Jennifer’s Sexual Awakening - Ch5 -“Private” Sunbathing

Jennifer’s Sexual Awakening - Ch5 -“Private” Sunbathing

‘Jennifer, do you remember me mentioning a nice secluded place where we can go and sunbathe in peace?’
‘Would you like to go there tomorrow?’
‘Oh, yes.’
‘It’s quite a way off the beaten track, so what do you say we rent a couple of bicycles to get there?’
‘Ok, but won’t that make us a bit hot and sweaty when we get there?’
‘Oh, yes, definitely, but that’s the point. It’ll be worth it, you’ll see.’
2Getting Ready
What should I wear? Jennifer wondered, looking through her wardrobe and settling on a low-cut crop-top with a wrap-around miniskirt. She decided that she would also wear her repaired g-string bikini and grinned to herself as she reminisced for a moment on why David hadn’t seen it on her before.
After she’d got dressed, she glanced through her small collection of toys, wondering whether to take any with her or not, and decided to try out the vibrating Ben Wa balls. She switched them on with a twist and had just managed to insert them into her pussy before David arrived.
They went downstairs, loaded the bicycles and set off with David leading. The low hum of the vibrating Ben Wa balls got her feeling more and more aroused as they were cycling along.
David lit a joint when they stopped at some traffic lights and they cycled along side by side for a while, toking and passing it back and forth.
When they stopped at some more traffic lights, David glanced across and couldn’t miss seeing her nipples showing through her sweaty top. He raised his eyes to her face, smiled, winked and flicked his eyes down again to indicate what he was grinning about.
Jennifer smiled back, blew David a kiss and started off as the lights went green.
As he was now behind Jennifer, he suddenly noticed the magnificent “view” he had resulting from the crop-top she was wearing and her bent-over riding position due to the drop-handlebars of the bike.
Jennifer looked back at him, saw the direction of his eyes and actually leaned lower over the handlebars in order to give him a better view. When they pulled up at the next set of lights, he looked across and saw her nipples were even bigger. Jennifer turned towards him and he saw a definite flush on her upper chest.
Then Jennifer squeezed her thighs together and gripped the handlebars so tight that her knuckles turned white.
David asked if anything was wrong and Jennifer looked at him with lust-filled eyes, mouthed the words “I’m cumming”, closed her eyes and let the ecstasy wash over her.
They left the main roads and stopped at a junction where, since they were now on country lanes not and hadn’t seen anyone for a mile or so, Jennifer asked if he thought they were likely to see anyone else.
‘No. I don’t think so.’
‘In that case...’ and she grasped the bottom edge of the crop-top and tugged it off over her head.
David was taken aback momentarily by the astounding sight of the g-string bikini top she was wearing. He did a double-take when he saw that one of the tiny “cups” had pulled aside, exposing a nipple.
‘Which way, now?’ she asked as she tucked her nipple back in.
He had to gather his thoughts as the sense of the question slowly penetrated to his consciousness.
‘Oh, er, left,’ he replied, ‘it’s not far now,’ and then had to pedal hard to catch up after Jennifer left him standing.
When they stopped at the next junction, she took off her bikini top and thrust it into his hands before pulling away.
A little further and he noticed Jennifer moving the skirt around so the split was at the side, showing her whole leg up to her waist and the knot of her bikini bottoms visible.
The next time he looked, the cord and knot of her bikini bottoms had disappeared.
Jennifer then moved the skirt around so the split was at her other side.
‘Turn right at the next junction, about half a mile further and we’re there.’
When they stopped at the junction, Jennifer pushed something into David’s hand before pedalling away.
He glanced down to see what it was and realised it was her bikini bottoms.
Very wet bikini bottoms.
He noticed a strange “slipperiness” to the moisture and sniffed the cloth.
It smelled of Jennifer.
Good grief, he thought, as he then had to pedal hard to catch up with her again, she’s as good as naked already.
3“The Valley”
‘How much further is it?’ Jennifer asked, a note of desperation in her voice.
‘Not far now because we’re here. What do you think?’
Jennifer looked around at a quiet, peaceful valley below them and found it was hard to believe that such a pretty area could exist so close to the city, with all its hustle and bustle.
Then Jennifer asked, ‘What was this building?’ referring to the old concrete structure near where they had stopped. It was difficult to make out any more than a vague shape as it was half buried and almost totally obscured by weeds and undergrowth.
David replied, ‘It was an anti-aircraft battery in the second world war. We’ll take a look around later, if you like?’
David dismounted, leaned his bike against a wall of the building and was about to start unloading the gear when Jennifer approached him from behind, pulled his shorts down to his ankles and then stood up, wrapped her arms around him and lowered one hand to hold his semi-erect cock.
