What a Christmas this was going to be! Emily was coming home for the holidays and I would have to put up with her constant nagging at me. She would be on my case about two things, 1) I wasn’t a Vegan, and 2) I was a virgin and a senior in high school, which in Emily’s mind was akin to utter and complete irony. No girl as pretty as I could possibly be a virgin unless she was seriously messed up. And of course, Emily thought I was seriously messed up. First, I attended church every Sunday and even played in the band, and second, I attended a church related school where all the girls were presumed to be completely chaste and innocent.

Emily, on the other hand, had told me she lost her virginity when she was a sophomore just to see what it was like, and she enjoyed it so much she continued a regular sex life from then on. It was difficult as our parents were very strict and bringing a boy home was frowned upon, but having them stay over night was a sure sentence to hell for eternity. Still, that didn’t stop Emily from bragging to me about her escapades. She told me about how she lost her virginity to a senior boy in the photo lab dark room while they worked on an after-school photo project. She even showed me some photos of his erect thingy they had developed after he popped her cherry. It still had signs of her blood evident. Then she showed me a photo of them both totally naked. I was both repulsed and curiously excited at the same time. I even felt a tingle in my here-to-fore untouched little bottom. Still, I continued to maintain my status as a virtuous virgin.

One time after I got my driver’s license, Emily had me go with her supposedly to a practice session at school, but in reality, she had me drive by Danny’s place where the two of them got in the back and told me to just drive around for a while. I could see them in the rear-view mirror, and before long Emily’s shirt and bra were laying on the front seat beside me. I felt both angry and excited at the same time. I was angry that Emily was wearing a C cup bra and I had to stuff my A cup bra to even fill it out. On the other hand, I was excited to catch a glimpse of what it would be like to see a boy and girl having intercourse. (I was so naive that I didn’t even know the crude words for sexual activity, only the proper words taught in biology classes.) I wondered if they were actually going to do it in the back seat and the thought is actually seeing, or maybe only hearing them once again caused my virgin bottom to get kind of moist, something it had never done before. What was that all about?

But, alas, they had me pull into a yard that I recognized as one of the men who went to our church. He had a bunch of antique cars and went to car shows and tours. He would haul the cars in really nice trailers that he kept parked in the back of his five-acre lot. By driving in from the side street with the lights off, we could get to the parked trailers without being seen. Emily and Danny got out, neither of them wearing anything but their jeans. Emily fumbled around in her pocket and produced a key which opened the side door to the trailer. Danny was also fumbling around in his pocket and he produced a little square package. I had no idea what it was but Emily nodded in agreement when she saw what he had. After telling me to sit in the car with the doors and windows shut, they began kissing and fumbling with each other. Moments later they went into the trailer and pulled the door closed. However; since it only latched from the outside, it didn’t close tight.

Thinking I was being used, I had an idea, so I walked over to the car which they had told me to park so it couldn’t be seen from the house. I opened the door, paused for a few moments then slammed the door. Then, I tip-toed back to the trailer door and peered through the crack. The man had rigged the trailer up with all kinds of things to service his antique cars while at shows or on tours, so there was a battery-operated light which they had turned on. Then, to my surprise, they pulled out a couple of sleeping bags and spread them on the floor. Moments later, Danny had divested himself of his pants and tore open the little package. I had a fairly good view through the door, which was standing partially ajar. He pulled out something that looked like a miniature donut and put it on the end of his penis. Then, he rolled it down until it covered the whole thing. In the mean-time, Emily was sitting on the sleeping bag playing with her breasts. Danny got down beside her and began sucking on her nipples. That totally blew my mind. I knew that babies nursed from their mother’s breasts, but I never dreamed a guy would be sucking on them. Still, Emily seemed to really enjoy it, and moments later she slid her jeans and panties right off. There they were, both totally naked, well naked except for that thing Danny had put on his penis.

