The Conor's family in danger! Episode 1

The Conor's family in danger! Episode 1

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In a quiet neighborhood life the Conor's family which is made up of John the 40-year-old father, Amanda the 34-year-old mother, Samuel the 17-year-old son, John the father is often on the move for work leaving his wife alone and son on weekdays.

Samuel wakes up in his bed turning off the alarm clock that shows 7:05 am, the usual time he wakes up to go to school. He looks at himself in the mirror in his bedroom, he is naked, he has been used to sleeping like this for a while, he is brown, measures 1m80, a body sculpted by exercises and he is rather cute to believe the many girls who he dated.

After putting on his school uniform, he leaves his room and goes to the kitchen where his mother is already cooking his lunch.

“Hi mom,” he says.

Her mother dressed as usual in a high neckline, black skirt and tights as well as heels turns to smile at her.

"Hello my darling did you sleep well?"

She hands him a plate of omelet and bacon.

"Yes, a can get tired I didn't sleep much"

He quickly eats his plate before getting up and heading for the exit and opening the front door.

"I'm going to mom tonight!"

Later in the day around noon Amanda was doing the housework as usual because she was a housewife, the phone starts ringing, she walks up to him and picks him up.


She puts that hair back in place.

"Hello Mrs. Conor's, do you want to play a game?" Said the mysterious voice.

Amanda frowns puzzled.

"Who are you? If it's a joke it's not funny!"

The person laughs.

"Listen to me bitch are you going to do what I tell you! Is that understood?"

"That's enough! Don't call here anymore or I'll call the police!"

She hangs up the phone wondering that she kind of sick can make these kind of jokes always in shock, to clear her mind she lies down in the armchair and as usual when she still had a bit of time before Samuel's arrival from high school, she lifts her skirt up to her stomach revealing her white lace thong.

"No ... I shouldn't be doing this, I'm so Naughty if my husband knew that ..."

She unbuttoned her shirt and began to massage these cup breasts while moaning softly, she grips her nipples with envy before sliding one of these hands on her thong that she begins to rub.

"mmh yes! Why is my body asking me about such a thing…"

She spreads her thong with her fingers and begins to stroke those wet lips quickly, she had a nice little bush cut above those lips. After massaging her clit for a long time she pushes a finger inside her gently before withdrawing it to put it in her mouth and suck it tasting to her own taste, then she reintroduces it into her and starts to and fro at good speed. .

"yes yes if it continues I will ... I will .... annnnnnnnnnnnh"

A squirt of her juices gushed onto the couch as she collapsed out of breath for a moment before getting dressed and changing the bed sheet of her chair and cooking tonight's dinner for her and her sons.

The next day after her usual morning cleaning and breakfast with her son before high school Amanda was watching her Tuesday noon show when her cell phone rang with an unknown number she picked up.


The person at the end of the wire waits a little while before answering.

"Hi Amanda did you miss me?"

Amanda immediately recognized the voice of the day before.

"Who are you at the end! I warned you, I'll hang up and call the police!"

She was about to hang up when the mysterious person said.

So Amanda you like to caress yourself in the afternoon on your couch?"

Amanda places her hand in front of her shocked mouth at what she just heard.

"Yes you are, it is that you are a Bad girl eh ... say it!"

Several questions are jostling in his head, who was he, how did he know all that ...

"I don't know what you're talking about! I'll call the police now!"

"Alright but if you hang up and do that I would all tell your husband John ...."

He laughed as Amanda with a tear on her cheek didn't know what to do.

"Please if it's money you want I will give you some but don't tell my husband he will leave me ..."

Amanda gets up and goes to the bathroom to grab a tissue and wipe away those tears.

"Alright you are going to do a few things for me ... you are going to take a picture of you showing me your breasts sticking out your tongue and send it to this number"

Amanda throws the handkerchief in the trash before answering.

"What? But I can't ... I'm all married but not that please"

"Amanda if you do this you will never hear from me again"

Amanda thinks for a moment before giving in in panic.

"Leave ... give me a minute"

Then they hang up, she looks at herself in the bathroom mirror wondering how she got there.

She starts to unbutton her shirt reluctantly and takes it off then unhooks her bra freeing her breasts she takes her phone again and puts the camera in the direction of the screen she sees herself sexy with her breasts naked and she pulls her tongue closes her eyes in shame and she takes the picture.

She gets dressed quickly and sends the photo to the number of the stranger, telling herself that all were now finished when her phone beeps for a message she looks at the screen and sees the message displayed.

"Not bad, see you tomorrow."

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