An Order For Delivery

An Order For Delivery

My feet have begun to ache in the 5 inch heels I’m wearing, but I console myself with the knowledge that they made me hold a posture that thrust my breasts forward and my ass backward in a way that accentuated my curves. Gravity was doing her level best to beat me, but at forty-something, I still had some fight left. Oh, I’m no beauty queen and my body is far less than perfect, but the fact that I have a confidence born of age and a libido that is insatiable make up for that extra bit of flesh around the middle. At 5’ 3” tall, I weigh in at about 155 pounds. A little thick by most standards, but distributed evenly enough so that with the right clothes I can still draw a few stares; and THAT was my mission today, at least part of it.

I stroll through the office parking lot with a seductive sway of my hips and my head held high; a cougar on the prowl. Divorced nearly a year ago, sex was something of a treat at the moment, and I feel that I am long overdue for a tasty snack. The short, summer dress flows and stirs in the near-non-existent breeze that does nothing to ease the heat of the scorching southern afternoon. It is Friday afternoon and the workday is over. I wonder briefly if my coworkers could read my thoughts as I headed out the door. I seriously hope not. Though quite adventurous and open sexually, I carefully keep my escapades well away from the small, religious town where I live and work; even dogs have enough sense not to shit where they eat.

Sliding into the suffocating heat of my Chevy Impala, I am grateful for the technical genius of the man who created air conditioning. Quickly turning the ignition, I wait for the blast of not-yet-cool, but not-as-hot-as-outside air to hit me in the face. The radio blasts to life in the middle of my favorite song, and as I ease out onto the highway, Kelly Rowland’s Motivation has me slithering seductively in my seat. I can feel the freak in me clawing to get to the surface and know I will soon have to let her out for air. I drive cautiously, but with some speed, tapping my hands on the steering wheel in time to the beat. Big round sunglasses guard my eyes against the glare of the afternoon sun, and a bead of sweat slides slowly down the cleft between my full breasts despite the cool air now flowing from the a/c.

The drive home is a short one, but tonight I aim my car for the apartment in the city, my home away from home when I want to play. The hour long commute gives me time to ease out of the staid, good girl persona that is required of all southern ladies in my home town, and into full blown sex kitten mode. Visions of hot, sweaty bodies writhing in ecstasy fill my head, and when a particularly graphic scene shows up in my mental movie, breathless laughter escapes my lips. It has been TOO long since you got laid, girlfriend, the freak inside me whispers; even the guilty catholic school girl inside me has to agree.

I arrive at my apartment, just as the sun breathes its last breath for the day, and I pause just a moment to watch it die. For me, this is the best time of the day; the calm before the coming storm, and by GOD, I do hope there will be a storm this night…..a storm of passion and sex and heat. Once inside my alternate universe, I step into the shower. In no hurry, despite my need, I take my time, reveling in the hard spray. I wash my long, dark curls and condition them to shine; I shave unwanted shadows from my legs, armpits, and pubic region; and through it all, allow my hands to roam sensuously over my own flesh. Every move from now until Sunday afternoon, will be endlessly erotic; even the mundane will become sexual, as there is no telling when I will be able to get back here.
Nude I stand in front of the mirror, still dripping from the shower and watch as the cool air in the apartment draws my tiny nipples to full hardness. Appreciatively, I assess the body that has served me so well all these years: full C-cups that sag very little, wide flaring hips that have given birth to 2 children, now grown, and tight, muscular legs that can hold tightly to any waist that happens to get in between them. Impatient now, I apply very little makeup; a bit of mascara to lengthen my lashes, smoky shadow to enhance my eyes, and shiny gloss to keep my full lips looking too kissable. My long hair is pulled up into a loose chignon, allowing soft tendrils to fall around my heart shaped face. Tonight’s lingerie includes a demi-bra that will hold my girls at attention while allowing my arousal to be easily discernable, a matching pair of lace boy panties, and black thigh highs. Another short, summer dress with strappy heels completes the ensemble. The end result is fashionably sexy and secretly arousing because I know there are those who will wonder just what is beneath the flirty skirt.

