She's only ever had her ex-husbands cock. (Part1)

She's only ever had her ex-husbands cock. (Part1)

The holiday to Greece was a last minute deal that she really couldn't afford to miss. The travel agency had really struck gold with this one. She felt she needed to get away, following her departure from the job in a bridal wear shop. She had ploughed all the hours she could into her time there, yet she felt as though she just wasn't appreciated, so when the day came when Mrs Flynn called her into the pokey little office to let her go, it didn't come as that much of a surprise.

Tess had only been there a few days, but her time around the pool soaking up the sun had already started to bronze her 5' 11" slightly chubby frame very nicely indeed. Her long, dark brown hair totally added to the completeness off her image. Add to this a very pert set of perfectly formed 38DD breasts and she was close to becoming almost the perfect example of the female form!

As she glanced around the pool, she smiled to herself. Through her Ray Bans she could count at least six copies of "50 Shades Of Grey" being read by the various women and that didn't included her copy. The thought of all these women, all reading about sex at the same time and all in such close proximity made her giggle to herself, much like a naughty school girl.

But a schoolgirl she wasn't! She was however, very well preserved for her 41 years on the planet and most people who knew her often commented on her looks and incredible hour glass figure. She'd never wanted children and that had helped preserve her. Most of the single men she knew would ask her out on a date, but she just hadn't had the time to do anything about it and she didn't have the inclination. She'd split up with her childhood sweetheart who she had married almost twenty years ago and from that point to this, almost two years, she'd immersed herself in the shitty little bridal wear job. In fact, not only had she not had a man in her life, but her ex-husband was the only man she'd ever slept with. Being a good Catholic girl, he hadn't even taken her cherry until their wedding night!

Once again, as she cast her eyes around the pool, either they were with their wives, or every bloke who appeared to be on their own she wouldn't give a second look to. But she was starting to get horny! The book she was reading clearly wasn't helping, but couple that together with the fact that it had been two and a half years since she had the feeling a man pleasure her, she was now more than ever ready to get into a relationship again.

Tess put down her book and decided that five minutes in the hot tub, which adjoined the main pool, would maybe cool her down and quash her welling desires back to their usual, almost no existent level. As she stood, she made sure she wasn't peeping out of her small, black bikini. She knew it showed off her assets very well and tried to walk with the elegance of a catwalk model, towards the tub. She knew she was wet and the chance to get in the water would be the perfect way of hiding any evidence of the fact.

The pool was warm as she stepped in, but not too much and she knew that as soon as she pressed the button to start the bubbles, it would all add to the cooling process. She sat back in the captains chair, slung her arms out each side and fumbled around for the button, all while keeping her eyes shut.

"Oh my God!" she thought. The only outward sign of the way the bubbles were making her feel was the way in which her eyes shot open wide! She managed to subdue any noise which she wanted to expel and she took a quick look around the area to see if anyone had noticed her. With her wonder satisfied, she once again closed her eyes and decided to enjoy the moment.

The bubbles were not just tickling and teasing her pussy, but they were also finding every heightened sensitive point on her body, regardless of where it was! Her back, her inner thighs, her neck and especially underneath her 38DD's, which were currently acting like they were some kind of buoyancy aid, floating on the top of the pool and bouncing with every surfacing bubble. Tess was in ecstasy for the first time in years, she was alone in the hot tub, her clit was getting harder by the second and she was absolutely going to savour the moment. She reached down with one hand to quickly pull the crotch of her skimpy bikini to one side and slightly pull open her smooth, completely shaved pussy lips, before slightly readjusting her position to on top of an appropriately directed jet and then returning her arm back out of the water and onto the side.

She hopelessly twitched and jerked, as every last abstained second of the past two and a half years felt as though it was building up to a crescendo that was about to explode out of her rapidly expanding and contracting pussy. Her nipples felt like ice cubes were being rubbed on them,they were that hard and as the water bubbled up past her neck and over her ears, she allowed herself a stifled moan, knowing it would be muted by the sound of the air pumps, safe in the knowledge that people sat nearby wouldn't be able to hear.

As the jet of air continued to hit her clit full on, she closed her eyes even tighter as she really started to cum. She gripped the sides of the tub and held her breath, while her pussy continued to expand and contract. She didn't want to embarrass herself right now and let anyone know what sordidness she was up to, so she dipped her full, pouting lips under the surface of the water, just in case she squealed! Her nipples grew even harder and even longer than their usual peanut size, to the extent that they began to hurt, her body was as tense as it had ever been and she could feel her cum welling up inside of her. With one last quick gasp for air, she held her breath for one final time, as she pushed down as hard as she could in her groin. The insides of her pussy was constantly pulsating and her clit was continually throbbing, as spurt after spurt of cum was ejected from her sex parts. Her body shook and trembled like never before, for a good 30 seconds or more, before subsiding into a satisfied, relaxed state.

Tess was overjoyed! Not just at the ultimate orgasm which she had just given herself. Not only at the fact that she didn't need a man to give her the pleasure she desired, without the complications. But that she managed to do it, with so many people around, but keep it all to herself!

As she opened her eyes and they began to adjust to the sunlight once again, out of the blistering sunshine of Greece she began to make out the silhouette of someone. Someone who was sat in the hot tub with her. Sat, having watched almost every second of her pleasuring herself, with his arms out either side of him, almost mimicking how she was seated and grinning at her like the cat that got the cream, in an all knowing way! As she slipped her head under the water to hide her embarrassment, all that went through her mind was "Shit, he's gorgeous..."

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