The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Alison and Desiree Get Married

The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Alison and Desiree Get Married

The Devil's Pact
by mypenname3000
edited by Master Ken
Copyright 2014

The Devil's Pact Side Story: Alison and Desiree Get Married

Note: This takes place in-between Chapters 32 and 33.

Friday, July 12th, 2013 – Alison Hertz – The Wedding

The day of my wedding to my Latin beauty, Desiree, had finally arrived.

After today, I would be Alison de la Fuente. After getting her marriage to Brandon annulled, Desiree went back to her maiden name. It was a far prettier name then Fitzsimmons. Desiree and I spent several nights talking in bed about our new last name. Should one of us take the other's last name, like a heterosexual couple? Or would we hyphenate. And how did you hyphenate de le Fuente with Hertz? De le Fuente-Hertz or Hertz-de le Fuente? Both sounded ridiculous. In the end, I decided to take Desiree's last name. De le Fuente was such a beautiful name, far more so than Hertz. Besides, Desiree did the proposing, so I liked to joke that made her the man in our relationship

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I walked downstairs, carrying my wedding clothes in a bag. Doubts clouded my mind. You shouldn't marry her, my subconscious whispered. You should devote yourself to Master one hundred percent. She's just a distraction. I knew it was just nerves, but these thoughts had been plaguing me since Desiree proposed.

I loved Desiree, and ignored my doubts. She was the greatest woman in the world. I loved Master and Mistress, but it paled compared to the strength of what I felt with Desiree. When we were apart, I missed her, ached for her.

Xiu was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, a happy smile on her cute, Chinese face. She was dressed like me, in a terrycloth robe, her clothes in a bundle slung on her arm. Xiu was my maid of honor. Desiree had choosen Korina to be her maid of honor, or Desiree's 'best gal', as I jokingly called her.

I was happy Xiu chose to stay with Master and Mistress. When Master healed her after the attack, she didn't hesitate to declare her intention to stay as their slave. Master's power worked so well it even healed her womb. When Xiu got shot, they had to remove her uterus, and the doctors had been astounded when they found out that it had regrown. Just one more miracle to add to all the others Master and Mistress were performing.

I missed Noel and Fiona and Thamina, but if they didn't want to be sluts like the rest of us, that was their loss. I also missed Willow, and even Sam, though they just moved up the street. While neither were one of us special sluts anymore, they still served Master and Mistress in their own way. And it was really wild to let Sam fuck you with that cock she could conjure. But the one I really missed was Chasity. The house seemed a little emptier without her enthusiasm.

I felt a tear misting my eye, and I wiped it away. Chasity died protecting Mistress, while I just huddled in the house with the other sluts, too scared to do anything. But not Chasity, she was a warrior woman, a Valkyrie. The memory of her standing up, her blonde hair streaming behind her, as she made that last, desperate attempt to save Mistress, still haunted me. I liked to think Chasity was out there, watching over us in the great beyond, just waiting to appear and save the day at some crucial moment, like that old movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The barbarian one. Dad always loved to watch it and, at the end, Arnold's girl, who died earlier in the movie, appears in silver armor that shines with its own light, and saves him.

Xiu hooked her arm around mine. “Ohh, I'm so excited,” she said, bouncing on the balls of her feet. Which caused her large breasts to jiggle beneath her robe. Her breasts were as big as my Desiree, but on Xiu's petite frame they seemed enormous. It was hard to feel sad when you were faced with such huge, swaying melons.

Arm-in-arm, we walked happily to the back of the house and out into the backyard. Sam was there with a few of the bodyguards. I jumped as strawberry-blonde 29 fired at a mannequin. The mannequin was all white and wore no clothes except for a metal necklace around its neck. 29's round hit the mannequin and it toppled over in a spray of plastic.

“Darn,” Sam muttered. “I thought that would work.”

“Maybe the metals aren't right?” Candy suggested. When Sam offered to be Master's Vizier and advise him on magic, Sam's price was Candy: a beautiful, young woman that dyed her hair half bubblegum-pink, just like me, and the other half cotton-candy blue. She was stretched out naked on a chaise lounge, tanning. She was short, but she had some nice curves that I greatly appreciated.

“Whacha doin'?” I asked Sam.

