Brandi and Jessica Halloween final

Brandi and Jessica Halloween final

Brandi is my escort, i pay her to have sex with me. There is much more to it than that though, she is like my girlfriend. Since i started using her she has limited herself to one other client, she use to see about five. Honestly i might marry her and save her from that life. We do so much more than just have sex. I take her on dates, to movies, vacations, she stays over and so much more.

She is one of the most gorgeous women that i have ever seen. She isn't too tall, about 5'6". Her eyes are so blue you'd think they would glow in the dark. She has perfect teeth, whiter than snow. On a fat day she weights 125. Her long brown hair can cover her c-cup breasts. She has a wonderful personality. She will make you smile on the worst days, without having to suck your dick.

Everywhere we go we have a blast, it doesn't matter where we go. She knows exactly what i like, she can read my mind and make my dreams come true. She has her own side in my closet. Outfits, dresses, costumes and more that i have bought for her over the years. She has a drawer full of swimsuits, lingerie, bras, and panties in my dresser. She spends the night about three or four times a week, she is my part time gold digger wife. We have been to many events and parties where our pictures have been taken and are found throughout my house.

The other day found a picture from last Halloween in my desk. In the picture was my good friend Tony, his wife Stacey, Brandi and me. Tony and his wife were dressed as S.W.A.T. And a female cop. Brandi was dressed as a belly dancer and i was a 50's American gangster. I ordered most of Brandi's outfit online. Her costume consisted of a headpiece which had silver coins that rested on her forehead, a white bra that was decorated with sequins and dangling silver coins that rang as her body moved, a long white sheer skirt with slits up both sides and a thick waistband decorated with sequins, a white lace thong, a pair of 6" white stilettos and a sheer veil and wrap. Her outfit was definitely a head turner, when we went to the liquor store that night a man got slapped by his wife for staring.

My outfit was pretty simple. I had some nice dress shoes and slacks, a white button up shirt and a black pinstripe vest. I borrowed a Thompson gun from a collector i knew, he said the barrel had been plugged so it was considered a prop.

We went to a party at my boss's house, he threw big halloween parties every year. When we got to his house it was about 9:00, his house was fairly packed. The four of us made our way to the kitchen to take shots, we picked up a handle of Grey Goose on the way to the party. I dug around and found shot glasses in a drawer and we each took two shots. After the shots, Tony and Stacey wandered off to find someone they knew. Me and Brandi went upstairs to find Dr. York.

We squeezed our way through many people we knew and many people we couldn't recognize because of their costumes. As we went up the stairs, a brunette dressed as Kitana from mortal combat was going down. She was very familiar, but i didn't recognize her right away because she had a face mask on.

After we passed her i looked back and noticed the colorful flower tattoo on her side, it was Jessica. I have been dating Jessica for the last few weeks, she asked if i would go to a halloween party with her and i told her i already had plans. I didn't know it would be the same party, i was surprised she didn't freak out on me. When i found the doctor i asked him why he didn't tell me that Jessica was going to be there. He told me that he didn't know, he invited Lindsey and she invited her. Brandi asked me what the deal was with her and i explained to her the situation, i told her that i have been seeing Jessica lately and blew her off.

I had just got myself tangled up in between these two girls. Me and Brandi went back downstairs to enjoy the party, which was amazing. There was alot of rock songs playing, a few of them me and Brandi danced to. We were having fun but i couldn't get Jessica out of my head. I couldn't get over hurting her, i really liked her. I had strong feeling for both of them. We ran back into Tony and Stacey in the living room, they were pouring more shots. We took more shots and chatted about costumes and good times.

I told Tony about Jessica and he said "i saw the mortal combat chick in the bathroom throwing up, she's wasted."

Brandi said she would be right back and walked off. Some good friends of mine approached me and we made small talk, mainly just telling each other how drunk we were and how awesome the party was. After several minutes of bullshitting with random people and watching Tony and Stacey make out on the other couch, i started walking around looking for Brandi or Jessica.

When i was in the kitchen snooping around for a snack, Brandi walked in.

"There you are, come with me" she said as she pulled me away by the arm.

She took me to one of the rooms downstairs. Jessica was sitting on the bed next to a box of tissues. She had a defeated look on her face and her eye make up looked like she was crying ink.

