Birth of the Ringtaker # 1

Birth of the Ringtaker # 1

Don't ask me where it all came from. I just don't know. I would tell you if I knew, but I don't. Maybe I have a wire crossed. Maybe there's too much or too few of the right kind of hormones being secreted. Maybe it's just there's a hole in my character. Whatever it is, I accepted it a long time ago. When did it start you ask? Geez, gotta be sometime around a year or 2 after puberty. I hit it right after my 11th birthday. It was a slow, gradual process at first. When year 12 came, it all hit me like a ton of bricks and I wasn't close to being prepared for it. I'm an only child so no big brothers to help me understand what was happening to my body. Dad's philosophy was obviously just ignore me and any issues I might be having. I had friends to be sure but hell, most of them were as bad off as I was.

What's the problem exactly you ask?

Wedding rings.

Diamond wedding bands. Gold wedding bands. Engagement rings. Wedding sets. Any derivation of the subject, I can't fucking get enough of them. You name it, it's a major turn on for me. Specifically women's wedding sets.

I can remember to the day when this incessant attraction hit me and hit me hard. I was 13 years old and in the 7th grade. There I was sitting in 7th grade math class and BOOM! Mrs. White was meandering through all our desks during a test, obviously seeking to catch an errant eye looking to cheat. She passed just to my right side. She paused, resting the dainty fingertips of her lovely hand at the corner of my desk. Thank God she wasn't paying attention to me. The set was nothing flashy. An average looking round cut diamond solitaire on a thin gold band match with an equally thin gold wedding band. I got a boner like you wouldn't believe. I managed to suppress my instant urges and get back on the test. I wrote it off to mere hormones and lust for one of the hottest teachers in the school. Platinum blonde, MAYBE 27, better than average titts and just enough ass to be popular in the ghetto.

That satisfied my moral center for about a week. Then I found myself sitting in civics class and it happened again. This time the object of my lust was Mrs. Davis. She was the frumpy mid/late 40-ish teacher that no one wanted. Mean and cranky most of the time, looks wise there was little to want, need or desire. Dishwater blonde hair that had been invaded by the silver monster, a wrinkled face, titts were already sagging and zero ass. Her shape was a decidedly unattractive pear shape. I was sitting up front, the closest to her desk thanks to my proclivity to want to chat on "her time". The wedding set was a cluster of round diamonds circling a slightly larger center stone, all anchored to a thin yellow gold band. The wedding band was a thick yellow gold showing the same obvious signs of wear and aging as Mrs. Davis. The growth in my pants was instantaneous. It was all I could do to keep the entire class from seeing me, or at least that's what my paranoia told me. I got home and decided I had the makings of a problem that disturbed me greatly. Said disturbance took a decidedly frightening turn just a few short days later.

I had to go to the school office. This time it wasn't due to any offense, instead I was there to see about seeing my guidence counselor about making a positive change in my classes for 8th grade. Mrs. Cole was the school secretary. A decade before she probably was hotter than hell. Raven black hair was now lightly sprinkled with some grey streaks. She had smallish, pert titts but did posess such a tight little ass. No engagement ring this time, instead it was a simple yellow gold band. I'd approximate the width at 4.5mm. Have you ever been just sitting somewhere and seemingly pass into an almost dreamlike state? I did. It's like I stepped out of my body. I was standing there looking at myself. I know what I was doing but for some reason it just didn't seem to matter like it should. I watched as my hand lifted from the desk where it had been resting. I watched as my fingers stretched out. The world seemingly stopped for the briefest of moments as reality came crashing back down on me when Mrs. Cole yelled at me and asked why I was touching her hand. As bad as that was, I found relief down deep that she hadn't realized what I was actually doing.

I buried all of this for as long as I could. I tried to deny my lust. What was quickly becoming a major fetish for me was something I couldn't allow. I went to church. I had plans to go to college and either become a preacher or an Air Force pilot (interesting dichotomy, eh?). I was always a good boy and this garbage was going to end up getting me into trouble, I just knew it was.