Exactly on time, the doorbell rings. Heart suddenly pounding in my chest, among other places, I buzz him in. When the door opens, I am rewarded with a gratifying look of intense hunger. It would appear that Jeffrey likes what he sees. Leaning in for a quick but very passionate kiss, I school my own features to appear pleased, but slightly bored. It would never do to let my new toy know how very horny he makes me. Standing at just over 6 feet, Jeffrey is a full head taller than me, even in my heels. His body is hard and lean, and his hands are amazing. His cock, I know from thorough study, is an exact 7.5 inches long and slightly curved to the left. He is thick enough to stretch my cunt with delicious ease. His most rewarding traits though, are near superhuman stamina and an absolute absence of jealousy. At 28 years old, he can fuck me for hours on end, and the absence of jealousy has led us to enjoy several threesomes, with both sexes being the majority at different times. We get along fabulously, both in and out of the bedroom. He is intelligent and funny and were either of us in the market for a commitment, I might be tempted to fall in love with him.

“Wow. You look amazing, ma’am, as usual.” His thick southern drawl pulls at me, an audible aphrodisiac. “Do you have any specific plans for tonight, or do I get to choose?” he grins hopefully. Though this is exactly what I’d hoped for, I pretend to consider his unspoken request to take the lead tonight. Another reason we mesh so well is that we are both switches, being able to enjoy both domination and submission in equal measures. Our methods are different, but the results are the same; whether on top or bottom, we both leave fully satisfied. As always, I claim the upper hand through mental manipulation, feigning boredom and irritation.

“I’ve not made up my mind yet, lover. What would be the advantage of allowing you free reign this night?” I cock my head quizzically to the side, knowing as well as he, that his answer will set the tone for the entire weekend. We play this game in order to express our wants, needs, and moods without making it a mandate. In the end, the call is always mine, bless his soul, but thankfully our needs usually seem to complement each other perfectly. For instance, I would have been extremely disappointed if his mood had been submissive tonight, and he’d not pled his case. Jeffrey, though, has yet to disappoint me; stepping close enough that I can feel the heat from his body and smell the freshness of his cologne, he lifts one hand to slowly tangle his fingers in my hair and whispers forcefully, “The advantage of allowing me to take the lead? We both know I perform better when my needs are met, and tonight I need to use you.” With that, he captured my mouth in a kiss that melted the panties right off my back side.

In my current state, that was all it took….a single soul-searing kiss….and my head fell back on my shoulders in surrender. Knowing me as he did, Jeffrey quickly pressed the advantage. His confidence seemed to bloom before my very eyes; his entire demeanor changed from one of playful partner to that of man in charge. “Strip, slave, quickly….no need for seduction, I’m hard as a rock already.” I’d just begun to slide the straps of my dress over my shoulders when Jeffrey spins me around, pushes me over a low back chair and throws my skirt up over my hips. Struggling to stay upright during this rough foreplay, I barely have time to draw a breath when he rips the panties from between my legs and shoves his cock balls deep into my wet cunt. Hard and fast with no thought for my pleasure, Jeffrey slices in and out of my slick pussy with ease, exactly as I want him to. I love being taken this way, used as nothing more than a cum dump, and my orgasm is fast approaching. Yet just as I reach the edge of climax, Jeffrey blows his thick load inside me.

Disappointed and frustrated, I begin to rise from the chair and give him an earful. Placing a strong hand in the center of my back, he barks “Don’t move, slave, I’m not done with you yet.” Somewhat appeased, I lay back down over the chair. He slides the dress and panties down over my hips and has me step out of them, leaving me standing in thigh highs and heels. I can hear him moving around the room behind me and wonder briefly what he has planned. When he approaches me once more, he squats down behind me and clips a set of handcuffs to my right ankle and secures the other cuff to the leg of the chair, then repeats the actions with the left ankle. I have to admit that the very act of being bound causes my pussy to clench in anticipation.