"What do you have to say for yourself about lying to this poor girl?!" Brandi shouted as she sat down next to Jessica and rubbed on her back.

"I'm so sorry i lied to you, i'm so sorry i hurt you. I never wanted to hurt you, i am such a piece of shit. I'll understand if you hate me forever." I said to her as i came and sat on the other side of the bed.

As soon as i came into arms reach she reached out and slapped the shit out of me.

"So, you have feelings for this hooker? You've been seeing her while you have been seeing me. What kind of monster are you? If she makes you so happy, then why fuck with my emotions?" She cried out with a drunk slur.

"I guess i'm greedy and crazy, i'm in love with both of you." I replied.

Jessica was really drunk, she could barely talk. Brandi whispered something in Jessica's ear, then Jessica laid down and rolled onto her stomach.

"Poor thing, i can't believe anyone would do something like that to an amazing girl like you." Brandi said to her as she sat on Jessica's upper thighs.

She started giving Jessica a backrub and said "why lie?, can we not be honest and enjoy each other?".

Jessica replied, "i don't how i feel, i'm so confused.".

"Don't know how you feel? Does this not feel good?" Brandi said as she continued the massage.

"It feels amazing, you're so sweet."Jessica said,

"then we're good, John feels like shit and you slapped him like he's a Bitch." Brandi replied.

All three of us giggled a little bit at Brandi's remark, there suddenly wasn't as much tension in the room. I couldn't decide which costume was sexier, Jessica's shiny blue costume or Brandi's dangling and transparent costume. Jessica's outfit had long boot tops that went over her knees, black heels, gauntlets and bands on her arms, A tiny top that showed her cleavage, short shorts with a long skinny apron, a headpiece and a face mask that she lost somewhere. I got really turned on watching Brandi rub on her body.

After several minutes Brandi got off of Jessica and started pulling on her side, "roll over!" She shouted.

Jessica immediately rolled over, "good girl" Brandi said as she leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips.

"Hold on" Jessica said right before Brandi leaned over and gave her a longer kiss.

Jessica started to push Brandi off of her then Brandi grabbed her wrists and forced her arms over her head.

"Whats the matter?" Brandi asked as she sat on Jessica's hips.

"You're nice and all but i'm not like that.", Jessica replied.

"Not friendly? I'm not wearing a strap on or anything, let me comfort you" Brandi snapped back.

Brandi leaned back down and started kissing Jessica on the lips again, Jessica started kissing her back.

"Much better", Brandi said as she started kissing Jessica on the cheek.

Jessica closed her eyes as Brandi kissed her way to her neck, she started moaning as Brandi nibbled on her ear.

"Don't tell me you'r not like that", she whispered into Jessica's ear.

As the two girls kissed and teased, i just sat there and enjoyed the show. As Brandi kissed on Jessica she hovered over her on her hands and knees, i couldn't take my eyes off of her perfect ass that i could see perfectly through her sheer skirt. As she kissed down Jessica's neck and to her chest she stuck her ass out more and more. It was hard not to touch her thong covered pussy. As She started to grope on Jessica's boobs through her costume, Jessica ran her fingers through her hair.

"Ok, scoot up and sit up" Brandi demanded as she pointed towards the headboard of the bed.

Jessica inched back, adjusted a few pillows and propped herself up as Brandi positioned herself between her legs. Brandi reached behind Jessica and untied her top.

Brandi then grabbed her top and threw it at the wall, "don't need that".

Jessica tried to cover her tits with her hands when Brandi grabbed her by the wrists again and held her arms to the side.

"Let me comfort you!", she shouted.

As the look on Jessica's face became submissive, Brandi proceeded to rub on her boobs while kissing her on the lips.

"You're so shy! , no wonder he likes you so much", she said as she inched down the bed.

She grabbed onto Jessica's shorts by the sides and started pulling, she resisted by spreading her legs.

Brandi slapped her on the thigh and shouted "stop it!".

I felt bad for Jessica but i was really turned on by the girl on girl domination. As Brandi worked Jessica's shorts down she exposed her pretty black thong panties that had a pink hello kitty logo on them.

"Cute!" Brandi said as she pulled her shorts the rest of the way off and threw them off the bed.

Brandi wasted no time sliding Jessica's panties off and tossing them at me.