Her round, olive face was furrowed in thought. “A protection charm,” Sam answered. “There are some vague hints in the Book about enchanting amulets and charms; I've been experimenting. If I can get this to work, a simple necklace could give you the same protection as a bulletproof vest.”

“Wow!” Xiu cooed.

“Let's try the B8 bronze, Candy,” Sam ordered as 29 went and stood up the mannequin.

I tugged on Xiu's arm. “C'mon, we've got to get ready.”

“Sorry,” Xiu smiled apologetically as I led her to the back gate.

I opened it up, and nodded to 19 and 20 who were guarding the rear gate. It was a recent addition. Since the attack and the Miracle, the Church of the Living Gods – as the worshipers of Master and Mistress called themselves – had set up a large tent on the empty lot where our Masters are building their mansion. So it made sense to build the gate. Most of us sluts went to the nightly worship services. They were so much fun! All the worshipers saw us as disciples of their Gods, and treated us like we were royalty.

Plus the worship orgies were a blast!

Desiree and I decided to be married at the Living Church. Daisy Cunningham was going to perform the service. Daisy, and her twin sister Rose, despite being sixteen, had somehow become the heads of the church. They had been preaching Master's message of free love the loudest, I guess. The tent was on the edge of the empty lot, close to Shaw Road. At the far end of the lot, the foundations for the mansion were being dug. Many of the worshipers volunteered their time in building the mansion, while others donated money or materials.

We passed the Miraclists, one of the names for members of the movement, who bowed at us. Most wore chokers, stainless steel or plastic or leather, and a few had theirs made with gold or silver. The chokers had phrases like: “Faithful” or “Love is the Way” or “My Gods Live,” and a half-a-hundred other phrases. They met most nights of the week, with the most attending the Wednesday night service.

I liked Friday Night worship the best; it was a smaller group. More intimate. Everyone came for Wednesday, of course; that was the day of the Miracle, after all. And on Thursdays, Master and Mistress healed the sick at Good Sam hospital, and the congregation would gather outside to pray. But on Friday, people had plans – excuses not to show up – and since it was the start of the weekend, the orgy often lasted far later into the night.

We passed more and more Miraclists as we approached the large, red tent. It was like a circus tent, rearing up high. Beth Philips was greeting worshipers as they filed in. There was supposed to be a short service, then my wedding. Everyone touched Beth's belly as they entered. She claimed to be carrying Master's child. Maybe she was; I remember the day Master fucked her in the bathroom of that car dealership. I was supposed to distract her husband, but he didn't seem all that interested in me. The rumor was that Beth left him because he couldn't satisfy her after Master fucked her.

Beth bowed to us, murmuring, “Holy Sluts.”

“Blessed Mother,” I murmured back.

It was amazing how, in the span of a few weeks, the trappings of religion were quickly springing up. 'Blessed Mother' was the title of any woman pregnant with Master's child. Besides Beth, there was Vivian Anders, and Anastasia Milburn was a maybe. She was one of Mark's jogging sluts, but her child could also be her husband's. And, of course, Korina, Violet, and April were all carrying Master's child, but they were 'Holy Sluts'. Maybe they should be 'Blessed Holy Mother Sluts'. Xiu looked at me as I giggled. It sounded more like a swear then a title.

“Blessed holy mother sluts!” I laughed, and Xiu's look became more confused.

Inside the tent, they had made a vestibule out of curtains hanging from PVC pipes. There were a pair of antechambers off the vestibule, on the right and left, while going straight ahead would take you into the main worship pavilion. Xiu and I went into the room on the right to get changed, and to wait for the start of the ceremony. Desiree and Korina should already be in the room on the left.

Violet was waiting for them inside the room, and squealed, “I'm so happy!” The excited girl threw her arms around my face, and kissed me soundly on the lips. I enjoyed my sister-slut's lips for a minute, before I broke the kiss. It wouldn't do for us to get carried away.

Our terrycloth robes came off, and Xiu and I were both naked except for our chokers. I admired the curves on Xiu's petite body: large breasts and dark nipples that were pierced by a silver bar from which dangled pink butterflies on silver chains. I knew from experience just how much she loved for someone to pull hard on those piercings. She practically came when she got them re-pierced. Mark had healed her a little too well after she got shot during the SWAT attack.

