Old flame 2

Old flame 2

For anyone who missed the previous story, this is about my old girlfriend Dana who I ran into while in Vegas on a bachelor party with my buddies. Dana is a married sexy mid 30’s blonde, with the nicest legs and ass you’ve ever seen. She's very pretty with big blue eyes and takes care of herself very well. We hooked up the previous night and I got her to do some things she says she’s never done………..

After our hotel room session Dana and I, went back to be with our friends. Of course when I met back up with the guys they wanted details, and I filled them in. Good thing I had the video to back it up because they didn’t believe me. John the soon to be married bachelor immediately let me know that he should have been the first one to hook up since he is going to spend the rest of his life with the same woman. All of the other guys chimed in and I became the asshole. So this gave me a great idea. Let me see if I can get Dana to at least give John a blow job.

Later the next day we were out by the pool hanging out and drinking. The girls met up with us and I began talking to Dana again. Dana again looking sexy as hell in a nice two piece white practically see through bathing suite, said she remembers very little from the previous night and that she was wasted. But she did say in a playful tone, she was pissed at me because her ass was sore. I told her she was a crazed freak last night and I couldn’t believe how much she has changed sexually. She said she never gets that way, there’s just something about me that makes her crazy and she’s never been able to forget about me from way back in the day. She also said that she gets really horny from all the alcohol and vegas nightlife. She went on to say that she always has to initiate sex with her husband and she is always in control, it felt good for once to have someone take her in a way she’s never been taken. I told Dana we still have two more nights and that if she liked last night she’s really gonna like what I have in store for tonight. She asked what I had in mind and I said she would find out soon enough.

We continued to hang out by the pool, having some drinks and increasing the sexual tension with flirting and the occasional under water caressing of her sexy ass. I wanted to get Dana back into her horny drunk state so I ordered shots and extra drinks throughout the day. I went to the bathroom and found my buddy the soon to be groom John. I told him I have a plan. I’m going to get Dana back to our hotel room later and I want him to hide in the closet. When its time I will motion for him to come out and he can get some action. The plan was set.
Later that evening we all went to our rooms to freshin up and shower for the night out on the town. I told Dana to wear something extra sexy for me and she said “I always wear something sexy”. We made our way to the casino and continued to drink. Dana texted me and said the girls were on their way down. Out of the elevator walks Dana, wearing a white over the neck tank top showing off some cleavage, and a mid thigh length skirt that looked like something a cheerleader would wear only not as short. Sexy black high heels, just making her toned legs pop, my dick was hard instantly, and with the devilish grin I saw on her face she knew I was turned on. My buddy John was standing beside me and elbowed my ribs, “you gotta be kidding me dude, she looks fucking hot”. I said “I hope you’re ready”.

We all hung out having drinks and chatting with the whole group. Dana said she had to go to the bathroom and then she was going to call her husband and get it out of the way. And she said “I do not want to call him around you again”. I followed Dana towards the bathroom and told her to “go to the bathroom, and when you come out, hand me your panties, your not wearing them for the rest of the night”. Dana gasped and said “your naughty”, then she turned with a smile and went into the bathroom. Dana exited the bathroom and placed the smallest silky black thong in my pocket. She told me she was going to make a phone call and meet me back at the bar. I went to the bathroom myself and of course I had to pull out her panties and inspect them. They were moist and had the smell of her all over them, increasing my desire to fuck her even more. I returned to the bar with our friends and continued drinking. Dana returned shortly after and I was getting more and more excited just knowing that she wasn’t wearing any panties and no one knew. For the next hour or so every chance I got when no one was looking I slid my hand up her skirt trying to feel her wet cunt. Dana kept moving not allowing me to cop a good feel, as she was trying to conceal our indiscretions from her friends. I was more than ready to fuck her and I knew she was ready as well.

