Land Sea Sex Safari

Land Sea Sex Safari

We had dinner at the resort restaurant with Roy and his wife, Wendy, the second day in
Bulon-Lae Island. After dinner, we had our drinks and enjoyed the show and music. Then Wendy says she wants to go to her room and take bath. She left us in the restaurant. After sometime, Roy decides to go back to the room. On the way, Roy told me, “Do you want to fuck Wendy.” I was surprised, look at him, and said, “Why? Will she let me do it?” Roy replies and says he has no problem but he has to talk to his wife. He tells me to wait in my room and if his wife says OK, he will tell her to go to my room.

As soon as I entered my room, I quickly take bath and prepare myself. I put on my pajamas with no under wear. I wait in the room and looking at the TV video. Time has passed almost one hour and suddenly I hear someone knocking my door. I promptly go and open it. I see Roy’s wife standing at the door wearing a pink nightgown, which she bought this morning. It is semi transparent and I can see her wearing a red thong bikini. I was mad gazing at her sexy body, and then Wendy asks me “Can I come in.” I say please come in. After she enters my room, I shut the door. Before I can say anything, she boldly says to me “My husband said you want to have sex with me.” I am quiet uneasy and edgy to say, “Yes please.” As she talks and walks closer to me, she grabs my cock. She felt and sudden shock and say, “Oh boy, he is very long and hard”. She quickly opens my pajamas and takes a good look at my dick. She grasps my dick with both her hands and says she like it very much. She looks at me and says, “How good is your fucking” and I say to her “not too bad, you will see later”. As I am lying on the bed, she bends over and plays my cock. I can see and smell the fragrance emitting out from her body. I quickly reach out my hands and grab her breasts. To my surprise, her breast by now they are still very firm and solid and are pleasant to touch. I tell her to lie on the bed and I start stripping her naked. Less then a minute, I have removed her sexy gown and her thong bikini. She is now completely naked in front of my eyes. I can see her everything, her two beautiful breasts, her pussy and every part of her body. She has a hot body and very good profile. I waste no times and start spreading her legs to reveal her quim. It is lovely and I say it to myself that I am going to eat it. I play and stimulate her clit with my index finger and she seems to like it and spreads her legs wide apart. I gore and poke her vagina with two fingers. Poking in and out until she cries for paint and ask for more. I use my other hand to fondling her breast and lick her nipple as she makes a grooming sound and I felt my fingers inside her cunt is wet – very wet and very smooth. She closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling of my play. Then I kiss her and kiss her other parts of her body. She really has a very sizzling body.

Suddenly I stop fondling her and she quickly open her eyes and stares at me as if she was asking why I stop. I ask her how she feels. She smiles and says, “You are very good”. I say to her and ask her to sit on the armchair. She is very obedient, get up from the bed, and walk nakedly toward the armchair. I have had seen many times she walks, but this time she walk without any clothes on. She is completely naked with beautiful breasts hanging sharply from her blossom as she is walking; her breast bounces vigorously. Her quim is so bulgy that is good for long fucking. I will always remember this beautiful depiction. Before I could regain myself, she is already sitting in the armchair and looking at my naked body and say ‘Like this”. I say, yes very good, please hang your laps on the chair’s arms. She lifts up both her legs and hangs them on the chair’s arms. I tell her to ease herself forwards as she sits. Now her whole vagina is out of the armchair and looking very pretty. I squat in front of her, I hold her breasts with my both hands, and I kiss her dearly. In this way, I again poke my fingers into her vagina. It is really wet and slimy. She closes her eyes and enjoys my every touch and repeatedly response with moaning sound. I told myself this is the right time to win her over to me by satisfying her. I am going to eat her pussy. Slowly I bend my head down to her quim while I hold her labia apart to expose her vulva. I see her clitoris and without her attention, I lick it with my tongue. Instantaneously she jumps off her sit, opens her eyes wide, and says nothing. She looks gosh. I quickly react by licking her clitoris vigorously. She seems to be unbearable but enjoys the gusto by gripping my head with her both hands. She is groaning with delights and says repeatedly “Oh, oh very good, very good …. I am coming, I am Cuming…” I notice a stream of fragrant succulent secreting out of her vagina. I quickly stick my lips over her vulva and suck all into my throat. She secretes about six seconds and I have a mouth full of her luscious. Slowly I slip it down my throat and enjoy the aroma. It tastes like wild honey. I lift up my head and look at her. Our eyes meet at he same direction. She is staring at me and her eyes are full of emotions—happy and thankful. I ask whether she has tried this before. She replies by shaking her head. Do you like it? She says, she enjoys and likes to do that very much and this is her first encounter and experience. No body has done this to her even Roy has not done so. She says I am very good. I ask her whether she wants to continue licking her quim. She says oh yes please do it and give me more. I tell her that we want to change place. As I move towards the dressing table, I ask her to come and sit on the dressing table.

