A Full House of Sexcapades (Pt.1)

A Full House of Sexcapades (Pt.1)

(This is set during the last season of “Full House”)
This is a picture of Viper: http://dyscalculiaforum.com/billeder/roderi/fullhouse/viper1.jpg
This is a Picture of Stephanie (She’s the one in the blue shirt): http://www.flickr.com/photos/84531937@N00/1262543377/

D.J. was sitting down in the kitchen eating an after-school snack, when Stephanie excitedly walked through the door with a big smirk on her face.
“What’s wrong with you?” asked D.J. “Why are you acting so goofy?
“You’ll never believe what happened to me after school today.”
“You were abducted by aliens, and then gang-probed?” D.J. said with an evil grin.
“What? What’s wrong with you? No, Bobby Jones asked me out tonight!”
“So? So? He’s only the cutest boy in my school as decided by every girl and queer on campus”
“Oh, so you might actually get to first base finally”.
“I’ve been to first base before”, Stephanie protested.
“ Sweetie, holding hands is not first base, sorry to break it to you.”
“Why are you being so catty today? Stephanie asked defensively.
“Oh, me and Viper had a little bit of a fight. But I’m just kidding, I’m happy for you. I hope you have a wonderful time. At least you have a date tonight, I’m going to dinner with the family. Dad was going to invite you obviously, but it looks like you have other plans.”
“ That’s too bad, but no straight girl in her right mind would pass this opportunity up. He’s a guitar player, which means he’s amazing with his fingers, if you know what I mean.”
“Oh, I do. I’m dating one remember?” said D.J., “and it sounds like you might be going a little further than first base.”
“Here’s hoping” said Stephanie, and the two sisters shared a laugh.