"Hold my hair out of my face" she said as she darted her face towards Jessica's pussy. She gave her pussy a few licks, then rubbed on her clit with her fingers some. It was one of the sexiest things i witnessed.

I reached over and grabbed Brandi's ass as she ate Jessica's pussy, she slapped my hand and said "you're grounded mister!".

I couldn't participate so i pulled my dick out and started stroking myself. As she licked on Jessica's pussy she started finger fucking her at the same time. Jessica had both hands on the back of Brandi's head holding her hair back and guiding her to where it felt best at the same time. As Brandi sucked on her pussy she started rocking her hips and fucking Brandi's face. She moaned quietly as her wet pussy got sucked and fingered. She took breaks from fingering Jessica's pussy and rubbed her own pussy through her panties. After several minutes Jessica started to climax and screamed out as she got off.

Brandi looked up, licked her lips and fingers, then said "i don 't guess you have ever eaten pussy before?". Jessica replied, "no, never. This is my first time with another woman.".

Brandi grabbed her by the hips and slid her down the bed a little bit and tossed the pillows off of the bed.

Brandi got off of the bed, looked at me and said "go on, fuck her".

I kicked my shoes off, took my pants and boxers off and got between her legs. She had some serious heat coming off of her pussy. I stuck the head of my dick in her and started to ease my way in.

"I said Fuck Her!" Brandi yelled as she slapped my ass.

I started ramming her deep as Brandi sucked on her nipples and made out with her. Jessica moaned and talked gibberish to herself as my hard dick destroyed her insides. Brandi slid her skirt off and removed her top as she stood beside the bed watching. She grabbed Jessica's hand and made Her rub on her boobs. After a few minutes she slid Jessica's hand into her panties. As she got fingered she rubbed on Jessica's breasts and pussy while i fucked her. I was so stimulated my nuts were sucked into my body.

Jessica shouted out, "Almost!" As i consistently rammed her wet tight cunt.

After several minutes of getting teased, Brandi pulled her panties off and climbed in the bed.

She sat on Jessica's head facing me and said,"Eat my pussy bitch!".

Jessica was blown away by this whole experience, she started to lick Brandi's pussy similar to how a cat drinks milk.

"Do it like i did to you" Brandi begged as she leaned down towards Jessica's pussy.

"That 's better" she moaned out as Jessica's head started to bob.

"You're such a dirty slut!" She shouted as she rode Jessica's face.

I pulled my dick out of Jessica's pussy and Brandi started sucking it.

"Mmmmm.. Her pussy tastes so good.", she said on a short break.

She sucked my dick so fast i had to grab her head and stop her for a second. After i took a minute, i let her have at it again. She deep throated my dick while Jessica ate her pussy. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and slid it back into Jessica 's pussy, she started to moan loudly as i slid it all the way in.

As i continued to fuck Jessica, Brandi got off of her, laid face down on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off and said "My turn".

I continued to fuck Jessica, as her moans got closer and louder i went faster and faster.

"Oh my god!" She yelled out as i rammed her like a dirty whore.

"Oh.. Fuck yeah! Fuck!.. Fuck!" She screamed as she climaxed.

Brandi wanted the dick so bad, she climbed back onto the bed on all fours right next to Jessica and started fingering herself. After Jessica got off i pulled out and crawled up to Brandi.

"Ready?", I asked.

"Fuck me already!" She shouted.

I grabbed my dick and put it her wet hot pussy, i grabbed onto her small hips as i proceeded to fuck her doggy style. She yelled out as i grabbed her hair and rammed her hard. It was the fastest way to make her cum. I pulled her hair so hard i thought i would break her neck, she loved it rough. After she got off she grabbed Jessica's leg and guided her towards her, she scooted her pussy up to Brandi's face. As i fucked Her she ate Jessica's pussy, i was so turned on i was close to losing my load. I pulled out of her and took a break before i busted a nut in her. I laid on my back next to them in exhaustion while Brandi ate Jessica's pussy.

After a few minutes Jessica grabbed Brandi's head and pulled it into her pussy really hard as she rocked her hips and whispered, "oh my, you are amazing".

