Mentoring Brandon Chapter 12

Mentoring Brandon Chapter 12

By Bob

Chapter 12: Fantasies Finally Realized

As I drifted off into a deep sleep I couldn't help but think about what Bran and I had talked about. I knew I was more experienced than Brandon in the area of sex, since I was his first sexual experience. I also could tell that he was quite intrigued about a multiple sexual experience. I also believed that would be a lot of fun, but I didn't want to push too hard, since I didn't want to loose the love of my life.

I was just about to drift off to sleep as I heard a noise by the side of the bed. Did we really forget to lock the door --- AGAIN? As I turned I saw this silhouetted figure next to me. Even in the dark, I could see that the figure next to me was a guy, since he was naked and it was obvious with the hard cock pointing at my face, but I couldn't tell just who it was.

As I turned to find the lamp switch at the side of the bed, a hand grabbed mine and stopped me. He then took my hand and placed it on his hard cock. I instinctively wrapped my fingers around it and began stroking it very slowly. Even though I could not see, I could tell, by the feel of the
member in my hand that it was very familiar.

The texture, the size, and the taste as I bent over to lick the head, I could tell they were undeniably Brandon's. I didn't know why he had gotten out of bed and walked over to my side of the bed, but I wasn't going to ask any questions at this point.

I took this gorgeous cock deep down my throat as my hand moved under his balls to cup and cradle them. I manipulated his testicles very softly as I worked feverishly on the underside of his cockhead. I knew my love well enough to realize that he wasn't going to last too long, as the pulsing of the veins of his cock began to engorge towards orgasm. Oh, how I wanted
him to unload his manjuice in my mouth.

Suddenly I felt his hips thrust forward hard and his balls, still in my hand, began to rise. It was a matter of seconds before he came and I wanted to savor every drop of him.

"Ahhh," is all I could hear.

With that, an explosion unlike any that I had received from Brandon occurred. He came with great force, splattering the back of my throat with his cum. I just continued to swallow and lap up the juices that he was providing me. And I had thought as we fell asleep, that I would have to
wait until tomorrow to enjoy my lover. As he began to shrink in my mouth, he began to speak. "Oh, Bob, that was wonderful. Thank you for just taking me."

"My love, nothing could have been a better surprise!"

"You know, Bob," he continued, "I hope you didn't mind me doing that, but the mystery of it was something I wanted to have, tonight. I could have just turned, put my cock in your mouth and let you suck me, but this was exciting, especially after you told me about your dream the other night."

"Yep, it was, and I have to say that it was like reliving that dream," I confided in him. "I thought for a moment that it was another dream as well."

Brandon fell into my arms and whispered in my ear. He asked if I wanted him to return the favor, but I told him that I was so tired, I didn't think I could get it up. He laughed, but rolled over me, his back toward me with my arms around him, and we finally fell asleep. I have to admit I would have loved him to suck me dry, but I was telling him the truth about being too tired.

We woke up, late as usual! Brandon and I scurried to take a shower, dress, and hit breakfast before classes started. We had a week's worth of classes before the Thanksgiving break. We both had to make arrangements for going home, meeting each other's families and enjoying some quality time together.

The day went very fast, with everyone now knowing that Brandon and I had been named captains for the next season. Congratulations were coming from students and faculty as well. Even though CBS was an all-boys school, we did have some girls from the local girl's school that took certain classes at CBS. Even they had heard about my being named captain and were coming on to me because of it.

Many of my fellow players encouraged me, as guys do, to take advantage of my "status" with these girls. They started teasing me and suggested that I could have any one of them to enjoy. I shrugged it off and none realized the real reason. But, as boys will be boys, they continued throughout the day.

When I got back to the room, Brandon still had a late class and I knew he wouldn't be back for at least an hour. I decided to take a nap since I was still tired from the weekend activities.

I lay down, and no sooner did my head hit the pillow than there was a knock at the door. I didn't have to respond, as Tom just opened the door and walked into the room, knowing I was there alone.

"Hey Cap," he said.

"Damn, Tom, I was just going to take a nap! But, as always good to see you," I said with a big smile.

"Can we talk for a minute, Bob?"

"Sure, Tom," I responded. "What's up?"

"Did you talk to Jon, yesterday?" he asked.

I admitted that I had and knew what he was about to confide in me. I didn't know if I was ready for this, but Tom was a great friend and I wanted to be there to support him.

"Well, he told me about him and Dwayne yesterday," Tom began. "He told me that he was queer and asked if that bothered me. I didn't know how to respond. I was shocked and hurt. I don't know why, since you know that I am, too. But it was really a surprise."

He continued to tell me all that Jon had confided in him, which was the same story that Jon had told me at the lake. Tom said that he told Jon that he was fine with Tom as long as he was happy with Dwayne. He said that Jon admitted that he was happy and very content.

"Did you tell him about you and Dave?" I asked.

"Yes I did!" was his response. "I had to tell him, because we obviously shared a direction in our life. And, because I knew that he suspected, if not already knew. I saw Jon and you yesterday heading towards the lake, and when he told me, I thought that maybe you had told him about Dave and me. But, he said that you didn't and that all you told him to do was to talk with me. I appreciate you not telling him, buddy."

