Airport Security

Airport Security

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Cindy had dressed very carefully and thoughtfully this morning. She was flying to Vegas to meet up with her husband Bill who had been there on business all week. She couldn't wait to see him the week seemed to have lasted forever and she was as horny as she had ever been. So today she had picked out a pink lace thong with matching bra, pink high heel strapy sandals and a short baby doll flowered dress. She knew Bill would want to touch her pussy the minute she got into the town car at the airport so with the dress she would be ready. Looking at herself now in the mirror with her long blond hair reaching to the middle of her back, bangs that framed her large blue eyes, long legs the as Bill would say went on forever she thought she was ready.

Now Cindy was standing in line at security, she had decided to carry on her bag so they would not have to waste time waiting for it. The line was so long it seemed to be taking forever. Cindy notice the woman behind the x-ray machine, she was surprisingly good looking. It had always been her experience airport security personnel were the most unattractive, but her was this beautiful brunette with shocking green eyes, large breast that strained against the fabric of her uniform. The male security guard working the line with her was also very attractive tall, tanned skin, brown hair well muscled arms. Boy it had been too long since she had been laid here she was having sex fantasies about airport security.

Finally, she put her bag up on the conveyor belt. Slipping out of her sandals she stepped through the metal detector. Walking past the women behind the x-ray machine she glanced over and saw that she was looking at her and gave her a little smile Cindy smiled back saying "Hi". Then the woman's eyes went back to the screen and then she got a little bit of a surprised expression on her face. She turned to the good looking guard and said "Dan could you step over her a minute?" Dan walked over and she indicated the screen and then pointed at Cindy. Smiling Dan approached Cindy and said "Mame, I will need you to come with me." And the female guard said "Bill could you take over here for me?" and follow Cindy and the male guard Dan pulling Cindy's suitcase behind her.

The female guard which Cindy saw her name was Shelly from her name tag opened a door and told Cindy "Step right in her Miss"

"Is there something wrong? I really don't want to miss my flight" Cindy said. "Just come inside and everything will be explained." Cindy walked into the room which looked like and interrogation room you see on cop shows, with a table and metal chairs and a one way glass window on one wall. Only Shelly followed Cindy into the room she was not sure where Dan had gone maybe back to his station, but he had not joined them in the room. When they got inside the room and Cindy turned to face the guard she thought "Did she unbutton a few buttons on her blouse because now Cindy could see lots of cleavage and a black lace bra. No it must just be her imagination.

"The reason I pulled you out of line Mame is that I saw some suspicious items in your luggage and would like your permission to search your bag" Shelly said.
"No problem" Cindy said "I am not sure what you saw, but I can tell you there is nothing dangerous in my bag"
Shelly unzipped the bag and started to remove Cindy's clothes that is when Cindy remembered the other items she had pack and could feel her checks flush red.
First Shelly pulled out her beaver vibrator, that was followed by a bag with her butt plug and lube, then out came the strap-on dildo.
"So, Mame you can see why I would ask you to step aside with me" Shelly said. "First off my name is Cindy calling me Mame makes me feel like and old woman" Cindy said.
"And no I am not sure why these items would be of interest to you, so I am a woman with a healthy sexual appetite so what' Cindy said.
"Well, Cindy I think in light of what I see here I have probable cause to search your person" Shelly said with a smile. 'I am going to need you to disrobe" Shelly said. "What you have to be kidding" Cindy said. "No Cindy I never joke about security issues" Shelly said with a very straight face.

Cindy sat down to take off her shoes, but Shelly stopped her saying "Keep those on, start with your dress please" So Cindy stood up and pulled her dress up and over her head. Her blond hair fell down her back as she pulled the dress off. Her nipples were instantly hard due to the chill in the room. 'Nice" she thought she heard Shelly whisper, but when she asked "Pardon me?" Shelly just said her I'll take that reaching for her dress. Cindy handed her the dress and Shelly instructed "Now I need to you face the window with you hands against the glass'. Turning around to face her Cindy asked 'Is this really necessary?" and thought she caught a devilish smile on Shelly's face. 'Cindy please just face the wall the sooner we complete this search the quicker you can be on your way" Shelly said. Cindy was beginning to suspect that there was more going on here that Shelly had some type of motive for all this, but just wasn't sure what it could be. So Cindy turned and faced the mirrored window with her hands pressed against it.

Shelly walked up behind Cindy starting at her wrist she slowly started to slid both hands down her arms. Not really like feeling for something it seemed more like a caress, but that would be weird right it was just Cindy's imagination working overtime since she had been without for the week. Then she came to Cindy's shoulders and she moved her hands to Cindy's breast running her hands over her bra, slidding fingers up under the edges of the bra and then she seemed to linger and squeeze her breast slightly. Don't get me wrong it felt nice, but I still didn't now where this was going until Shelly reached forward and unclasp my bra quickly pulling the cups away to expose my D-cup breasts and that is when it all made sense. It was as if she was revealing my breast to someone and while Shelly's eyes had been locked on mine in my reflection I realized that Dan the male guard must be on the other side of this mirror.

Dan was there he had been watching the entire time. Damn he was kicking himself now for taking the little red-head last week she had only given him a hand-job and let him spray his cum all over her tits, but this one seemed like she might like to play he and Shelly's little game. See every so often they would pull a flyer out of security and bring them back here. Most people you could tell if they were willing to play along or if you just searched and released. When Shelly had seen the sex toys in her suitcase they were pretty sure she was up for games and looking at her knowing expression through the glass Dan thought she might have figured it out, but as Cindy smiled at him almost as if she was seeing him he knew he wished that he was the doer and not the watcher this time. His cock was already rock hard and he was sure sooner than later he would need to start stroking it before it exploded.