Then it happened.

It had been 2 months since my little encounter with Mrs. Cole. There'd been no repercussion from the incident. Along the way I'd discovered masturbation, my new best friend and horrid curse (to me at the time anyway). I was convinced anyone could look at me and see the hideous, lustful creature I'd become. I was terrified that I'd be found out. I just couldn't keep from jerking off. I did it in my bed. I jerked off in the shower. I would jerk off in the bathroom at school. It didn't matter. The haunting vision of a wedding set on the hand of a woman instantly made her hand exponentially more attractive to me. I just couldn't shake it no matter how hard I tried.

Homecoming week.

We had a massive pep rally. Our football team was scheduled to play our most hated rival. The entire junior high and high school classes were allowed to attend. I'd estimate the size of the crowd was in the 500 range including students, teachers and administrators. In the midst of proclaiming just exactly how bad we were going to beat our rivals, some idiot pulled a fire alarm. The widely held suspicion was a senior from the other school did it to disrupt the pep rally which it most certainly did. Mrs. Wallace instantly corralled her homeroom class at the bottom of the bleachers just ahead of our class. She tailed her class as they joined the huge throng headed for one of 2 major exits. The entire crowd was asshole to belly button crowded. The massed exodus would have made Bourbon St. over Mardi Gras proud. Mrs. Wallace was at alternate times 2-6 people ahead of me depending on the movement of the crowd. As we neared the exit and were funneled together, I was separated from her by 2 students. An insane idea lept into my brain and before I had time to squelch it, I acted. Snaking my hand through the crowd I reached for her left hand. Once I knew I had the right hand, I turned my head and looked in another direction as I kept her in my peripheral vision. She didn't know what was happening until it had already happened. Mrs. Wallace was a tall, slender woman. Her rings hung loose on her long thin finger. They were just there. I wrapped my fingers around her rings, gave a quick jerk downward and felt them drop. With almost catlike agility I sidestepped about 5 places. I heard her deep, sexy voice boom above the roar of the crowd of 500 different conversations going on at once.

"What the...who took my rings"?

Before any of the surrounding students could even decipher what she was saying I pocketed the set in my jacket and zipped it up. There was no stopping the lemming like throngs from rushing to the exits. Being careful not to be caught paying any attention I spied on her as she ran to a Vice Principal. She pointed to her left ring finger. His eyes darted around. I could see the frustration and anger on his face just as I could read the anger and despair on hers. Not 2 minutes after all classes had been escorted back into the school once it had been ascertained by the fire department that there was no fire, the pa speaker cracked. It was the Vice Principal. He informed all in the sound of his voice that Mrs. Wallace had "lost" her wedding set while leaving the pep rally. He described it. A thin marquis stone on a thin white gold band with a matching white gold wedding band. He just knew it was an accident and he could count on the student body to pitch in and help.

I parked my bike behind the 7-11 after I got a slurpee for the ride home. I unzipped my coat pocket and pulled the rings out. Indeed it was a white gold set that perfectly matched the one reported "lost". I shoved it back in my pocket, zipped it back up and rode home.

I was a latch key kid and consistently had the house to myself for 2 hours before dad got home. Mom always got home an hour later. I decided to take advantage of my new toy. I took the rings out, set them on my nightstand, kicked off my shoes, slid my pants and shorts down then wrapped my fingers around my rock hard cock. I gazed longingly at the white gold set as I stroked myself. I pictured how pretty they were on Mrs. Wallace's hand.

Then I pictured Mrs. Wallace's hand wrapped around my cock and stroking me. Her long, elegant fingers folded around my shaft and game me a handjob.

Darker, more aggressive thoughts progressively filled my fevered brain. I imagined we were sharing a long, passionate kiss. I imagined we made tender, sweet love. I imagined I was having angry sex with her. I imagined I was raping Mrs. Wallace's long, lanky frame.

