Learning the Lifestyle Pt 12 - And So it Begins

Learning the Lifestyle Pt 12 - And So it Begins

Dear Readers, If your reading this, you must be hooked. YAY ME!!! Thank you so much and keep watching, I'm always posting more. I always have ideas. Anyway I am trying to figure out how to get a table of contents for ppl so that they may read in order of they so wish but the site doesn't allow for something like that as of yet. I will send you one on PM request if asked. Give me time to get back to you however as I am slow... LOL... I'll look into a website for this idea as well and let you know...

Keep reading and rating and drop me a line if you love it. I love to talk to my fans, some have become good friends... HEY WRISTY, hope the wrists have been sexy... That's said, I might even give you a shout out here and that reminds me, I do take suggestions as well for ideas. Allow me to make your fantasy into Silk's reality... LOL...

Ok on to the story. Thanks for reading...

Faith Michaels
PS. After pasting my story here, I found out I didn't have quiet enough to make it fit their rules... Stupid rules... Who are they to tell an author what's the right amount to be right? Anyway... I wanted to add, this is a fantasy that I had after a relationship with the guy that introduced me to BDSM. While our relationship never went very far I learned enough to be hooked and decided to express it in these stories so while the basis is real and some parts are, most is a fantasy of mine, that is added to by ideas I have over things I see in life. You'd be surprised what triggers a story sometimes. I have also used readers ideas. So while the basis of Michael is real as in a person, my Michael is must more then the real thing due to creative license. He's like 30% real Michael, 50% creative license and 20%, the norm for this type of story. More about the rest of the characters later...

Sunday night led into Monday morning and soon it was time for school. Michael woke early and left Silk to sleep while he got up and made his coffee. As he drank it, he watched her sleep for a while with a satisfied smile on his face. Things were going so well. He was glad Silk took to his lifestyle so well. To him this was a sure sign he was right in thinking that she was perfect for him. He decided then though that he would still take things slow. You can’t rush a good thing he thought to himself.

Finally it was time to wake Silk. He woke her up and told her it was time to shower and get ready for school. She groaned but got up. He liked that she was slightly grouchy in the morning. Something about it made him smile.

Silk noticed his smile as well and in a grouchy tone she asked, “Why are you so smiley this morning?”

Michael laughed at her and said, “What’s not to smile about? I have you in my bed with my collar around your neck. Seems like a perfect day to me.”

Silk grumbled a comment that he didn’t catch and this made him laugh again. She gave him a look but he also saw a slight smile play across her lips as well as she turned away. Still laughing he led her to the shower. There they didn’t mess around, getting done in record time. Once done they both went their own ways to get ready for school. Finally both were ready so they headed off to school.

Once there Silk turned to go to her class but Michael caught her arm as she turned away. She turned back to look at him and was drawn into his arms for a kiss that made her want to go right back home and to bed.

Michael didn’t mind the lack of conversation knowing Mondays had this effect on most people but when Silk started to walk away without even a good-bye Michael couldn’t let her leave so he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him for a kiss. It was meant to just be a small kiss but when her lips met his, he couldn’t help but deepen it to something more.

The kiss spoke of the past weekends fun and of the fun still to come. It screamed to both of them, drawing them back to bed. Michael was briefly only too happy to give in but remembered where they were and why. With a sigh he ended the kiss and said, “Until later little one.”

Silk pulled away remembering where she was as well. She replied, Bye Michael,” and turned to leave for her class. As she walked she thought to herself that she was totally caught in Michael’s spell. He could ask anything of her at this point and she was certain that she would give in to him. She smiled at this thought and went about her day.

At six when Silk’s shift was over, she went to Michael’s office. After knocking, he told her to enter. Silk went in to find him filling out papers at his desk. She was feeling playful so put her foot up on the edge of his desk, giving him a clear view up her skirt. When he didn’t respond, she put her foot down and got up and came around the desk. There she sat on the edge, finally he looked at her.

Michael had noticed her in the chair with her foot up. He had seen her panties but was ignoring her till he was done. When she came up and sat next to him he looked up at her. He could tell she wanted something and he had a pretty good idea what it was. Her flirty nature gave her away.