Cindy smiled into the mirror thinking okay I'll play along so as Shelley started to fondle her breast she allowed is even enjoyed it. Shelly was happy with the response she was getting so she pinched both nipples then releasing both breast slid her hands down and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of Cindy's thong sliding them down her legs Shelly could smell the familiar smell of pussy, juice pussy and then she knew Cindy was a willing participant.

"So Officer Shelley what do you need me to do now?" Cindy asked turning to face Shelly.

"Well we will need to start with a cavity search for any dangerous items you might have hidden" Shelley said as she snapped on a rubber glove 'We will start with the anal cavity so I will need you to bend over with your hands on the table" So Cindy did she loved taking it up the ass so she knew she would enjoy this. Shelly squirted a small amount of lube on her gloved finger and came behind Cindy. Ensuring she did not block Dan's view through the window Shelly stepped to the side and gently slid her middle finger all the way up Cindy's ass. She slowly slid the finger in and out without any protest from Cindy, Shelly even thought she was enjoying it and that was confirmed when Cindy said "Slid in a second finger" Shelly couldn't believe they had gotten so lucky, poor Dan he just insisted on taking that little red-head last week or he would be in here right now and she would only be able to watch. So she worked a second finger up Cindy's ass and now Cindy was pressing back against her hand encouraging her to finger fuck her ass so she went for it pumping her fingers in and out of her ass.

Then Shelly pulled out her fingers and Cindy said "Now what officer Shelly"

"Well I will need to check inside your vaginal cavity" Shelly said. "Sit up here on the table with your feet resting on the chair backs"

So Cindy climbed on the table and with her feet on the chair backs it seemed like a trip to the OB-GYN. Looking into the mirror she slid a finger in her pussy then into her mouth making sure Dan was enjoying the show. Shelly pulled a chair over between Cindy's legs, taking off her gloves she brought her hand to Cindy's pussy. Taking two finger she slid them deep into Cindy's pussy pushing farther and farther. "Do you find anything you like in there?" Cindy asked. "I think I need a closer look" Shelly said sitting down in the chair.

Shelly first started with a lick from her asshole to her clit very slowly which made a low moan escape Cindy's lips. Then she went to work on her pussy licking, sucking fucking her with her tongue. Then she started paying more attention to her clit flicking it with her tongue gently biting it. Cindy handed her the vibrator and said "here fuck me with this while you lick my clit" so Shelly did just as she was told slidding the big rubber shaft up her cunt while she licked and sucked on her clit. "Oh fuck I am so close to cumming please don't stop" but Shelly did. "Please don't stop keep going" Cindy begged.

Dan could not believe what he was seeing this woman was begging for it. Crap Shelly always got the good ones and now all he could do was stand here and stroke his cock while Shelly got to eat pussy.

Shelly looked up and Cindy asking "how badly do you want to cum?"

"So fucking bad" Cindy replied "I'll do anything"

"Will you fuck me with that strapon when i finish you?" Shelly asked

"yes, just please i really need to cum" Cindy said

So Shelly went back to work sucking Cindy's clit while she fucked her with the vibrator she could tell Cindy was getting close because her pussy was really starting to grip the vibrator. "Oh yes I am going to fucking cum" Cindy screamed. 'Do it baby cum on my face" Shelly said as she pulled out the vibrator to really be able to get at Cindy's clit for the last few strokes, but what Shelly didn't know was the Cindy was a squirter and when she came it really did spray all over Shelly's face. "Oh fuck girl that was wonderful, sorry about the mess." Cindy said.

Then standing up Cindy went over and picked up the strap-on dildo. Stepping into the harness she tightened the straps. "So are you going to lift up you skirt for me I want to take you from behind." Shelly went over and faced the mirrored glass she really wanted Dan to see as she unbuttoned her blouse and undid her bra so her breasts were free then slid down her skirt she was wearing no panties she never did which Dan already knew. Then Shelly walked over to the table and bent over. Cindy came up behind Shelly slidding a finger in her pussy saying "Oh nice and wet" Then aiming the head of the dildo at her pussy hole entered her.

Cindy had done this before, she and Bill often had threesomes he loved to see her with other women and men for that matter. Now she was fucking Shelly reaching forward grabbing both her breast slamming into her again and again. Then reached one hand down and started to play with Shelly's clit as she fucked her. " ummm that feels good" Shelly moaned 'Keep that up and I'm going to cum"

"That is the idea" Cindy said, but then Shelly started to feel bad that Dan was left of the other side of the glass and asked "Would you mind if Dan joined us?"

"Sure Dan come over" Cindy said to the mirror and no sooner were the words out of her mouth than the door was opening and Dan was rushing in cock in hand. "Come over here Dan I think Shelly could at least finish you off with her mouth while I finish fucking her" Cindy said.

So Shelly took Dan's cock into her mouth hungrily sucking in rhythm with the pumping she was taking from Cindy in her pussy. Dan knew he would not last long he had been so close before coming over so he said "Oh Shelly i think I am going to cum"

"That's it Dan shoot her mouth full of your cum, but Shelly don't you swallow it" Cindy said. Cindy could tell Shelly was about to cum her body was starting to quiver. "Oh god" Dan said as he blasted he cum into Shelly's mouth and Shelly's body was now shaking with orgasm.

Then Cindy pulled out of Shelly's pussy turning her around and kissing her full on the mouth their tongues twisting together both sharing the load of cum Dan had just deposited there. 'umm that tastes good" Cindy said.

So are you both working on Sunday because I do believe my husband will be bringing back a load that you might need to search.

They all three laughed and decided to get together then.

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