For the next 2 weeks the buzz around school was about someone stole Mrs. Wallace's rings at the pep rally. The tough guy bad boys were the usual suspects. No one could ever prove anything. Soon the gossip turned in other directions. 3 weeks later I noticed she was now sporting a new wedding set that looked amazingly like the original one. What little was said was that apparently a janitor had found them and the hype died off completely. I ended up spending that summer making a list first of teachers who caught my eye, then my attention turned to other women who happened to cross my path.

I'll admit it. I was fat. I was a fat and shy teen and that didn't make for good dating material. In fact I didn't have a real date over the course of my entire life until I went to college.

I'm not saying I was a virgin though.

Fighting this fetish borne urge was getting me no where. It was bad enough that I had all the teen angst already, now I'm adding more guilt? So I made the decision to openly embrace it. I did it so much so that I found I had little interest in dating girls my age. In fact, I so fully embraced my darker nature that I found myself engaged in behavior I found equal parts reprehensible and enthralling. To this day I can't explain the timeline. I just don't know how I got to where I was and did what I did. On good days I find it still turns me on. On bad days, well, frankly I wonder if I'd be better off dead.


Aunt Barbara

Fast forward to Thanksgiving of my 16th year. I'm an only child as I said before but I do have quite an extended family. We all celebrate major holidays together. As with any other middle class family, celebrating family holidays inevitably involves drinking. I of course wasn't allowed, given my age. Everyone else did though. My mom's brother Rich was married to a woman named Barbara. Aunt Barbara was a honey blonde woman with a better than average rack. She had a pretty face and of all the women in our family was probably the most vain when it came to how she looked. Thursday, Thanksgiving night, we'd all eaten a full meal. The turkey carcass was already stripped bare and picked clean. The meat and veggies were all safely stored away in tupperware containers. All the adults, (I was the only one underage as the older teens and kids were off to visit friends) had graduated from wine to Jack Daniels mixed drinks. The men had gravitated to the table in the kitchen, got drunk playing cards and fell asleep. By 1:00am the women, who'd taken control of the den, were also passed out. I spent most of my time on the couch in the den between Aunt Barbara and my mom watching tv. Mom was sitting to my left, Aunt Barbara to my right.

Aunt Barbara's silk blouse was open just enough for me to see a hint of cleavage. In her drunken stupor her breathing was deep and her chest heaved. I had a raging hard on and couldn't take my eyes the sight. She was out cold. I called her name 3 times to make sure. Slowly my trembling hands unbuttoned her blouse. She wore a white bra straight out of the Sears catalog. With one hand I toyed with her wedding set. 2 thick yellow gold bands with a large oval stone of decent quality. My other hand pawed at her heaving milk sacs. They were so warm, full and firm. I felt the nipple harden to my touch. My erection was bigger than it had ever been. The shaft throbbed in my jeans. I was in a state of pure euphoria. I'd thought it was all about my groping my Aunt.

Then I just happened to glance downward and I saw what else was causing such a reaction.

My own mother's hand was between my legs.

My eyes flared open wide. I thought she was awake!

My head pivoted to the left to see my mom's closed eyes and open mouth with a hint of drool dripping from it. She was still out cold. I don't know what she was dreaming about but she stroked my cock.

I was so ashamed of myself as I creamed my shorts.

I sat there for what seemed like forever, ashamed and turned on at the same time. Then I heard a stirring in the kitchen. OH SHIT! I was SO busted! Quickly I fumbled with Aunt Barbara's blouse and buttoned it back up. I carefully removed my mom's hand from my crotch, slipped from between the 2 of them and went outside for some air.

I can't tell you how much I hated myself for what I'd done. I despised myself, horrid wretch that I was, for the wet dreams I began having over the succeeding days. There were days I just felt I'd be better off dead. Why couldn't I make this lust go away?