Stephanie had just finished getting ready for her date when her dad called up to her and told her that they were leaving for dinner. She said goodbye to them from the bathroom, and then proceeded to put a little lipstick on. She was looking extremely sexy, and Lolita-ish as always with her plaid, schoolgirl skirt, and a blouse that showed her firm, smooth waistline. After applying the rouge, she walked downstairs to wait on the couch until Bobby arrived. He had told her he would pick her up at 7 PM, so she was expecting him in about 10 minutes or so.
After 25 minutes of boredom on the couch, it crossed Stephanie’s mind that he had stood her up for some reason, but she didn’t want to accept it. “His Football practice just ran a bit late, or he’s stuck in traffic,” she thought to herself, “ He’s definitely coming, he’s totally in to me”. But, after 55 minutes it was clear that he wasn’t coming and her heart was broken.
“Why wouldn’t he even call to let me know he changed his plans?” the 15 year-old girl asked out loud.
“Whose this?” asked Viper, startling Stephanie who didn’t know he was in the house.
“Holy crap, you scared the hell out of me!” She shouted exasperated. “Where did you come from?”
“I was rehearsing with your uncle downstairs, and when he left to the restaurant an hour ago, I stayed to finish a song. It looks like you’ve been crying. What’s wrong?”
“This dumbass jerk Bobby stood me up. He was supposed to pick me up an hour ago.”
“Oh my God! Well he must be a dumbass if he stood YOU up. Or gay, that would be my other guess.”
The amazingly attractive teen giggled at this, which charmed the 27 year-old rocker. He was always secretly attracted to this girl, but now that he was alone in the house with her looking at her sexy body, this attraction turned to a feeling of intense lust.
“Do you really mean that?” she asked him.
“Of course”, he replied sincerely. “You’re so pretty it’s unbelievable. I’m sure you drive all the boys crazy at school. This Bobby kid is never going to hear the end of it from all his awkward friends, who would give a testicle to be alone with you for 5 minutes. I mean it, he’s crazy. I wish I was 15 again just so I could have a chance with you.”
“Are you honestly attracted to me?”
“Hell Yeah. Don’t tell your sister, but I think that you’re better looking than her.”
“Really?” Steph became instantly excited by the fact that her sister’s boyfriend had a secret crush on her. Naturally, they were always competitive with each other, and this was a point for her side. She was very surprised by this information, she had always seen her sister as being more sexually mature and more coveted by boys than her. The truth was she had a secret crush on Viper too. Of course Bobby Jones was the cutest boy in school, but he didn’t have what viper had: rippling muscles, bad-ass tattoos, and an air of danger that all the women found so irresistible.
As he moved himself closer to her on the couch, it was evident to her that he was coming on to her. Her rational side told her it was wrong to get involved with her sister’s boyfriend who was 12 years her senior, but her horny schoolgirl side wouldn’t dare refuse any sexual advances that he was planning to make.
“Bobby’s loss is my gain” Viper said kind of arrogantly.
Steph smiled, and before she could do anything else, he leaned in to kiss her. They both closed their eyes as their lips touched, and immediately Viper wanted to turn it into a passionate French kiss. She had been to a make-out party before so this was nothing new to her, but this rocker’s experience and age made him by far the best kisser she had ever been with. Their tongues were sliding around one another, in a massaging motion, as they both uttered moans of pleasure. Steph’s pussy was instantly dripping fluids through her silk, thong panties. And, just as she acknowledged the delightful tickling sensation, viper placed his hands on her mound over the super-soft underwear fabric. He rubbed it sensually, which within seconds soaked the entire front of the panties. Soon her feminine liquid was dripping down her thigh, which prompted Viper to rub it all around her upper leg. The girl was so sexy, that this made his large erection beg for freedom from his tight jeans.
Steph was writhing around on the sofa, with her eyes closed and a look of ppure bliss on her face. He was rubbing the inside of her right leg, which was propped up on the sofa, exposing her beautiful teen cunt perfectly. This gave him perfect access for his other hand to slip underneath her sexy thong underwear. He rubbed rapidly and vigorously, which splashed her gushing juices around her body and onto her panties. He was a guitar player too. In fact he started when Bobby was born, so Steph was getting the full experience of what it’s like to be finger-fucked by an expert speed-metal guitarist, which the 15 year old boy could never provide.
She had experienced a few orgasms before in her short life, but they were nothing close to what she was being subjected to right now. She moaned louder and louder as she neared her explosion. She suddenly began jerking and twitching with uncontrollable spasms of sheer ecstasy.
“Oh my God, keep rubbing my pussy, keep rubbing it!” The young girl screamed. “Holy fuck!”
With that, Steph began squirting intermittent streams of ejaculate onto the front of viper’s hand, and onto the inside of her panties. She was extremely loud during her multiple waves of powerful orgasms. Viper was so aroused by this, but it suddenly made him concerned about being caught. He knew the family wouldn’t be back for a few hours because they were going to a movie as well, but he was now too paranoid to stay in the living room for the remainder of their activities. He waited for her to stop convulsing, and then he suggested they go to her room. She agreed, and he helped her up off the couch, only to find a big wet spot where she was cumming repeatedly. This freaked him out, but then he thought to just flip it over. Hopefully no one would notice before it dried (unless it stained!). He couldn’t worry about that right now, he had much more important business to attend to, especially since this beautiful young nymphet had already cummed before him.
They arrived in her room, and he threw her onto her bed in a playfull manner. She giggled then said, “That was unbelievable! And you made me forget about Bobby pretty quick. Thank you.”