Emily lay back and began playing with Danny’s penis, which seemed to really excite him. As they played with each other I could hear their breathing speed up and then Emily spread her legs wide open. I couldn’t see her vagina lips as her leg was in the way, but I could see her hand moving up and down rhythmically and her arching back. Suddenly she let out a somewhat subdued little scream and fell back limply on the sleeping bag. At the same time Danny began grunting saying he was gong to come. I wasn’t sure where he was going to come to, because he was already there. But then Emily said she was glad because she wanted him to get off before he got on so he could last longer. I couldn’t understand what he was getting off of and what he was going to get on as he was already on the sleeping bag. But then he put his hand between Emily’s legs and began moving it up and down, while Emily wrapped her hand around his penis and began moving it up and down. Before too long Danny asked if she was ready to get fucked and Emily responded that she was more than ready to be fucked!

At that, Danny got between her legs and lined his penis up so that it was disappearing between Emily’s legs. I couldn’t see exactly just where it was going, but seconds later his pelvis slammed down into her pelvis and then he just held it there for a few seconds. Then, he slowly pulled back but before he got it all the way out, he slammed it back in hard and fast. Pretty soon, he was shoving his penis into Emily’s vagina, faster and faster.

“Oh Fuck, I’m gong to come, I’m going to come,” grunted Danny. Emily nearly screamed out saying, “You better keep it up, I’m almost there, keep going, keep going.” Moments later they both let out a kind of strangled little screams and grunts as Danny collapsed on Emily. He was puffing as if he had just run a long hard race. Emily was making funny little mewing like sounds as their breathing began to slow down to normal. Then they rolled onto their sides so that Danny’s back was toward me. I had a clear view of Emily’s face so jerked back fearful she would see me, and crept back to the car. I softly opened the door, got in the car and pulled the door partially closed, afraid to slam it tight shut.

I sat there trying to adjust to what I had seen. So, that’s what “Fuck” means. I had heard a couple of boys at the Dairy Queen saying they would sure like to fuck a girl they were looking at, but I didn’t know what it meant. Later I asked mom what fuck meant but she said it was a word that nice people didn’t use and refused to say any more. But now I knew what fuck means! Still, I had been able to see how big Danny’s penis was and thought how amazing it was that Emily was able to fit it inside her vagina. I thought it had to have hurt really bad, but she didn’t seem to think it hurt at all, in fact she seemed to think it felt terrific!

Later I asked Emily what they were doing inside the trailer for so long, but she just blew me off saying they were rehearsing their lines for the play. I asked them what kind of play had the word “Fuck” in it. Emily stared at me for a moment then asked if I had been watching. I shrugged saying that I had rolled the window down part way to get some fresh air and heard Danny say, “Oh Fuck I’m gong to come.” I just wondered what kind of play had that word in it, and where Danny was going to come to? Emily stared at me for a long moment then said, “Natasha, you were watching, I know you were. I thought I saw you when I rolled over but when I looked again, you weren’t there, but now I know you were watching. Did you learn anything?” I kind of shrugged saying I was only there for a few seconds wondering when you would be coming back to the car but when I saw you doing whatever you were doing, I ran back to the car. But the little bit I saw looked like it was really fun!”

“You can’t imagine,” replied Emily. “Just so you know, I’m not going to the local University like Mom and Dad want me to. I’m going to the State University so I can fuck whenever I want to, so I can have a drink whenever I want to and if I want to have a boy spend the night with me I can. And if you have any sense you will do the same thing.” I kind of shrugged and said that I had just had my sixteenth birthday and didn’t think I was ready to make that kind of decision just yet. Emily kind of smiled then said that she had her first time fucking when she was about my age and never regretted it for a moment, perhaps I should think about it. I kind of shrugged and said that I didn’t think a boy would want to do anything with a girl who didn’t have breasts bigger than he did. Emily giggled then said that some boys liked little tits, and that is what boys call them, TITS, not breasts. And besides, I could use some store-bought fillers to make them look bigger.