“Since you insist in not letting me finish this I guess you want punished,” He told her.

Silk pouted at this, “No Master.”

Michael liked the pout. Sometimes he let it get to him, sometimes not. He turned back and finished the paperwork. He didn’t have much left. After a few more minutes, he was done. Putting the papers together, he placed them in a manila folder and sat them in the out box on his desk. Next he looked at his watch. It was twenty minutes past six.

Turned back to her, Michael stood up and pulled her in front of him on the desk. Leaning down he kissed her. Silk wrapped her arms around his neck as he did this. Michael leaned her back part way. His hand found her thigh so he ran his hand up under her skirt. First he felt her leg then he twisted his hand around to touch her pussy. Silk gave a whimper.

As Michael kissed her, Silk ran her hands up his back. When he dipped his head to her neck she dug her nails into his shoulders. It was so intense. When his hand ran up her thigh and found her wet center, she couldn’t contain a whimper.

Michael soon broke the kiss. “Since you are so naughty little one, get on your knees,” He told her as he opened his pants and sat down.

Silk jumped off the desk thinking she knew what was up. Silk was only too happy to give him a blow job.

Michael wanted a blow job, but not like she thought. He had an appointment at six thirty. The newspaper wanted to interview him. He decided that Silk was going to suck him under the desk while he did the interview.

“Get under my desk,” He told her. She obeyed but gave him a puzzled look. “This guy from the newspaper is coming to interview me and you are going to suck me while he does.”

Silk looked back and saw that she couldn’t be seen under the desk. This made her happy, so she backed under the desk. Michael pulled up close and she crawled up over his lap and finished the job of opening his pants. She took out his cock and gave it a kiss, a French kiss. Michael moaned in response.

Silk started sucking him and soon she heard a knock at the door. Michael looked down at her, “Go easy. I have to do this interview.” Silk smiled sweetly up at him.

Silk started as she heard the guy introduce himself as Kenny. She felt Michael shift and knew he was shaking hands. She then heard the guy sit down. After a little small talk, he began the interview.

“So Michael as the new Student Program Director what are your plans for the upcoming school year,” Kenny asked.

“Well you’ve already heard our new DJ Silk. She started the song request program,” Michael began, “We are also going to be doing more on location spots.”

“Tell me about these on location spots,” Kenny asked.

Silk chose that moment to increase her suction which caused Michael to suck in a sharp breath. Covering he spoke, “Well we’ll send our DJ’s out to games and events at the college. There they will do a show which we will broadcast semi live. We delay it by five minutes so we can bleep out anything people might say that would get us into trouble with the FCC.”

Michael glanced down at his lap as Kenny was writing this down. Silk gave him an innocent look. He gave her a look. Silk went back to sucking him with a smile.

Kenny kept up with the questions for about twenty more minutes. Silk tried a few times to get to Michael but he ignored her. Finally it was over and Kenny bid Michael good-bye and left. Michael sat there watching Silk suck him for a few more moments.

“You’re a bad girl slave,” He told her.

Silk ignored him and kept up till her told her to stop. He then backed away and told her to stand up. Silk did as he said.

Once she was standing, He stood also. Grabbing her by her hair, he pulled her to him for a kiss. Silk melted into him. Michael kissed her while his hands roamed her ass. Squeezing and needing her checks roughly, he also rubbed her against his hard cock. Silk’s hands found his neck and she was pulling up to bring him into direct contact with her center.

Michael pushed her back, “Not so fast little one,” he told her with a smile.

Silk pouted again but Michael ignored her this time. He turned, fixed his pants and grabbed his jacket, putting it on her turned to her, “Ready to go?”

Silk turned back to the chair and grabbed her jacket and bag.

Watching her he asked, “Do you need your bag tonight?”

Silk turned to look at him, “No not really.”

“Good then leave it here in my office,” He told her reaching out for it. She handed it to him and he put it in his desk. Next he walked around the desk and led her out of the office.

Silk now wondered what he was up to. She didn’t have to wonder long when he led her to the parking lot. Instead of his truck, he led her to a motorcycle. She had seen it in his garage.

