Fourth Of July Party

Fourth Of July Party

NOTE: For those that don’t live in America I have added a story conversion chart at the end.


Fourth Of July Party

My wife and I decided to host a family “Forth of July” party on our farm. We have several hundred acres of land and can do just about anything that we want to do.

It was planned several months in advance so that I had plenty of time to prepare a field up in the back forty to hold the party. Since the forth was on a Wednesday this year we invited everyone that we knew to spend the entire week and both weekends too. People could bring their tents or campers if they wanted too. We could even cover the entire house with sleeping bags if necessary.

Since we live in New York State we have to go just over the boarder to the south of us into Pennsylvania to purchase our fireworks. They have a huge warehouse full of everything you can imagine. It isn’t too destructive of course. For the really good stuff you have to get a special license so I bought a few hundred dollars worth of stuff myself and suggested that if any of the other guys felt the urge that they could purchase some too. Then we could pool our resources. As I expected the other guys merely gave me money and I had to make another trip to get the additional fireworks. The guys were more generous than I had expected and I was able to get a lot more fireworks.

I had more than enough time to plow and disk the flat field up on the hill, to plant grass seed, make a baseball field, and build a very large fire pit. I cut several face cord of wood and put it near the pit. I even put in a pond for swimming and filled it with water. With horseshoe pits and volleyball nets there should be enough to keep people busy.

About a month before hand a few of the guys helped me build picnic tables and benches out of the cut and split trees off my land. It was quickly becoming a place to keep and let our friends and relatives use all year round.

Sometimes the guys brought their wives and children when they came to help out! The kids usually stayed down near the house with my daughters and the wives just heckled us guys while we worked.

My sister Robin was constantly on my ass about something. She could be relentless. Robin was instigating it all. It quickly escalated into her tossing things at me and me chasing her and slapping her on the ass. My brother-in-law egged me on, of course. Once Robin tripped so I sat on her back facing her feet and spanked her ass several times before letting her up. It was kind of like old times.

I could remember back to when Robin was fourteen years old and I was sixteen years old. We did the same thing back then. However half of the time it was in the house on the living room floor and Robin was in a skirt or dress. I always sat on her back smashing her tits into the carpet and I would lift her dress or skirt up far enough so that I could see her panties and spank her ass cheeks. It wasn’t just a few weeks after that and I was giving her bare ass spankings with her panties down between her knees. Robin always came back for more. The bare ass spankings quickly turned into me feeling her pussy, fingering her pussy, tickling her clit, and eventually me fucking my kid sister while I had her pinned to the floor. Like I said before, Robin always came back for more. Even to this day if Robin gets me alone she will start teasing me or wrestling with me until I drop her to the floor and fuck her from behind. She absolutely loves it doggy style from me! She says that it just seems right, if I force her then she sort of keeps her little girl innocence. Innocence my ass, Robin knows exactly what she is doing.

So back to the present, here was Robin on her belly and I had just paddled her ass well. She had giggled, threatened me, and was now begging for me to stop spanking her.

So I whispered to her, “What do I get if I stop?”

Robin whispered, “Anything you want! My pussy! My first-born child! Hell both of my children if you will just stop!”

So I immediately stopped and whispered to her, “Both of your daughters?”

Robin whispered, “Why not! They need someone to take their virginity!”

I whispered, “But they are so young!”

Robin whispered, “I was only fourteen when you took my virginity! Debra is fourteen now and Courtney will be in a few months!”

I whispered, “Hell I know that! Yvonne and Stella are just about the same age as your daughters!”

Robin whispered, “Then maybe it’s time for you to start taking care of your two daughters too!”

I whispered, “My wife would kill me!”

Robin whispered, “Maybe not!” Then she got away and ran to her husband for protection.

My brother-in-law just pushed her back toward me and said, “You’re on your own, Baby!”

Robin left me alone for the rest of that day and went down to the house to be with my wife. At quitting time we guys headed down to the house too. We started up the barbecue and got out some frozen hamburgers. The ice-cold beers tasted good too.

My wife and Robin begged me to build the girls a separate outhouse up at the campsite and had even drawn up some sketches for me. I was impressed.

They wanted three holes on each side so that six women could all sit at the same time. They wanted real toilet seats and plenty of toilet paper dispensers with a cabinet for extra toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and tampons. They wanted the top foot of all four walls to be screened in so that air would circulate. They wanted air fresheners, curtains, and a way so that no one could look directly in at them when the door was opened. I was going to try and build them something nice anyway but when I saw all the effort that they had put into it I just had to tease them a little.