She sits on the edge on the table with her legs hanging down. I pull a stool, sit amid her laps, and lift up her legs over my shoulders. Now I am ready for action. She is very cooperative by opening her thigh as wide as possible and lean her cunt frontward to me. I grip her buttock firmly and put my mouth into her vulva and I lick both sides of her labium. She is looking eagerly at her cunt being licked by me and enjoy looking at every lick that produce great sensational to her liking. No sooner, my tongue found her clit and I suck it. She yells and says, “Yes, that is the place. It is good, very good.” I keep on licking the same area and occasionally circle her clit with my tongue. This bloody cunt of my friend’s wife is hornly and sexy. I think she never play any sex like this before. I stand up and slowly rest her back against the mirror. I lift up her left leg and gore her vagina with two fingers of my right hand. I dig and gore to her satisfactions, until she says enough,” she could not take it anymore. Please fuck me now. I want your prick in my quim now, please.” I see the time has come. My fingers and my right hand are soaked with her sexy succulents and I rub her succulents on my dick. I hold my dick and I see it has regained it full size of seven inches. It is heavy and red-hot ready for action. While she is still sitting and reclining on the dressing table, I slowing guide my cock to her fully wet cunt and ease myself toward her. I poke my cock little by little and make sure not to hurt her in anyway. I want her to have a full satisfaction on my first fucking with her tonight. At this time, my dick has lost four inches of his length in her cunt and I can feel very tight and pressure around it. I ask her how she feels. She smiles and says, “I feel good. Your cock is very big. Please fuck me slowly. I enjoy long time fucking.” I smile and say, I will and push the rest of my seven-inch dick into her pussy. She folds her arms around me and I grasp her two firm breasts with my hands.
We remain as it is holding each other for a few minutes and relaxing and enjoying our sex. Then I started to move by pulling my cock slowly away from her vagina and before leaving off completely, I let her vagina swallows it again. This movement has created great sensational and pleasure for me and for her. I see her enjoying my fucking and no sigh of discomfort and pain, so I start pumping her vagina from slow to fast and from gently to vigorously. As she put her hands around my neck, I lift her legs and carry her up from the dressing table. While my cock engaged inside her cunt. I carry her, fucking her as I walk round the room. She is holding me very tight and is afraid she might falls or is worry and enjoy. Sometime I let go my hand and bounce my belly against her. This makes her yell unbearable. After a while, I put her on the armchair and fuck her repeatedly. She responds by stretching out her legs and her arms with her fingers closed and the thumbs pointing up. Her mouth shouts good, good and I keep fucking her in the fastest motion I could. Then I turn her around, make her squad, and bend down in the armchair. I put my dick into her cunt and fuck her from behind. Occasionally she playfully jabs her buttock against my dick. After a while, I stop and withdraw my cock from her red-hot pussy. She looks at me and says, “You finished already”. Not yet, I smile and say to her “no! This is only half-way. We must relax and have something to drink before we continue again”. Do you want to stop fucking now? She immediately says no, no. I want more. I want more fucking. You fuck me very well, very long time, beside your dick is longer, big, and hard which I have never seen nor tried out and experience of before. I will fuck you well later; in the meantime can you make us a drink while we relax. She cordially gets out from the armchair and makes the drinks. While she is preparing the drinks, I am watching her in every movement, her every contour in all parts of her body are so sexy and beautiful, great pleasing to the eyes and enjoyable. I admire my friend Roy, as he has such a beauty and adorable wife and do not know to use it and leave her in such a hungry state and craving for sex. She is much difference like others and I must use her more often. She has made the drinks and smilingly holding two glasses on both hands walks toward the bed. It is such a nice pose to capture on camera. She passes me the drink and sits on the bed opposite me. I tell her, she is very pretty and her body is very hot for the camera. If I have time, I like to take some sexy nude photographs of her. She quickly says “Oh yes I forget to tell you that, Roy has gone with the group for fishing in the other island. Moreover, they will be back by tomorrow evening. He told me to take care of myself and if I am afraid I can sleep in your room tonight.” Holy god, when you first come to my room why you not telling me that. Never mind, tonight you can sleep on my bed. I sip my drink, I say to her good fucking need more times, and then you feel better enjoyment. Quick fuck is no good. It merely last a few minutes, if the man ejaculates early the woman will not get her sexual orgasm. I notice she nods her head and I think Roy cannot always make her orgasm, but I did not ask her. There are many ways for good sexual intercourse to both partners. They need lots of foreplays, fantasies and all kinds of no harm imaginations. Like the wife being rape by burglar. The wife acts like a call prostitute for her husband. All these are good for the couples, especially for husband and wife, so they have some new fantasies but no harm done. This will surely bring the wife to higher and more orgasms and sexual excitements to the husband. My favorite is to take nude photographs of my partner in all sexy poses before fucking. She say that she always like to see photos of herself taken in nude, wearing sexy lingerie or nothing at all, but it is shameful to ask somebody to photograph her in this manner and also do not know how. I say her appearance and her body are good for nude photographs. Do you wish to take some now for remembrance. Life is shot, when you are alive do what you like, eat what you like. Your beauty will not last forever. Why not capture them in camera for good remembrance. I want to and will let you taken my nude photos now, but do not show these nude photos to my husband. It is better not to let him know. I agree.