I opened my bag, and pulled out my wedding attire, a white merry widow, a type of corset, that cupped my round breasts with lace. The corset was low-cut, leaving my hard nipples – pierced with silver barbells – exposed. I gently rolled up a pair of white fishnet stockings, and hooked the merry widow's garters to the stocking tops. Then came the white, stiletto heals. I wore no panties – that was against the edicts of the Church – and you could see my shaved cunt, and my tattoo that read, “Cum on in,” above an arrow that pointed down at my pussy.

I sat down in a chair and let Violet apply my makeup while Xiu pulled on a similar merry widow, although hers was a midnight blue. Outside, I could hear one of the Cunningham twins begin the nightly sermon, her soprano voice carrying through the tent. After my makeup was done, I applied a lovely perfume Mistress gave me; a dab on the wrists, behind my ears, and one dab right above my clit, and I was all set.

Violet held a mirror and I smiled. I looked hot. My bubblegum-pink hair fell in loose curls about my shoulders, framing my innocent-looking, teenage face. And the makeup gave me a hungry look which contrasted nicely with my innocent features. I looked like a slutty virgin, particularly in the white merry widow that was both virginal and whorish at the same time.

“You look beautiful,” Master said as he walked in.

I blushed, “Thank you, Master.”

He wore a simple, white shirt with blue, pinstripe lines, and a pair of black slacks. In his hands was a bouquet of red and dark-blue flowers. He handed them to me, and I smiled. He was walking me down the aisle. My father was here tonight, but he understood that a sex-slave should be given away by her Master. Or her Mistress, in Desiree's case.

“It's time,” Violet said, stepping back in.

Xiu smiled at me as we stepped out into the vestibule. Across the room, Desiree followed Korina out of the other antechamber and my breath caught. My Latin beauty looked to die for in her white merry widow. Her large, pillowy breasts cradled so perfectly amidst the lace of her bodice, her dark nipples erect and pointing right at me. I found my eyes sliding down her nut-brown skin to her gorgeous legs clad in white stockings, and her shaved pussy in-between sleek thighs. Next to her, Mistress was wearing a dark-blue dress, low-cut to show off her freckled breasts, and with a short skirt so her creamy, delicious thighs were exposed.

Xiu and Korina hooked their arms together and marched slowly down the aisle, reveling in the stares their exposed flesh brought from the congregation. I saw my dad look back, and I smiled shyly at him. Master had easily convinced my dad to let me be a sex-slave, and Dad had been supportive ever since. I fondly remembered the night a few weeks ago when Dad met Desiree for the first time. Master and Mistress were in New York for their Today Show interview, and we went to Dad's place for dinner.


Sunday, June 30th, 2013

“This is Desiree,” I greeted Dad when he opened the door. “We're getting married.”

Dad looked her up and down, and then he smiled and hugged her warmly. “How wonderful!” he exclaimed, and hugged Desiree tightly a second time. “Now I'll have two daughters!”

My dad was always very supportive of me despite all the trouble I would get into. I had a very active id. There's a cute boy, my subconscious would whisperer, Why don't you go suck his cock. I bet his cum would taste delicious! I always listened to the voice; it's how I met Master.

He's fucking that girl behind the counter, my subconscious voice had whispered the day I met Master. I had grown wet instantly, watching my future Master fuck Lillian discretely at the cash register. It was so bold to do it right in the middle of Hot Topic. Wouldn't it be fun to be fucked like that, in front of all these people? It would! My subconscious had never steered me wrong, so I had asked to be 'trained', too. Best decision I ever made!

So why did my id have a problem with me marrying Desiree? It's not like I wasn't going to fuck other people. It was a symbol of my love. Desiree was the most important person to me. Together we would serve Master and Mistress and share in debauchery.

You should only love Master, my subconscious answered. I chalked my doubts up to fear. Marrying Desiree was a very adult thing to do. Well, I wasn't going to let fear stop me from having my happiness, so I ignored my id.

“I'm very pleased to meet you, sir,” Desiree giggled, snapping me out of my thoughts, and threw her arms around my father. He was a handsome man, older, with distinguished, gray wings of hair at his temples. The pair looked so sexy together. “Your daughter is very important to me.”

“I never thought Alison would settle down,” Dad grinned. “She's a wild one. I don't think she ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend. Just 'friends' she would hang-out with.” I didn't think Dad knew the truth about my 'friends'. I had a lot of them. Ever since I lost my virginity at sixteen, I had been the biggest slut.

