Lust In Plenty

Lust In Plenty

A girl stood looking out the window of her apartment, a hand on one hip, the other placed against the window, which was fogged over with condensation. She had soft skin of a colour that reminds one of caramel, smooth and delicious. Her eyes were a dark brown, topped with fine eyebrows that flew along the lines of her high forehead. Down her back spilled raven-dark hair, straight and glossy wherever the light hit it. She had a small, soft-featured face, with full lips that were slightly puckered, as if she was constantly prepared to kiss someone, and pierced with a single ring. High cheeks and a strong, proud jawline accentuated it all nicely, and led into a softly-curved neck.
Fine fingers splayed across the window, long and tapering, slim like the body belonging to them. Wearing a thin tank-top that fit to her body like a glove, the soft, supple curves of her breasts outlined nicely, and it left her stomach partially bare to reveal a hard set of abs. She had thin, muscular arms and a lightly curved pair of very feminine shoulders with an hourglass figure. Fit and sleek, she was, with long, killer legs and a firm rear to get the point across. Rayne was her name.
As Rayne stood there, she thought about all the special women who had gone through her life, and a few of her friends. One in particular had always stood by her. Dan was picking her up tonight as a special treat. He was going to take her to the bar and buy her some drinks, get her loosened up, and then let her dance the night away. He was a good friend, Rayne thought. A smile barely touched those soft lips as she thought of him.
Sweet by nature, and a true gentleman, she felt more attracted to him than most men she had met. But, he was still just a friend to her. More like a brother, really, though she could tell he always hoped for more. A sound rang from behind Rayne and she walked to her phone, picking it up.
“Hey,” she said, her soft voice sounding like the whisper of wind through trees.
“Hey-o!” she heard in a deep male voice from the other end.
She couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her lips, the sound light and carefree; a first for a while. “Hey Dan, what’s up?”
She could hear a little, deep chuckle in her ear. “Just calling you to tell you I’m making my way over. Be there in ten, love!”
She smiled, knowing he couldn’t see it, but still doing it. “Alright, I’ll be waiting for you.”
“See you… and I’m bringing the Mazda,” he said and hung up the phone.
She put the phone back on its cradle slowly, eyes roving the room for her purse. She spied it sitting in the black leather recliner she often occupied and grabbed it, pulling the strap up onto her shoulder with ease born from doing the same motion a thousand thousand times. In it was her wallet, a small combat knife that Dan had given her, and a large can of pepper spray (the pepper spray and knife were for those just-in-case emergencies). She looked down at her long legs, clad in a pair of thigh-hugging denim shorts.
She went to the bathroom and added a few tiny touches of make-up, a little bit of blush and a small amount of mascara. After doing that, she made her way down the stairs, walking out the door as Dan drove up in his dark blue Mazda RX-8. It was a bit of a feminine car, but she had to admit he made it work.
Five feet and eight inches of hard, lean muscle, he stood with an easy grace that ill bespoke his size. A four year high school wrestler and winner of tournaments all the way, he hadn’t gotten off the weight-lifting high and he still worked out. Hard, broad shoulders with a chest and abs more rock-like than human made him seem imposing. Short, thickly corded legs propelled him around the car and he ran to Rayne, sweeping her up in a hard hug. She hugged back willingly, closing her eyes as his warm body encompassed hers. The familiarity of the strong man almost made her cry. Almost.
“Hey, beautiful,” he said as he let her down, curly dark brown hair falling cutely into a pair of deep, soft green eyes. He had small glasses that looked nice on his face and a warm smile that curved up a set of soft-looking lips. His lashes were the kind that made girls jealous, and he had strong hands that were more than capable of working on anything. “You look especially stunning this evening. Was this all just for me?”
Rayne laughed and lightly swatted Dan’s powerful chest. “No, silly; you know I always dress like this when I’m going to a club.”
“Yeah, you’re right,” he gave her an impish little grin, a soft light going in his green eyes to add to it. She could tell Dan was really happy for some obscure reason.
“Ok, your happiness is creepy. What gives?”
Dan laughed and let go of her, jogging over to the RX-8 and opening the passenger door. In it was a pair of low-lying custom seats with subs in the headrest and centre console. Rayne dipped into the car with a smile at her friend. He nodded, winked, and closed the door with a little click and was in the driver’s side, turning the key in the ignition and starting up the V8 engine with a low growling sound from under the hood.