Jeffrey then moves into my field of vision and signals for my wrists. Stretching my arms out in front of me, I moan quietly as he clasps a third pair of cuffs to my wrists. He then runs a thin rope from the chain linking my wrist cuffs under the bottom of the overstuffed chair and fastens each end of it to a leg cuff. I am effectively held captive to the chair, bent at the waist and wide open. I am also breathless with arousal. The final object to be applied is a large ball gag, with a red ball and black leather harness. I am now literally vibrating with desire and need….until I hear his next words. “God, I’m starving. Think I’ll order some pizza.” Knowing that he can leave me here, frustrated and aching, for hours I begin to try and beg around the gag. He completely ignores me as he grabs the phone and dials a number. “Yes, I’d like to order a large pan pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms only, and a large order of cheese sticks with an extra container of marinara.” A pause, and then, “114 Magnolia St, Apartment 17……ok, thanks…..Sure, 20 minutes. Great.” With that he hangs up the phone.

As if I no longer exist, Jeffrey grabs the television remote and started channel surfing through the various ESPN channels. Behind the gag, I scream in frustration. Suddenly, as if he’sd just remembered the shape he’s left me in, Jeffrey turns to me, a surprised look on his face, “Oh baby, you didn’t think I’d forgotten about you?” A predatory grin splits his wide mouth and he approaches slowly. Bending he whispers my ear, “No way, slave. You are not going to get off so easily. I’ve lots of plans for you tonight. Never fear, my pet, you will get yours….over and over….before the night is done.” All the while, he’s been teasing my clit with soft little brushes and pinches, not enough to push me to orgasm but enough to make me squirm and wiggle trying to get more from him. Moving behind me, I hear him dig into his duffle once more. Suddenly there was pressure against my clit and I immediately recognized the textured head of a Hitachi wand. I have a very special relationship with this particular toy, rather a love-hate type of bond. It can bring the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced, but if left too long against an overly sensitive clit, it can make me beg, screaming for relief. At the moment, he was just using it without the vibrator, rubbing it slowly back and forth against my rigid button, each pass drawing more lubrication from my pussy. My hips began to rock in response to the building sensations, but each time he thought I might be close to orgasm, he would pull the tool away. After a few minutes of torturing me this way, I feel something slick and hard begin to probe my asshole. When he has the plug fully seated inside my tight rectum, he turns Hitachi on low random vibrations. Again, he keeps me just on the edge of orgasm.

Apparently he spends about 20 minutes teasing me this way, because blind with need and writhing in my bonds, the next thing I hear is the doorbell. When Jeffrey stands to answer it, I groan in abject disappointment from behind the gag. In my current state of arousal, I never once consider that if Jeffrey opens the door fully, anyone standing in the hall would have an unobstructed view of my slickly open cunt and ass. Had I thought of it….I MIGHT have cared, but it’s not likely. I hear the door locks click and the squeak of the front door as he opens it; and then I heard him say, “Sure, just step inside while I get my wallet.” As the door closed again, my breath stopped still in my chest. Wriggling my hips and twisting this way and that, I struggle to look over my shoulder to discern whether he is joking or if he has truly invited the delivery boy inside. I can’t turn far enough to tell. I give up the struggle to move and instead listen intently, trying to catch any sounds of third person in the room.

“Dude! That’s fucking nice!” These words, spoken in an unfamiliar voice finally answer the question for me. A scalding hot blush rushes over my skin, turning my entire body a fiery red. A single dejected moan escapes my lips and my head sags in surrender. I’m unsure whether the moan signaled dejection or arousal.