“No, thank you. I’ve fantasized about this since I met you a year ago, but I never imagined it would actually happen. And, it was so much better than I could have dreamed it would be. Are you up for some more.”
“Of course!”
“Have you ever sucked a guy’s dick before?” Viper asked, making the young girl blush and giggle nervously.
“I tried it on a banana once. My friends dared me.”
“ Well, then I’m sure you can do it. It’s like sucking a lollipop, but being careful not to bite the hard shell. And remember, the bottom tip here is the part that produces maximum pleasure, so focus on it but also move your tongue to other areas occasionally.”
With that, Viper took his jeans and underwear off and kneeled oh the bed, and positioned his rock-hard 8 inch cock in front of Stephanie’s beautiful young face. It was clear to him that she was nervous, but he was pretty sure she wanted to do it. She was excited about it, but she just had to calm her nerves a bit before she started. When the head of his dick slowly entered her mouth, the immediate sensation was like nothing he had ever felt before in all the times he had been sucked-off. It was pure euphoria, the girl was an absolute natural. She moved it around in her mouth like and expert, rolling it around with her tongue, and passionately sucking on certain parts. He was glad he made the lollipop analogy, because she was working on his huge erection as if she wanted to get every possible drop of flavour from a grape tootsies-pop. He could see she was enjoying herself immensely, even though she was only giving the pleasure and not receiving it.
However, Viper reciprocated the favour by deciding to give the teen her first 69 experience. As she continued to suck his cock thoroughly he lowered her on her side, and gently turned himself to lie on the opposite side. He propped up her left leg to give him access to her young pussy, and rubbed her thigh sensually right next to it. Her panties were still soaking wet, but this didn’t stop him from rubbing her vagina through the material and licking the juices. The smell was intoxicating, and it seemed to be some kind of aphrodisiac because he instantly became more aroused. He slid the panties to one side to reveal the cutest cunt he had ever seen. It was almost completely shaven except a neat little tuft above the clit. When he moved the flap to the side, it revealed a bright pink inside. Her juices were still gushing more than any other girl he had been with, so he rubbed her pussy in a circular motion using the juices as lubricant. He then began to devour and suck her raw, eagerly lapping up all her feminine juices as he went along. By the sounds she was making, he was hitting all the right spots, and delivering one of the most pleasurable sensations she had experienced up to this point in her life.
He turned around so his butt was facing the ceiling, and he proceeded to fuck the girl’s thoat roughly. He was pretty close to one of the most intense orgasms of his life, and there was no better way he could imagine finishing it off. He tried to shove it all the way in, and impressively she could almost take the entire thing. He made her gag on it a little bit, to the point where there was a little drool dripping down the base. He made sure to pull his weight off whenever she began to gasp for air a bit. He was trying his best not to subject her to too much discomfort, and he was reassured by her loud moans of pleasure that she wasn’t in too much pain. He was furiously flicking at her clit and pussy with his tongue and finger, and she began to violently cum again. Shaking uncontrollably, and again squirting long powerful streams of ejaculate on his face and on the bed. Just then he started driving even deeper into her mouth, managing to bury the entire shaft. After a few seconds she started to push him off by instinct, since the gagging sensation became a little too over whelming. He pulled back quickly to let her frantically inhale some oxygen for a bit, and then plunged his cock right back in to the same depth. He started bucking to thrust it back and forth a bit. Just then he removed his dick from her mouth just as it erupted with strings of thick cum all over her face. After 15 seconds of this prolonged ecstasy, a little cum was still spurting out, and he was still convulsing a bit on top of her.
“Oh my God, Steph. Most girls don’t know what the hell they’re doing their first time, but you could have convinced me that you were a very experienced lover. I just want you to know this was seriously one of the greatest nights of my life.”
“Mine too”, she replied. The girl seemed 100% genuine when she said this, and it was true until he got rough with her. This was unexpected, and a few times she actually got scared that she was going to be suffocated before he pulled away from her. Otherwise, it really was a memorable night for her. She experienced a level of pleasure never equalled before in her life, and she felt an intense intimate bond with her sister’s lover that satisfied her in an inexplicable way. She then realized how hard this was going to be to keep from D.J. A part of her would just be dying to brag about the fact that her boyfriend is more attracted to her sister! It was going to be tough, but she had to do it if she hoped to do this again sometime.
“I had a great time, Steph. I hope you want to try it some more one day.”
“ Definitely!”
“Cool, I’ll see you later”.
When they got downstairs, they were a bit startled to notice that the family was just about to enter. They acted natural as they greeted them.
“You’re still here, Viper?” Uncle Jesse said surpised.
“Yah, I was just hanging around with Stephanie, she was really upset about being stood up by that kid”.
“He stood you up?” Danny asked his daughter.
“Yeah”, she said pretending to be sad. “But, that’s o.k., I had some fun with Viper instead.”
“Oh, yeah, what did you guys do,” D.J. asked, suddenly curiouis.
“We just played some games, that’s all.” Stephanie said with a straight face. The girl was such a great liar that Viper could have sworn for a second she was telling the truth. Maybe it didn’t happen, maybe it was another one of his sexual fantasies of her. Nope, it really happened, which suddenly excited Viper all over again to think about. It did happen, and he was just praying some how it would happen again.

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