Their Stories - Chapters Three & Four

Their Stories - Chapters Three & Four

Chapter Three - The Second Hotel Room

"So, the next day, you met him again at the mall?"
Bobby inquired.

"Yeah," the blonde 12 year old said. "That day, he let
me go to the arcade for a while. We played some games,
like he was my dad and all. Then he let me buy some
CD’s that I wanted, Mariah Carey and Back Street Boys,
and a portable CD player and batteries. Then I lay down
in the back seat and listened to music while we drove
to the motel."

"Was it the same motel?" Bobby asked.

"No, different," she said. "It took a while to get
there, but we sort of did the same thing, you know,
parked outside and rushed in."

"And did you do the same things?"

"Well, it was a little different," Stacey said,
wrinkling her freckled nose.

Bill’s story: I took her to a new motel, not far from
the other one, but I drove around a bit to confuse her.
I had the video cam set up again, but this time I’d
also brought a Poloroid camera, to take some still
shots. See, I knew I could only get away with this for
a short time, so I was going to store all the images I
could before "blowing town." I had her do her change in
the bathroom, into the outfit she’d worn the day
before, then taped the opening.

"Hi, my name’s Stacey. I’m 12 years old, and I’m here
to have sex with my boyfriend, Bill," she started.
While the video cam ran, I took photos at proper
moments, like when she opened her blouse to reveal her
little training bra. Again when she raised her skirt to
show off her pink panties. Then again when she shed the
blouse, skirt and shoes, leaving her only in her socks,
panties and bra.

"What were you thinking, going out with this man a
third time?" Bobby asked gently.

"I don’t know," she hesitated. "I was just likin’ a

Bill’s story: I walked over in just my briefs again,
kissed her while fondling her little breasts, then told
her to get undressed. She responded rapidly, then
quickly got on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and
waited for me to lick her pussy. I did it quickly and
efficiently, making her cum numerous times. The
difference today was that she yelped as each orgasm
hit. She was enjoying it more, and she danged near
strangled me in a death grip as she wrapped her shapely
legs around my ears.

"So what did he ask you to do this third time?"

"Well," Stacey began, "after he licked me and made me
cum, he told me about love pee-pee."

Bobby hadn’t heard her use the word "cum" before, not
realizing he had said it to her. But he went on. "What
did he say about ‘love pee-pee’?"

"He said it’d make my titties get bigger faster and
make my wee-wee get hairier and bigger faster, and that
there was two ways to do it," Stacey said.

"And those two ways were what?" Bobby asked.

"He said he could either put it my wee-wee or I could
swallow it in my mouth," Stacey replied.

Bill’s story: When she sat up, I took pictures of her
and a close-up of her wet pussy. Then I explained the
theory of how a man’s cum stimulates a woman’s hormones
and makes a girl develop more quickly. She bought it,
and I got ready to get a blow job.

"So what did he ask you to do next?" Bobby asked.

"He showed me how to suck his peter," Stacey said.

Bobby shut off the tape recorder. His hard-on was too
great, and he figured he could start it again after the
answer to his next question. "What did he say to do?"

"He showed me how to hold the bottom in my hand and rub
it while I put the top in my mouth to suck it and lick
it," the girl replied. Bobby felt his hard-on strain at
the thought, looking at the pretty 12 year old.

Bill’s story: I adjusted the camera so that it caught
all the action as the little girl began to suck my
dick. I had instructed her, but I had to keep telling
her to hold my shaft tighter and rub harder. I also had
told her to suck hard, tongue hard, and to take her
mouth off when I told her. Just before I felt my cum, I
barked at her to take her mouth off, and hold her open
mouth just over the end. I shot my first string over
her nose, then she directed the rest onto her tongue.
She swallowed nicely after I finished cumming in her
sweet mouth.

"Then what did he do?" Bobby asked.

"Well, after I swallowed his pee-pee, we lay on the bed
until he was hard again. I sucked him a little more to
get him hard, and then he fucked me from behind again,"
Stacey replied.

Bill’s story: After we lay down for a while, I made her
start sucking me again. I took some more pictures of me
in her sweet mouth. When I was ready to go again, I got
her up on her hands and knees. I pushed into her tight
little pussy and took pictures of my shaft buried into
her sweet tight little ass. I also delighted in the
times she turned back to look at me, still with a rope
of my cum clinging to her cute little nose. I commanded
her, "Tell me to cum in your little wee-wee!" She did
as I reached under to caress those tiny breasts. As she
said my command a third time, I pumped her another
load. As I waited, my cock dipped deep in her 12 year
old cunt, I decided on a purchase I needed for the next
day. Then I ate her cunt once more, appointed our
meeting place for the next day, showered with her and
took her home.

Chapter Four - The Next Hotel Room

"So then, the next day, you met him again. Wasn’t your
mother getting suspicious by now?" Bobby asked.

"Naw," the girl said lazily. "She don’t really keep up
with what we do while she’s at work."

"What does your mother do?"

"She’s a waitress at Denny's, down by the
interstate," Stacey replied.

"So you can walk to the mall from where you live?"
Bobby asked.

"Yeah," the 12 year old replied. "It only takes about
15 minutes."

"And that’s where you met Bill that fourth day?"

"Yup," she said, then took a drink from her can of
soda. "He told me he wanted to do something special
that day."

Bill’s story: When I picked her up at the mall, I had
her buy a new blouse, skirt, bra, and panties, just to
excite her. But I had also picked up a pregnancy test
at the drug store. As she lay in the back seat,
wriggling into her new outfit, I drove around aimlessly
for a bit, then to the third motel, again not far from
the ones I’d used before.

