A Lusty Teacher 2

A Lusty Teacher 2

It had been 2 days since mine and Mrs Peters little encounter,  her boyfriend picks her up after her day is over but he has only been doing it for the past few days, I think he may be on to us. 

I walked past Mrs Peters a few times today and i could tell she wanted me as much as I wanted her. She normally eats her lunch in the canteen so I went to sit next to her but was pushed away by my mates that also like Mrs Peters, if only they knew. After my friends had barged their way past I was forced to sit opposite her which I didn't mind as I could stare into her eyes. As soon as I sat down I felt a foot rubbing up my leg, naturally thinking it was Katy (Mrs Peters) I sat there and tried to enjoy it. After a while her foot made its way into my pants and was stroking my cock, I couldnt take anymore and sped off to the boys toilet to masturbate. About half way through masturbating to the thought of Mrs Peters, I heard the door open and close again and the distinct sound of high heels coming towards me, the door opened and to my suprise Mrs Peters was standing
there in the boys toilets watching me rub one out. The building had still some work to be done so the toilets were off limits to students however one of the builders was a familly friend so I got in there with no problem

I was about to cum but she pushed my hands away and held them against the wall, I was trying to cum but she wouldn't let me! She just kissed me up and down my body (even my ass) but not my cock or balls, this was driving me crazy but I didn't want to force her to do anything untill I couldn't take it anymore as I grabbed the back of her head and forced it onto my cock she opened wide and took me into her mouth.

I wanted to cum right there and then but not wanting to lose the feeling I held out for a little longer untill the school bell rang causing her to jump up and compose herself leaving me there speechless and wanting more she walked away while turning and giving me a wink.

"Bad luck stud." she said apologetically but with a seductive look.

I had History next and it was my last lesson so I thought I would come in late hoping Mrs Peters would give me a dentention so I could see her again tonight but when I got to class she just looked at me and shook her head, I knew this meant her boyfriend was going to pick her up. 

After sitting through a boring history lesson just trying to imagine Katy naked, she told me to stay behind and so I did. Thinking I was going to get some I took my shirt off and walked up to her stealing a kiss, she kissed me back on the lips as I felt her toungue find its way into my mouth I ran my hand up the back of her shirt to unhook her bra then I heard a knock on the door. To my discust It was her boyfriend. She quickly opened the cupboard and told me to get in while throwing my shirt at me, she closed the door and said.

"Come in hun."

"I've had a long day Kate." He said while leaning in for a kiss and slapping her ass. She had the nicest ass i'd ever seen and seeing his grubby hands touching her made me fume with anger. After a while of them fondleing eachother I saw her wink at me with that 'I want you' expression but her boyfriend took her outside to take her home, I don't know what possesed me to follow her but I had to and in the parkinglot I heard them arguing. I turned to see him slap her across the face, by now i had lost all temper and there was obviously no justification for him to slap her so I ran over to him and hooked him right in the nose before picking Katy up and taking ber back inside, it must have been a pretty hard slap as she was out cold.

We are now back in her classroom and I lay her down on the table and lock the door and shut all the blinds to hear her muttering something as she woke.

"Jake what did you do?" 

"I hit him, i couldn't stand th..." I tried to reply before she forced her toungue down my throat. 

"You made me so fucking horny." She said as she unzipped me and stroking my cock. I set out to finish what we started so I unhooked her bra and let it fall down, I then practically ripped her clothes off and started sucking on her nipples, alternating between playing with one and sucking the other. She then took my cock in her mouth and began to give me another blowjob while in the 69 position on the table, I now had full access to her pussy and ass as she shook her bubble butt in front of me I began to tease her by kissing her ass cheeks and thighs, I must have licked everywhere but her pussy I geuss this was payback for what she did earlier. 

She obviously couldn't take anymore and she sat on my face forcing my mouth onto her moist waiting pussy, I toungue fucked her for a minute or so untill her clit rubbed against my upper lip, this made her twitch and moan so i continued to suck on her clit and biting it gently. This made her wild and she jumped off and stroked my cock before mounting me in the cowgirl position.

"OOOHH FUCK.. I knew your cock was big but this feels amazing" she moaned.

All I could manage was a nod as I was trying desperatel not to cum right then. She continued to ride me for about 2 minutes untill she dismounted me and told me to get up. She got on the table doggystle position and told me to fuck her, I happily obliged. I got on my knees behind her and ran my cock along her pussy until it was at the entrance.

"Not there!" She moaned. It was then I realised she wanted me to fuck her in the ass.

"Are you sure?" I asked hesitantly.

"As sure as i'll ever be." She replied.

Now I was slowly slding my 7 inch cock into my teachers ass, after every inch or so she let out a louder moan and when I pulled my cock out until just the tip was inside, she shouted. 


I pounded her ass faster and faster causing her to breath heavily and her ass to bounce. Everytime I saw her gorgeous ass cheeks bounce it made me fuck harder.

"OHHHHH YES JAKE FUCK ME HARDER, I'M GONNA CUM JAKE I'M GONNA CUM ALL OVER YOUR WONDERFUL COCK!" She Screamed. As I felt her twitch I too could feel myself about to explode.   

"I'M GOING TO CUM!" I shouted after letting out a loud grunt. 

I felt my balls about to tighten. As I felt her cum on my cock I exploded inside her ass sending spurt after spurt of cum in her untill about 8 spurts of it we both collapsed on the table sliding off my cock.

"I've been looking for years for a man that can give me an anal orgasm Jake, I finally found him." She said before kissing me passionately. I geuss all I was to her is a sex toy (not that I minded being her sex toy.

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