2 weeks prior to Christmas I was in an awful mood. The lust was on me and wasn't letting go. I found myself considering an idea. I denied it over and over again but it kept coming back. I tried to justify what I was about to do as just abject curiosity. Like any other large high school, we had our own requisite number of drug suppliers. I picked one that had been out of school long enough that he wouldn't be in a position to tell anyone. I told him I was looking for something for a party. Before I even got around to my well rehearsed lie he interrupted me and told me he had just what I was looking for. He asked a few questions, crawled into the back of his VW van and pulled out a sandwich bag. I told him how many guests would be at the 'party', he pulled out enough pills so everyone got their share.

I hadn't done anything yet. Ok I'd groped my favorite Aunt. Ok I'd gotten off because my mom groped my package. But I hadn't done anything I couldn't walk away from yet. I hadn't hit a point of no return. Hell, I thought maybe I should just throw the pills away.

I didn't though. Christmas Eve was going to be at our house. Just like Thanksgiving all the teens in our extended family had somewhere else cooler and more fun to be. I heard the party going on downstairs as I sat on the bed looking at a sandwich bag full of pills. I came downstairs and walked into a family get together well on the way to a drunken party. I offered my services as bartender. I couldn't drink and frankly mom didn't want me to but after another round even she agreed.

My dealer had given me the breakdown. If they're drinking soda, 2 pills and I'd have 3-4 hours minimum to work with. If they're drinking wine I'd have 6 hours. Anything heavier, scotch, whiskey, etc..., more like 8 hours or more. Just to be sure, I dropped 3 pills in the whiskey and coke for my uncle and dad, 3 pills in the rum cabana for my mom and Aunt. I was told within an hour I'd effectively have the place to myself.

Um, more like 20 minutes. My dad and Uncle Rich were gone, sitting in their familiar places around our breakfast table. Mom and Aunt Barbara were out cold sitting on the couch.

Don't. Just don't do it, I told myself. You won't be able to live with yourself if you do.

Aunt Barbara just looked so fucking hot leaned back against the couch.

I just didn't listen to whatever was telling me to stop. I tried to pick Aunt Barbara up but I couldn't. I'd been told even if they seemed like they were awake, they weren't and wouldn't remember anything that happened while under the influence. Finally I had to rouse Aunt Barbara. She was zonked. Her speech was mumbled and slurred. She had to lean on me as we walked toward the stairs. I was holding her hands in front of her, leading her up the stairs. She stumbled all the way up. At the top I turned her and lead her towards my room. I leaned her against the door frame as I cleared the way for her. Retreiving her from my door frame I pulled her towards me. She ended up flopping down onto my bed. My cock stirred in my pants. She wore a simple cream colored dress with holly leaves pattern. I stood there gawking down at her unconcious form. She snorted as her breathing deepened. I know it wasn't romantic or anything but I couldn't have cared less. I paced back and forth around the bed. I wanted it so bad. It was so wrong. My lust won out. I couldn't make my hands stop shaking as I rolled her onto her side unbuttoned her dress down her back. I carefully took her shoes off then worked on peeling her out of her dress. Finally I got to the last button, slowly slid her dress over her shoulders then gave a gentle tug, slipping it over her hips. She wore a hot pink bra and baby blue panties. The rousing in my jeans was incredible. Her left hand lay on her stomach. The rock glistened by the glare of the overhead light. I reached out and touched it with one hand, my other hand groped her breasts. The huge, thick globes were warm to my touch. Her bra strained to keep the thick melons in their cups. Her thumbtip sized nipples thickened and hardened to my touch. I was so fucking tunred on. My dick was harder and bigger than I'd ever seen before. I leaned down to kiss one of Aunt Barbara's titts. When I did the underside of my shaft touched her pink panties.