While she makes us another drink, I prepare my camera and set up flash lightings in the room. My camera is ready aiming at her sexy body and fires my first shoot. As she turns around, I ask to stop there and expose few more shoots. She is good by posing herself in various pose to be shooting. I shoot a few more in the armchair, in the dressing table, in the bathroom and finally on the bed. She is the best woman that I ever photographed. Every shoot is perfect. The way she poses herself and the smile in her face makes me shoot more and more. The photos shoot in the bed far more interesting. The ways she sits on the bed, the way she lays on the bed, the way she stands and squats on the bed are perfect. I even take some close-up shots of her pussy and butt, which she has, opened up. I also shoot myself naked together with her in all sexy scenic like grabbing her two breasts from behind, kissing her vagina, her breast and action fucking her. Until she and I become horny, I put away my camera and fuck hard on the bed. She becomes very highly sexually aroused, she ask me lie on the bed and she fuck me on top. She is very hot. She fucks and twists her buttock very wild and variously. She keeps on her action and holding me very tight and kissing me.

After sometime she stops moving and grips my back with her both hands and ask me to hold her tight. Her breath is very heavy. I know she again has achieved another orgasm. After a while, I turn her around and pull her naked body down to a corner of the bed. I stand on the floor and grasp her legs apart and I can see her vagina hole still open. My red-hot dick is hard on. It points at that hole and I trust it into her vagina. Now I am very wild and I do not care for her any more. Now is time for me to enjoy myself with somebody’s wife---my friend’s wife. I bang and fuck her very hard. I hear her groans with pain and say, oh good fuck faster fuck deeper oh darling, you are a great fucker. I say to myself, Roy, I fuck your wife now, I am fucking your wife, I have fucked your wife. Your bloody bitch is so good for fucking. I jab my dick into her vagina and goring and twisting. She cries good fucking and begs me to do it again, kill my itchy quim. I continue fucking and fucking her until she again comes to orgasm. When I see this, I am satisfied and ejaculate my hot sperm into her vagina. She immediately feels a hot flow of sperm in her vagina and shouts, “Oh I love it”. I feel her G-spot open and my semen flows inside. We both are exhausted and hold each other lying on the bed motionless. I kiss her, say; I am happy, and pleased. She says “Me too” and added that, she is the happiest woman tonight, that she never has such great enjoyment before as she has cum many times. She kisses me and her hand catches my dick and says, “I love him very much.” I smile to myself; in future, you will always think of him and love him dearly. I tell her, if she is good to me and credulous in what I tell her and interested in enjoy yourself for pleasure, I can help her to achieve and arrange everything for her.

I look at my watch it was eleven pm. We must have been fucking for two hours. We both go to the bathroom and she cordially washes my dick. I am very tired and sleep on the bed naked. After a while, she sleeps beside me and covers the blanket over our bodies. I can feel she is also sleeping naked.

I must have been sleeping for a long time and I feeling cold. The blanket is not covering me. I notice someone is playing my dick. I recall she must be Roy’s wife, and then I keep quiet and pretend to be sleeping. She is fondling my genital and because I am awake, my cock slowly grows bigger and harder. She is quite surprised and quietly bends down her head and stick out her tongue. She licks the gland of my dick. She does it several times, and is feeling comfortable, she open her mouth and put my dick in. She does not know what to do and I feel a little pain around my dick. Her teeth are biting my dick. I move a little and she stops biting. Then she move her mouth up and down as it slides alone my dick. I feel very comfortable and I slowly open my eyes and enjoying what she is doing. The way she sucks my cock, I know she must be new in this job. While she is concentrating doing her blowjob, she suddenly notices I am not sleeping. She quickly stops blowing and looking very irritating and shameful. I say your sucking is good but not very well. She says she never does it for Roy. This is her first time. She has seen many times in sexual VCD how people do and never try before. She comments that it is not bad. She feels good and interesting. Well, I will teach you how to do a good blowjob. She learns very fast. I ask her what the time now is. She says going to be five in the morning. I ask her, if she wants to swim naked in the sea. She says people can see. I say no, at this time most people still sleeping. There are only some people like us could not sleep, and they enjoy sex in the open sea. They do not bother and it is fun. It sound interesting to her and enquire further, whether it is safe. Believe me girl you will like it. I tell her do not wear anything but put on your bathrobe and come.

