Chocolate Cake and Fuck Toy Firday

Chocolate Cake and Fuck Toy Firday

Chocolate Cake

I picked up my phone as I drove and dialed the number.

"Hello" he said.

"I'm on my way"

"Good" was his response.

I turned onto his street and into his open garage. He shut the door behind me as I got out of my
car. I walked to him and he reached out and patted my ass as we walked together into his house.

"This snowy weather sure sucks, and just listen to that wind" I said to him.

"Yes" he agreed "it's a good night to stay in and fuck, don't you think?"

I smiled in agreement as he took me in his arms and kissed me, reaching his arms around me,
gently caressing my firm, lovely ass. I had my arms around him, enjoying the feeling of his arms
and chest. He works out so everything is nice and firm, but not freakishly bulging either. After
caressing each other for a few minutes we parted and made some small talk. It wasn't long
before he smiled that cute mischievous grin of his and said

"Come on Baby, let's go fuck"

I was out of my seat and headed towards him in a flash. We went into his bedroom and I
undressed down to my panties and then turned so he could see how nice my ass looked
in them. He made a moaning sound and came straight over to me to see if my ass felt
as good as it looked in those panties. He pulled the panties off of me and I got on the
bed. He came over beside me and strapped some black leather, sheep skin lined
wrist cuffs on me, followed by some matching ankle cuffs. Then came the blind fold. After
that he had me pull me legs up over my head and he tied them to some hooks in the wall
then clipped my wrist cuffs to my ankles. There I was naked, and at his mercy, and I
loved it.

"You are such a hot fuckin' Bitch and just look at that pretty shaved pussy" he said.

Then I felt a little spank as the riding crop slapped down firmly on my clit. I jumped
and then smiled. Suddenly I felt his tongue, licking hard at my clit, it felt so good. My
first instinct was to grab his head and pull him into me harder, but my hands were hooked
so I couldn't.

"I want to grab you by your head so bad" I halfway panted and laughed at the same time.

He responded by licking harder and faster. I was really enjoying it when he stopped and
I felt his rock hard cock ram into me. He fucked me really hard, just like I like it, for 4 or 5
strokes and then pulled out and started licking my pussy again. I was doing my best to
thrust my hips up at his face as he spanked my clit with his tongue. Once again he
stopped and rammed me with his cock, fucking me hard and fast for 6 or 7 strokes, then
back out he went. This time he put his fingers into my pussy, stretching at it, trying
to get all 4 to fit all the way. He worked them around for a bit until I began to beg him,

"Please may I have some more cock? I really love the way your dick feels when you
thrust it into me really hard like that"

He pulled his fingers out of me and slammed his throbbing member into me again, fucking
harder and harder, but this time he kept fucking me. I was feeling every bit of each thrust too,
the way the head rammed into my G-spot and the way his pelvic bone was grinding against
my clit. I was in heaven that is for sure. I could have just frozen time and stayed there being
fucked like that forever it felt so good. Even in my restrained position I was trying to push
up towards him to meet each thrust and get every bit of sensation that I could get.

"That feels so good, that feels so good" I just kept repeating as he fucked me.

All good things must come to and end and he abruptly pulled out and then worked his fingers
back into my pussy up to his knuckles and was working his hand around and rubbing my
clit with his other hand and I couldn't believe how good it felt. I could feel the climax rising
to the top and I came so hard. My whole body tensed and was out of my control as the
waves of ecstasy washed over me. When the climax was over, I noticed that my hands
weren't clipped to the ankle cuffs anymore.

"Hey my hands aren't tied anymore, when did that happen?" I asked

He just laughed and said "you were busy so you didn't notice me undo them".

He went into the bathroom and got a hot wet rag and came back and washed my pussy for
me and then dried it with a towel. Then he came and untied my legs saying that we were going
to take an intermission. I lay on his bed feeling pretty happy and very satisfied as he went
into the kitchen. He came back a few minutes later with a piece of chocolate cake on a
plate and a glass of water for me. I sat there naked on his bed, enjoying my cake and feeling
really good.

He smiled at me and said "you can eat cake in my bed any time".

I laughed and said "I must be something special then" in a joking manner.

He replied "you are, I don't even eat in my bed".

I finished my cake and he lay in the bed with me. Both of us naked and talking about
random stuff. We spent about an hour laying together, enjoying the warmth of each others
company and the warmth of each others body on that cold blustery winter night. It felt so
good to be wrapped up in his arms, our bodies pressed against each other.

"I want you to suck my cock hard for me because I'm going to fuck your ass for you
tonight" he whispered sweetly in my ear.

Right away I took his cock, making sure the entire thing was in my mouth.
I could feel it growing, becoming fuller and firmer in my throat. He responded by thrusting
up with his hips and fucking my mouth. He throat fucked me while one of his hands found
it's way to my crotch and I felt one of his fingers slip into my ass. I pressed back against
his hand as he worked his finger around. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and his
finger out of my ass.

"Get on your knees"

I complied getting in the position that he likes the best for doggy style, which is similar
to the Balasana yoga position. He squirted lube into my ass and lubed up his cock
and then I felt a familiar pressure as his dick slid right into my ass. Somehow this
particular mans cock fits just right in my ass and the way that he fucks me makes me
want to beg for it every day. He started fucking gently as he always does, but I
began to thrust and push back against him until he ended up just pounding away at
my ass as I rubbed my clit. I could feel my orgasim building again and apparently he
could too.

"Don't you cum yet" he commanded.

I stopped rubbing my clit , but the way his dick was pounding my ass and as
good as it felt, I didn't know if I could hold off for very long. Thankfully after only a few
minutes he granted me permission to cum. He was fucking my ass so hard while I
was rubbing my clit and I came really hard for a second time that night. It was nearly
as good as the first one earlier. He came right along with me and then we
collapsed on the bed, him on top of me.

He went and got another wash cloth and washed my pussy and ass for me, and then
dried me nicely and once again we lay naked together, cuddling and chatting for a bit.

What a great way to spend a winter Friday, hard cock and chocolate cake. Yummy.

Those who don't like the use of the word "bitch" in the story are invited drink a nice tall glass of Shut the Fuck Up!

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