Rayne buckled up the 4-point harness and looked at Dan, who was gripping the gearstick and had gone into what she called “game mode”. His hands rubbed against the rubber flame-encrusted grip of the steering wheel and he looked at Rayne with that savage, promising grin. “Hold on, girlie. It’s about to get nuts.”
Rayne barely had time to grab the handle in the roof before Dan smashed his foot into the pedal and peeled out in a full one-eighty, tires squealing as he counter-steered quickly and gained control, ripping off and accelerating at an alarming rate. He whooped and shifted through the gears without a thought, double-clutching before snapping back on the throttle. Each shift slowed them down just enough that, when the pedal was mashed again, she felt the g-forces drive her back in the seat.
Dan was laughing as he slowed it down to the speed-limit. “Oh, man, that was a rush!”
Rayne was still sitting there; stock-still as her heart beat so fast she swore Dan could hear it. When she caught her breath and knew she was still alive, she hit Dan’s shoulder with a resounding smack. “Don’t do that! I swear I almost had a heart attack!”
He just laughed harder and pulled up into a parking lot. His high-speed run had taken him more than eight miles in a few minutes and he parked in a spot close to the entrance. The neon read in small letters “For those with LGBP” and in bigger, bold letters declared the place’s name.
Rayne looked at Dan with a curious glance, “LGBP?”
“Lesbian-Gay-Bi Pride,” he replied, a grin still in place on his lips. “I thought you might like this place, and I decided I might as well check it out too.”
Rayne gave her best friend a kiss on the cheek. He always seemed to be thinking about people other than himself. She went to get from the car, but found it already opening. Somehow, Dan had gotten out the door and over the hood before she had stopped thinking. He offered his hand, always the gentleman, and Rayne took it, getting out of the low-lying vehicle with a sexy grace. She was getting into her mood.
Dan, of course, knew this and could only smile when Rayne slid her arm into his, her breast rubbing against his forearm purposely. He’d experienced this enough to know that it was her preparing for some major body-showing and flirtatious movements. He knew he would never be on the receiving end, so just contented himself with this; her holding him like a possession. It wouldn’t last long once she hit the dance floor.
He turned his head and softly kissed her hair, a tear falling into it before he straightened and nodded at the bouncers at the doorway. He showed his ID and Rayne, her body practically a part of Dan’s, slipped her hand into her purse and showed him her driver’s license. She put it close to her face and winked slyly, a coy smile on her lips.
The bouncers gulped and waved them both in. Dan felt their eyes as the pair walked in and knew that the bouncers were about as bisexual as some of the clients. His cheeks went a little red and he walked a little faster, Rayne purring against his side. Dan walked to the bar like that, and that’s when Rayne saw her.
Sitting in a booth near the wall was a small, pale girl with hair that was red, but tell-tale signs of a beautiful golden colour showed at the roots. She sat, looking at the dregs of tequila. Rayne, feeling sorry for the girl, said something in Dan’s ear, her lips brushing the lobe and she felt him shiver. He nodded once and ordered their drinks; a Crown in Coke for him, and a fruity little drink for her.
Rayne walked over to the girl in the booth, her hips swaying sensually, her hard abs contracting and the small amount of gel she had put along the contours gleaming in the neon lights. As if sensing Rayne, the girl looked up and Rayne stopped for almost a full second.
Looking at her were eyes a beautiful hazel colour, deeply set in a heart-shaped face that looked… sad. Her lower lip was gloriously full, to the point you wanted to kiss it and lick it slowly. Her auburn-dyed hair fell just past her shoulders and covered most of one of those beautiful hazel eyes that looked almost gold. Her skin was pale, and the fingers around the glass were piano-like fingers; slim and long. Her arms were long and gleamed in the flashing light, different hues with each explosion of colour.
She wore a black tank-top that didn’t reveal anything, and was a little loose, but Rayne could tell her figure was slim, the curves of her body subtly outlined with the dark fabric. Small, perky breasts were nearly visible, and she looked at Rayne with a sort of surprise.
Rayne caught herself after her stumble and smiled, “Hey, I’m Vanessa, but most people call me Rayne, or Nessa.”
“Megan,” the girl said, her eyes going from surprise to withdrawing almost instantaneously. “Meg, if you wish.”
Rayne smiled wider and motioned to the seat across from Meg. “Do you mind if I take a seat with my friend?”
“Umm… what friend?” Meg asked, looking around.
Dan came walking up to Rayne and looked from her to Meg. Rayne muttered, “Well, speak of the devil! Dan, this is Meg. Meg, this is my best friend Dan.”
Dan nodded and gave her a warm, charming smile. “Nice to meet you. I’d shake your hand but, well, both of mine got drinks in them.”