Dad and Desiree got along great, chatting the whole way through dinner. My Dad wasn't a bad cook, but he was no Desiree; he made a pasta with this garlic and Parmesan sauce. After dinner, we retired to the living room; Desiree snuggled up on one side of Dad, and I took the other.

“ is it with your Master?” Dad asked, a little flustered as Desiree pressed her large breasts into his arm. She wore a low-cut blouse, and I saw Dad's eyes kept drifting down her front. I couldn't blame him; she had a magnificent rack.

“Things are great, Dad,” I purred. “Desiree and I just love being their sluts.”

“Umm, it is so much fun,” cooed Desiree with her sexy, Spanish accent.

“Is he really 'special.' You know, like people are saying?”

“Yes,” I answered, softly rubbing my dad's thigh. “That's why we're his sex slaves. That's why you didn't have a problem with your teenage daughter submitting to some strange man's lust. He has powers, Dad. They both do.”

He frowned, “I guess you're right.” He jumped when my hand started rubbing at his cock. “What're you doing, pumpkin?”

“Mark's number one command is to love each other,” I purred. “Desiree and I want to show our love to you, Daddy.” I leaned back, thrusting out my chest, the t-shirt tightly hugging my boobs. “What does it say on my shirt?”

“Daddy's little slut,” he read. It was the t-shirt I wore when I met Master. It was lucky.

“For tonight, I want that to be true.”

He started to protest, but Desiree captured his mouth with her lips, while I unzipped his pants. His cock was hard, despite his protests, and I bent my head down and sucked it into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the sensitive head, making sure my tongue stud rubbed against his cock. I tasted his salty pre-cum, and felt his dick twitch as he gave in to the pleasure.

It was wonderfully hard, twitching in my mouth. I reveled in the wickedness; this was my father's cock I sucked. I loved it! Loved him. After Desiree, Master, and Mistress, Dad was the most important person to me. And now I was able show him just how much I loved him.

“That's your daughter's mouth sucking your cock,” purred Desiree in his ear. “Doesn't she have a delicious tongue! I love feeling her tongue stud licking through the folds of my pussy.”

“This is so wrong,” Dad groaned, voice thick with passion.

“Relax, papá,” she cooed. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see that her full, nut-brown tits were freed. “You've been staring at my melons all night. Have a taste.”

Listening to my dad suck my fiancee's tits while I blew his cock spurred me on. I grabbed his balls, massaging them. I wanted his cum so badly. I sucked harder, bobbing my head. I could feel how heavy his balls were; he probably hadn't cum in days. Weeks. The poor guy. I needed to visit him a lot more often.

“I'm going to cum, Alison!” he shouted. “You have to stop!”

Fuck that! I sucked harder. He erupted, grunting as thick, salty spunk flooded my mouth. I swallowed the first shot and the second, but held his final shot in my mouth. I rose up, and captured Desiree's lips in a kiss. I snowballed Dad's cum into her mouth; he stared wide-eyed at us as we swapped his jizz back and forth like the playful sluts we were.

“Thank you, mi Sirenita,” Desiree sighed. “I love you so much.”

Joy always trembled in my heart when she said that. I kissed her again; her lips still salty with Dad's jizz. Then I looked at my dad, his face all flushed and sweaty, and there was a dazed look in his eye. “Wasn't that amazing, daddy? I loved your cum!”

“It was,” he whispered. He reached out and touched my face. “You look so much like your mother, pumpkin.”

It took a lot to make me blush—that did it.

“Let's go to bed,” I said; we grabbed his hands and pulled him to his feet.

His bedroom was pristine. The rest of the house was a bit of a disaster, but dad kept the room cleaned for some reason. Pictures of Mom adorned the room, always smiling beautifully. One picture was taken a few days before my birth. She look radiant, holding her pregnant belly and smiling at the camera. She wore a hospital gown, sitting in a wheelchair.

“She was beautiful,” Desiree whispered, putting her arm around my shoulder.

“This was taken right before she died,” I whispered back. “There was a complication with her pregnancy; she almost lost me. But she held on long enough for me to be born.”

“She loved you a lot,” Dad murmured, putting his arm around my other shoulder, sandwiching me between them.

I turned to Dad. Tears brimmed in his eyes. I kissed him. It was comforting at first. We both were feeling the grief of mother's absence. Then my ardor grew. I turned, pressing my body against his, wiggling my tongue into his lips. I could feel his lust grow hard against my belly.