We reach the beach in a couple of minutes and see only three or four couples in the beach and in the sea. They are all naked. The light is very dim but you can see some of them are make love and some are fucking. We chose an open space next to a couple having intercourse. I quickly remove my towel and am completely naked and I tell her to open her bathrobe and put her gown on the sandy beach only a few feet away from the couple and lay down. The couple notices us and is quiet annoyed but when they spot us both naked and the naked body of Wendy, they become friendly. I lay on top of her and start caressing and fondling her breasts. She is enjoying my caressing and her eyes are staring at the fucking couple. My hand goes down to her sexy cunt and I stroke gently. Then I turn one-hundred-and-eighty degree, put my mouth on her quim, and lick her pussy. My dick is directly over her face and she opens her mouth and sucks my dick. She is much better this time as she blows very well. I notice the fucking couple is now watching us as they fuck. Occasionally I hear the woman say to her partner, that we play very well. I now open her legs and I put my dick into her wet pussy and press my body over her. I fuck her. She moans.

The fucking couple is still watching us. They have finished their sex and the man says politely to us “Can we come closer to watch and hope you don’t mind being touched. They are interesting couple.” I tell Wendy, that it is normal to oblige. They mean no harm to you. They act to instill sexual excitements on you. Wendy says ok! They come very close to us and they separately sit by our sides. We see, they are older then us but are very respected couple. The first words they tell us is “We just want to have some fun and enjoy life.” While the man talks the woman reaches her hand and touch Wendy legs and he follow and touch Wendy hand. He says, “Your wife is very pretty”. Wendy smiles and looks at me. Their hands are very smooth and the gentle touch make Wendy very excites. His hands slowly touch Wendy breasts. He strokes and stirs her nipples. He runs his hands over her belly. They have touched everywhere of her naked body. He then grabs and rubs her breasts. Wendy is also very brave. She stretches her hands and catches his cock and the woman’s breast. We are having great fun. Then I say to the couple, we want to continue our fucking in the sea and ask whether they want to join us. At first they feel very strange and say yes, that will be amazing.

We walk toward the sea and the couple is smiling happily following behind us. We reach a level about our waist. The water is warm at this time. We swim a while and the four of us catching each other playing around, as if we are longtime friends. The man is having a good time with Wendy and playfully pulling her legs under water, grasps her cunt, and holds her breasts. I waste no time and follow suit by playing with his wife. His wife is also very playful. She grasps my cock and say, young man you have a big one. He is lovely and very active. I squeeze her breasts and feel the firmness. They are not very big but just nice. I tell her she has a hot body and she says thank you.

At this time, we four are together and I ask him to hold Wendy from behind, while I spread her legs and try to jab my cock into her vagina. I try several times. At last, I feel a little slippery and my cock slides into her vagina. It is warmer inside her quim. I stand there and fuck her gracefully. The feeling inside the vagina fucked under water is great. Wendy is enjoying. The couple looks at Wendy and asks her how she feels. She says, wonderful. Our motion has aroused the couple sexual desire. He let go Wendy, grab his wife, and fuck her as we do. After sometime, we both ejaculate with the women archive orgasms in underwater. We wash and walk back to the shore and say good-bye to the couple. They say they are happy to know us and experience this under water fun.

We spend about an hour there, it is still dawn, and the beach is deserted. On the way to our room, Wendy asks me, am I doing this often. I say no. Not all women can do this. I ask her how she feel being fuck under water. She says it is very sensational. It is a good experience and fun, which no words can explain. Actually, we can do this during the day if the area is not too crowded. People around do not know what we are doing under water. They cannot see. This is also my first time, which I never could dream. She says she would not know if she has a chance to don it again. Especially we meet the couple and have fun fucking together. I say if are good to me and willing to let me fuck, there are many goodies waiting for you. She says she like me and will do everything I tell her.

When we reach my room, she insists to stay in my room and says she is afraid to be alone in her room. We are lying on the bed together, relaxing, and fallen asleep. We wake up by telephone call. Wendy pick up the phone thinking her husband calls her and say hello. The caller said he wants to I speak to Jeff and said he is Dave. She passes the phone to me. Hello Dave where are you. Dave say he is at the restaurant and asks me if I want to go out to the sea as his yacht is free today. I ask him can I bring my girl friend along. Please prepare. Dave says understood (he understood that I bring a woman on board for him to fuck). I say we meet him at the restaurant at 10 am. I hang up the phone and tell Wendy that my friend named Dave, has a yacht and want to bring us out to sea for sight-seeing. I ask her whether she wants to go. She is hesitating and tells me that Roy is coming back at five pm today. I say that not to worry we only go out a few hours. We shall be back before five. There are good thing for you and you will like it. Then I tell her all about Dave. He is a long time friend of mine. If you like me, you will like Dave. He has a nice and good working willy like mine. In the pass, I had introduced a few women to him and we play and fuck MFM and FMM together in his yacht. Wendy asks what are MFM and FMM. I say MFM and FMM or MMF is threesomes fucking, like two men with one woman at the same time. Sometimes the woman at the bottom and sometimes the woman on top when they fuck The man licks the lady’s cunt and the lady blows the other man’s cock and vice versa. Some we call foursomes, is two couples, just like this morning in the seaside. Group fucking is four or more people fuck together. All are new friends that they want some funs and they do not know each other. After all, if I go, you will be alone in the room for several hours. Why not follow me and get some new experience and excitement. I tell you frankly this time is only threesomes. That is Dave, you and I only. You better make your own decision and come at your own free will. So if you like to join, go to your room and make yourself pretty. I will wait here and give you half an hour to change your clothes. By 10 am, if you do not appear I will leave my room. Please do not forget to bring some money. She leaves my room and is doubtful as to whether she should go. I check my time and prepare my camera. I wait in my room hoping she will come. Twenty-five minutes has passed then I see her standing at my door and say to me “I am already to go”. I look at her, wow what a beauty. She wears a light beige high cut body-glove dress. Her under lingerie are semi transparence and her nipples protrude from her bra. She is holding a handbag. I say you look very pretty.

