Late Evenings Part 5

Late Evenings Part 5

Part 5

I was just starting to catch my breath as we drove off to Peter and Kathy’s party. They lived about 15 minutes away and we could still arrive without being more than 10 or 15 minutes late. I looked over at Judy and she just gave me a very normal look, like nothing unusual was going on, even though she had just watched me fuck the sitter again and then cleaned up her pussy!

As I was driving, I suddenly felt Judy starting to unzip my pants. As happy as I felt about getting a blow job on the way to the party, I told her that since I had just cum a few minutes ago that I couldn’t get it up yet. She said, “that doesn’t matter, just drive” and not only unzipped my pants all the way, but had me lower them a little bit so she could get good access to my balls. I felt her mouth on my cock as she sucked on it for a moment with her tongue swirling all around, but before I even had a chance to get hard, she moved her mouth around to the base of my shaft and started to lick me there and all over the front of my balls. Her hand was still on my cock, but I soon realized she was holding it just to get it away from my balls because she was trying to lick all of Delia’s juices off of me. As I started to finally get a raging hard on, we got to the party and she let go of my cock and pulled down the visor mirror to fix her makeup and adjust her blouse. When we parked, she looked over at me and said, “Ready? This should be fun” and got out of the car.

We have known Peter and Kathy for about 4 or 5 years. One of their kids is good friends with one of ours, and that’s usually how we made friends after moving to this new town about 7 years ago. There were about 25 people at the party, and most of them were our age give or take a few years. With all the people around and the need to make conversation, my hardon subsided and all the party talk started to take my mind off of Delia’s pussy and Judy’s mouth.

After about 2 hours and a few glasses of wine, I was enjoying a nice warm buzz in the company of some friends. It was good to get to chat with some guys that I saw quite frequently but never had the time to spend more than a few minutes with at a time. Judy was doing the same thing with some of the wives and the party was going really well. A little while later, nature called and I went looking for the bathroom. The powder room was occupied, so I went further down the hall hoping to find a bathroom in one of the bedrooms.

The first room I looked into was had pink walls and was full of dolls and stuffed animals, so I decided I didn’t want to wander around in their little girl’s bedroom, and especially at night. I kept going down the hall and found what appeared to be a guest room. It was dark in the room, but I could see a nightlight shining under the crack of what must be a bathroom on the other side of the room. As I approached the bathroom door, I could hear some whispering coming from inside. Being a little drunk, I paused to see if I could see what was going on. As my eyes adjusted, I could start to see Judy in the bathroom with another person. Since there were two female voices, I first thought they were doing the girls going to the ladies room together thing, or maybe just fixing their makeup. I needed to piss, so I hoped they would hurry.

But, as I listened further and my eyes became better adjusted, it looked like Judy was sitting on the vanity while the other woman was tentatively touching her body. Judy was saying things like “I want you to touch my breasts. Yes, like that.” And, “now rub your hands gently inside my thighs.” As the other woman was caressing Judy’s thighs, Judy undid her blouse and pulled out her tits from her bra. She then pulled the other woman’s face into chest and told her to kiss and suck on her breasts. The other woman did as she was asked, but she didn’t seem to be into it. She kept saying she had never done it with another woman and only liked men. Judy said, “just try licking my pussy and see how you like it. Just try it and if you don’t like it, no big deal.” The other woman started to finger Judy but then said, “I’ll try eating you, but I want my husband to be with me. I would feel better about this if he was fucking me at the same time.”

Judy quickly said, “go get him then and I’ll wait here. But, be quick.” Just before she came out of the bathroom, I ducked behind a chair and hoped the sound of my beating heart wouldn’t betray my presence. As I sat motionless behind the chair wondering if she would return with her husband, I heard a male voice from the hall saying “What is this all about? Why are you dragging me back here? I really need to get back to the party!” They both then entered the bedroom and she led him by the hand to the bathroom door. Fortunately, she only shut the door part way. He said, “Whoa, who is this? What is going on?”

