My Boston Vacation Part 1

My Boston Vacation Part 1

I was heading to Boston to meet with a friend of mine. No not Ms Rosen and boy do I wish I could run into her again. It was my friend Jen that I haven’t seen since a few days after my 10th Birthday. She is now 25 and I’m 26. It’s been almost 15 years since I saw her. She has a kid, now a daughter that is 5 years old. I got reconnected with her over the Internet. She exchanged pictures and talked on the phone. She told me that she was a little chubby and that she was tall 5’11 to be exact. She has beautiful green eyes that I always remembered about her.

I walked of the bus and there she was. Standing by her car waiting for me. She waved at me and I walked over to her dropped my bag and hugged her. She was tall than me I’m 5’9. She had black curly hair, fair skin and those beautiful green eyes were still her best asset so I thought. I saw her big and great looking tits. Maybe a D cup I was thinking. She was wearing a nice tight blue shirt and black skirt that was just over her knee. Her legs were really thick and yes she was a little bigger around her waist but it looked good for size. She opened the trunk to her car and I put my luggage into it. I watched her walk the driver side of the car. Her ass was really plump and nicely shaped. Not the fat sloppy ass like big girls usually had. I came back to earth; this is my friend I need to stop having thoughts like this.

She drove to her apartment after we grabbed a bite to eat. She talked about things that happened to us over the years. She explained to me why she was a single parent now. Her ex cheated on her when she was pregnant and got someone else pregnant at the same time. We got to her apartment around 10pm. She was a good host and let me take a shower first. Then she went in after me, it was about 11pm when we she finished her shower. She came out wearing a black robe. She sat next to me on the couch; I could smell the scent of the shampoo that she used. It was strawberry. We watched some horrible B-Movie about Zombie and Aliens. When it finished it was almost 2am. “I’m going to bed Mike. We have an early day so we need some sleep. Good Night Mike.” We hugged and then the unthinkable happened we kissed. I pulled back and our eyes met. I moved in again and she stops me. “I don’t think we should do this Mike. It’s been so long since my last relationship. I want to believe me, I want nothing more then to kiss you but we are just friends.” She said. She gets off the couch and she goes to her room. I tried to stop her but I couldn’t get the words out.

I lay on the couch for about 10 minutes and decided that I couldn’t leave it at this. I got up off the couch and went to hear room. I knocked on the door and walked in. She was laying on her bed with her robe was on the floor. I walked over to her. Jen I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. That was never my intention. “Mike no need to be sorry. It is just that I don’t want to ruin our friendship. You understand don’t you? Also you live so far away.” I shook my head yes. Jen I understand completely, I don’t want to lose your friendship either. Let’s just put this behind and have fun. I leaned in and kissed her forehead. This time she grabbed my hand. “Mike can you lay with me? I don’t want to spend the night alone.” She says. I told her ok. I got under the blanket. I looked at her and I couldn’t help myself as I looked into her green eyes. I kissed her one more time.
This time she didn’t stop me. Our mouths opened a little and our tongues met for the first time. We made out for about 5 minutes, and that when I decided to go for it. I put my hand on her tits and started to squeeze them lightly. She didn’t fight it. I pulled off the covers. She was wearing a black nightgown. That was about 2 inches above her knees. I looked at those nice big tits and you could see how hard her nipples were. I spread her legs and positioned myself between them. I kissed her again while being between her legs. We made out for a few more minutes and then I started to kiss her neck. I started to bite her neck now and she moaned with each bite. I pulled the straps off her shoulders and down completely to expose her tits. Her nipples were sticking out and I kissed each tits. Then I licked each nipple for a few minutes and listened to her breathing getting heavier. I nibbled on each nipple and squeezed each breast as I did this. She moaned with excitement.

I could now feel her hands on my back, working them down my back to my ass. She squeezes my ass and pushes me hard into her. We were drying humping with clothes on basically. I got off the bed and took of my shorts to expose my hard 9inch cock. I have grown over my teenage years. She looked at it and smiled. I now got between her legs and removed her black satin panties that covered the pussy that I wanted. She was a little hairy but it has been so long I didn’t care. I lie next to her and put my hand on her pussy. I slid one finger into her and she moaned. I couldn’t believe it was that wet. I worked my finger in her for a few minutes and she was moaning loudly now. I removed my finger and licked it. She now put her hand on my cock and stroked it slowly.

I told her that I was going to eat her pussy and as I moved down she stopped me. “No Mike I want you inside me now. We have all week to work with. Just put you hard dick inside me. Just please be easy remember it has been a long time since I had sex.” She said. I couldn’t believe it. I got on top of her and she wrapped her legs around me. My dick was at her pussy entrance now. I slowly put the head in and she was right her pussy was tight. It was almost like being in a virgin pussy. She moaned as I slowly inched into her pussy. I was ready to explode because of the tightness of her pussy. I slowly worked it in and out.

I started to thrust into her as her pussy adjusted to my hard cock. With each thrust she moaned “ Aye Papi I like it don’t stop” she was saying. I started to move faster as her moaning had me ready to explode. Then I could feel her body start to shake. She yelled out “ Fuck me Mike, Fuck my tight pussy.” I started to fuck her harder and I exploded deep into her pussy. Then says, “Oh my god Mike I’m cumin don’t stop.” I continue to push my cock deeper into her pussy as my dick just continues to explode into her. She shakes and pushes me deeper into her. I collapse next to her on the bed. We look at each and kiss one more time. We catch our breath after a few minutes; She says, “ This is going to be a fun week. It’s been so long that I’m going to wear you out, I need to make up for the sex that I haven’t had.” I told that I’m up for it and that she is not going to wear me out. We both laugh and start drifting off into sleep. I couldn’t wait to see what happens next.

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