We walk to the restaurant near by as she walks close to me like my wife. At this hour, the restaurant is quite empty and I can see Dave sitting alone at one corner. He sees us coming and stand up to greet us. I introduce her to Dave and say she is Wendy and this is Dave. Dave wishes Wendy good morning and asks whether he can kiss her hand. I observe Wendy face when she sees Dave and from her looks, I know she will not object Dave. Wendy smiles and says you can kiss me anywhere you like and give Dave her hand. Dave kisses her hand and says thank you, he likes to do that very much and says she is very beautiful. I tell Dave that we must be back by five this afternoon. Dave looks at Wendy and says no problem. I ask the waiter to prepare us some food to take away and order few bottles of wine. When the foods are ready, Wendy insists she pays the bill.

We leave the restaurant to the yacht. Along the way Dave is befriending her, asking her what she likes to eat, and on the same time, he puts his hand behind his back to show me the good sign, which means she is good. Wendy says she can eat every thing. In a short while, we are at Dave’s boat. It is a beauty white yacht. It has an upper and lower deck Wendy happily gets into it. As soon as we get in the boat, Dave starts the motor and put out to sea. She is busy looking around the yacht. I show her the only bed in the yacht. She says very nice and jump into the bed to test it herself.

This boat is wired completely. There are several video cameras installed in his boat. This room has three cameras aiming at he bed alone and they linked together automatically by a hub with auto zoom system and sound detector, which means the cameras are focused at the moving objects. The secret preparation we did not tell Wendy or any other women who had used this room. The objective is simply for precaution being accuse rape by those women should we run into difficult with them afterwards. The actions and enjoyments by the woman capture in the tape is a powerful evidence to proof our innocent. Any people who watch their tape will convince that they did it on her own free will. Secondly, those are interesting scenes of adventures by different women that we have fucked them and we watch the replay to recall the good times with them. The view is for us only and we do not show to the women but occasionally one or two of the women who come back a second round and we know her very well she invites to watch.

Dave cruises the boat to our favorite spot, which is isolated from, the resort and other boats. Then Dave stops the motor and says to Wendy, “Lady please excuses me” and he goes to the cabin below. Wendy and I are on the upper deck taking our food and drink. She asks me whether I come here often. Not very often, maybe once a month. I tell her to relax and take everything easy and enjoys. Dave is a nice fellow. After a while, Dave appears in front of us. He is completely naked and his dick is active and pointing upward. When she looks at the dick, she says wow very handsome. Dave is proud of his pecker, says really, and walks to her. She reaches out, holds his cock in her hand, and says it is heavy. She sees me and asks me to take some photos. My camera is ready and I take several shoots of her and Dave together. Some are very sexy poses. Then she says to Dave may I, and she put his cock into her mouth and sucks. I said hold it and I take a good shot. Dave commends her and says your blowjob is great you can do very well. She smiles and says she learns from Jeff yesterday.

After she has the first hand tasted Dave’s dick and while we enjoy our food and wine, we discuss our fucking plan to her. Dave asks her how she likes to fuck, can she undertake three courses. She is confused not knowing what Dave means and says as long she don’t get hurt, she is willing to perform any ways of fucking. I explain to her that Dave asks you whether you like perversion way of fucking. For instance, have three persons making love together, anal fucking, and other perversions. She says anal fucking is painful and has not done it. Dave says, yes for the first time but not so painful like losing your virginity. The pain is very mild but the joy is fantastic thereafter you experience anal sex. Never mind I will go slowly and if you are unbearable, I will not do it to hurt you. She looks at me as if wants me to decide for her. Of course, I want her to do it and I incline my head. Dave sees that she is not objecting he happily continue saying that sex is wonderful and can play better by lovers and close friends rather than husband and wife. You see woman has three holes, which all can accommodate man’s dick. They are mouth, vagina and anal. This is what they call three-course. She smiles shamefully. Beside these things, he tells her how she can become younger and has beautiful skin and face. All women like to be young and beautiful. She seems to know and ask Dave is it by sorrow man semen. She says all her friends have said that by eating man semen can has fair complexion and become younger. Your friends are right but you must consume not only one man’s semen. It has to be mix by at least two men’s semen each time. She says the taste is terrible to sorrow. Dave says you swallow the semen with the wine that is much better. He says some of his friends’ wives have tried this method about a year ago, now they all looks younger. Some are forty over years old and now they look like thirty years old. You know Hollywood stars, they look young but they all over sixty already. Their bodies are very firm.