“We're going to rock your world tonight,” I whispered in his ear.

He swallowed and nodded.

We stripped; Dad feasted on our nubile bodies with lustful gaze. Desiree stretched out on the bed; her legs spread, obscenely showing off her shaved, juicy pussy. I crawled between her thighs; the air thick with her spicy-tangy scent. I buried my face in her cunt, and feasted on my love.

“Oh yes!” she purred. “I love your tongue!”

I could feel my dad's eyes on my ass, so I wiggled it invitingly.

“Isn't she just gorgeous?” Desiree sighed. “She's so horny! She needs a cock in her almost every hour of the day!”

I dug my tongue deep into her pussy, gathering as much of her tasty fluids as I could. Then I moved my lips up and engulfed her clit. She gasped, thighs tightening about my head as I nursed her pearl.

“Fuck her, papá!” she gasped. “Make her cum! Feel the embrace of your daughter's cunt about your cock!”

The bedsprings squeaked as Dad knelt behind me. Strong hands gripped my hips; hard cock nudged my asscheeks. I moaned and trembled in anticipation. Watching Mistress fuck her father had made me so jealous. I wanted to experience that special kind of love with my dad.

His cock nudged my pussy. I burned to feel this depraved, taboo sex. “This is wrong, pumpkin,” he whispered as his dick rubbed up and down on my slippery lips, driving me wild with desire. “You're my daughter.”

“Incest isn't wrong anymore,” I answered. “Master says incest is okay. We shouldn't be tied down by the morals of bygone days. People should be free to love whomever they want. So love me, Daddy.”

His will broke. “My beautiful pumpkin,” he grunted, then slammed into me.

I screamed my passion into Desiree's cunt as he entered me. He filled me up, my pussy convulsing about him as I came and came and came.

It was as amazing as I had hoped!

“Oh, Alison!” he grunted. “My sweet, beautiful pumpkin!”

For a moment his cock was just buried to the hilt inside me, thick and wonderful, and then he fucked me. Hard. The slap of flesh filled the room, his strokes driving me into my fiancee's cunt. He grunted and groaned, pounding me like a wildman.

“Oh yes! Your pussy! Holy shit! You feel amazing, Alison!”

I couldn't stop cumming. My Dad was fucking me! Nothing was more taboo than this! And I was sharing this happy moment with the love of my life.

“Fuck her!” Desiree moaned. “Fuck the little whore! She's your slut for the night! Daddy's little slut! Cum in her! I want to eat your incestuous cum out of her cunt!”

Juices flooded my lips; she came. I held onto her hips as she bucked and gasped, big tits heaving in ecstasy. Then she collapsed, watching me through lidded eyes, a happy smile on her face. I gently lapped at her cunt, letting her pussy cool down.

“Oh, Daddy!” I gasped. “Fuck me harder! I need your cum! Flood my pussy! I'm your slut tonight, daddy!”

“My little slut!” he groaned. His strokes grew more frantic. “My little pumpkin's grown up into a naughty slut!”

“Cum in me!” I gasped, another cum rolling through my body.

“You want your daddy's cum?” he demanded.

“I do!”

He slammed into me and erupted. My pussy, still cumming, milked every last drop of my daddy's cum. My knees gave out as my orgasm intensified and pleasure erupted through me; I collapsed into a ball on the bed, writhing in ecstasy.

Dad collapsed next to me, spooning me from behind. “I love you, pumpkin.”

I kissed him on the lips. “I love you, too, daddy.”

Desiree joined us and kissed me, too. I never felt more loved than I did right now.


The Wedding

Dad had been a stud that night. After Desiree went down on me, and cleaned out my pussy of all his cum, we had straddled him. Desiree rode his cock while I rode his mouth. Then we gave dad one of Sam's magical Viagra – the first thing the slutty hermaphrodite had invented – and fucked Dad all night long. We spent the weekend at his house, making up for all our lost time.

I jumped when the music changed; the wedding march played, breaking me out of my daydream. The church's band was playing, an eclectic collection of bongos, guitars, and a trombone. I was flushed and horny, my pussy damp, as I remembered that night. Desiree and I definitely needed to go to my dad's for dinner again.