I shrugged it off, remembering when Joan started wearing “Falsies” as I heard them described. She was huge and looked kind of silly I thought. And besides, all the boys knew they were not real and joked about it. The final straw was when she decided to play basket ball while wearing her falsies. The man coach couldn’t really say anything, so he did ask one of the female teachers to speak to her, but Joan told her to mind her own business. Joan hit the floor in the school uniform and after a few minutes of running up and down the court, one of them slipped out of her bra and began a downward migration to the top of her trunks. Soon after the other one followed suit. Joan kept looking at the coach, obviously wanting to be taken out but he just ignored her. Finally, the other team called a time out and Joan dashed from the game not to be seen for the rest of the game. As I thought about it, I decided that although my breasts were not very big, they were firmly attached to my chest and surely weren’t going to be slipping out from under my bra!

True to her word, the next year Emily went to the State University in Capitol City. She shunned the dormitory, claiming that the girls were too noisy and if she was going to become a doctor, she had to be able to study without interruption. She got an apartment with another girl and wrote home saying that it was great, she could study without interruption. I knew that she could also fuck without interruption as well and was pretty sure she continued to follow her passion developed in high school.

When I was a senior in high school, and was making up my mind about what school to attend, Emily invited me to spend a long weekend with her. On Friday the school had “Senior Day” where area high school seniors could visit the campus and get a view of the school. Mom and Dad still wanted me to attend the local University, but Emily convinced them that I should at lest see what the State University had to offer so I could make the best decision for my education. So, on Thursday night before the appointed day, I drove the one-hundred miles to the State University. Emily met me at her apartment and made arrangements for me to use her house-mates room. She explained that Shandra would be spending the weekend with her boy-friend so it wasn’t putting her out. I settled in, leaving most of my things in my back pack, then joined Emily for a party the night before the school open house.

We arrived at the party after an argument with Emily about what to wear. I bought along my Sunday morning attire I wore while playing in the band, but Emily wouldn’t let me out of the house until I put on one of her dresses. Although we were the same size everywhere except in the top, it fit OK. Then Emily pulled out a bra with permanently fixed “helping devices” as she referred to them. I reluctantly put it on and was pleasantly surprised at how nice they made the dress look, even if it was cut way lower than I would have normally worn. As soon as we arrived, Emily introduced me to some of her friends, then to a really cute boy named Ryan. He immediately began paying a lot of attention to me, telling me how pretty I was and how much he liked my dress. A little later another boy came up and offered me a glass of some kind of drink. Emily was there in a flash and took the glass from him, took a little sip then set it on a table. She then explained to me that you never ever accept a drink from anyone you don’t know very well, and even then, you take a little sample sip. Even then you can’t be sure it isn’t spiked with alcohol, which isn’t a bad idea, but worse it could contain a drug that would render me unconscious and with amnesia.

It seemed as if there was much to learn if I was going to be away from the very protective atmosphere of my home and school. It made me wonder how Emily had learned so much, but then I remembered she started a lot earlier than I did when it came to learning “Worldly Ways” as mom and dad would have called it. Still, the party was kind of fun and Ryan was especially nice to me, spending nearly the whole evening close to me and dancing every number with me. When it came time to leave the party, Emily told me Ryan was going to see me home. She handed me a drink of some sweet tasting punch and since Emily gave it to me and I drank it down then asked for another. Moments later she produced another glass and suggested we head home. During the evening, Emily had hooked up with a boy whom she obviously knew and shortly we were in his car heading to the apartment.