After Dave has enjoyed her blowjob, I tell her to remove her clothing. She says do it here? Yes and please do it slowly Dave and I like to watch you undress for us. She obliges and starts lifting up her dress and slowly over her shoulders. Dave is looking closely to her body as she reveals them, her bulgy cunt, her firm belly and her big and solid breasts. All these motions I capture in camera. No sooner, she is naked with only in under wears and she throws her dress to Dave. She then begins to remove her bra. She seems to have difficulty unlocking her bra. Dave goes and checks it out. He gets to her back and finds the catch was stuck. Dave is quick to unlock it. The bra slides drown from cupping her breasts and he hurriedly grabs both with his hands from behind. My camera is swift to shoot at this beautiful pose. She is very horny to allow him to amuse her bare breasts. He gently places his right hand in her flimsy panties and feeling the silky pubic hair. The camera fires another shoot. The next thing he has removed the last piece of her covering. They are both standing there naked and looking at each other. It is such a beautiful sight, the camera fires. She asks to be photograph in the nude with Dave all over the yacht from bow to stern. Some smut pictures she poses with Dave and me in sexy poses.

She is so sluttish that he lifts her up and places her naked body on a padded bench with two supports for her legs. He rests his body on her body and kisses her. He works from her mouth right down to her toes, as he has told her earlier. He has licks all parts of her body, including her anal and quim. These two places are his favorites. So are her most sensitive parts. She looks at me with great satisfactions over her face, as if she acknowledges what I have said about Dave. I swiftly undress myself and join them for funs. I put my long erected cock in her mouth while Dave is busy licking her clit. That I say to her, Wendy this is what they call “threesomes FMM”. Dave gets up holding his every ready dick to her wet and sticky cunt and shoves it into her vagina. The succulence inside her vagina sizzles out and flows over her labial. Dave is satisfied with the size of her tight vagina, which crisps his cock inside her quim. She is also happy with Dave’s cock, which she feels very fit inside her vagina. Each time Dave pulls out and pushes in his dick she will open her mouth and gasp for air. I take a quick look at the ceiling and see the hidden camera is on and is operating. The lens is zooming and recording her sexy cry and her naked body. Dave is non-stop pumping her cunt very eagerly and says to me, she is very good and she is very similar like Mary, good and sexy. Wendy asks who Mary is. I say she is a schoolteacher and has been here twice last year. Dave now has been fucking her for quite sometime and he knows he is going to ejaculate her then asks me to take over and he wants to eject into her mouth. After I remove, my cock from her Dave hurriedly put his in her mouth. She feels his dick in her is very hot and she does a good blowjob for Dave. I waste no time, jab my cock into her vagina, and fuck her. Dave at this time has reached his orgasms he tells her to get ready and shoot the semen into her mouth. Dave quickly removes his cock and kisses her mouth with his mouth. She slowly swallows the semen in her throat and Dave gives her a glass of red wine.

I enjoy the show and at the same time fucking her briskly. She is happier then irritating. She is content because she at last has tasted human semen. All these years she is dreaming of and wanting to try. After all the semen, she has just tasted is not that awful as she thinks. In fact, it tastes like unsweetened honey. No wonder those bloody bitches like to eat, she says quietly. As I take pleasure in fucking her, she asks me to hurry up and give her cum to eat. She utters Dave says must eat two persons semen. Do not worry dear you would not digest so fast. Continue eating Dave dick now and he eagerly lets her licks and cleans his cock. Dave hands are on her chest fondling her breasts and rubbing its tits. At this moment, I am ready to archive my orgasm and I press down my belly on to her and try hard to hold my brake but my semen rush down to her vagina. She is so disappointed and rebuked why I not shoot it to her mouth. I say do not worries Dave will help you. He comes down to her cunt, bends his head to her pussy and sucks the semen together with her succulence in his mouth. Then diverts them into her mouth. He has to do it three times and makes sure nothing is left behind. She happily gulps all down her throat. This time she eats it full heartedly and she licks her lips with her tongue to make sure not to waste any. I give her a glass of wine and say this one taste better because it contains you own succulence. She laughs heartedly and says you two also eat my succulence. We also laugh and reply that we want more.

It is about one hour has passed and we are in a mass. Dave suggests we have a swim and she says good idea. She runs swiftly in nude down the stern staircase of the boat and we follow behind. We dive from the platform below the stern. The seawater is so clear that her beautiful body can be seeing underwater. Her legs keep on stretching inward and outward making her cunt very attractive. Dave dives below her legs and I watch he is licking her cunt. She is enjoying all his movements and she grips his head with her tights. Dave pulls her down and shoves his cock into her vagina. This is the second time she gets shagged underwater. She is holding Dave waist with both her hands and Dave swims with her like a mermaid as she twists her buttock in and out of the water. I ask her is she happy? She replies very much and they have all the fun playing in the sea.