Megan gave the barest hint of a smile, her pink lips turning up slightly at the corners. “The pleasure is mine.”
Dan grinned and slid into the booth, taking the seat closest to the wall, and not directly opposite Meg, sensing that Rayne would like that spot. Rayne slid into it with an easy grace and smiled across at Meg. Her foot slowly reached out and brushes against Meg’s. Meg showed a bit of a blush at her cheeks, but didn’t say a word in protest.
Dan saw that this Meg was truly beautiful; the soft curve of her neck even had a little collar on it. He got up and moved out of the booth without disturbing Rayne, disappearing into the crowd. Rayne didn’t give him a second glance.
Rayne looked at the small, fragile girl in front of her and tentatively reached out a hand. Megan looked at it, then at Rayne, and back before slowly reaching out and clasping Rayne’s hand with her own. Her grip was gentle but firm, and slightly shy. She gave Rayne a tentative smile, finally showing some emotion.
Rayne smiled back and gave a reassuring squeeze, then rested a hand on either side of her little cocktail, her eyes on it for a moment. When she looked up at Meg she saw a little bit of longing in the girl’s eyes. Rayne went around the booth and sat beside Meg, whose luscious legs were clad in super-tight jeans. Instead of going through with the formalities, Rayne took her hand and put it down Meg’s pants and the panties underneath.
Meg gasped and blushed, moaning softly. Rayne found herself moaning too at the ready, slick wetness that greeted her questing fingers. Squeezing her hand in the front of the tight denim jeans, Rayne bent her fingers and slowly ran the tips of them along Meg’s soft folds, both of the girls moaning softly until they silenced each other with a kiss. The kiss was long, passionate, their tongues slowly twining around each other with Meg’s sliding into Rayne’s mouth first, exploring the new area with a hungry need.
Rayne felt her breathing quicken and turned Meg sideways, pushing her back against the wall, moving her fingertips a little quicker as she used her free hand to graze Meg’s abs up to a small, tender breast and grasp it. Meg let her head fall back and let out a moan that was a little louder and Rayne took the opportunity to kiss the front of her throat, nipping gently at the skin. This elicited another moan and Rayne closed her eyes at the taste of Meg’s skin, unable to hold back a soft moan of her own.
Though her forearm was strong, it couldn’t hold forever, and her fingers were pushed slowly into Meg’s slick heat, eliciting a ragged moan as she grabbed Rayne’s shoulders, holding tightly. “Please, Rayne, please… take me now! I need to feel your fingers deep in me!”
Rayne was losing control, and she dipped her hand into the front of Meg’s tank-top, feeling the warmth of her breast and flicked her thumb across the hardening nipple. It responded, and Meg felt a lightning bolt of pleasure zing through her body, eliciting a loud moan from both of them. Rayne just relaxed her forearm and pushed her long fingers deep as she could into Meg’s hot crevice, feeling it constrict around the digits.
“Mmm… babe, so good,” Meg’s sigh trailed off into a long, low-voiced moan that sparked heat in Rayne’s body, feeling wetness of her own gather between her thighs.
There was the sound of a throat clearing at the one end of their booth and both women looked at the same time to see one of the employees looking at them with unforgiving, though aroused, eyes. “You two can’t start fucking in here, ladies.”
Meg’s cheeks flamed up, going from a slight flush of pleasure to full embarrassment. Her cheeks went beet red and her face got a slight red tinge too as she hid behind her hair. She stammered a hasty apology as Rayne got off her, sticking her fingers in her mouth and licking them clean of Meg’s cream. As she was doing that, an idea struck her, and she apologized to the employee as she stepped around him. Her eyes scanned the crowd for Dan and she spotted him, walking up to find him dancing with a cute, petite girl, who couldn’t have been more than five feet tall.
She pulled him aside and he glared at her for a second before noting the intensity of her look. “Yes, Rayne? What is it?”
“I need you to take me and Meg to my place. Now,” Rayne said with a tone that said there would be no compromise.
Dan gave a low groan, but pulled out his keys, “Go get her, then, and I’ll take you there. You’ll have to sit with her on your lap, though.”
Rayne nodded and leaped to do what she was told needed to be done, running back to Meg and grabbing her hand. “Come on, I got us a ride.”