With that, Tom walked closer and gave me a big hug. His strong arms wrapped me up to the point that I couldn't move my arms in order to hug him. It was strange being in someone else's arms, but I knew that this was his way of thanking me for telling Jon to confide in him.

As he began to break the hug, he slowly lowered his head and gave me a kiss. Suddenly, I found myself exploring his mouth as he was exploring mine. I knew that this was wrong, but I couldn't stop. He was so sensual and really knew how to kiss.

I stood up, continuing kissing Tom, and our cocks began to grind into each other. I was getting turned-on by my roommate and he was, in turn, responding with the same fervor as I. Our hips were pushing into each other as our erect cocks stimulated each other. His hands moved from my back to my ass, pulling me closer to him.

Suddenly I broke our embrace. "Tom, please, no," I said with obvious hesitation. "I can't do this to Brandon."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Bob, so sorry," he said with panic in his voice. "I couldn't help it! You are such a friend and I just wanted to hold you."

"That's ok, Tom, it's alright!"

I could see he had a tear in his eye and that he was very emotional. I reached out my arms, put them around him and pulled him close to me. This time, however, I was careful not to do anything to stimulate either of us any further. As I held him, he began to weep.

I cradled Tom to my shoulder, holding his head and assuring him that things were fine. I told him that I understood how difficult it was for Jon to tell him that he was queer and that I understood how he felt as well. I also tried to assure him that things would be all right and that now that each knew about the other, they could go forward, not only as brothers, but also as friends.

As we stood there, Tom in my arms, Brandon came into the room. He looked over at us and our eyes met. Without a word, Brandon understood what was happening and walked over behind Tom and put his arms around the both of us. The three of us stood there, Tom crying, comforting each other.

Although I had known for quite some time that Brandon was indeed in love with me, this scene definitely solidified that fact. Instead of being mad and upset with me holding another man, he joined knowing, just by looking into my eyes, what was happening.

"It's okay, Tom, we're here for you," I could hear Brandon whispering into Tom's ear.

For what seemed like an eternity, we stood, with our door open, engulfed in each other's arms for the entire dorm to witness. None of us felt any shame or concern; we just wanted to be close.

I broke the embrace and sat down on the bed. Brandon took Tom's arm and turned him so he could give him a solo hug. As they broke, Brandon turned toward me, leaned down, and put his arms around me. He began to kiss me, extremely passionately, in a reassuring manner as if to tell me that he was proud I could help a friend. Oh, what a man I chose to love!

After all the gushiness was finished, Tom sat on the bed opposite Brandon and me. "Thank you guys, I needed that," Tom said, now with a bit of a smile.

"Looks like that isn't all you need," Brandon said as he reached over and grabbed Tom's hard cock, at the same time grabbing mine as well. At that precise moment, Dave walked into the room.

"Whoa!" Dave exclaimed, as he closed and locked the door behind him.

"What's going on here?" The three of us turned simultaneously to look at Dave. He was standing there, a huge smile on his face and shaking his head. We all knew he wasn't upset, and quite to the contrary, was a bit excited. We all could see his cock rising in his sweat pants with

"Just told them about Jon," Tom began. "And, of course, Bob and Brandon were true friend," he concluded with a big grin.

"Yea, right, with Brandon's hand on your cocks," he quipped. "I believe that!"

Tom stood up, walked over to Dave and gave him a big hug. Brandon and I just sat there watching our two friends. Tom, hugging Dave with one arm, brought his hand to Dave's hardening member. He massaged Dave as he drew him close. Dave, reciprocated, massaging Tom's hard cock in unison.

That was all that Brandon and I needed to see. We began to mirror what Dave and Tom were doing, not worrying about the consequences of our actions. We knew that our friends were lovers now. It was very evident to both of us at that moment. The four of us, standing and groping our significant others was very sensuous and we all were taking advantage of the moment.

I drew Brandon onto the bed with me, our mouths locked together. Dave turned and led Tom to the other bed, never breaking their union. Deep kisses could be heard by both couples, as what started as a comforting moment was now turning into a very sexual moment. You could almost feel the heat rise in the room.

I could feel Brandon's cock rising as our bodies met on the bed. Over on the other twin bed, I could see Dave undoing Tom's belt as they continued to kiss. Soon, all four of us were naked and attuned to the other couple.

"Tom," Brandon said breaking the silence. "Did Jon tell you the other thing that he wanted?"

I couldn't believe my ears. I had a feeling I knew what Brandon was asking, but I couldn't fathom that he was going to reveal that to Tom.

"You mean about the three-way with you and Bob?" was Tom's response.

Well, I guess I didn't have to worry about Brandon breaking a confidence with that retort. And, in a way, I was a bit confused as to why he had asked that.

"Yep," Brandon replied. "What do you think?"

Dave and Tom broke their embrace as did Brandon and I. Here we were, all resting against our partner, hard and horny. We all surveyed each other and I began to feel anticipation in the air.

"Well, there are four of us, so a three-way is out!" Brandon exclaimed. We all broke into laughter.