Korina and Xiu had already reached the alter, and it was Mistress and Desiree's turn. Arm-in-arm, they marched slowly while the entire congregation watched with awe as their Goddess escorted my bride. My eyes alternated between Desiree's plump and naked ass, and Mistress's swaying rear beneath her tight skirt. Daisy waited at the altar, and blushed when Mistress leaned over and captured her pretty lips with a kiss.

Now it was my turn. Taking a deep breath, I hooked my arm around Master's. I trembled. It's not too late, my subconscious whispered. No. It was far too late. Desiree owned my heart. She stole it the day we met. My trembles stopped, and we walked stately towards my waiting bride.

As I passed Dad, he reached out and gripped my hand. I felt my eyes misting in joy and squeezed him back. He sat next to Issy Norup, one of Master's former jogging sluts. I convinced Dad to come to the Church after that dinner and he hit it off with Issy, with a little nudge from me. The teenage girl looked happy leaning against my dad. He deserved some happiness; he had spent all his time trying to raise his out of control daughter – my mom had died giving birth to me – that he didn't have time to find himself another woman.

“You are so beautiful, mi Sirenita,” Desiree whispered when I reached the altar.

I handed Xiu my bouquet and took my bride's hands. I loved it when Desiree called me 'Sirenita'. It meant little mermaid in Spanish. I glanced down at the engagement ring Desiree had given me, and the two mermaids engraved on the band, their arms forming the mounts for the sparkling diamond.

“You're gorgeous,” I grinned back.

Daisy started her wedding sermon, saying how beautiful it was when two people decided to join their lives together. Urging us to love each other, and to put each other first before all others; to delight in each other's bodies, and to share our deepest pleasures with our partner. “Our Gods are here, tonight, to bless this union,” Daisy preached.

I trembled as Master bent me over the altar. I was suddenly so nervous; I had fucked Master plenty of times, but this was different. This was my wedding day. Desiree bent over next to me, flashing me a smile as Mistress deftly slipped on a strap-on with a hot-pink dildo attached. I shivered in delight as Master caressed my ass, and I reached out to grab Desiree's hand as I felt his hard cock nudging the lips of my pussy.

“Alison, you were our first slut,” Master said. “And I am so happy for you and Desiree.”

“Desiree, you were our second slut,” Mistress spoke. “I've seen how happy Alison makes you, and you have my blessing to marry her.”

I moaned as Master shoved his cock into my wet cunt. Desiree's mouth widened in pleasure as Mistress fucked her dildo into Desiree's pussy. “Oh, thank you, Master!” I gasped as he pounded my slutty cunt. “Umm, I love it when your cock's inside me!”

“Fuck me, mi Reina,” Desiree panted. “Yes, yes! Ohh, yes! I love you! I love when you make me your whore!”

Master's cock filled me up, stretching me with his girth as his cock reamed me. I loved it! Every thrust, every caress of his cock's head against my wet depths, built the pleasure between my legs. I stared into my bride's dark eyes, and saw the pleasure that Mistress was giving her, mirroring my own ecstasy. I squeezed her hand and smiled at her. Master thrust harder, the altar shaking beneath us. My nipples rubbed against the silk cloth that draped the altar; another delightful sensation that fueled my growing orgasm.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” I panted. “Umm, your cock is driving me wild! Harder! Fuck my slutty cunt, and fill your naughty slave's pussy with your cum! I love it! I'm your dirty, little cumslut!”

I was so close to climaxing. Master's thrusts were becoming more erratic. He was getting closer to cumming, too. Closer to filling my naughty snatch with his cream. Oh, I couldn't wait. My naughty, little cunt was made for men to fill it with their cum, particularly this man! Nothing made me happier! I pushed my hips back, squeezing my cunt on his shaft. He buried himself into me, his hands gripping my hips hard.

“Fuck!” he moaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

I could feel his hot cum flooding my pussy and my orgasm crashed through me. “Yes! Oh, thank you, Master! That was fuckin' amazing!”

Next to me, Desiree's face contorted in pleasure, and she gasped, “¡Yo estoy correrse!” I smiled; Desiree always looked so wild and beautiful when she came.

“Fucking slut!” Mistress panted. “Keep wiggling that ass, whore! I'm gonna keep fucking you until I cum!”

“Oohh, cum for me, mi Reina! Please!”

