The Roman Whore Part 1

The Roman Whore Part 1

When in Rome

Charlotte was visiting Rome city alone for the weekend she had everything planned and had prepared for months so she could see all the tourist spots. The Treviea Fountain was one of the most fascinating sites that Charlotte had researched. There was a legend that if you stood in front of the fountain and threw a coin over your shoulder that you would return to the fountain. Charlotte didn't believe in the legend at all I fact she thought it was childish yet she went to visit the fountain regardless. Charlotte got off the metro and was walking along the road from the Spanish steps toward the fountain when a young Italian man approached her. Charlotte watched the man as he approached his olive skin and chiselled jaw line made Charlottes panties dampen. This Italian man was tall with a muscular build his jet black hair complimented his skin perfectly. The man stretched out a hand to Charlotte she took it and he kissed it. The man introduced himself to Charlotte as James. James was very interested in Charlotte, she had a look of innocence that made his balls tighten in his pants, at 5"3 with what James guessed to be C cup breasts and long brown hair to about her waist Charlotte was truly stunning. James gave Charlotte a coin for the fountain and told her it was extra lucky and with it she would return to the fountain every year all she had to do was make a wish. Charlotte left James who was smiling hugely now and walked to the fountain. She took the coin and threw it in wishing for a love like no other.
Charlottes remaining time in Rome was just as planned, although Italian men aphad stopped flirting with her she had still enjoyed her travels and she returned home happy.

Once home Charlotte started feeling different. She found herself dreaming about James and the fountain. She was insanely horny all the time and she often found her hand buried in her panties without any recollection of how it got there. Charlotte couldn't take it anymore she needed to cum but hadn't been able to for months. She was desperate with need but nothing would work she had tried every sex toy that Ann summers sold and she had tried a sting of one night stands nothing would work. Charlotte was starting to lose all control of her body as it was taken over with lust until her boss found her masturbating in her office. He walked in and told her not to dare move. Charlotte sat there with her hand in her panties as Trevor her boss closed her office door locked it and walked over to Charlotte as he removed his tie smiling hugely.

Trevor forcefully pulled the tie around charlottes head and created a gag to muffle any sounds she would make. Charlotte tried to tell Trevor she was sorry and that she'd never tell anyone what had just happened but instead she sat there unable to speak. Her body keeping her quiet, preventing her from speaking her mind taken over completely by her need to cum. Trevor was surprised by how complacent Charlotte was considering he was about to rape her but he pushed the thought from his head and dropped his trousers to the floor. His 9" cock was already hard and sprung straight out it was the biggest thickest cock Charlotte had ever seen and her eyes went wide when she realised she was incapable of making Trevor stop.

Trevor pulled charlottes hand from her panties and ripped her skirt out of the way he grabbed hold of her thighs and pulled her legs apart as far as he could. Trevor placed his cock at the entrance to charlottes hole and looked into her eyes. All he could see is the lust charlottes body was forcing her to experience and with that he pushed into Charlotte with his full length. Charlotte wanted to scream as the pain was unbearable but instead she sat there smiling unable to react. Trevor starting fucking Charlotte as hard as he could his own orgasm building with each thrust, he leaned down and bit charlottes ear before breathing into her ear "if you don't cum with me slut, your done here". Charlotte tried to speak to feel pleasure from the fucking she was receiving but she knew the inevitable was going to happen. Trevor came hard into her hole and Charlotte yet again had been denied orgasm by her own body. Trevor slapped her face removed her gag and coldly said "sex isn't allowed in the workplace pack up and go home" all Charlotte could reply with is "yes Sir".

Charlotte left the building tears forming in her eyes as her phone rang it was an Unknown number she was about to ignore the call but she noticed that the area code was an Italian one, Rome to be precise she answered the call, lifted her phone to her ear and listened to the caller as they said "hello Charlotte my sweet little slut". Did you miss me Trevor mocked down the phone. Charlotte's breath almost stopped; her eyes lit with disbelief and shock her panties moistened at the word slut she couldn't believe that James had been able to get her number or that he had the audacity to call her such inappropriate names. Charlotte could hear James laughing down the phone before it all went silent James paused for a second before explaining to Charlotte the curse of the coin see it wasn't a legend it was actually a terrible curse for those who were chosen by the locals sons. Un suspecting travellers who just happened to be attractive James laughed at the last sentence an evil laugh one that set Charlottes skin on edge.

James paused again, he told Charlotte to walk slowly to her car to sit in the drivers seat and to open the glove compartment slowly removing the concealed envelope. Charlotte did as James said and she open the envelope slowly to find two tickets to Rome Charlotte was confused but for the first time in months she felt like she might be able to finally cum. Charlottes hand shot down her pants again her fingers stretched out to find and to caress her clit to help her find that special spot her fingers slowly dance and explore, stroking every last spot of charlottes vagina. Her pleasure slowly increasing she get so close to the edge her breathing now passionate, desperate her fingers moving more frantically now than they had all year. Charlottes orgasm started to build before suddenly James' voice was heard again. stop. Stop was all James had to say before Charlottes entire orgasm faded like a distant memory, only to be replaced with a memory of the fountain. Charlotte took a closer look at the tickets in her hand and drove straight to the airport.

To be continued.

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