She said “shhh” and gave him a quick passionate kiss on the lips and then turned around to face Judy while pulling up her own dress. She looked back at her husband and said “I want you to fuck me.” He said “What? Right here? With a stranger in the room? What is going on.” She said, “Just take it out and put it in me. I need to help out Judy here.” His eyes were finally adjusting to the low light and he could now see that Judy was sitting on the vanity with her dress pulled up around her waist with her legs spread. She was fingering her own pussy and the juices were visible even in the low light. Seeing this, the husband wasted no more time with questions, dropped his pants, and positioned himself behind his wife as she started to bend over Judy’s pussy. Judy begin to moan softly as her friend finally started to softly lick her pussy. The husband, however, wasn’t tentative about it all and start to fuck his wife silly. As the wife began to get more courageous and Judy began to build to an orgasm, the husband couldn’t take it any longer and shot his wad inside his wife’s wet pussy.

When that happened, the wife stopped licking Judy and turned around to her husband to say “I can’t believe you did that! Why did you come so quickly!” The husband just kind of mumbled an apology and hurried out of the room and back to the party. The wife then turned back to Judy and said “Sorry, but he already came, so I hope you got enough.” In a frustrated voice, Judy said “I didn’t get off - you need to keep eating me.” The woman said, “I told you I’m not a dyke. I can’t do something like this unless I’m getting fucked.” Judy said, “well, then go get someone else to fuck you. I need to get off or I’m going to go crazy here! Please! Just do it this once for me. Why don’t you go find Max? You’ve always been hot for him and I’m sure he’d love to fuck you. Now’s your big chance.”

The wife agreed to give it a try and left to find Max. In the meantime, I stayed hidden and listened to Judy as she fingered herself in the bathroom. Shortly thereafter, the woman returned with Max who was asking the same questions Judy’s husband had been asking as she led him through the bedroom and into the bathroom. Max, however, quickly sized up the situation and immediately stuck a finger in Judy’s sopping pussy. As he continued to play with her pussy and tits, the woman got his pants off and started sucking his cock to get him hard. She then got in front of Judy and had him fuck her from behind like her husband had about five minutes ago.

Perhaps because the wife’s pussy was already loaded with cum and wasn’t quite as tight, Max seemed like he wasn’t about to come any time soon. With the wife bent over Judy and lapping up her pussy, Judy started to come and for awhile after her orgasm, she remained in place while the woman continued to eat her pussy while Max fucked her brains out. Finally, Judy said “I’ve been gone for a long time and better get back to the party before Tom starts to wonder where I have gone.” The other woman started to disengage from Max, but Max protested “What are you talking about? You bring me back here with this bitch and then I can’t bust my nut? I’m all worked up here.” Judy didn’t look sympathetic at all, but Max told her that if she left he was going to tell her husband what she’s been up to.

The woman said “I’ve had enough and I’m tired. You two work this out on your own. I’m outta here.” Max was now alone in the bathroom with Judy. He was stroking his cock as he walked up to Judy. She just sat there unsure what to do next. Once again, Max didn’t hesitate and walked up to Judy, who was still propped up on the vanity. She closed her legs part way, but as Max got closer he just parted them back open with his hands and stuck his dick right inside her pussy. Judy said “I can’t believe you just did that! I didn’t say that it was OK for you to stick your cock in me!” But, Judy seemed resigned to her fate and simply said “hurry up.” Max started to quickly bang his cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Judy just put hands around his shoulders and hung on for the ride with a disinterested look on her face.

After about 5 minutes of furious fucking, Max said he was getting ready to cum. Judy asked him not to cum inside of her so he pulled out and pushed her down to the floor on her knees. Max started to pump his cock and pushed the tip inside her mouth to see if she would take his cock. She let him put it in, but it wasn’t exactly like she was blowing him. But, the sight of her lovely face with his cock in her mouth was the final tipping point so Max pulled it back out for a few last good strokes before inserting it back again as he began to cum. Judy tried to swallow most of it, but coughed a little bit and some trickled out of her mouth and across her cheek. Max said “thanks” as he put on his pants and left the room. After the sound of rustling clothes, the light in the bathroom turned on and Judy fixed her makeup and adjusted her outfit. She then left the room and walked down the hall to he party.

I realized I never got to piss and I went into the bathroom and shut the door. The air was very heavy with the smell of sex, and that made it all the more difficult for me to piss with a hardon. Finally, after a few minutes I was able to pee and then I snuck back to the party and made my way to the other side of the room across from where Judy was now talking with her friends. I didn’t see the other woman and still didn’t know who exactly she was. I approached Judy and she said “I’ve been looking for you, honey. It’s getting late and we should be getting back.” As I looked at her and agreed to leave, I noticed a small glob of cum on the side of her neck just underneath her left jaw.

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