Master pulled out of me, and I gasped; I could feel his seed running wet down my thighs. My gaze fell on Mistress. Her auburn hair was plastered to her sweaty face as she pumped her strap-on in and out of my bride. I reached out and caressed Mistress's face, trailing my fingers down her pale neck to the slope of her breast, stopping at the neckline of her dress.

“Let me help you, Mistress,” I purred, pushing the fabric down to expose a dusky nipple at the tip of a perfect breast.

“You delightful whore,” Mistress cooed as I sucked that hard nipple into my lips. I played with the nub, rolling it around my tongue as I gently nursed. I saw blue eyes and a doll's face loom up next to me as Korina started nursing at Mistress's other breast. “You beautiful sluts!” Mistress moaned. “Yes, yes! You're making me feel so happy! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!”

Mistress pulled back, a happy smile on her face. Master wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the lips; I smiled. They loved each other so much, and it was always beautiful to watch them together. Desiree grasped my hands, kissed my knuckles, and we turned back to face Daisy. Her blue eyes sparkled with desire, and her cheeks were rosy-red.

“Do you, Alison Hertz, take Desiree de la Fuente to be your lawfully wedded wife? To love her, to cherish her, and to share her with your Gods as your slut-wife for so long as you both shall live?”

“I do,” I happily vowed, my eyes misting with tears as I stared into Desiree's beautiful, brown depths; tears glistened on her dark eyelashes. Desiree gently slid the gold wedding band down my finger, pushing it next to my engagement ring.

Daisy repeated the vows. “I do!” Desiree proclaimed confidently; I slipped the gold band down her finger.

“Then by the powers invested in me by our Living Gods and the State of Washington, I pronounce you slut-wives! You may now kiss each other.”

Desiree cupped my face, and lowered her lips to mine; we kissed. Her lips felt wonderful, soft and wet, and her tongue was gentle as it slipped into my mouth. She tasted sweet. I caressed her silky cheek. Our passion grew as we kissed, the blood pounding through my body, drowning out the cheering congregation. Her leg slipped between my thighs, and I shuddered as it rubbed against my dripping pussy.

I pushed my leg between my wife's thighs, and delighted in the wet warmth of her pussy pressing on me. We started rubbing against each other as we kissed. My hand slipped down to her breast, squeezing her soft, firm tit in my hand, then pinching her nipple between my fingers. Desiree's hand gripped the back of my head, pulling me into her lips, while the other hand slipped down my back and squeezed my ass. I rubbed my cunt harder on her thigh, my clit delightfully caressing her silken skin.

Her tongue withdrew, and I shoved mine into her mouth. Her hips rotated, rubbing her sticky juices all over my thigh. Her clit pressed hard against my flesh, and I knew Desiree was experiencing as much pleasure as I was. I flexed my ass, sliding my pussy up and down on her silky leg faster and faster. Then I felt something brush my asshole.

The naughty, delightful, wonderful slut!

Her finger circled my asshole, then pushed inside. I groaned into my wife's lips, the intrusion driving my hips to fuck my pussy harder against her thigh. Still gripping her breast with one hand, I took my other and found her ample, Latina ass. I gave the plump cheeks a squeeze, before I dove into her cleft and found her tight asshole. My finger pushed and pushed at the ring, then it gave way before my persistent digit, and I was engulfed by her tight ass.

I felt my wife's hips shove forward as I invaded her ass with first one, then two fingers. Not to be outdone, she slipped a second finger up my ass. I pumped my hips furiously as I rapidly fingered her ass. My pleasure grew and grew and grew, and then it exploded throughout my cunt. My ass squeezed on her fingers, and I trembled with passion in my wife's arms. I felt Desiree go rigid, her juices flooding my thigh.

“I love you,” I whispered as we broke the kiss.

Behind us the congregation was cheering and clapping. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dad sitting in the front row. I turned to look at him. He smiled at me, pride shining in his eyes, and a delighted thrill spread through my body.

I turned back to my wife, and her face was flushed, a happy smile gracing her lips. “I love you,” I told her again. “I love you, I love you, I love you!” Every time I said it, my happiness blossomed larger.

Her finger was tender as she stroked my cheek. “I love mi Sirenita, my slut-wife forever.”

I smiled and kissed my wife again. Joy suffused every fiber of my being. Forever with my slut-wife and our Master and Mistress. What more could a slut want?

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