About that time, I began to feel a bit light-headed and sleepy. Ryan moved closer to me then slipped his arm around me. At first, I thought I should push him away, but then I remembered how nice he had been to me so I snuggled up against him. What seemed like only seconds, we were at the apartment and Ryan was carrying me up the steps to the front door. Emily and her friend were holding the door open, then Emily led the way to the room where I was to sleep. Ryan sat me on the bed and I fell back feeling exhausted. “I must have danced a few too many,” I commented barely able to keep my eyes open. Emily began to unbutton my dress and I started to object as Ryan was still in the room, but then it seemed not to matter. Moments later, Ryan was helping Emily as he held me in a sitting position while Emily unfastened my bra and let it drop away from my tits. That’s funny, I thought, I referred to my breasts as tits. Only crude boys used that term. Then Ryan and Emily helped me to a standing position and the dress slid down my hips leaving me in just my panties.

Moments later Ryan had also stripped down to just his under shorts and was lying on the bed beside me. I started to object but Emily said not to worry, Ryan was very gentle and would take good care of me. I had no reason to be frightened, just relax and have fun, she advised as she and her boy friend left the room. The rest of the evening was somewhat of a blur. I remember Ryan sucking on my tits and how good it felt. Sometime in the process, I realized I was totally naked and so was Ryan, but somehow it just didn’t seem important. As he sucked on my titties, I began to stroke my bottom and found it quite pleasurable. I vaguely recall Emily coming in telling Ryan to be careful as I was a virgin. She handed him one of the little packages I saw Danny use that night a couple years back. I was aware that Ryan put it on his penis, then he got between my legs. He spread them apart and lifted them up to where my knees were about vertical. Then he pressed his penis against my bottom. He held steady pressure for a time, then suddenly he just jammed it inside me. Although it kind of stung for a bit, I was so woozy I didn’t really feel all that much. Ryan began pushing in and out of me for what seemed like hours, then breathing heavily he rolled off.

The next thing I knew, it was morning and I woke up with a king sized head ache. I looked around confused, then as I began to come fully awake, I began to recall events from the night before. I realized I had been fucked but for some reason it didn’t especially bother me. I felt my bottom to see if it had been radically changed, but it felt just like it always had, albeit a bit tender but not substantially different to the touch. I struggled to remember all the events as more memories came to me. Finally, I got up and went to the bathroom where I splashed water on my face then took a shower. I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, as I had gone in completely naked and I didn’t have my robe with me. Emily met me in the hallway with a glass of orange juice and a couple of aspirin.

“So, how do you feel,” She asked with a bright smile.

“Like I’m not a virgin anymore,” I replied.

“Yeah, isn’t it great!” she exclaimed.

“Well, it might be even better if I had some choice in the matter,” I said. “Why did you drug me, I trusted you to take care of me and you did this to me without even asking if that’s what I wanted?”

“Because I knew you wouldn’t ever get around to losing your cherry if you kept believing all those things Mom and Dad preached to us and that school; boy are they out of touch with the world. Anyway, it’s done now, and you can join the ranks of women who decide what they want, and when we want it. I can tell you I love the feel of a man’s cock inside my pussy, -- Oh! I forgot, you probably don’t even know what a cock and pussy are. Well, before this weekend is over, I’ll have you up to speed on what the real-world calls everything about having sex and how to have the men begging you for more. Just relax and go with my lead and we’ll open an entire new world for you.”

I gratefully took the proffered aspirin and orange juice as Emily led me to the kitchen where she had prepared a light breakfast. She explained that all I had been given last night was some Valium dissolved in cherry Kool-Aid for the first drink, and then when it had started to kick in, the next drink was also cherry Kool-Aid with a splash of vodka to enhance the effects of the Valium. That is why I could remember what happened even though it was a bit fuzzy. She assured me I hadn’t been given the date-rape drug that caused amnesia. I didn’t know whether to feel glad or disappointed. I did remember much of last night although I had felt powerless to resist, but then as I thought more about it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to resist. Sure, I was no longer a virgin, but except for Emily and Ryan, and of course me, no one knew or needed to know. And, if I was completely truthful with myself, ever since I had seen Emily and Danny that night, I had been somewhat envious of what Emily had and I didn’t.