I fucking fired off a load. When I had her on her side opening her dress I didn't see the latches on her bra. I'd studied enough Sears catalogs to know that meant the latch was in front. I had to work at the clasp. When I got it unclasped her titts sprung free. They wobbled and rolled to the side. I took her nipple and areola in my mouth and sucked. My tongue flicked the thick, dark brown flesh. She made some sort of strange sound. Her legs opened and I heard her mumble the word "now". My cum shot in streams and impacted her bushy mound inside her panties. It formed thick globs that dribbled over the soft pick panties and stained the crotch patch. I nibbled and sucked on the hefty milk sac. I slid a hand over her belly. She had a slight paunch but wasn't nearly as fat as my mom. My fingers crept down her belly and found the waistband of her panties. Sliding my hand inside, the cool goo that was the stain from my cum shot surprised me. I don't know why but I wasn't expecting it. My fingers combed through her honey blonde bush. She groaned then whimpered. I had a 2nd instand hard on. I straightened my middle finger then bent it downward. I touched her pussy lips. I shuddered at the new sensation. It wasn't smooth or cool or anything, but my mouth kept attacking her breast. The flat, underside of my middle finger slid up and down her vertical slit. Her legs trembled then opened further. I looked up and noticed her lips purse out then she softly bit her bottom lip. Her pussy lips were cool and fleshy to the touch. I gave them a stroke with my fingertip. My mouth sucked hard on her supple titty meat. Suddenly I felt the fleshy folds part around my finger and felt a hole. I freaked for a second, thinking I'd messed up and was fingering her asshole. Look I'd jerked off to my share of porno mags but let's be honest. There is such a huge difference between seeing pictures and actually seeing it, feeling it. Aunt Barbara lifted one of her legs and dug her heel in my sheet. I got a full on view of her snatch. Using both of my hands now I pawed at her. I teased her pussy hole with my finger and she reacted. She was enjoying it. I had no way of knowing how deep she was under but she was close enough to concious that her body was reacting to what I was doing to it. I tilted my head foward. My nostrils filled with the scent of her sweet pussy. I kissed it softly. The thigh muscles flexed. I gave her clit a long, wet kiss. I heard her coo. I lapped the furry mound of her clit with my tongue and she sighed. Opening my mouth wide, I sealed my lips over her clit. My tongue feathered across it. I swirled the tip of my tongue and I felt her body quiver. Acting on pure instinct I planted my lips on her clit again and this time I sucked it into my mouth. Her body shook and I heard a gentle hiss escape her full lips. I kept doing this until she slapped her thighs together around my head. It actually hurt. For a second I thought she'd woke up. When I leaned back and looked I saw she was still out cold. Forcing her legs apart again I gave traced the tip of my tongue over the lips of her pussy. Suddenly a warm, thick trickle drained from her pussy. Ok I'll confess, I thought Aunt Barbara had just pissed in my mouth. Then I remembered the description of when a woman has an orgasm. Sliding my finger inside her carefully and slowly she cooed again. The walls were warm and wet. They folded around my finger. Aunt Barbara groaned and tried to close her legs again. As she did the walls of her pussy wrapped around my finger and tensed, holding it fast. Again referencing back to the porn mags I'd read, I began stroking my finger back and forth, in and out of her. My finger was now coated in a thick, clouded sheen. I pumped harder, deeper and faster. Without concious thought, I slid a 2nd finger into Aunt Barbara. Now pistoning 2 fingers in and out of her, I had a fully hard erection. Suddenly after one particularly deep thrust I felt a knub inside of her pussy. I didn't know what it was but the more I teased it and played with it, the wetter she got. Taking the knub between my middle and index fingers, I gave it a gentle tug and twist. I stretched my middle finger deep inside her and began to stroke the spot directly behind the knub. Her mouth fell open wide. Her eyes rolled open but she was in no way awake. As I played with the knub inside Aunt Barbara I was unintentionally grinding the base of my thumb against her clit. A regular pattern had developed. Each time I crammed my fingers into her she groaned. Each time I pulled them out she sighed. The thick, gooey substance that I'd figured was her orgasmic juices had coated my fingers and dribbled down my hand.