Meg followed, helpless to resist. They ducked out the doors and found the navy-blue RX-8 on the sidewalk with Dan waiting to open the passenger door. The two girls got in, Rayne first, and then Meg, her face having gone back to normal, then flushed with colour again. They pulled the seatbelt across and when Dan got in the other side, Rayne told Meg to grab the handle above the passenger door. She looked at Rayne like she was crazy, but did it, and Dan did another peel, this time not bothering to slow down until he hit the brakes just outside the apartment complex Rayne lived in.
“Thank you, Dan,” she said. “I’m sorry for cutting our night short.”
Dan shrugged and gave her a small, almost sad smile, “There will be other Fridays.”
She nodded and stepped away from the car is it peeled out from the same spot again, watching the man drive back to the club like a bullet from a gun. That little redhead must’ve been something, for him to want to risk an outrageous ticket for her. She smiled, thinking maybe he would find someone to take his mind off her. But, that was when Meg came up behind her and grabbed her breasts, arms crossed across her body and pulling Rayne securely to her own body, murmuring something in her ear that was lost in a haze of pleasure as Meg flicked her thumbs across Rayne’s nipples.
“Oh, you are so naughty…” Rayne managed to get out before Meg did that again, eliciting another moan as her nipples went hard as little rocks.
Meg giggled, “Then you should punish me for it.”
Rayne gasped and turned around, grabbing Meg and backing her up against the cold brick of the wall. Meg arched into Rayne’s hands and closed her eyes in anticipation; Rayne’s hand creeping slowly down as she leaned forward and murmurs in Meg’s ear, “Not yet, Meg. Wait until we get inside.”
Rayne slowly pulled away, then walked to the door and stabbed her key into the lock, unlocking the door and turning, leaning against the side and motioning with one finger for Meg to follow. Meg followed, helpless to resist. Rayne winked and pushed through the door, taking the steps slowly, with an added swing of her hips to tease the girl following just below her.
Meg looked up at Rayne and Rayne could feel the girl’s eyes on her. She got to her door and opened it, motioning for Meg to enter first before entering herself. Rayne looked at Meg and pushed her into the soft black leather recliner her purse had been on earlier.
Rayne’s lips crushed to Meg’s in a hot, passionate kiss, both of the women shuddering as they struggled to muster control to keep their love-making going. Rayne reached between Meg’s legs and rubbed at her through the crotch of her tight jeans, feeling a hint of wetness through the material. Meg grabbed the arms of the chair and moaned, the tip of her tongue slipping into the hole of Rayne’s lip-ring and tugging lightly. Rayne moaned softly even as Meg did the same, a rush of wetness greeting Rayne’s fingers even as she felt Meg shyly do the same.
Rayne bit her lip, her hand forcing its way down Meg’s pants for the second time that night, finding her aching, shivering clit with no problem. Meg moaned and reached down to Rayne’s wrist, grabbing it and forcing her hand down deeper. Rayne leaned back and looked down at Meg with her soft brown eyes hazed over with a thin film of lust. Meg’s eyes, hazel that somehow seemed gold, radiated pleasure, narrowed to slits and her head falling back, revealing the smooth column of her throat.
Rayne moaned as she slipped two fingers into Meg’s soft folds, closing her eyes as Meg’s hands gripped her breasts; gently but securely, and her thumbs flicked over the nipples. Again Meg’s thumbs ran across the tightening buds and Rayne slowly moved her arm, pulling her fingers out and pushing them back into Meg’s wet heat. Meg and Rayne moaned in unison, shivers of passion running through them both.
Rayne pulled her hand out and dropped to her knees between Meg’s legs, undoing the button to her jeans and pulling the zipper down with her teeth. Meg moaned and ran her fingers through Rayne’s hair slowly. Rayne looked up at Meg with innocent brown eyes and licked at Meg through her panties, moaning as the taste exploded in her mouth.
Rayne leaned back and crossed her arms over her body, her fingertips under the edge of her shirt and she lifted slowly, peeling it off. After doing that, Rayne reached around behind herself and undid the clasps to her bra, drawing the straps down her arms before tossing it away. Her soft breasts were perky and the nipples were a slightly darker brown than the rest of her skin, like from caramel to chocolate, and the hard buds were larger around then the eraser on the end of a pencil.
Rayne hooked her fingers in two belt loops of Meg’s jeans and pulled down, Meg’s panties coming with the dark denims and Rayne was faced with hot-pink folds that glinted from wet arousal. Rayne put her hands on Meg’s inner thighs and pushed them apart slowly as she leaned forward and slid her tongue slowly up Meg’s slick heat. Meg gasped and her hands fisted in Rayne’s hair as a low moan escaped Rayne’s lips.