After the breakfast and the aspirin kicked in, I felt a lot better and told Emily I was gong to get dressed. She told me there was no need to get dressed as my education was just about to begin. She led me to her own room then booted up her computer and showed me some of her favorite web-sites. She explained that the traditional porn sites weren’t worth the time as they gave completely unrealistic view of sex. She showed me some sites that gave good de***********ions of various ways to have sex and ways to pleasure yourself even if a man wasn’t available. Then, Emily went to her desk drawer and pulled out a velvet bag and dumped the contents on the bed beside me. There were only a few items, but even with my limited knowledge, I could see that they were rubbery kinds of fake penis toys.

Before the “Learning Session” was over, Emily had taught me several new words that I wasn’t likely to learn either at home or in the up-tight school I attended, and certainly not at church! She explained to me about what my clitoris, better known at Clit was and how to play with it to get off as she described it. She had also encouraged me to examine the various toys that she called dildos. She showed me her favorite dildo that she had named “Danny” after the boy who had taken her virginity. She said she called it Danny so that when she used it to get off, she could pretend that Danny’s cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. She even showed me how to turn the vibrating feature on and adjust the speed and intensity. Then she said she had some things to do and suggested I try “Danny” on myself.

At first, I was repulsed by the idea of touching myself as I had been taught nice girls just didn’t do that kind of thing. But here I was one-hundred miles from home so who would know. Initially I just moved the tip around in my pussy but soon discovered that if I inserted it more than an inch it hurt. Emily had explained I would be sore for a day or two due to having my Hymen torn so I wasn’t surprised. I then moved it up to my newly discovered “Clit” and was rewarded with a very pleasant sensation. After stroking for a bit, I turned the vibrator switch on and the instant I touched my clit I felt an explosion of sensations totally new to me. By experimenting with speed and intensity, I soon found myself wanting more and more until I had, as Emily had predicted, my first orgasm. I fell back onto the bed almost panting and looking forward to feeling this again, and again!

As my breathing returned to normal, Emily came in and told me to go back to my room because Ryan was there to lead me through the next part of my education. I protested that I wasn’t even dressed but Emily just laughed and informed me that Ryan wasn’t either and the lessons he had for me required that both he and I be naked. So, unless I wanted to be graded down for being late to class, I should move my cute little ass! I sat as if cast in stone with several thoughts running through my mind. No boy had ever seen me naked, well at least not until last night, or at least I assumed Ryan had seen me naked when he fucked me. Secondly, I was embarrassed about my little titties. But again, Ryan had seen them last night, in fact as I struggled to recall, he had actually sucked on them and told me how beautiful they are. Still, I was reluctant so I wrapped the towel around me just above my titties. However; that left the bottom of the towel just barely hiding my pussy. Emily was dragging me along, so I followed.

Sure enough, as I entered the bedroom, there was Ryan, wearing a huge smile on his face and nothing else. Just as I stepped through the doorway, Emily grabbed my towel and jerked it off, leaving me as naked as Ryan. She shoved me onto the bed beside Ryan and explained that she had taught me things from a girl’s viewpoint, but Ryan was there to teach me about boys. She also said that he wouldn’t fuck me today as I would be too sore and tender to enjoy it and she wanted me to lean to love fucking before heading home.

Ryan was a great teacher! He was patient and respectful of my innocence about sexual matters. He showed me how to roll a condom onto his cock. I thought the boy would do that himself, but Ryan explained that it was a huge turn on for the boy if the girl did it for them. As we practiced, he did ejaculate into the condom and I was amazed at how much semen he produced! One thing puzzled me; I had grown some sparse hair around my little pussy but Ryan was completely bare. When I asked why he didn’t have hair when I saw that Danny had thick bushy hair, he explained that he kept his shaved because it was nicer for the girl not to get hair in her mouth. That totally blew my mind. How could a girl possibly get his hair in her mouth when he was fucking her bottom? He patiently explained that there were many ways to give pleasure to each other and suggested that he liked his girls clean shaven for the same reason. WHAT? Did a boy actually get his mouth down there? Ryan assured me that they really do and he loved doing it.