After the swim, we feel hungry and we eat the food we bought earlier in the restaurant. She goes to the kitchen and prepares the food for us while we wait in the upper deck. Dave is commenting her beauty, her excellent sexy body, her playfulness and her sexual enthusiasm, which he likes all very much. He laments that she cannot stay overnight and only a few hours to enjoy life with her. I tell him after food we fuck her in the cabin’s bed and we will make her feels her first anal sex with us. I also remind him to keep the video cameras running. She comes to us with the food she has prepared. We eat happily with her in the deck and take pleasure in admiring her naked body. I ask her is she happy to come here and is she likes this place. She promptly says she is very happy, and likes to come back again. She is reluctant to come this morning when Jeff tells me to do so, because she is afraid, as she does not know whom you are and where you want to take me. As she talks she notices Dave is always staring at her naked body and asks him is he has not seen enough of her. Dave says he wished to see more of her as tonight he cannot see her. Dave asks her whether he can fuck her one more time. She tells him that he can fuck her as many times as he wanted. I say we had better do it in the cabin, as here is very chilly.

We both hold her in the middle as we walk down the lower deck. When she enters the captain’s cabin Dave says to her that every woman who uses this bed for shag must first get permission from the captain by saying aloud twice her name, age and that she is very eager be fucked in captain’s bed and hope the captain would not mind. She without hesitation lies on the bed and says aloud her name, age and so on. Dave seems satisfied that what she has spoken is clearly recording in the video camera for future use. After that, she spreads her legs apart and stretching out her arms and calls us to come over.

We are ready for actions as we jump to be by her sides, fondling, and caressing her body. Dave plays her upper body while I attend her bottom section. I lick her leg, her tights and her quim. I open her most sensitive part in her vagina and kissing, licking her clitoris and her labium. I put my fingers into her vagina and feel her cervix. In addition, I continue licking her vagina. Dave squats in between her chest and his dick is in her mouth. She is now blowing Dave’s cock.

This holiday is an eyes opener for her. She has encounters many new adventures which she has tried on her own self. They are-
First time fuck by his husband’s friend.
First time appear in nude photos.
First time a man licks her cunt.
First time sucks a man cock.
First time fucking in open public.
First time fucking in front of couple.
First time swimming in the nude.
First time fucking in the sea.
First time fuck by two men.
First time fuck in a yacht.
First time do threesomes fuck in the mouth and vagina.
First time eat men’s semen.
First time fuck in the anal.
First time do MFM on vagina and anal by two men together.
She tells us that she is looking forward for foursomes, gangbang and sex party. Dave says all these are available here and he can arrange for her. She asks him how is gangbang and is it all right for her and usually how many men in the group. Dave says as far as he sees her; gangbang is not a problem to her at all, as her sexual ability is very strong. She should be able to handle any amount of men at each time. Dave keeps on saying that there are more men she can easy handle. However, he persists that she starts with nine men as his yacht can only accumulate ten persons. She quickly says gets eight men that include both of you. Dave replies, why eight. She says she is going to ask her girl friend to come and join her in the gangbang. We are very surprised and tell her that as a secret, usually gangbang consist only one woman and many men. We ask her whether she is not afraid that her friend may gossip among other friends about her activities. She says no, Katy is not going to tell tale. She is my old time classmate and is my diehard friend. We have common ideas and leisure pursuit. What I do, she will follow. In our school days, we usually talk about fantasies. We imagine that we have sex together and fuck by a group of man and other things. Husband and wife they fuck because they want children. Husband and wife seek lovers separately for pleasure. At that time, we are young and have no sexual experience. We usually take bath together and playing each other breasts. Now we are married, but unfortunately, her husband dies a few years back. She is now attending her husband’s business. She is rich and very busy. I see she is lonely, but she is not interested in my husband. When I go back, I will relate my new adventure to her and ask her to come. I really want her to see for herself how several men fuck me at the same time. I also want her to enjoy sex be happy and see her fuck by both of you and a group of men.

We are very patience and paying attention to her talk and Dave is quick to ask, is she pretty? She replies that she is similar to her look but a few months younger. She asks Dave is she pretty. Dave says, “You are pretty outside nevertheless inside also pretty”. We see the time is almost 3.30 pm and we hurriedly take a shower and getting dress to go back. As she is dressing, she could not find her underwear. Then she sees Dave is holding her sexy lingerie on both hands. He says do you mind he keeps both of them here. She says why. Dave says to her that all ladies who visit here should retain something for sweet remembrance. He opens a big cabinet and shows her inside lots of women lingerie neatly hangs up. It must be over twenty sets and Dave is good to remember the owners’ name of each set of lingerie. When she sees this she smiles and says, be my pleasure and do not forget its owner’s name. Dave replies, he never would forget. She pulls over her beige body grove covering her body without her underwear. On the way back to the resort, I ask her to give some money for Dave and for next tasks preparations. He asks her when she is coming with Katy. She says she will tell Jeff. We reach the resort at 4 in the afternoon. Before leaving the yacht, she gives Dave a kiss and thanks him for fucking her and the most unforgettable times with him.

