Football Fantasy Part 3

Football Fantasy Part 3

If you don't know by now, this is my first series of fantasy stories. I'm a new writer, and I seem to be improving as I go along. I know my first story was OK....and my second one was even better, but I hope to blow you all away with this one. I appreciate constructive criticism...and I really do read all of the coments.



I woke up.

"Ohhhhh......" I said, rubbing my eyes. "What ime is it?"

I looked at the clock on Kevin's bedstand, 8:30 a.m.

"Holy shit!! Kevin wake up!!!" I yelled.

His hair was still messy from the night before, we had a lot of fun, and he looked up from his pillow. "What? What's going o..o...OOOOOnnnn?" he yawned.

"We're late for the first day of football practice!!" I exclaimed. I jumped out of his bed, quickly grabbed my clothes, and started putting them on. I looked over at Kevin, he was doing the same, and I was trying to remember everything that had happened the night before. How I had told my mom that staying with Kevin would be easier for me to get to practice, considering he lived right next to the school, and how he and I fucked at least for 5 hours straight....He noticed me staring at him, and he smiled, "Some night last night huh Dan?" (My first name, he and I were a LOT closer now) I smiled back, and nodded.

We quickly rushed out of the house when we got done dressing, and grabbed a granola bar for breakfast. We ran our asses of, and we barely made it in time for roll call.


"WHEW!!!" I sighed, flumping down onto Kevin's couch, "I can't believe we just did all that!! 100 push-ups, 100 jumping jacks, 20 minutes of up-downs, and we ran 5 miles non-stop!!! And that was the warm-up!....I'm beat...and since we have two practices a day during summer, we have to do it all again in 3 hours! I never knew the varsity and junior varsity practices were so tough!"

"Yeah," said Kevin, "I can't wait 'till school starts, 'cause then their not allowed to do that."

"Hey, maybe after our next practice, we can cool off in the showers," I said with a wink, "You know, when everyone else is gone?"

"Sure." Kevin said, and then leaned forward, and kissed me.

This kiss lasted about a second, but when I looked into his eyes, I could see everything that wasn't said.


After practice, Kevin and I were waiting in the back of the locker room, waiting for everyone to leave, when I spotted Tanner hanging out with Isaac, a Hawian beefcake a year ahead of me. He had short black hair, and beautiful brown eyes. His muscles showed under his t-shirt, and his face was wonderfully chiselled. I knew he and I had alot in common, because we had the same classes, and we had the same sense of humor. We were more or less friends, and I thought he was gorgeous, so I went over and talked with them.

"Hey Slot, what's up?" asked Isaac

"Doin' good, you?" I replied, trying to hide my boner as he stripped to get in the shower.

"Fine, so um....I've been chatting with Tanner....and....he's been telling me crazy things about you." Isaac said, "and I was wondering would like to....hook up.....sometime?"

At first, I glared at Tanner, but then I realized what Isaac said. "Um...sure!" I said, "When?"

"How about right now, in the showers?" He asked.

"Right now? Isn't there still people in there?"

"Yeah, but right now, is when the gay guys come out and play in the shower." He said with a wink.
we could see our teammates fucking eachother. Blowjobs, handjobs, rim jobs, doggie-style, 69...I was in heaven.

Isaac grabbed my head, and pulled me in to a kiss. Our tounges flicking around eachother voilently. He grabbed my ass cheecks in each hand, and pressed me closer to him. Our hard cocks pressed against eachother as he leaned against the wall. He started to rub his fore-finger over my asshole, as we continued to kiss. Our tounges explored eachothers mouths, as his finger explored my hole, pressing in a knuckle deep.

I pulled off of his face and moaned, letting the water from the shower wash down my body. I caught a glimpse of Kevin sucking Tanner's 8 inch cock. Water glistening on their delicious bodies. I looked down at Isaac's cock and gasped. I knew that his cock must be big, but I had no idea. His thick member almost reached his chest, the water running off of it made it look juicy....and all I could do was gape at it.

"UUUNNGGG!" I moaned again as he pushed his finger deeper into my hole.

"Want more Slot? I'll make a slot out of you!" Isaac said.

Isaac, being a year older, was quite the man. He had way more time to build his gorgeous muscles. He placed his hands around my inner thigh, and picked me up, placing my willing hole on his beautiful tip. He pulled lightly as I slid down his mast, filling me with him. I moaned as he fucked me in this position. Every thrust filled me even more, until he was about 3/4 of the way in, I couldnt take anymore. His thrusts grew more and more violent, and I wanted more and more.


"Oh GOD!!" He yelled, "I'm gonna CUMMM!!"

I felt his warmth shoot deep inside me, filling me even more. I could feel it dripping out of me, as Isaac pulled me in for a kiss. He stayed inside of me, and I realized that everyone was crowding around staring hungrily at my ass.

"It's time for your innitiation!" Isaac whispered into my ear. "You're going to enjoy this." He turned to the others and said, "Begin"

One by one, the started to lap up the jizz that was coming out of my still filled hole, licking up Isaac's meat and down to his balls. By the time that half the team was done, Isaac said, "I'm gonna cum again!!!"

This time, the heat from his seed almost burned as it shot deeper inside me. I was so horny at this hole thing, that I almost shot with out any rubbing at all. The feeling of his monster cock inside me, his cum oozing out, the tounges licking my asshole, and his bright beautiful eyes staring back at me.

"Oh God Isaac, suck me off!" I said

"Why not?" he asked. He bent down, and started to flick my tip with his tounge, sending ripples of satisfaction throughout my body.

Then, he took it all in his mouth. This happened so fast, I yelled out, "OH GOD!!!"

As he was down there, I felt his tounge wrapping around my shaft. It wasn't long before I cam into his throat. There was so much cum, that I almost passed out, but he swallowed it all.

"Delicious." He said, and he started to make out with me again.

I still heard moans of satisfaction below me as the last of Isaac's sweet seed was lapped out of my fun hole.

Tanner walked up to me as Isaac pulled me off. His face was covered with Isaac's sweet milk, and he said, "You missed my innitiation this morning Slot...but I think yours was WAY better."

"Oh yeah it was." said Isaac, panting, "Now you really are a part of the team. Maybe that other kid could be innitiated tomorrow." he said, pointing to Kevin, "until then, he's not alowed to fuck in here, just suck, like all the other newbies. You're allowed to now, and so is Tanner. Welcome to varsity sports."

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