"Okay," I yelled having to be heard over the noise we all were creating. "What's going on here?"

Brandon turned to me. Our eyes met and he kissed me. He didn't have to tell me anything, as his body language spoke volumes as to what he was thinking. I looked over at Tom and Dave and realized that they too, were speaking without words.

Brandon rose, walked over to Tom and Dave and bent down to kiss each. His hands, one reaching for Tom's hardened cock and the other for Dave's began to furiously massage each. Tom's hand reached for Brandon's cock as Dave grabbed hold of his testicle. I sat on the bed that I had just been sharing with my lover, watching in amazement as he lowered his mouth onto
Dave's organ.

I realized at that point, that Brandon was living out a fantasy that we had talked about not twenty-four hours earlier. He wanted to experience what I had already experienced in my life and realized that this was the time and place for that to happen. I also understood that who better to enjoy some intimate experiences with than our best friends.

I wanted this to be a very pleasing experience for Brandon. I also knew that I wanted to enjoy my former roommates. However, I lay on the bed, hand holding up my head, and just watched as Brandon, Tom, and Dave began to please each other. It was exciting and stimulating to see my lover and friends sharing this intimate relationship.

As Brandon was sucking Dave's cock, Tom leaned over and began to gobble up Brandon's. I could tell that Brandon was excited as his hips moved quickly to allow Tom to gain access to him. All this time, Brandon was stroking Tom's cock and I could see the pre-cum oozing from the head. My hand made it's way to my own hard-on and I began to slowly massage it in rhythm to Brandon's strokes on Tom.

Dave looked over toward me at this moment. His eyes told all, as he nodded for me to get up off the bed and make my way over toward him. Not being a wallflower, I scooted off the bed, stood next to Dave's mouth and he leaned over to take my cock in his mouth. As he did, I could feel a rush of blood flowing in my veins. My hard-on that I had was now growing even harder with Dave's tongue rolling around the head of my cock.

I placed a hand on Brandon's head, now working feverishly on Dave's cock. I could see Brandon's hand moving faster and faster on Tom's dick with each stroke. Tom, as well, was bobbing his head up and down the gorgeous shaft of my lover. My hips were now moving in time with Dave's mouth. I couldn't believe how accomplished Dave was at fellatio, wondering why it took so long for me to find out. Brandon broke his suction on Dave and released Tom's cock. He guided Tom's mouth off of his cock and pushed on Dave's head to release mine. As if he were an architect, Brandon motioned for all of us to lie on the floor. Without a word, we all obeyed. As we moved to the floor, Brandon grabbed my head and gave me a big kiss. As he
did, I could taste Dave's pre-cum and realized just how sweet my roommate was.

As we all literally fell to the floor, Brandon turned and placed his mouth on Tom's penis. He positioned himself so that I could take him. I realized where this was going, so I moved so Dave could again gobble my cock and he moved to suck Tom. Here we were, in a "suck circle" all
enjoying each other in a very special way.

For what seemed like an hour, we enjoyed each other's cocks. We moved from penis to penis, tasting, sucking, and licking each. During this entire encounter, not one of us said a word, but allowed the moment to guide what was happening. As if this were all choreographed, at the end, we were able to take the seed from our own partners.

It was amazing the force and the volume of the cum that Brandon and I shared. Not that we hadn't shared it before, but this seemed to be the most that either of us ever shot for the other. In talking later with Tom and Dave, they experienced the same with each other.

As we all lay on the floor, our cocks softening in each other's mouth, you could sense that a new chapter in our lives had begun. Three months earlier, I would never have thought that I would be sharing what Dave, Tom and I had just shared. Add Brandon into the equation, and that would never have entered my mind. A euphoria for all was very evident.

After ten-minutes of laying on the floor in an after-glow, Tom broke the silence. "Well, I guess Jon will have a great time!"

Again, we all entered into uncontrollable laughter. We hugged each other and stood up and sat on our respective beds. Dave was still hard as a rock. "Didn't have enough?" I asked.

"Never, Cap!"

"Ready for dinner, guys?" Tom asked. We all agreed and Tom and Dave left to go to their room to get dressed. As they left, we all just kissed each other and thanked each other for a great time.

"So, Bran? What did you think?"

"Bob, it was great, and I thank you for not stopping me," he answered.

"Why stop you, Brandon? It was what you wanted and we did talk about it." I reassured him. "And, my love, it was with good friends. That made it especially special." He put his arms around me and gave me a very passionate kiss. With that, we got dressed and met Dave and Tom for dinner. None of us said anything, but we all realized that what we had shared a few moments earlier would change things for the better between all of us.

That night, Brandon and I cuddled and fell asleep very quickly. We discussed Thanksgiving break and decided that we would spend the first couple of days with our families and then I would drive down to his home and meet his parents and brothers. Then, on the way back to school, we would spend the night at my house where he could meet my mom and dad.

We knew that this would just be a time for us to meet each other's family, not a time for us to tell them of our relationship. I knew that my parents would freak and he realized that his family would probably disown him. So, best to just let them know that the new football captains of CBS were good friends and partners in crime at school.

NEXT: A Real Reason to be Thankful – Chapter 13

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