So I asked, “What’s in it for me?”

Robin once again whispered in my ear, “Anything you want! My pussy! My first-born child! Hell both of my children if you will just build it!”

My wife then leaned in and whispered in the other ear, “Anything you want! My pussy! My first-born child! Hell both of my children if you will just build it!”

My wife and Robin nodded their heads to their daughters.

Yvonne and Debra my fourteen-year-old daughter and niece stepped forward, leaned in to me, and whispered into my ears, “Anything you want! My pussy! My mother’s pussy! My Aunt’s pussy!”

Then a smile came to my face as Stella and Courtney my thirteen-year-old daughter and niece stepped forward, leaned in to me, and whispered into my ears, “Anything you want! My sister’s pussy! My mother’s pussy! My Aunt’s pussy!” There was a slight hesitation and then they continued, “Even my pussy when I turn fourteen!”

I could hardly believe what I had heard. I just had to ask, “All that for a stinking toilet?”

My wife slapped my shoulder and said, “It had better not be stinky!”

Robin smiled and asked, “Are you turning down our offer?”

I snapped to look at her and said, “I’ll do it” in a startled voice that caused all six girls to giggle and everyone else close enough to hear me look at me.

My wife covered my ass by saying, “Hey everyone! My husband just promised to build us girls a great “Lady’s Outhouse” up at the campsite.

That evening Robin took my youngest daughter home with her and left her oldest daughter here with us. Yvonne and Debra would be mine tonight!

As soon as everyone was gone my wife sent the two fourteen-year-old girls in to take a bubble bath together. In ten minutes she checked on them. Five minutes after that she sent me in to wash every square inch of their bodies…and each girl twice! However I was to be naked myself and get in the tub with them. She figured that I could sort of fit on one end and the two girls could sort of fit on the other end!

The girls watched intently as I entered the bathroom. I stared at their nice young tits floating in the water. Then they sat up straight and brought them up out of the water. I couldn’t help but notice that they each had a foot in the other’s crotch.

I asked, “What are you girls doing?”

My daughter Yvonne said, “Debra’s got her big toe in my pussy and I have mine in her pussy!”

I smiled and asked, “Can I get in the tub! Your mother told me to wash you girls good!”

Debra laughed and said, “She told us to wash you real good too!”

So I got in the bathtub and we took turns lathering one another up, rinsing them off, and doing it again. Before we were done I had washed every square inch of both girls three times while they had each washed my entire body twice. Then we dried off and walked out to find my wife waiting for us. She then took us to our bedroom.

The girls entered first and were very pleased. When I looked in I could see about twenty candles flickering, the red satin sheets on the bed, the smell of perfume in the air, and some romantic music playing.

My wife asked, “Girls! May I stay and watch?”

Debra said, “It’s okay with me!”

Yvonne said, “Me too!”

So apparently it was settled. I would take my daughter’s and my niece’s virginity while my wife watched. It was not exactly my idea of romantic but the girls liked it so it was okay with me.

Yvonne asked, “Can I be first Daddy?”

Debra said, “It’s okay if she goes first! Really I don’t mind!”

I asked, “Was this sprung on you two like it was me?”

Yvonne said, “No! Debra and I were asked last month!”

I said, “What!” Then I looked directly at my wife sitting in a chair.

My wife said, “Well one night the six of us girls were together and tasting some wine when your sister Robin told us how she lost her virginity to you. We wondered how our daughters were going to loose their virginities.”

Yvonne said, “That’s when Debra and I said that we wanted you to be our first.”

Debra said, “We wanted to play around in the bathtub and have candles everywhere.”

Yvonne said, “We wanted to be together to share our first time!”

My wife said, “So Robin devised this plan to get you to build us a great outhouse too! It had better be a great outhouse if it cost two virgins! Hell natives only toss one virgin into a volcano!”

I smiled and said, “Honey you and the girls will have an outhouse to beat all outhouses! Guaranteed!”

Then I kissed my oldest daughter and felt Yvonne’s tongue slip into my mouth. Wow! Did she ever taste sweet! Debra tasted just as sweet. Obviously my wife had slipped them a breath mint or something. I took turns kissing their lips, ears, and neck. I took turns kissing their breasts, sucking their nipples, and cupping their B-cup tits. I kissed their bellies, cupped their ass cheeks, and licked their virgin pussies. They both confessed that I was the first man or boy to lick their pussies but that their sisters and mothers had prepared them really good over the past few weeks. Knowing that sure made me hard.