After Jessica let loose of the death grip, She crawled to my dick and started sucking on it. Brandi crawled over and made out with me. After a brief moment she crawled up more and sat on my face while facing Jessica. I licked on her clit as Jessica sucked my dick. After a few minutes Jessica sat on my dick and rode me as i sucked on Brandi's pussy. They grabbed on each others boobs and kissed as they both enjoyed me. Brandi still had her stilettos and headpiece on and Jessica still had her heels, boot covers, gauntlets, arm bands and headpiece on. I haven't seen anything sexier. After several minutes of riding my dick, Jessica started to tighten up. She put her arms on Brandi's shoulders for support as she bounced on my dick as hard as she could. As she put pressure on and off of Brandi's shoulders it caused her pussy to grind my face harder. After Jessica had her orgasm, i felt the urge to blow.

I grabbed Brandi by her sides and pushed her up enough to say, "I'm gonna cum!".

Jessica got off of my dick and Brandi started sucking me off really fast. As Brandi sucked my dick Jessica was on all fours with her head next to hers wanting in on the action. As i was about to blow they switched and Jessica sucked as fast and hard as she could. It seemed like i came for a minute strait and she didn't slow down one bit as my large load filled her throat. Brandi got off of my face and laid exhausted on the bed while Jessica was still sucking my dick even after she swallowed my load. After she was done we spent a few minutes laying on the bed and talked about the experience. After we got dressed we walked out of the bedroom to find about four drunk people right outside the door who started cheering. It was a priceless moment, it felt like college. We made our way through the party and told everyone we knew bye and had a cab take us to my house. By the time we got halfway there Jessica passed out, she was drooling on herself in the back seat.

The driver said, "did you drug that one?".

"No, she drank too much", i replied.

I knew the driver really well.

"Won't stop you", Brandi said as she winked at me.

When we got to my house i carried her into the living room and laid her out on the couch. I sat down on the love seat and Brandi brought us both a glass of wine. She turned on some music and sat on my lap as we drank our wine.

"What a fun night" she said as she leaned back and kissed me on the cheek.

"Not what i expected at all , it was way better" i replied.

After we finished our glasses of wine i picked Jessica over my shoulder and carried her upstairs to my room. I laid her down on my bed and shook her to see if she would wake up while Brandi grabbed a video camera and started recording.

"Oh well" i said as i felt up her unconscious body.

I kissed her unresponsive lips as i grabbed on her boobs through her costume, then slid a hand down her tight shorts and felt on her wet hello kitty panties. Nothing, she was out cold. As i started pulling her shorts off, Brandi slid her hand down her skirt and panties and started fingering herself while recording me. I took my shoes and pants off, spread Jessica's legs out wide, got on my stomach and started kissing my way up her inner thigh. I could taste sex and sweat as i got close to her pussy, the crotch on her thong was already soaked from earlier and when Brandi was fingering her in the taxi. I rubbed on her panties for quite some time while i got hard. I pushed her panties into her pussy a little bit as i started fingering them aggressively. I pulled her wet panties to the side and started licking and sucking on her pussy. By that time Brandi was fingering herself pretty aggressively, she had two fingers inside her pussy violently masturbating.

As soon as i was hard enough i crawled up her body and stuck my dick in her, it slid right in because of all the sex earlier. I stuck it all the way in and rammed her hard, still no response. I fucked the shit out of her drunk body for about fifteen minutes, still no response at all. Her pussy started to get dry so Brandi handed me the camera and had me get off the bed and stand.

"Whiskey dick?",She asked.

"Kinda, i almost got there", i replied.

She got on her knees and started sucking my dick, it got much harder that it was getting some feedback. As she sucked the coins on her costume clattered to the rhythm of the blowjob. After she got my dick rock hard she got up and leaned over the bed.

"Fuck me like you fucked this drunk bitch!", she shouted.

I set the camera on the nightstand, pulled her skirt up and started rubbing on her lace covered pussy, "Should i leave them on?", She asked.

After a few moments of getting my panty fix i slid her thong down to her ankles and stuck my dick in her.

"No, not tonight", i said as i worked my dick into her all of the way.

She moaned out every time i went all the way in. I pulled her hips into each thrust and every thrust was harder and faster. As soon as she shouted out that she was cumming i busted my nut deep inside her. It wasn't as large as the one Jessica swallowed earlier, but it still felt amazing. It was an amazing night and an amazing start to something great.

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