I walk with her back to her room and find that Roy has not come back. She says he told her he would be back after seven in the evening. She says to me it is still early and asks me to stay in her room for a while and she wants to talk to me. I walk into her room and she locks the door. Once in the bedroom she begins to strip off her clothing, but she has only one piece to remove because beneath her dress there is nothing else. Her bra and panties have given to my friend, Dave. So in front of me, she is completely naked. As she walk to me, she says she feels more comfortable in this way and in her home she usually do not wear anything when nobody around. However, I say I am now in your room. Ok for you, there is no secret between you and me because you are special. You have seen me everything and have used me already. Beside all man like to see naked woman, especially his friend’s wife. Do you agree? I smile. She tells me don’t let Roy know what have happened in the yacht with Dave. She continue to say it is better not to tell him this kind of thing and she don’t want him to know his wife is so sexy and itchy slut. Anyway, I am happy and enjoy what I did in the yacht. I like to be sexy and horny in front of some men but not when Roy is among them or to him alone. She says if I keep her secret, she will arrange some women for me to enjoy. Roy does not like woman and fucking and he is eager only to make money and business.

Then she asks me to remove my clothes as she is going to bath me. She prepares the long bath water while I remove my clothing. My dick is already erecting as I entered the bathroom. She sits in the long bath and asks me to get in. She holds my dick and says he is already hardened. Yes woman because he likes you, I say. She baths me very well and very careful. Never have I had a bath like that in my life. It is very enjoyable. After the bath, she asks me to lie on the bed and wait for her to finish her bath. Meanwhile she comes to the bed naked and lies on top of me. She caress my body and she kisses my nipples and down to my belly. Thereafter she sucks my dick. After a few lessons earlier, she is now very good in this blowjob. She does it very well. She asks me to lift up my buttock while she bow down and her tongue reaches my anus. She licks slowly and passing her tongue over and over it. This is great I never experience like this before. This is my first and she does it great. Now she says she wants to fuck me. She crawls over my groin and put my cock into her wet pussy. I enjoy seeing her bouncing breasts as she raises her buttock up and down. After about fifteen minutes, I see she is becoming tired and I notice time is running out, so I turn her around and give a quick bang to ejaculation. She says she want to eat my sperm and asks whether I can take it out and put them in her mouth. I oblige and stick my lips over her vulva and suck all the sperm from her vagina and carefully dispose into her mouth. She swallows every bite down her throat and comments my sperm tastes better than Dave does. We hurry up by cleaning our self and I leave her room.

After returning to my room, I feel weary and immediately fall asleep. It is almost eight pm Roy calls and asks me to go for dinner. I meet him in the restaurant and his wife, Wendy is there. She looks beautiful with her pink dress. As I sit down, she gives me a quick smile. Roy says he had a wonderful time at sea and caught many fishes with his friends. It is a difficult journey and very interesting but not suitable for woman, because they will find it boring and hot. He asks me where I spend on the day and says his wife is very happy with this place. As I am talking with Roy, my phone rings. It is Dave. He says he wants to discuss with me. I say, I am having dinner with my friends. Then Roy says, tell him to join us for dinner. I quickly look at Wendy and I see her nodding her head. I tell Dave my friend invites him for dinner and ask him to come now. Wendy says to Roy that Dave is a good man and very helpful. He takes Jeff and her in his yacht for sightseeing around the island and shows her many new things on his yacht. Dave comes to us and I introduce Dave to Roy and say he is Wendy’s husband and this lady you meet her this morning. Roy thanks Dave for taking care of his wife. Dave says it is his duty to look after friends and says to Roy that his wife is very beautiful. Roy seems to like Dave very well and during the dinner, they two talk a lot about marine life.

After dinner, we go back to our rooms and Dave says he wants to discuss thing with me. I invite Dave to my room. As soon as I close the door, Dave says Roy is such a good fellow. I advise Dave not to comment or talk about this again. Do not say anything about the husband of the lady whom we have had an affair --- we had fucked. Wendy do not like to hear. Dave shows me the video tapes, which he recorded in the yacht today. I put the tapes on the video player and we enjoy viewing the sex movie of ourselves with Wendy. The quality is very good. Dave comments that Wendy is a great actress. I tell Dave that next month I will come again and hope to bring Wendy and her girl friend along. Get in touch with some of your friends and arrange some friends for Wendy, whom she says, she likes to try gangbang her. I sleep after Dave goes home. The next morning after having our breakfast, we depart this lovely island and take our fright back to our country.

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