her as long as possible and as we kissed I tasted my blood on her lips. Our juices leaked between her cunt wall and my shaft and she giggled saying it tickled as it ran down between her bum cheeks. We stayed like that for awhile, my cock got soft but as we cuddled and kissed it swelled back to full size. Haley looked at me in surprise, she could feel her inside getting filled and stretched again. “Mikey, tell me that’s not happening. How the hell can you be up again. Oh my God, is it bigger this time” and she was right, my cock gets bigger second time around. I eased my cock out of her. Again my flange sort of stuck behind her tight opening and she said ”ouch” as it slipped out. “on your knees lady. I want to watch your bum hole twitch as I fuck you.” She got to her knees and bent forward putting her face into the pillows. I grabbed the oil and relubed us both then pushed into her. As my dick sank into her, I saw her puckered bum hole suck inwards and as I pulled back it popped out again. Haley reached between her legs and cupped my balls as I fucked into her. I was in awe of her solid muscled shoulders, smooth back and tight round bum cheeks. As I watched my cock disappear into her pussy I could see her cunt flaps were an angry red and swollen to twice their size and her insides were almost burning my dick. “You ok Haley?”
“cum quick Mikey, I’m getting sore.”
“ok baby, just a little more.” and I changed from kneeling behind her to standing bent over her, my hands on those strong shoulders and I went animal and drove into her as hard as I could. Haley shivered and squeezed my balls. She was leaking girl juice faster than a holey bucket . “Fuck, I’m gonna cum again Mikey. Cum with me, I can’t take much more of this.” I squatted a bit lower changing my angle getting all the way in and she stiffened. “So close close” so I slipped a finger all the way up that puckering bum hole and she jerked and screamed “I’m there baby..cumming..yyeeesss.” Haley still had hold of my balls and now she squeezed so hard it hurt but couldn’t stop the eruption that spewed my load into her. She was tender inside and my cum was burning her. “Out..get it sore..please Mikey” and she fell forward to lay flat on her tummy my cock getting stuck at the flange on its outward rush and almost ripping out of my crutch. We both said “ouch” together and I finished cumming onto her bum cheeks. I rolled her over and we lay side by side panting, trying to catch our breath. I stared at her amazing body. Haley caught me out and said “it’s yours anytime big boy” She didn’t look one little bit butch right now, all flushed and covered in cum and I swear at this point she was beaming and beautiful. “You better get back to Nikki before you’re missed”
“You knew about her and still had me?”
“Why should she have all the fun? Now go but promise me one thing.”
“Which might be what?”
“Don’t let this be our first and last time.” I kissed her very softly, very gently and she had tears in her eyes. “I promise Haley and next time, just you and me. I’m sorry I stretched you so wide. Sorry I hurt you Haley.”
“You seem to forget I asked you to do exactly that. Silly me, I probably won’t be able to swim for a week. My coach will be totally pissed off.” As we got off the bed she kept saying “ouch” with each step as she walked bowlegged to the shower.
I went back upstairs and climbed into my bed beside Nikki who was still snoring. Next morning she woke me by sucking my sticky cock..if only she knew it wasn’t her juice she was licking off my shaft. My knob was sore from last night but Nikki had a yummy loose pussy tunnel and I slid easily into her hole and brought her to a quick crashing orgasm. My dick had pushed some of last night’s leftovers out of her so it looked like I’d cum when in fact I was, for once in my life, happy to stop without spilling a drop. We changed the cum soaked sheets and jumped into the shower. Nikki started to wash my back and stopped dead. She touched my scratched bum cheeks gently and put a finger tip to the deep bite on my neck. “oh Mikey, look what I’ve done. I didn’t mean to do this to you baby but I guess I got carried away. But what’s a girl to do when she has a monster cock pumping her full to overflowing. I’m sorry, does it hurt?” I stifled a laugh and tried real hard not to smile. “It was worth every drop you animal you. Next time I’ll bite back.”
“I know I’ve got a big pussy but it still throbs for an hour after you pull out. That should make us even.” We went downstairs looking in at Pete as we went. He was still asleep on his back naked, his pubic hair matted with cum. Nikki went in and gave him a shake. “Wakey wakey..oldies due home soon. Rise and shine.” He opened one eye and smiled giving me a wave and rolling out of bed for the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later he came down and joined us in the kitchen where I had bacon and eggs frying and toast. “ Where’s Haley, still sleeping? I must have worn her out last night, right?”
“Guess so Pete, you sure shafted her good. Go wake her mate.”
“Rather not Mikey. I keep thinking she might guess the truth and break me in half.” Nikki was busy with the coffee percolator so I shrugged and headed for her room. The door was closed and I hesitated but turned the handle and peeked in. Haley had changed the sheets last night after I left I guess and lay sleeping in a frilly nighty I recognised as one of Pete’s mum’s. If she looked sexy naked she looked deadly in lace. I bent over her and kissed her lips. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled. “Help me up Mikey.” She struggled from the bed and stood bowlegged. I saw the oil bottle still beside the dresser and poured some into my hand. “Lift the nighty Haley.”
“Not now Mikey, I’m too sore.” I laughed at her thinking I had come for more sex and told her “lubed flaps don’t chafe” and she smiled lifting the lace and opening her legs wider. As soon as my fingers touched her flaps she bit her lip and whispered “fuckin hell” As my fingers slipped between her swollen flaps our eyes met and I said “I’m sorry” and she answered “it’s ok..really.” I hid the oil bottle and returned to the kitchen. Brother and sister were eating and talking. Pete looked at me with an almost brotherly smile and Nikki turned her eyes away. Just then Haley walked slowly toward us. She stopped half way and pretended to adjust her top. Hellos all round and Nikki served another plate. When Haley sat down she screwed her face and wriggled in her chair. Pete and Nikki exchanged glances. We ate.
An hour later Haley’s dad turned up. Haley walked to the car trying to look normal but the slight bowlegged gait made it obvious that something was not right. Pete and Nikki watched closely but I went back inside a little embarrassed and concerned for her. When they came back in Pete said “what was that about.” And Nikki answered “if I didn’t know better, I swear she’s had something big up her cunt” and the subject was dropped.

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