I had been out of work for quite a while, and money was running short. So, since I was getting a little desperate, I was calling about just any job in the paper. There was one that said just "houskeeper wanted, fair pay, flexible hours" with a phone number. I decided to call, even though I didn't really like house work, and arranged an interview the next day.
I arrived at the appointed time, and was greeted at the door by an older man, perhaps about fifty, (as opposed to my twenty-five). He was pretty good looking, but i felt more like he could have been a father figure. He showed me around, explaining that he was in and out a lot, sometimes being gone for days at a time, while sometimes he was at home all the time, working in his office. This meant he couldn't take care of the house work properly, as I could see as we toured the premises.
The house was nice, although a little messy, nothing out of the ordinary, until we reached his office. He had several pictures of women on the wall, and not just your normal pin-ups, these were what you could call soft porn, the women were in varying states of nudity, one of which was full frontal, and she was totally nude!
He appologised for the pictures, but explained that he just loved the female body, something about the line of a womans curves drawing one's eye and making them irresistable.
I decided to take the job, since the money was good, and I was really desperate. I worked for him for about two weeks, with him at the house only about half the time, finding the work acceptable, and his occasional company interesting. He was always the perfect gentleman, never staring at my body, (I have a pretty good body, just slightly over weight, with boobs kind of like half melons, no sag, and full hips. Pretty much like a couple of the pictures in his office), so I was getting to be very comfortable around him.
One day, he said he was going to be away for about a week, and asked me to keep coming to clean while he was gone, even though there wouldn't be much to do.
"You can use the pool any time you want, there's plenty of privacy, so you needn't worry about interuptions."
The second day he was gone, I was in his office cleaning and was drawn to one of the pictures, of a beautiful woman swimming in a pool, but quite noticeably with nothing on. It made me think of the pool, and even with not having a swim suit, his comment about the privacy of his pool made me think of swimming naked like the woman in the picture. I finished my work and stepped out onto the patio by the pool, looked around, and agreed that it was completely private. The sun was hot on my back, and I thought it might be nice to feel it on my naked skin. Just so you know, I had never stepped foot outside of my bedroom or bathroom without being fully clothed up till now. The thought of that gorgeous woman in the pool, and the privacy, together moved me to start undressing. After taking off my t-shirt and my jeans, I felt the vulnerability of being outside in just my underwear, but also a thrill at the thought of how sexy this felt. I walked around the pool, feeling the breeze on my exposed skin, but starting to also feel a little constrained by my bra, I reached behind an unclasped it, let it down off my shoulders and slid it down my arms, releasing my boobs from their prison. It felt so good, I rubbed my hands over them, enjoying the sensations. My nipples were by now hard and erect and I was feeling an excitement I hadn't felt in a long while. It was now time to be totally free, so I stripped off my panties and added them to my pile of clothes.
I next dove into the pool, and started swimming towards the other end. The feeling of swimming naked was exciting, and I was starting to feel turned by the unfamiliar sensations of water flowing around my nakedness. It was totally different from taking a shower, and by the time I reached the end of the pool, I was feeling the tension of arousal. Now it had been several months since my last sexual encounter, so I was very open to these sensations, and gave into the urge to caress my tits, and pull on my nipples.
Leaning against the side of the pool, I ran my hands over my body, feeling the carress of the water on my skin. I had never (well not since I first hit puberty and experimented) masturbated before, but the novelty of the situation and the sensuality of the water took over and created a need in me that I couldn't resist.
I began squeezing my tits, and flicking my nipples, each time sending pulses through my body like waves of electricity. As I stroked my body, my hands reached my pussy, first rubbing the outside, then slowly sliding a finger into the slit. My juices were mingling with the surrounding water. I gradually worked my finger farther in, working on my G-spot, while at the same time my other hand was massaging my ass. I was getting very worked up now, but I wasn't ready to cum yet, so I swam down the pool again, and when I reached the other end, I just had to get release, so I plunged three fingers into my pussy, while I frigged my clit with my thumb, and my other hand was mashing my tits. This brought me to a crushing climax, with waves of ecstacy flowing through me, like never before. I kept working on myself, bringing several climaxes, until I couldn't take any more.
When I had recovered, I climbed out of the pool, and lay out on a chaise until I was completely dry, enjoying the heat of the sun baking my skin.
I enjoyed the pool every day from then on, with much the same experiences, on one occasion masturbating myself several times during the course of the day. That is until the day before he (John) was due to return, when, after I was dried off from the sun, I noticed a security camera under the edge of the roof.

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