“Yeah? You like that?” Jeffrey asks teasingly. From the tone of his voice, I surmise the driver must be younger than he is. God, I pray silently, please let him be over 18. I know what is coming next; though we’d never played this exact game before, I am well aware of how much Jeffrey loves to watch another man’s cock saw in and out of my slit. The boy must have nodded, or given some other silent sign of assent, because the next words I hear are Jeffrey’s. “So hit it, dude. She’s right there in front of you, and believe me….she fucking wants it. Don’t you, slave? Oh… ooops…..she can’t talk for the gag in her mouth. Oh well, believe me, she does. Look at how wet her pussy is; it’s fucking dripping dude. Go on; slide your cock in there. The only catch is this: if you cum inside her, I’ll make you regret it. You can fuck her in any hole you want to, and you can shoot your cum anywhere on the outside that you want to, but do NOT cum inside her. Cool?”

“Hell, yeah man. I can do that!” Senses on high alert, the sound of his zipper seems incredibly loud to my ears, as does the rustle of cloth as he apparently slides jeans and boxers down to his ankles. In seconds, the stranger is rubbing his rigid dick up and down my slit. When he seems in no rush to enter me, and waits until I am rocking backward trying to force him inside my cunt, before entering me, I come to the conclusion that he can’t be a teenager. When he finally allows me to slide my cunt over his shaft, I am so ready that I explode on his cock before he is fully buried inside me. Slow, deliberate strokes are on the menu as he takes his time. His cock is not as big as Jeffrey’s, either in length or in girth, but he touches all the right places. My labia tighten around him as he withdraws and slide firmly against him as he pushes forward. In minutes, I am cumming again, groaning loudly through the gag, and when I hear him say, “Dude, I can put my dick anywhere I want?” I nearly cum again. Without waiting for Jeffrey, I begin to nod vigorously, silently begging the young stud to shove his cock into my asshole.

I feel him withdraw from my juicy cunt and then press the mushroom head of his wonderful cock against my tight anal sphincter. Trying to be gentle, he gives short, quick stabs…applying some pressure but never quite breaking through the ring. Impatient for him, I wait for his next forward thrust and rock backward as far as the rope will allow me to. His cocked literally pops into my ass, and my cheeks slap loudly against his groin. “Damn, baby, hold on….I want to make it last.” I ignore his words and begin squeezing my sphincter rhythmically around his cock, milking him, pushing him beyond his rigid control. I absolutely adore a hard anal fuck. It is the only time I squirt, and for those of you that don’t know, a squirting orgasm is the most erotic, intense orgasm a woman can have. So naturally, I want him pounding my asshole with abandon.

The milking must have done the trick because Domino, as I soon come to call him in my mind, is pistoning in and out of my ass like a madman. His moans have ceased and he is now grunting in mindless ecstasy. I know he was getting close to unloading because I feel his cock swell inside me. He gives one final thrust that buries his cock as deep in my ass as anyone had ever been, then violently pulls it out and begins spewing long thick ropes of creamy hot jizz onto my back and ass cheeks. As the first drops land on my skin, my own orgasm breaks loose and a literal gush of cum ejaculates from my twitching pussy. “Oh my GOD! She just fucking SQUIRTED, man! I’ve heard of that shit, but I’ve never seen it. Oh Jesus CHRIST, that was hot.” His enthusiasm is comical and I can’t help the tiny giggle that escapes the ball gag.

Mere minutes later, the door closes behind the young man and I wait to be released. Body limp and sated, head resting in the seat of the chair, I am smiling and quite satisfied. Then I hear Jeffrey say, “Yes, I’d like to call in an order for delivery please…..Jeffrey……114 Magnolia St, Apartment 17…, yeah….I want an order of Tiny Spicy Chicken, and a large Shrimp Lo Mein…..ok…..30 minutes? Great.” The phone beeps as he hangs it up. Then his hands are on my waist, rubbing tiny circles over my ass and lower back. “Oh pet….you didn’t think you were done? After I’ve only cum once? Of course not, you know me better than that,” and he slides his huge cock into my gaping asshole with one stroke. Once buried balls deep inside my bowels, he leans forward and wraps his right arm around my waist to begin stroking my slit back to life. With his left, he fondled my breasts, rolling my erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Soon I am rocking back on his cock, begging for him to satisfy me again. Straightening, he began long, hard strokes; withdrawing slowly only to slam forward with enough force to jar my teeth. It takes exactly six strokes for me to flood his balls with another cum flood, and when, a few minutes later, he releases his own cum deep inside me, I do so again. I feel him slither out of my abused anus and then he is standing in front of me. Lifting my chin with a single finger, he signals for me to clean him.