Moments later he had his face between my legs and ran his tongue up and down my wet little pussy. It felt good, but then he began inserting the tip just a little bit until he came into contact with my clit. I had thought the vibrator was as good as it could get, but this warm, smooth and alive tongue was way better. I relaxed and let myself go with the flow until I had my second orgasm. I didn’t realize it but I had clamped my legs around Ryan’s head so tightly he had to push them apart. Still, I was bucking my little ass up and down and begging Ryan to play with my titties. He happily obliged me and I began to come down from my orgasmic high. I told Ryan he was wonderful and how much I enjoyed what he had done for me. He smiled, saying he was glad he could bring me pleasure, then began running his finger in his mouth. I looked questioningly until he explained that he was extracting a hair. I was mortified, but Ryan said it wasn’t a big deal. I asked him how I could make it up to him. He smiled then lay back saying turn about is fair play.

At first, I didn’t understand what he was getting at, but then it dawned on me, he wanted me to lick his cock. Initially I was rather repulsed and was about to refuse but then decided that if he had down it for me it would be really rude to refuse him. Before I did anything to his cock, I studied it. Being the first cock I had ever seen, I was completely amazed at how much there really was to see. I was fascinated at the little slit at the end, I just assumed there would be a round hole. As Ryan pulled the skin back, I could see the entire tip and the ring of dark purple before it turned into just a long shaft which finally disappeared in his body above the wrinkly sack hanging below. I ran my fingers over the shaft and the loose skin causing Ryan to jerk his hips and let out a little gasp of pleasure. Finally, I explored the sack and the "balls" as he called them. At Ryan's continued urging, I tentatively I positioned myself so I could stick out my tongue and lick the tip. As it turned out, I could taste some of the latex flavor from the condom but that soon was replaced by a bit of a salty taste, which I realized was the residue of the semen from when he shot his load into the condom. As I got bolder and more adventurous, I began to take the knob into my mouth then even more until his gentle trusting was causing me to gag a bit. Suddenly he grabbed my head and said he was gong to cum. Before I could react, I felt a gush in my mouth. Pulling back quickly I spit it out while he continued to spurt onto my face and titties. As Ryan fell back, I realized that it didn’t taste all that bad and Ryan seemed to be hugely grateful. At that moment I decided that I was going to shave my pussy at the very first opportunity.

We lay together for several minutes until Ryan said that unless I was ready to have him inside me, we better get up and dressed because my astonishing body was really turning him on. I realized that instead of being repulsed by his naked body, I was actually attracted to him and understood how he was feeling. Reluctantly we agreed to end the session, but in a moment of inspiration I invited Ryan to share a shower with me. As we carefully washed each other, Ryan paid special attention to my titties, saying how lovely they were and how he loved small tits instead of big floppy ones. He proved his point by gently soaping his hands and running them in circles all over. After rinsing off, he sucked each nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue around just outside the nipple. I was so stimulated that I thought I was going to ask him to just stop and fuck me! We carefully dried each other and got dressed. Emily had left a note saying she had a late morning lab class but would be back in time for a late lunch. Ryan said he had a class as well, so he hurried off.

With my headache pretty well gone I was feeling very sleepy, so crawled into bed for what I believed would be a short nap. I was sound asleep when Emily got back so she prepared lunch then came in and woke me. It took several minutes for me to come fully awake, Emily said it was the residual effect of the Valium. After eating lunch, I began to feel pretty well normal. Emily began to probe me about how I felt having lost my cherry as she called it. I honestly replied that it just didn’t seem like that big a deal, although it may have been different if I hadn’t been under the influence of Valium and alcohol. She just smiled and said I should feel lucky, when she did it the first time it was pretty awful given that neither of them knew what they were doing and it hurt like hell. At least Ryan knew how to be gentle with a virgin and the Valium dulled most of the pain. “Believe me, when you and Ryan do it again you will be amazed at how much fun it can be.”