A strange thought occured to me. I pulled my fingers out and licked one of them. The taste was interesting, unlike anything I'd ever tasted before. I decided to try it directly from the source. My lips parted, my tongue teased the opening of her pussy. I felt her react. Sliding my tongue inside, I curled it just past the boned roof of the entrance. This time she really reacted. The more I played with this spot, the more goo. I gave my tongue one hard thrust directly into this place and a suddenly gushed into her vaginal cavity. I lapped all of it up that I could get my tongue to.

I couldn't take anymore. With crude and unpracticed movements I crawled up Aunt Barbara's body. The bulbous head of my shaft just touched her pussy lips and it went crazy. Before I could even think about it my hips thrust forward. I began to drool, my nose began to run and I nearly hyperventilated. Her pussy swallowed my cock whole. The soft, wet, warm walls wrapped around my member and clenched tightly around it. I didn't have a clue what I was doing and so I didn't position myself to withdraw my cock enough to give it a good, long thrust. Instead I began short, abbreviated little thrusts into her. My balls slapped her ass with each thrust. I grunted and snorted. My chest was pressed against her fat titts. My jaw jutted outward and I began pumping faster and harder. I felt my own orgasm approaching again. More thrusts later and it hit. I think I shouted something. I don't know what I shouted but it was loud. Aunt Barbara lay there all but unconcious. Suddenly she let out a loud gasp. I felt a flood of her juices gushing over and around my member. In my attempt to roll off of her I accidently thrust deep into her one last time. Her pussy lips sealed tightly around the base of my shaft burped a gush of her juices and my jizz.

I rolled onto my back. Was it possible for a kid my age to have a heart attack? I couldn't catch my breath. Finally my pulse calmed enough that I could organize my thoughts. The guilt started to return then I got a look at my Aunt's left hand. The sparkling rock caused my cock to stir again. I wasn't studying anything like guilt. I was way too into this right now. Slowly I pried her engagement ring off. It sparked another reaction from my cock. I vaguely remembered seeing something I'd seen in a porno mag. Rolling off the bed I lifted her legs and drug her body to the edge of the bed. I draped her legs over my shoulders and began positioning my cock.

Aunt Barbara's pussy eagerly swallowed my shaft whole. She grunted then whimpered as I began hammering her. From this position it occured to me when I pulled back to withdraw further. She reacted as soon as I began the process. Just leaving the head of my rod inside her then thrusting forward, Aunt Barbara's pussy bulged as I cock filled her sweet married pussy. I played with her clit as I pounded away. I felt her legs tense as they hung easily over my back. I began playing with her wedding band, twirling it around and around with my thumb and forefinger. I found myself sneering with each thrust. I don't know where it came from but I began slamming my rod deep into my favorite aunt. I felt such anger and rage. Taking a titt in each hand I began to knead my fingers deep into the heavy sacs. Taking the nipples between my thumb and forefingers I tugged and twisted. I looked back later and still couldn't describe it but I was so angry at her. I felt her cum again around my shaft and this time I didn't care. I pounded her over and over again. Finally I felt my own jizz building. I gave her one last massive thrust, buried my shaft to the hilt and planted my seed into her. Whatever the knub inside her was the head of my shaft was slammed against it. I gave her titts a slap and watch one slide across and slap against her other sac like a wave of fatty tissue.

I was so fucking pissed. I felt like a man for the first time ever and I was filled with a nigh on blind rage. Yanking my shaft out of my aunt I stepped back. My teeth were clenched and I felt our combined cum dripping on my foot. I looked in my hand and stared at her wedding set.

"MY wedding set, you fucking BITCH", I hissed. I couldn't control the anger I was feeling. It was almost like I was posessed.

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