Dreams come true_(0)

Dreams come true_(0)

I was packing my stuff getting ready to sleep over at my friend’s house. He’s name was Lyall. He was a boy in my class. We were both 14 years old. The thing is; I had been in love with him since 6th grade. I knew very early that I was gay, though I hid it well. It didn’t help much that he was extremely hot, and very eager to show that. He would often throw off his shirt when we were playing, or put on shorts revealing his legs and thighs.

Whether or not he was gay too, I didn’t know. He was always commenting on hot girls, and he had had girlfriends. But then again, so had I. The way he were around me how ever, his eagerness to show himself to me, was what kept my hopes up. Though it sometimes seemed he was like that towards everyone. He was slim and in good shape, and he had long sandy blond hair. I was about the same, only with brown hair. I had been deeply in love with him for 3 years, but never got up the courage to tell him. If I did, he was most likely to reject me and I’m not sure what I would do if my hopes turned sour. So I played it cool, I didn’t take things any further. I would do just about anything to be with him, when he called and woke me up while I was asleep in the mornings I wouldn’t hesitate to come to his house or what ever he requested.

So there I was, packing my computer. I had some butterflies, as I was really looking forward seeing him in only his boxers again. It had been a while since our last sleep over, and I couldn’t wait. I just so hoped that he loved me back, and that he would give me some sign that he felt the same way. I had my stuff in a small bag over my shoulder while I rode my bike over to his house. It wasn’t that far and it was really hot outside and the sun was shining. I ringed the doorbell and his voice from the speakers welcomed me up to his room. That’s where we usually sat.

I did as he told and went upstairs. It didn’t surprise me when I saw him sitting in his chair with no shirt and only shorts on. We talked while we sat there playing on our computers, though we never got to any deep conversations. We just sat there the whole night playing, and eating snacks he had brought upstairs. When we finally were to go to bed, I was a bit exited, you might say. So when I got up, I knocked over a glass of soda, which was standing on the edge of the table, onto my madras where I was supposed to sleep.
“Crap!” I said.
“Ah dude, that’s going to be.. unpleasant to sleep on to say the least..” he laughed.
“heh, tell me about it”, I laughed back at him, pretending like it didn’t bother me, though my face expression obviously told me off.
“Uuh, dude if you want to you can sleep with me, it’s plenty of room” he said, looking at my annoyed face expression.
“Sure, that’d be sweet”, I said, hiding my excitement.

We got in our boxer briefs and went to bed. God I’d missed the sight of him in his boxers, it was so incredibly hot. His completely smooth and untouched skin and completely hairless body was amazing. He was also pretty tanned. And now to sleep in the same bed as him, was more than I had dared to hope for. We laid there facing each other, talking for a while. We were both wide awake and couldn’t sleep anyway. It was half dark, some light from the windows lighted up the room. It was summer times, so this wasn’t unusual at this time of night, or morning. We talked about everything from A to Z, we talked about people at our school and so on.

After we were finished talking about that topic, there was a few seconds of silence. We just laid looking at each other. To avoid any form of awkwardness, I laughed a bit.
“What’s funny?”, he asked.
“I’m not sure really.” I answered, still smiling.
He smiled at me for a couple of seconds, before leaning over and kissing me. I was totally caught off guard. I felt tingly sensations spread throughout my body. I pulled out a little, without realizing it. Then I leaned over and kissed him back. I couldn’t believe what was happening; this was something I had dreamed about for so, so long. And it finally came true. I wished the kiss would never end. I stroked his smooth back with my hand, and he had placed his hand on the back of my thigh.

We just laid there for a couple of minutes, making out. I had gotten a boner a while back, and judging from what was pressing against my thigh, I think so had he. I took my hand under the lining of his boxer briefs and tried to pull them down, and he lifted his butt to help me, before doing the same to me. Now our rigid dicks were pressed towards each other. We shifted positions and he moved on top of me. We were both completely naked now, and he pressed his dick against mine even harder. I swear to god, I could’ve cum right there on the spot, but I held it. I wanted to make the most of it as possible. We were still making out, and I placed my hand on his butt, squeezing a bit. He really had next to no body hair. The only place he actually had any was some above dick. Though he shaved and cut it so there wasn’t really much left there either. I moved my hand closer to his butthole, and circled it with my finger.

He took a break from the kissing, and all to my arousal he said “If you’re going to put it in, you will have to spit on it first.” And so I did, I put my fingers in my mouth and wet them good. Then I removed the covers off of us, so they wouldn’t be in the way. Besides, it was getting really warm. I smeared the spit onto his butthole, and then pressed a finger in. It slipped in pretty easily, but I felt him clench a bit. I heard him moaning in between our kissing. I started fingering him for a while, before I pressed in another finger. He had started moaning frequently now. I wanted to do something dirty with him, as I had been waiting for this for such a long time. “You want try something else?” I asked with a grin. “OK.” Was his immediate response. “Lay on your stomach.” I told him. And so he did.

I crawled a bit further down on the bed, until my face was on the same level as his butt. I proceeded to spread his butt cheeks with both of my hands and lowered my mouth to his hole. I decided to do this dirty act based on two things. One, I desperately wanted to ride him, and for that a certain amount of lubrication would me needed. Two, I wanted to experience as much of him as I possibly could to make up for the lost time. I basically felt tingling all over my body as my lips reached him. Was this really happening? It didn’t actually taste as bad as you’d think. I mean, it didn’t taste good like the taste of food, more like if you could put a taste to being close to the one you love. I kissed his hole, deliberately letting out a fair amount of saliva. After all, he was going to need it later. His moaning was even louder now. I decided to use more tongue and I stuck it in. He clenched, keeping my tongue out, though after a few attempts he managed to relax.

I continued French kissing his hole for a few minutes, probably enjoying it nearly as much as he did. “You mind if we take it to the next level?” I asked him eventually. “Not at all, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.” I swear I saw him blushing a little in the half darkness. Did he really feel the same way? I got up on my hands and knees and climbed further up the bed. I then emptied what ever I had left of saliva in my mouth into my hand, and smeared it onto my dick. I didn’t have the largest dick in the world, about 5, 5 inches erect, so I didn’t think it was going to be too much of a problem getting it in. I lowered my dick to his hole, and started to push it in. After my head was through, the rest went on easily. He laid on the bed with his eyes closed, moaning softly. A blond lock of hair had fallen before his eye. He looked so beautiful. At the same time, I started feeling a slight breeze with cool summer air from the window, making the balance between hot and cold perfect.

I laid my whole body on top of his, only moving my hips back and forth. The bed started slamming faintly against the wall. I had started moaning too now, and I knew I couldn’t hold my load for much longer. The warmth of his body against mine, and the feeling of how everything was at its place, a puzzle put together to reveal a beautiful picture. I was getting dangerously close, so I sped up, pumping my hips back and forth as fast as I could. The slamming noises from the bed along with our combined moaning filled the room. His moaning became louder and more distinct. “I’m coming!” I heard him say with a shaky voice. I could feel his orgasm by his ass clenching in half a second intervals. That sensation pushed me over the edge making me come inside of him, giving me the greatest climax I’d ever felt. It was like it happened in slow motion, rapid heart beat, warmth and cold, sweat, eyes closed and my head back moaning in pleasure. I was on my elbows now, still on top of him.

I collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily and completely exhausted. We laid there for minutes, eyes shut. “Matt?” He said softly. “Yeah?” “I love you.”

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