“Well, with him being one-hundred miles away, its not likely to be too soon,” I replied.

Emily just smiled and said, “Don’t make any plans for Sunday morning Tasha, by then you will be ready for the feel of a hard cock and Ryan is just the guy to give you relief!”

“What do you mean Sunday morning, I got to drive back home Sunday.” Emily just nodded then reminded me that it only takes two hours to drive a hundred miles, so I didn’t really need to leave until about six in the evening. “That gives you most of the day Sunday to really learn to get laid!”

We hung around the apartment the rest of Friday then Saturday was spent doing the University introduction tours. In the evening there was an informal gathering in the school commons where we got to interact with other high schoolers who had come to look at the school. There were only a few persons other than the visitors who were there to keep us in line and keep alcohol out. Emily wasn’t one of the chaperones, so one of the female teachers saw me back to Emily’s apartment. When I stepped in the door, I saw Emily and her boy friend watching TV along with another guy. I started to ask who it was when Ryan turned to greet me. I joined them, watching the end of the movie. Emily and her guy retreated to her room leaving Ryan and I alone. Ryan had pulled me tight against him as we watched the movie, but when Emily left, he stood and pulled me up, leading me to my temporary room.

“I want to spend the night with you,” he whispered as he gently kissed me and hugged me tight. At first, I thought I should decline, but then decided I would never have a better chance so agreed. After a quick visit to the bathroom, I joined Ryan who had already stripped his clothes off and was in bed. I was a bit self-conscious about undressing with him watching but then thought about him seeing me naked before so this shouldn’t be any big deal. In fact, I got a real thrill as I slowly did a strip-tease. Emily had convinced me to shave my pussy, so I slowly worked my panties down exposing a little more flesh until Ryan could see that I was cleanly shaved and smooth. He smiled in appreciation and pulled the covers down. I slipped into the bed and was instantly wrapped in a naked body to naked body bear hug.

I was so aroused that pain wasn’t even a consideration as I returned the hug and began running my hands all over his body, whole at the same time Ryan was honoring my titties with his gentle caresses. By now, all I wanted was to be thoroughly fucked, I wanted to feel Ryan’s cock deep inside my pussy and told him just that. Ryan smiled and said that was going to happen in due time, but he wanted to do a few things for me first. His kisses on my titties began to wander to my tummy and finally, after it seemed as if he would never get there, I felt his tongue part my pussy lips. He probed up and down, sideways, in and out, until I was begging him to fuck me, fuck me hard. Still, Ryan continued to bring me to waves of ever-increasing pleasure.

After what seemed like I couldn’t possibly experience another orgasm, Ryan pulled back and retrieved a condom. I took it from him and rolled it down his throbbing cock. Gently, slowly and carefully, Ryan slid his cock into my waiting pussy. I did feel a slight tenderness and a very full feeling. Ryan was careful and paused several times letting me adjust to the invasion. Finally, I just grabbed his ass and began tugging him in and out while telling him to fuck me, fuck me NOW. I exploded into a bed shaking orgasm and was startled to hear my own screams of primal pleasure bouncing off the walls. Ryan collapsed on me but didn’t seem heavy at all. After some time, we rolled onto our sides and fell asleep.

During the night, we had awakened twice and went at it again. Until by morning the friction of his pounding cock against the shreds of my hymen began to dampen the pleasurable feelings and I had to ask him to give me a break. Ryan was understanding and didn’t push me to go beyond what was pleasurable for me. Before we showered, I was able to suck his lovely cock to full erection and give him one last bit of satisfaction. After showering together, we joined Emily for breakfast. She joked that she had to convince the police that no one was being tortured. I looked at her disbelieving and her smile assured me she was joking.

Upon arrival at home, I informed Mom and Dad that I was going to be a student at the state university in the fall!