Jennifer said, ‘You said this was secluded, yes?’
‘Oh, yes. You can’t see anyone else, can you?’
‘Good, because I had two orgasms on the way here and I want your cock. Now.’
David unpacked the blanket and stepped out of his shorts. Then he turned around and watched as Jennifer backed away from him a few paces and undid the buttons to remove her skirt.
Now naked, she walked over to the concrete steps leading up the side of the blockhouse, turned and sat down as she felt she needed a rest from the cycle-ride as horny as she was before the sexual energy she would be expending soon.
David sat beside her for a while and asked ‘Did you really orgasm on the way here?’
‘Twice. Couldn’t you tell?’
‘Well, you said you had,’ he responded with a grin, ‘but I wasn’t sure because I was trying to cycle along and deal with a hard-on at the same time.’
Then they stood up and he led her out to the middle of the sunlit area where he said, ‘Jennifer, I want to look at you.’
Jennifer stood motionless, totally naked now and held her arms out wide. She arched her back and did a pirouette.
‘Well, what do you think?’
‘You’re beautiful. I could look at you forever.’
They spread the blanket out and Jennifer sat down, then laid back with her legs splayed slightly.
‘I want you to fuck me. NOW. I can’t wait any more.’
She brushed her fingers over her clitoris, then she pushed two fingers deep inside herself and pulled the Ben Wa balls out. After that spread her legs as wide as possible and started masturbating with six fingers in her pussy.
David looked down at this gorgeous girl lying there, openly masturbating herself in front of him, and felt his cock responding even more.
He laid down next to Jennifer, leaned forwards and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips.
Jennifer, too, could feel her body responding, her nipples becoming harder, her juices beginning to flood out and reacted by returning the kiss with a passion she wouldn’t have believed possible for her just two weeks earlier.
‘Fuck me, please. Now.’
David put his hand behind Jennifer’s neck, holding her head to kiss her. He stroked down her ample bosom to cup her nipple in his palm, feeling it becoming more erect.
‘Oh, yes. That’s nice,’ she said.
His hand continued its downward journey, across her flat stomach to her pubic mound and passed under hers, his fingers slipping inside next to hers to caress her moist labia.
‘Oooohh, yes.’
She moved her hand, wet with her own juices, across to hold David’s cock, squeezing and releasing it and trying to pull it towards her. David broke away from her lips and, with little kisses, traced down Jennifer’s chest towards her nipple. He flicked her nipple with his tongue before taking it in his mouth and sucking very softly.
‘Oh, yes. Yes.’
Jennifer took her hand from David’s cock, put it to his shoulder and pushed him back so he laid flat on the ground. She bent her head down to take the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked a bit, keeping just the head inside.
‘Ah, Jennifer, ahh, wow. Like that, ahh, that is...more.’
She responded to his plea by taking a bit more of his cock in her mouth, sucking a bit harder.
‘Yes, more.’
She lowered her head all the way down, taking his entire member deep into in her throat, raised her head till just the end was in her mouth, sucked hard and then lowered her head all the way down again, and up and down again and again.
David pulled her foot towards his head and, getting the message, Jennifer lifted her knee over his head to straddle him with her pussy just above his mouth. David raised his head and stuck his tongue out to lick along Jennifer’s slit, then closed his lips to catch her clitoris between them and flicked it with the tip of his tongue.
He could feel her juices flowing, leaking out over his chin and trickling down the sides of his neck. He continued, her clitoris becoming really erect.
Jennifer suddenly lifted her head up off his cock, spun around and put the head of it at the entrance to her vagina.
She looked into David’s eyes, ‘Yes?’
‘Yes,’ he replied, and she plunged down to impale herself on his member.
After a few strokes up and down she felt the passion rising, a few more and it became a flood. Suddenly, she was there, the agony of the ecstasy become too much and she felt herself going over the edge, letting out a scream so loud that David thought it must have been heard a mile away. Her vaginal muscles pulsed, drawing David’s cock deeper within her, setting off his own orgasm and he filled her willing hole with his cum.
After the intensity of their shared orgasm, Jennifer collapsed forward onto David’s chest, perspiration dripping from her body and his cock still hard inside her.
‘That was incredible,’ she said.
‘And you, my love, just get better and better.’
Not wanting to miss an opportunity, she started alternately squeezing and relaxing her pussy muscles around his cock.
David rolled them over so he was on top and started to pump his cock in and out of Jennifer’s pussy.
After a few minutes he felt the pulsing of her pussy muscles that preceded her orgasm and she cried out, ‘Yes, David, yes, yeeeeees, fuuuuuck meeee.’