Yvonne and Debra had almost exactly the same bodies at about five feet two inches tall and about a hundred and five pounds. They both wear 32-B bras and at that moment their fine firm tits were all mine. As I nuzzled into my niece’s breast I had a finger in her pussy. Between my tongue on one nipple, a finger and thumb on the other nipple, and a finger on her clit I was stimulating all three of her erect erogenous zones at the same time. She was going wild. My daughter got her turn soon enough.

While I was eating Yvonne’s pussy I slipped a finger into her about an inch or so and hit her hymen. It was still intact. I checked Debra’s pussy and found the same thing.

When I looked at my wife she smiled and said, “Your sister told the girls that her hymen was intact when you broke her cherry and the girls wanted it to be the same with them! I tried to tell them that it involved some pain but they both agreed that was the way it was supposed to be!”

Yvonne said, “Yeah! Mom wanted us to use some dildos to break it ahead of time but we didn’t want too! Mom told us that her hymen was intact when her cherry was broken too!”

Debra said, “We wanted to experience the whole thing as God intended it to be!”

Yvonne said, “Yes Daddy! Do it! Please!”

So I took an extra long time eating their virgin pussies so that they would be as moist and ready as possible for my cock. I positioned Yvonne where I wanted her and placed the head of my cock just inside her outer lips at the opening to her vagina. I looked her directly in the eyes and saw her sweet smile fade as I slipped the head of my cock inside her pussy and up against her hymen. I hesitated long enough to see her tits raise and fall from a breath or two before plunging in past her maiden ring. That caught her off guard a little even though she had been expecting it. Her eyes watered but she managed a slight smile to let me know she was okay. After a few more moments to let her get used to the intrusion I pushed in further until I was fully inserted inside her love tunnel.

I asked, “Is it alright if I pull it out so that Debra can feel it inside her?”

Yvonne couldn’t speak but managed to nod her head yes.

I positioned myself in front of Debra’s pussy and stopped just at her hymen as I had for Yvonne. Debra took in a deep breath after seeing what Yvonne had experienced and nodded for me to continue. I popped inside her hymen easier than I had with Yvonne to my amazement as well as to Debra’s. I fucked into each fourteen-year-old for a minute or so then fucked into the other one. It had already been decided that I would cum in Yvonne first since I took her cherry first. In an hour I would fuck them both again starting and ending with Debra.

When I caught my breath afterwards I said, “Thank you! Both of you! For giving me your virginity! The only other virgin I ever had was my sister Robin!”

That evening I fucked the girls again starting and ending with Debra. In the morning I made love to them again starting and ending with Yvonne.

During breakfast they admitted that their pussies were tender and asked if I could give them a rest for the day. They were more than happy to let me fuck them again that evening. Of course I said it was okay. After all I had to get started on the “Lady’s Outhouse!”

I looked at all of their ideas and then set about drawing up some plans of my own. I was determined to pay the girls back for their wonderful gift.

I started with an old hay wagon, rebuilt the deck as a hardwood floor, added walls and a glass roof for lighting. I installed six porcelain flush toilets, two hand bowls, a big mirror, and a shower big enough for four adults. I installed a propane hot water heater and electric lights. Of course I would have a generator, water reservoir, and pipe the sewage far away.

The “Lady’s Outhouse” took a whole week to build but it was worth it. Yvonne and Debra paid me every morning and every evening for my efforts. Robin got her husband to help me get it up to the field and in place. Robin stocked it with toilet paper, soap, and tampons. The two ladies and their four daughters tried out the toilets and shower before giving me final approval. Of course my brother-in-law wanted one for us guys too. No way! He couldn’t come close to paying for it like the girls had. Even the two thirteen-year-olds got in on the action when Robin and my wife taught Yvonne, Debra, Stella, and Courtney how to suck my cock.

Well the weeklong campout went very well, the fireworks were a big hit, and all the women loved the great outhouse.

Stella and Courtney really wanted me to take their virginities too but Robin had something else in mind that they could pay for next spring. I wonder what it is.

The End
Fourth Of July Party


I’m trying something new. This is a story conversion chart.

A face cord of wood is a stack of sixteen inch (.406 meters) long logs, eight feet (2.44 meters) wide, and four feet (1.22 meters) tall. Three face cord equals one full cord of wood.

A height of 5 feet 2 inches is 1.57 meters

A weight of 105 pounds equals 47.7 kilograms or 7.5 stone

As to bra sizes in different countries:

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