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Year -12 to Year 4 My Name is Nessa. Today I finished writing early. I want to write more so I'll tell -you who come after- about me. I don't remember where I was born or what my familiy was called and I'm the only Nessa around so never needed a nick. My familiy were serfs. Elder Brother was older than me. I think he was married. Sister was older than me but a lot younger than Elder Brother. Brother was younger than me and Mother was pregnant. When I was five Father took Sister and me to the fields outside...


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Merlin had a plan, a plan that his Glimmer had given him. Looking at Hopix he knew it was dangerous, Hopix’s temper was almost legendary. Merlin smiled when he remembered the first time Glimmer had lost her temper at him, damn but that hadn’t been a very good day that was for sure. Sighing, first Alan had to defeat the last three. Merlin knew that the last two plain mages would be no problem but this champion was another matter all together. There had to be something that he could do to help Alan. Snapping his fingers Merlin concentrated and created...


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Saving Daisy

John was a thirty something business owner; general construction, married young and divorced within a couple of years. He was now a happy bachelor and doing okay for himself knocking down a cool 6 figures, living in one of his spec homes and doing what he had always wanted. He didn’t go out that much because all it meant to him was another hassle like before and he had enough hassles to last him a lifetime. He had gotten quite a reputation around town for being a darn good builder and it was well disserved. He had always had this knack...


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The Family After Party

Every year my family gets together for a weekend reunion. Lisa and I had plenty of camping gear. We took the boys camping several times a summer on weekends as they were growing up. We pitched our tents in my grandfather's field far enough from the house that we could enjoy some after-hour fun. Coming from a large family, several of us smoke cigarettes and other things, as well as drank. As our practice, Lisa and I had a large civil war era cabin tent have we assembled in little time. We lived near his farm so we were the first...


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The Margey Household - Book 6

Margey Household Book 6 Themes: ws, light scat, mast, lez Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-5) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense. Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba. 1) COLLEEN FROM MALI 2) ETTY GOES OFF ON A TANGENT 2) SALLY & MARY GO TRIGONOMETRIC 4) THREE COURSE MEAL 5) MARGEY GETS SOME CHINESE 6) CHRIS' PROPOSAL 7) THE BELLY BUTTON TRICK...


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April (Longish)

April is a successful young lady. Has no shortage of money and to all intents and purposes, is switched on and in tune. But, she has a darker side, a reckless abandon that threatens to ruin her health and life. Sooner or later, April will find herself in a situation that will prove to be one step too far… or, she will be saved from her self by exactly the same situation but with a far better outcome. April. Chapter one. Her first conscious thought was I’m awake. She hadn’t opened her eyes just yet, but was aware of sounds and...


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Touch of need

A Touch of Need The girl was lying on the bed facing the wall. Watching the shadows playing across the wall. She was thinking of him again. It was him that always made her so warm in the middle of the night waking her with soft kisses to her throat. But it was all a dream. She wanted that touch. She wanted the touch of the man she loves. Every time she woke to the soft kisses to her throat, she felt the heat curling in her stomach. She didn't know what to do. She always felt the wetness between her...


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Fortune Teller…part one

My name is Passion, not the real name of mine, but it will do for this story. About three years ago I was traveling in North America, near the American-Canadian border where a small motel was found. Just one of these quaint little places found off the highway; that is high in the forested mountains, with a shop, diner, and a few rooms. With this being late in the off season of travel, and it snowing up a storm! This was the first time I have seen or even touched snow in my life! I got stuck there at the motel...


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The Conor's family in danger! Episode 1

Good reading ! Do not hesitate to let me know your opinion in the comments. ---------‐---------------- In a quiet neighborhood life the Conor's family which is made up of John the 40-year-old father, Amanda the 34-year-old mother, Samuel the 17-year-old son, John the father is often on the move for work leaving his wife alone and son on weekdays. Samuel wakes up in his bed turning off the alarm clock that shows 7:05 am, the usual time he wakes up to go to school. He looks at himself in the mirror in his bedroom, he is naked, he has been used...


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