Exhausted, I gingerly begin to lick and suck the cum from his cock. Despite popular belief, there is no shit on his dick. Being the anal lover that I am, I had thoroughly cleaned myself out before he arrived. By the time the doorbell rang again, his dick is clean and semi-erect again, and I am ready for more.

“Sure, just come on in and let me grab my wallet.” The same scene from before is being replayed. I barely hear it; I am so distracted with anticipating the pounding I am hoping to get. Moments later, a pair of very muscular, very black legs walk into my line of vision. Pulling my face up by my hair, this new delivery man (this one was definitely no boy), waves an absolutely enormous cock in my face. Taking the base in his hand, he says not a word as he rubs the head of his dick against my gagged open lips. “You did say any hole, Man.” and with that he releases the clasps holding the gag in place. My mouth is already wet from the gag, so without even licking my lips, I swallow the head of him and begin running my tongue over every inch I can reach. I suckle and lick and hum over the only part of him he will let me touch.

After a few minutes of only being able to reach the very last 2 inches of that beautiful cock, I begin to get frustrated and try lunging forward get to more of it. I actually move the chair a little! Granting my wish in spades, the delivery guy takes a single half-step forward and shoves his cock down my throat in one thrust. Unprepared for the suddenness of his move, I gag and this allows him to slide down my throat, effectively cutting off any air I may need. My throat muscles work his cock frantically, trying to force it out. I can hear him grunting in pleasure above me. Just as things start to go black around the edges of my vision, he withdraws. Taking in huge gulps of air, I drop my head forward and hide my mouth from his reach for a moment.

As I gasp for breath, he moves behind me and lines his huge dick up with my aching cunt. Apparently he wants things to last as well because his strokes are slow and rhythmic. His girth stretches my cunt lips deliciously and creates a friction that is maddeningly pleasurable. Free of the gag, I moan loud and long, intermittently begging him to fuck me harder, fuck me faster. When his strokes become a little faster, I am taken by surprise as the head of the Hitachi is placed against my clit. “Man, you’re gonna love the feel of this.” I hear Jeffrey tell him, as he hits the vibrate button on my most favorite and most hated toy. In seconds, I am screaming in orgasm. Seconds later, I am screaming for him to shut it off.

The vibrations of the Hitachi, the contractions of my vaginal muscles, and my screams seem to push the cock in my cunt beyond its limits because suddenly the delivery guy grabs both of my shoulders and begins jerking me back as he thrusts forward, burying his huge member so deep inside me that I swear I taste his pre-cum. I know from experience that he is getting the ride of his life because Jeffrey still had the Hitachi pressed against my oversensitive clit and I am bucking wildly to get away from it. Long minutes later, the man jerks his cock from my cunt. It seemed that he must have vaulted over the chair because as soon as he empties my cunt, he is standing in front of me emptying his balls onto my upturned face. Jet after jet of thick, white cum spews from his cock, over my cheeks, my eyes, my nose, and my closed lips. It seems it will never end. When it finally does, he wipes his cock across one cheek then takes a single finger and begins rubbing his cum into my face.

When he finally moves away, I drop my head forward into the seat again. This time, I don’t think I can go another round and when the door closes behind this delivery man, I open my mouth to tell Jeffrey that I am done. Before I can utter a sound, I hear his voice “Yes, I’d like to call in an order for delivery……

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