When he finally went soft in her, they disengaged and, after a few minutes relaxing side by side in the sun, they went to unpack the bikes and brought everything out to the blanket.
‘I think I’d better put some sunscreen on,’ she said. Here’s the cream. Would you do the honours?’
‘I’d be happy to.’
Jennifer lay down on her back and David poured some cream on her stomach, spreading it up over her breasts and sucking each nipple to hardness before coating it with the bitter tasting cream. He moved down to her lower legs and poured some cream over her left shin, spreading it over all the flesh. Then he did the same to her right shin.
He parted her legs and knelt between them to do her thighs.
He poured some cream on her left thigh, just above the knee and spread it over her skin, working gradually upwards towards her pubic area. As he was doing so he noticed Jennifer’s breathing becoming heavier and her pussy lips starting to swell.
‘Oh yes, David.’
His circling motions spreading the cream out over Jennifer’s skin neared to within a handspan of her slit when he suddenly switched to do her other leg, just above her knee again.
He started massaging the cream into her right leg.
Jennifer felt she couldn’t stand this anymore and spread her legs wide apart, putting her own hand on her mound, slipping a finger inside and stroking her clitoris rapidly. David grabbed hold of her hand and pulled it away from her mound.
‘Oh, no you don’t,’ he said.
‘Oh, please.’
‘No, wait for it.’
She knew she was powerless against him and stopped. He continued his circular motions on her skin but this time, when he approached her mound, he moved one hand to the erogenous zone on her other thigh and started tickling both areas.
He used only his nails now, touching her skin and scraping away from her open slit, which was leaking a phenomenal amount of her juices.
‘Oh, let me cum, please let me cum?’
‘Do you really want to?’
‘Yes. Yes.’
He touched the edges of her labia with just his fingertips, bent his head forwards and blew gently.
Suddenly she was there, and this time her orgasm was so intense that it was accompanied by a huge fountain of fluid, spraying outwards and upwards from her pussy straight into David’s face.
‘Wow,’ he said, ‘I didn’t expect that.’
‘Neither did I, it’s certainly never happened like that before, and you didn’t even touch my clitoris.’
‘Actually, it has happened to you before.’
‘Huh, how on earth could you know that? It’s never happened before.’
‘It has. Do you remember that day on the roof when we first sort of met?’
‘Er, yes.’
‘Well, I watched you through two orgasms and...’
‘I had three or four,’ she interrupted.
‘Well, I saw two orgasms and the second one seemed to last for a long time, it looked to be rather intense and you squirted all over me at the end of it.’
Jennifer giggled, having recovered from the embarrassment she felt that day since the eventual outcome was her current happiness.
He finished by saying, ‘You might have noticed my shirt was soaking...that was you all over me,’ and she giggled again.
‘I think, after that, we’d better have a rest. Oh, and um, I think you’d better put your bikini bottoms on when you sunbathe, what there is of them, ‘cause that is rather tender skin down there.’
He continued, with a suggestive grin, ‘And we don’t want to get it sunburnt, do we?’
They went to have a look around the old gun emplacement a little later.
When they went into the coolness inside the old structure, David crept up behind Jennifer, wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight, his rapidly hardening erection in the valley between the cheeks of her bum.
She covered his hands with hers, then reached down to the knot on her g-string bottoms and pulled it undone, letting them fall to the floor.
Now she was naked again, walked to the entrance of the structure and turned to look back at him.
She turned again, looking out over the valley and bent over, her hands braced on her knees and pushing her bum back into David’s crotch, his erection sliding along her pussy lips.
He held her hips, pulled back a little and slipped the head of his cock into her pussy.
‘Oh yes, that’s right. Now give me more.’
He pushed in a little bit further and pulled back.
‘Yes, fuck it into me,’ she said.
He knew Jennifer thought he was going to excite her in the same way as he had on their first night so he decided to catch her unawares.
After a couple more short moves back and forwards in her pussy, he rammed in all the way, pulled out and shafted in deep again.
Jennifer was waiting for a slow, gradual penetration so the sudden full fucking was not expected. Her pussy muscles went into spasms at her sudden orgasm, the pulsing stimulating David’s senses until his own orgasm arrived a few moments later.
They quickly went back out into the sunshine as it was almost too cool to stay inside for very long and laid down next to each other on the blanket again.
The day wore on and they spent some of the rest of the afternoon chatting, they made love twice more and finally noticed that the sun was lowering in the sky.
‘I think it’s time to go, David.’
‘Hmm, I think so. Do you want to come back here tomorrow?’
‘Yes, I’d love to cum here anytime with you.’

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