An experience to savour.

An experience to savour.

It had, for a long time, fascinated me that a bloke would want to watch his wife/partner/girlfriend have a sex with a stranger. A number of questions crossed my mind. Was it the bloke’s idea or the woman? Did she want something that the bloke wouldn’t/couldn’t do? Was the bloke bisexual or bi-curious? One constant theme was that the couple wanted someone who was hung. Maybe that was the woman’s idea. If she enjoyed it would it lead to problems afterwards? That last point had me concerned about engaged in a threesome.

A couple of months ago, bored with lock-downs, I decided to reply to one of these posts in an adult personal contact sites. Mainly out of curiosity but with the hope of a bit of fun. Several couples had posted their desire to engage in a cuckold experience. Typically they were 35+ mainly married and obviously bored like me. One couple expressed their desire to spice up their relationship. How the wife having sex with a stranger would do that I had no idea. But in for a penny in for a pound I relied to their post.

Of course there was the usual “must be hung” requirement. Now I am not black with a 12” penis but I do have a thick 7.5” weapon so ego told me I was hung. After emails back and forth I discovered that it was a mutual decision husband and wife, the husband was not bi (a relief) and that they had done it before (once) and it was all good. So most of my concerns were covered. They asked about the length of my penis which I just told them I would not answer as I wanted it to be a surprise. I got the impression that they were not really concerned with size after all as they accepted my response.

We agreed to meet at a café in town for coffee and a “get to know” sit down. I booked a hotel room close by. For convenience, neutral ground and no problems afterwards by knowing actual home addresses. It was a Saturday afternoon and we had arranged to meet at 2pm. I got there early after booking into the hotel. Steve and Wendy arrived right on time. They looked like a normal couple you might see in a supermarket. Just ordinary husband and wife. He was 6’ tall, same as me, and she was maybe 5’ 8” in heels. Nice figure and quite attractive. I immediately decided I was going to enjoy her.

Introductions and then coffees ordered we just started to chat. Naturally the conversion soon turned to what we were there for. I could see that Wendy was getting very excited so I suggested that she go to the bathroom and remove her bra and panties. She didn’t hesitate. She came back and her nipples were very evident. Her eyes were sparkling and even more so when I started to rub her thigh. Steve was smiling and enjoying the scene. Wendy rested her hand on my crotch and gave a little moan. She is ripe for action. So was I. Very ripe.

There was a degree of nervousness as we walked to the hotel. Mainly me. Walking into the lobby the bloke at reception had a big smile. I am sure he knew what was going on. We got to the room and I suggested Steve sit on the couch while Wendy and I had a shower. I thought that was a good way for her and I to get acquainted. He seemed happy and she was more than happy. In the bathroom we got undressed. I have a policy, for me, no hair below my eyebrows. Thankfully she was the same. Her reaction to my nakedness was to grab my cock and kiss me. This continued under the shower where we explored each other with abandon.

I wondered what she wanted that Steve would not do. She explained that she loved receiving oral as well as giving oral. Her only restriction was no anal penetration. That wasn’t a problem. I had received anal but not given it. We got dry and walked out into the room naked. Steve smiled as Wendy led me holding my cock. She was obviously impressed. I was impressed by her. While she had obvious stretch marks for child birth she was obviously body conscience and her boobs were impressive. She loved being fondled in the shower. I was more than happy to do the fondling. She also enjoyed kissing which I also enjoyed.

Back in the room I laid her on the bed and began slowly nibbling my way down her body. She giggled and moaned and by the time I reached her pussy she was breathing heavily. Her pussy was nice and moist and her clit swollen as I went to work on her. Her moans grew louder and it seemed to take no time at all for her to cum. “Don’t stop” she muttered and I was happy to get her off again before I moved back up the bed and told her to turn over. I wanted her doggy style so Steve could watch her face as I slid my cock into her pussy. He was watching intently as she described what I was doing. “Oh darling he is fucking me” she was muttering. “It feels so big” was another comment. My ego was souring.

It was then that Steve dropped his pants. I could see I was bigger so another shot to my ego. “Do you like it my evil little slut?” he said as he began to stroke his cock. He had assured me he wasn’t bi but I was wondering. Regardless I was humping away and Wendy was moaning so I concentrated at the job at hand. I was getting close and without a condom I was wondering if I should cum inside or pull out. I had the snip many years ago so getting her pregnant was not a concern. Wendy must have realised I was close and she implored me to “fill me up honey”. That must have been a trigger for Steve who moved onto the bed and while I indeed did “fill her up” she sucked Steve off.

I pulled back and Wendy turned around and cleaned me up as well. Again we headed into the shower this time Steve followed us and stood watching us. Again I played with her boobs and then rubbed her clit getting her off again. She looked over at Steve and asked if they could stay a little longer. Of course he agreed and we had another session before calling it quits. Her parting words on leaving were “We hope to see you again soon”. After they left I took another shower, dressed and went downstairs. The bloke at reception was all smiles as I paid and handed over the key. “I hope you enjoyed your stay” he said. I smiled and said “yes, I did”. As for repeat performance? Well I am certainly thinking about it. We are in a lock-down limit of 5k from home at the moment so that will have to wait but I am certain that a repeat is definitely on the “to-do list”.

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