Meg’s head fell back again and closed her eyes, moaning as Rayne rested her lip ring against the sensitive nub at the top of Meg’s slick heat and moved her head from side to side, grating the cold metal against the warm skin. Meg gasped and moaned again, tensing before she relaxed and ran her hands through Rayne’s silky raven hair. Rayne moaned, and the vibrations went all through Meg’s softness, sparking pleasure and a small rush of wet heat onto Rayne’s tongue.
Rayne pulled her head back a small amount and stiffened her tongue, slowly pushing it into Meg’s softness with barely any resistance. Meg groaned and pulled on Rayne’s head, bucking her hips against Rayne’s lips. Rayne moaned as she pleased Meg, pulling her head back and pushing it forward again with her strong tongue stiff. Meg was panting now, her breath coming in short gasps, each a soft, barely heard moan, with her slim piano-fingers digging into the arms of the chair and her hips threatening to close.
“Mmm, baby, you’re so gooooood,” Meg said, drawing out the last part on a long moan.
Rayne pulled her head up, exchanging her tongue for a pair of fingers and pumping her hand, slowly at first, then faster after Meg begged her to stop teasing, licking above where her fingers penetrated rapidly. Meg’s sounds went from gasps to loud moans, mixed with an occasional scream of pure pleasure when Rayne hit the perfect spot, her hips bucking against Rayne’s face and hand. Rayne’s lip ring strummed the delicate nub of Meg’s clit, piling another sensation onto the rampage.
“Yes, baby, yes, fuck me!” Meg yelled, throwing her head back and practically screaming with pleasure.
Unable to take it, Meg screamed loudly as her orgasm ripped through her, the world shattering like the after-image of red glass as her hot juice ran out onto Rayne’s hand. Rayne groaned in response and licked up the liquid of Meg’s release with relish. Meg just sat there, her body shaking with spasm after spasm wracking her slender body.
Rayne shook, feeling wetness dripping down her thigh slowly, in preparation as she slowly lay back on the floor, reaching between her legs and rubbing at herself under her jean shorts with one hand, the other working at undoing them. Meg looked down and felt her breath catch in her throat as the exquisite, caramel-skinned girl was finally naked beneath her gaze and she could trace her eyes over every soft curve, outlined between shadows and light.
Meg was drawn forth like one captivated, unable to take her eyes off Rayne’s thin, hot body. She slid off the chair and fell to her hands and knees, then leaned back on her heels and removed her shirt, no bra underneath, revealing small, perky breasts with puffy light pink nipples that were starting to bud in the relative cold after being uncovered. Meg shivered once, and then got back down on her hands and knees, moving herself up Rayne’s body.
Rayne looked at Meg with inviting eyes as she lowered herself down, fingers leading and slid them into Rayne’s warm, soft folds that were slick and wet from anticipation. Meg’s hand was between Rayne’s legs as she gave Rayne a long, warm kiss that started off gentle, but ended hot and hard as Meg started to move her hand, slowly at first, then quicker, pushing two fingers in deep and fast.
Rayne slowly got louder as Meg fingered her quicker; and louder still when Meg dipped her head down and flicked her tongue across Rayne’s nipple. Meg giggled and did it again, then wrapped her lips around the hard tip and suckled gently, her long tongue slowly sliding around and around the hard peak as her long fingers pushed deep into Rayne’s heat.
“Oh god… that feels good,” Rayne got out between furtive moans. “Oh, babe, you’re so good… don’t stop, oh, PLEASE, don’t stop!”
Meg obliged, pumping her arm quicker, small squelching sounds coming from around her fingers. Rayne’s moans got louder and louder and she bit her lip, trying to quiet down. It was all futile, because at that moment, she nearly screamed and came with explosive force, coating Meg’s hand and forearm with her the hot fluid. Rayne lay there for a few moments, her body shaking, as Meg eased her fingers from Rayne’s quivering folds and licked her long, thin fingers clean.
After a few moments, when Rayne opened her eyes and looked at Meg, sitting beside her with a lazy, catlike smile on her lips, she thought she may have finally found her other half and grabbed Meg by the back of her head, pulling her down for a long, passionate kiss.
“Mmm… Meg?” Rayne said after the two women had gotten their clothes on again.
“Yeah?” she asked, turning around to look at Rayne with those soft, slightly gold eyes.
“Do you want to spend the night?” Rayne asked, and Meg sat there, as if surprised.
“Yes… yes, I would,” she finally got out and they smiled at each other.
The rest of the night was uneventful, but it was the start to the rest of their lives.

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