Michael fished his keys out of his pocket as he climbed on, “Hop on,” was all he told her.

Silk climbed on behind Michael. After she did, he fished inside his jacket and handed her some glasses. She put them on.

Michael also fished out a pair of glasses for himself. He also put them on, and then started up the bike. When he felt Silk grab on to his middle, he turned the bike and drove off. Silk gripped him tightly. He wondered if she was scared.

As they pulled out on to the road, he asked her, “You scared?”

“Just a little till I get used to you and this bike, I’m always like this with someone new.” She told him.

As they drove he noticed that she was right. Her grip lessened till she was just holding him. He could also feel her body relax against his back. Soon it felt like she was cuddling him more than holding on. He was glad she was okay, he liked riding and loved riding with his slaves.

Soon they drove to some deserted lake. Michael parked along the edge and killed the engine. Silk just held on to him till Michael told her to get off. Once she was off, he slid back and told her to get back on facing him.

Silk did as he ordered. Once seated she look at him. Michael leaned down and kissed her. Once again his hands found her ass and he pulled her close. Silk slipped her hand inside his jacket and gripped his shoulders. They necked and kissed till Silk was panting.

Michael felt the change in her respond. He was happy she was responding. The last slave he took up here was too freaked out by the thought of getting caught to relax. Silk didn’t even ask if they could get caught she just responded.

Michael knew she was ready so he pushed her back a bit and undid his pants. Silk glanced down to see what he was doing then back up at him. Her eyes were full of lust. Once his cock was free he pulled her up onto his lap as he lifted her skirt up her thighs. Silk naturally lifted her legs over his. Michael reached his hand behind her and pulled her thong to the side. Lifting her higher he entered her, and then dropped her fully onto his lap. Silk threw her head back and moaned.

When Michael started opening his jeans, Silk knew what he wanted and she was only too happy to give in. As he pulled her onto his lap she briefly thought about her thong, but then he pulled it out of the way and entered her anyway. Silk couldn’t think as he let go and impaled her deeply.

Michael rocked them back and forth till Silk begged for release. Not yet he told her. He wanted her to come big. He kept up the rocking for a while longer until he knew she really wanted it. Then he leaned her over the tank, shift his weight he stood partly up.

Silk felt like she was falling then felt the tank of the bike at her back. She glanced up at him.

“Grab the handle bars,” He told her with a growl.

Silk grabbed the handle bars as he began hard, fast thrusts. Silk couldn’t hold back much longer.

Michael felt her need so he growled, “Cum now.”

Silk obeyed with abandon. It rocked her world. As she came back down she saw him smiling at her.

Michael gave her one more orgasm then ordered her to flip over. Silk thought this strange but obeyed. Once face down across the tank, Michael pulled her to him and entered her once again. He noticed she grabbed the handle bars without his telling her too.

In this position, Michael was able to really ram it into her. Silk begged to cum again in moments but he told her not till he did. She gave a whimper but did as he ordered. Michael pounded her for about ten minutes till he felt his own release boil up in him.

“Now,” he ordered and felt her explode with him.

Once it was over, he pulled out of her and leaned down to her ear. Sweeping her braid to the side, he kissed her neck. “Did you enjoy that little one?” He asked.

“Yes Master,” she replied with a breathless voice.

Michael lifted up off her and got off the bike. Getting into one of the bags, he handed her a small towel and helped her up. He took a second towel and wiped himself off.

Silk cleaned herself off also after she stood up. She then tried to adjust her thong back into place, but she hated the wet feeling on her panties so she finally just took them off. Michael smiled at her and held out his hand. Silk handed them to him and giggled when he put them in his jacket pocket.

“What?” He asked.

“Starting a collection or do adding to it,” She laughed.

“Adding to it, I only collect the ones I soil,” He told her and she laughed again.

Michael then decided it was time to go as he saw the patrol off in the distance. He got on the bike and Silk followed suit. Starting the bike he felt her grab on. He pulled out and left the lake, heading home.

On the way home they grabbed a bite to eat. Michael figured it was too late to make anything so fast food would work tonight. It’s not like he ate it a lot.

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