This time, the video cam was set up as usual, but since
she’d already changed, offering me some sexy views in
the rearview mirror, she immediately did her "I’m
Stacey, and now I’m going to strip for my boyfriend."
But once we were both naked, having kissed and fondled
each other, I turned off the camera and repositioned it
in the bathroom. Then I gave her new cue cards to read,
and told her how to use the pregnancy kit.

The 12 year old positioned herself on the toilet,
holding the small receptacle and began to read, as the
camera rolled. I stood before her, my hard-on within
range of her mouth. "Now I’m going to pee-pee in this
little cup to find out if daddy has gotten me
pregnant," she read. (It had turned out that the man
living with her mother was neither married to the
woman, nor Stacey’s or Lynette’s father, who’d
disappeared long ago.)

She then held the small cup under her piss hole and
began to force out her pee, not really knowing what she
was doing. Then, as she began to pee, by my
instruction, she took hold of my tool and began to suck
it. She actually peed a remarkable amount, overflowing
the cup by half. When she had done, I took the cup from
her and inserted the determining stick. Then I had her
stand up, turn around and bend over the toilet.

"What was so special?" Bobby asked.

"Well, he’d brought a pregnancy test, and I had to pee
in a cup. It was the first time he’d ever watched me
pee," Stacey said.

"He watched you take the test?"

"Yeah," she said. "And he had me suck his peter while I
peed. Then, while we waited for the test to turn out,
he fucked me over the toilet."

Bill’s story: As I waited for the determination, I had
her bend over the toilet, her hands on the tank, with
her legs spread over the toilet, offering her young
behind to me. I knelt down, spread the cheeks of her
tight little ass, licked her anus, then her hole, then
her pee hole. Stacey moaned as I licked her slit from
top to bottom. Then I pulled her back and took her clit
in my mouth, sucking away the way I knew she liked. In
no time she was bucking back against me. I was tasting
both her juice and her pee.

She didn’t know, really, how to cum over a toilet, so
she just sort of pranced up and down, trying to keep
contact with my tongue. It was all over in less than
three minutes, at which point, face glistening from her
various juices, I stood up, grabbed her by the hips,
guided my prick into her flowing pussy and proceeded to
pump another load into my little 12 year old darling,
cumming in less than a minute, while groping those
lovely, tiny titties. She responded with her second

"And you watched the pregnancy test?" Bobby asked.

"Well, after he licked me and fucked me and I cleaned
him, then we looked," Stacey said. "And it showed I was

"How did you feel about that?"

"I was happy, ‘cause I thought I was gonna get
married," the pretty blonde said.

Bill’s story: Then I looked over, and the stick showed
blue. I’d done it! I’d gotten the 12 year old pregnant.
I immediately thought of how she’d look with a big
belly, those small boobs swelling. I took her into the
bedroom, got in bed and opened the bottle of champagne
I’d bought. We toasted our coming "wedding," a ruse I
gave her to make her happy. She quickly got drunk on
two small glasses of champagne, and I easily got her to
finger-fuck my ass while I pumped her from on top. Then
I put my well-thought proposition to her.

"So he proposed marriage to you?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah," she said.

"Didn’t you know a 12 year old girl couldn’t marry a
grown man?"

"Bill told me he’d ask mama to let him," she said

Referring to the police report, Bobby asked, "And
that’s when he asked you about Lynette?"

"Yeah," Stacey said, squirming a bit in her chair.

Bill’s story: Having pumped two loads of cum into my
little 12 year old pregnant darling, having sucked on
her small breasts, having licked her bald slit twice
and having had my dick sucked twice, we showered,
dressed and prepared to return her home. But I said to
Stacey, "Your little sister is almost as pretty as

She was just putting on her bra, having already put on
her panties. "You mean Lynette?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. "How old is she?"

"She’s only ten," Stacey said, rather defensively.

"Well, since we’re going to get married, don’t you
think we should offer Lynette the chance to have fun
with us?" I asked. It confused the hell out of her, so
I went on the attack. "Shouldn’t she be able to have
fun with us?" She stood there in her little bra and
panties, looking at me. I took the lead. "Honey, now
that you’re pregnant, I want to fuck your sister too."

She went into tears. "Ain’t I good enough for you?" she

I ran to her, still naked myself, and took her into my
arms, kissing her deeply, while fondling her small
breasts, my dick pressed against her chest. To my
delight, I felt her small hand close around my hard
prick. I finally broke off the kiss, looked down at her
tear-streaked face and said, "Oh, honey, you have our
baby in your tummy. You’ll be my wife, as soon as we
can work it out with your mama. But your sister should
be able to have fun with us too, don’t you think?"

"Why?" she asked.

"Because she can make you and I feel good, and we can
make her feel good," I replied. "Don’t you want us all
to have fun?" She just looked at me, so I pressed
ahead. "Look, you just bring her tomorrow, tell her you
have a big secret that’s lots of fun, a secret person
you want her to meet, a good friend who does really
nice things, and bring her to the mall when we meet.
Then I’ll buy you guys some really nice things and
we’ll have fun, okay?"

She hesitated for a moment, then said simply, "Okay."

"And tell her not to tell your mama, okay," I said. "It
has to be our secret."

"Okay," Stacey said.

"Then you brought your sister into this relationship?
Bobby asked

"Well, he wanted to meet her," Stacey replied.

"Didn’t you know he meant to abuse her?" Bobby cried.

Stacey began to cry. "He never hurt her!" she shouted.


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