Harvey's Wife & her friends

Harvey's Wife & her friends

Harvey was filming his wife , who had just had her face plastered with jism from her Master Max's 11 inch cock . To clean it off Max was now pissing all over Ginger's face. The 58 year old redhead found this relaxing and not out of the norm . Max was a 20 year old man who was her constant Maledom , they had met 1 year earlier at a swinger's club & now Max lived in the Master Suite in their home . Ginger would make money for her master by going on the webcam , he had setup in the den . Most of time she would fuck herself in the pussy or ass for her members , usually with vegetables , bottles , her baseball bat or even her fist. Also Ginger was now famous as lesbian submissive in XXX FILMS , Max would produce & her husband Harvey would film. Like yesterday they filmed her collared , leashed with spiked heels being strapon dildo fucked by her Southasian 19 year old neighbour Gaya . Afterwards she even ate the Pakistani pussy .

Harvey was filming the streams of urine hitting his wife's face, Master Max allowed him to eat her cunt or kiss her feet but that was the limit of his involvement in his wife's sex life. He of course jerked off constantly to the massive library of his wife's xxx films . Harvey owned his business in town , a small cafe that allowed him a descent salary. , but it was nothing compared to the money Ginger was now making as Max's old wench.

Chapter 1- Ginger goes away with Max to film a lezzie orgy

Ginger kissed Harvey on the forehead & said Max was taking her away for the weekend . The wimp nodded in agreement , after all Harvey was a cuckold husband who only got hard knowing Ginger was being used her dominant master Max.

As the ordered limo arrived , Ginger stripped down to her thong bikini& heels as Max sat beside her , he undid his zipper & out popped his giant penis , whereupon slutwife Ginger deepthroated the dong as the limo left for the motel

Chapter 2- Arrival

Ginger swallowed the man dessert just as they arrived at Blank Motel, waiting for Max & Ginger also wearing Thong bikinis & spiked heels were also 3 other owned married sluts , Monique, 50 year old (a tall 5ft 10 inch colombiana , Max had hypnotized 6mths earlier ), Sonia 59 year old (a British whore who was 5 ft 6 , who had been submissive for the past 3mths ) & last but not least (Nina Rogers(49yrs old) who was the mother of his girlfriend Cindy , she had been with him for the past 7mths she was 5ft 3 ) Ginger , was 5ft 7 , with 38dd tits & a fatass, Monique had long brown hair a cute perfect ass & 34d tits, Sonia had the biggest tits they were 48dd & her ass was huge .Nina was petite , blonde & horny and Max loved her cuz she gave the best rimjobs .

Chapter 3

First things first thought Max , Today he was filming a 4way lezfest , Nina Rogers was the smallest but he loved watching her dominate the others. So in the in first scene he had Nina collar, leash & ballgag Monique . Before he had Nina assfuck the tall latina up her asshole . She was screaming in pain & ecstasy around her ballgag. Ginger & Sonia were turned on, they played with their clits as they watched Monique get her asshole get savagely gapped by the 13inch rubber phallus. Once Nina got tired of Monique,( the latina ,who was sweating & breathing hard ) she withdrew her fake penis & threw the latina slut on the floor. Max stopped filming for a few minutes as he now collared, leashed & ballgagged the English wench Sonia . He lifted Monique off the floor & threw her on the sofa nearby . And now he began filming the second scene, where Nina spanked Sonia's big ass & tits , before she wrote with red lipstick the word Slut on Sonia's forehead before she anally fucked her also . Sonia was roughly fucked without limitations . When Nina had finished with her , SONIA had orgasmed twice. Unlike Monique though , Sonia was not thrown on the ground , instead she was led doggystyle by collar & leash into the bathroom where her ballgag was taking off & Nina pissed down Sonia's throat & all over her face.

Max had Nina & Sonia take a soapy water shower , before Nina prepared for the next scene.

In the meantime, Ginger licked Max's balls , cock & ass as he watched Nina & Sonia getting clean.

Chapter 4

Max began filming the final scene , Ginger was now licking Nina's ass . Of course Nina was once the femdom in this 3rd scene. Ginger was collared & leashed , Nina was rubbing her clit & once she reached orgasmic bliss would fuck Ginger also with a giant strapon dildo.Ginger was licking away , it was her second feminine asslicking in a week, of course the other was Gaya's , she couldnt decide which tasted more delicious?(lol ) Nina had now put on the strapon & was pouring it on as Ginger screamed with delight. Nina gave Ginger a no mercy anal fuck , before like Monique she threw her on the floor. Ginger lay in a heap of orgasmic sweat for a few minutes , Before Max had all four milfs enter the scene & french kiss each other. This would be a hit Europe he thought . $$$. Once he stopped the filming Max collared & leashed Nina also, all were wearing spiked heels , so he led Nina, Ginger,Sonia&Monique all on their hands & knees (doggy-style ) where Max gave them all piss facials & a urine shampooing , to let them know they were controlled & sexslave owned by Master Max

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