When I got a chance I told John to go up to the room and hide in the closet, then I told Dana to think of a reason to break away from her friends and meet me up at my room. I made my way to the room and Dana made some excuse followed shortly after. While I arrived in the room first I told John to stay quiet in the closet but try to take video or pictures with his phone when he got a chance. Dana knocked on the door and I let her in. I told Dana “your always in control with your husband but tonight your mine and you’re going to do what I say”. She said “mmm ok what do you have in mind?” I took two bandana’s out of my suitcase, I turned one into a blindfold and placed it over Dana’s eyes and took the other one and tied her hands behind her back. At first she was reluctant but I said “you’re not in charge tonight, you will do as I say, you hear me”. The sight of Dana standing in my room blindfold on and hands tied behind her back was almost enough to make me lose my load right there. I reached up and grabbed the back of Dana’s hair pulling her head back as I kissed her deeply. Dana was really turned on, and I said “on your knees now”. Dana sank to her knees, I could see John with his phone sticking out of the closet door recording. I motioned for him to come over quietly. As John was walking over I pulled Dana’s top over her shoulders exposing her breasts. I massaged her breasts and played with her nipples causing her to moan and breath heavier. Just as John was beside me I told Dana to open her mouth, as I motioned John to unzip his pants. John had a look on his face of total amazement, and he took out his cock slapping it on Dana’s tongue. He teased her a bit rubbing the head of his cock over her lips before inserting it in her mouth. John was beside himself, he was so turned on he had his index fingers knuckle in his mouth And was biting it as he was trying to be quiet.

John continued pumping in and out of Dana’s mouth and I stood next to him telling her how good it felt. I could tell John was about to blow his wad and he finally pulled out his cock shooting his jizz all over Dana’s tit’s. He lasted about 3 minutes, and Dana said “wow that was fast, I take it you enjoyed that huh?” I said “oh my god you suck a mean dick girl get up and bend over that bed”. Dana stood up still blindfolded with her hands behind her back as she bent over the bed sticking that sexy ass in the air. I pushed back so her head went into the bed and spanked her ass leaving a red hand print. Dana let out a moan and I began to spread her legs exposing her bare moist lips. I began to orally please her licking from each of her folds to her sexy asshole, each time I would gently lick Dana’s sexy little hole she would wiggle and try to break her hands free. John stayed close by taking pictures with his phone while still being quiet. I couldn’t take it anymore and needed to be inside her, I pulled my pants down and thrust my rock hard erection into Dana’s cunt. She began to moan and wildly buck back and forth, I fucked her pussy and took pictures posing on Johns camera for several minutes. The whole situation was really exciting and I could already feel my balls tighten up and I was ready to nut. I blew my wad all over Dana’s back in no time, I was embarrassed at how fast I finished but the whole excitement of everything was too much for me. Dana was shocked and said “ oh my god you came already?” I said “don’t worry I’m not done with you, don’t move”.

I took the closest pillow I could find and wiped the jizz off of Dana’s back, as I moved to the side and motioned for John to get behind her. John already hard again, immediately inserted his cock inside Dana from behind and began fucking her while holding on to her hips. Dana began moaning and couldn’t believe I was hard and ready to go already, I was standing close and said “I told you this is my night, take this cock like the naughty girl you are”. John began to pick up his pace and really fuck Dana hard causing her to scream out “oh my god, don’t stop keep fucking me, I’m coming, fuck me, yes”. This only made John pump harder and faster like he was mad at her for something, Dana was responding with screams of pleasure and yelling out. After several minutes John looked at and made a hand gesture and I knew what he meant, he couldn’t come again and needed to stop. Johns balls and hips were pounding against Dana's ass for about 10 minutes and Dana was screaming trying to wrestle her hands free. I motioned for him to stop and go back to the closet.

I moved behind Dana after John moved and pulled her off the bed causing her to kneel on the floor. I removed Dana’s blindfold and placed my cock into her mouth. I said “I want those sexy lips on my cock one more time” with that Dana took me in her mouth and I began to fuck her mouth. I didn’t care at this point what did I have to lose, I'm gonna be really raunchy, so I grabbed the back of her head and said “suck that cock bitch, show me how much of a slut you are, suck that dick and make me cum”. Dana started sucking harder and faster and was responding to my derogatory slurs as if it was turning her on. She continued to suck my cock like she couldn't get enough, I said "you like having another mans cock in your mouth? I bet you don't suck your husbands cock this good do you", Dana just looked up at me and continued to pump harder and faster on my shaft pulling on my balls. I finally yelled out “yeah baby I’m cumming” as I exploded in her mouth. Dana never took my cock out of her mouth until I finished.

After we were done we laid on the bed both covered in sweat, Dana looked over and said “holy shit that was incredible, it was almost like there were two of you, I must of cum 5 times, I can't believe you came 3 times”. I couldn’t help but laugh and said “baby I wanted to make the best of this weekend, I don’t know If I’ll ever get this chance again”. Dana and I got dressed and went back to the bar, John joined us later and had the most shit eating grin on his face the rest of the night. I knew this wouldn't be our last encounter.

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