As Garry walked down the main street looking into each shop window he came across a notice in the 7 eleven store, stopping he began reading the notice, wow he thought freeboard offered for helping in private school cooking class this was so perfect as he begun to dial the mobile number that was on display in the notice.
It seemed like forever before the the phone clicked and a voice answered "Hi this is Mary",Can I help you a female voice spoke.
For a brief second Garry was nervous when finally he blurted out "Hi,my name is Garry and I am ringing you about the the notice in the 7 eleven window regarding free board in exchange for helping in cooking class, is this offer still available" he asked.
"Yes it is" the female voice replied
Garry voice became excited at hearing the offer was still available as he then asked "can I apply please" he quickly asked.
"Of cause you can" came the reply just as the woman began to give Garry the address he needed to come for an interview.
"Oh great wow that's awesome when you want to see me" he asked
"Right now if you are available" the woman quickly replied
"Kool I be there soon" he replied

It wasn't long before Garry found himself standing nervously at the front door of the address he had been given as he pressed the door bell.
As he stood waiting he wondered what questions would be asked at his interview when suddenly the door opened standing in front of Garry was a rather old looking woman whom immediately spoke "HI, I'm Mary and you must be the boy whom rung about the free board" she quickly quipped.
"Yes, yes my name is Garry" he replied
"Well, then Garry come in please" Mary told him
"I might say you are very young looking, how old are you Garry" Mary asked
"I'm barely 16" Garry replied as he entered the house following as Mary led him into the lounge,"please take off your backpack and take a seat Garry" Mary told him as she watched

A very nervousness Garry was then asked by Mary "why do you want board,surely your living with you parents" she asked.
"I wish I had parents but I've been in a foster homes most my life" Garry replied
"Ohh so sorry Garry" Mary quipped
"Ok well don't be so nervous I'm not going to eat you" as Mary smiled and laughed at him.
"now tell me about yourself Garry, what is a cute looking boy like you doing running away from your foster home and what are you ambitions in life " Mary asked.
Garry begun blushing so much which Mary couldn't help but notice then asked him "why you blushing Garry"
"Its just I not sure how to explain without making you think that I'm insane" he replied
Mary laughed,"well young man Im 60 years old and nothing you could tell me would make me ever think your insane or shock me,so go ahead Garry tell me what makes you think I will see you as being insane" she asked.
Garry nervous voice stuttered for a few seconds as he begun to tell Mary of about his life along with his ambitions ,"Well Mary I'm barely 16 and ever since I can remember Ive wanted to be cooked and eaten,Im sure thats not normal, is it" as he asked
"God Garry that's a stunning confession" she replied as she smiled at him.
"So why apply for the job I'm offering" Mary asked.
"Well I need free board and to work until I can find someone to fulfill my desires of being cooked and eaten,"Garry replied
Mary smiled,"well Garry I run a special private class at a school in catering for young cannibal students who all want to be involved in something really special so Garry I'm sure the class that I am teaching would be very interested in you being such product item if your willing" she told him befor asking him
'Garry are you positive about wanting the end as meat es there will be no going back when you've been killed, cooked and eaten " she asked him
Garry's face began to smile as he told Mary "God I'm positive and more than willing please,please make my wish happen" came Garry's reply
Then its settled Garry you're hired" Mary replied.
Mary smiled at Garry as she told him "well gorgeous boy I'm sure I and the students can assist you in for filling your desires".
"Great Garry I will show you your bedroom first then you can take a shower after which if you are really serious about wanting to become meat then I need to inspect your naked body is that ok Garry " he asked him

Garry's face smiled and softly uttered "Yes" .very loudly
He took a quick shower then walked to the kitchen where Mary was"I'm here ready miss for your inspection"
Mary turned around and her eyes fixed on a very naked body of a young boy, and just as she hoped he had a boner "god Garry your gorgeous as her eyes stared at Garry's smooth hairless chest,flat stomach, thighs,arms,legs and feet" she remarked as her hands began exploring his soft fleshy smooth body.
"Turn around please Garry" she told him, at that Garry turned around exposing his very tight firm looking butts to Mary as she took hold of and squeezed each of the boys butt cheeks,slapping each then remarked "Well your a really fine specimen with firm butts Garry and yes there no doubt at all you will make a gorgeous product for my students"she remarked
"Awesome" came his reply

Now do you wish to sunbath on the deck while you're still naked and let your olive skin soak up the sun for a while as its only just on midday" she told Garry.
"Yes please miss" he replied
Mary took his hand and lead him from the kitchen onto the deck were a sunbed was as she then told him to lay down face up as she wanted to look at his gorgeous body while she wrote the classes lesson and procedures for her students lesson.

Garry lay face up on the deck feeling the hot sun penetrate his olive skin,in his mind he felt as if he wa being gently roasted by the sun then after an hour he heard Mary's voice "Wow your body is browning nicely Garry, so perfect such a beautiful young olive skinned smooth boy you are",
Would you like a massage Garry she asked
"Please miss that will be great" at that Mary told him"Ok Garry lay as you are face up and I will massage you " she instructed him.
As he felt warm oil being dribbled onto his chest and stomach as he opened his eyes and begun to say"Mary is best you know I'm still a virgin" Garry told her as he felt Mary's hands massaging his skin.
Mary laughed as asking him "so your never had sex or been fucked Garry"
"No, Mamam" came his reply
"Well Garry do you want be fucked" Mary asked him softly,without any hesitation he answered
"Yes please" instantly.

Mary's hands were massaging the young boys oiled chest and stomach with warm oils then her fingers started to rub the oils into his soft olive warm flesh when suddenly Garry felt his penis beginning to swell.
within seconds he felt her hands caressing his hard erect cock as she asked him"would you like boyhood removed" which made him blush even more
"Hell yes please" was his reply
"God Garry your body is so perfectly smooth and glistening with oil, you smell so beautiful I could so to eat you right now" she told him.
Mary smiled at Garry then uttered the words"every part of your body is so tantalizing looking my boy"
" then go take me Mary eat me please If you so want" Garry told her.
"You sure Garry"Mary asked him
"yes lease, then fuck me" Garry's replied. At that without any hesitation Mary's mouth was on his slender waist suckingthen his nipples letting her mouth and tongue slowly venture down to his soft stomach nibbling,licking sucking and tonguing each part of the tender boys flesh.
it wasn't long before he felt her tongue circling inside his navel before he felt teeth sinking deep into his soft fleshy navel and stomach
"God that feels so good Mary,please eat me alive" as his body was wriggling and he was groaning with joy.
"Garry your simply delicious so very tender and juicy" Mary replied as she noticed his penis was fully erect and oozing precun as it beaconed her mouth onto his erect throbbing penis,
As he felt Mary's mouth was totally enveloping his entire erect penis,balls and all into her mouth and he was being sucked of his cock juices.
He was moaning with such delight as he felt Mary's teeth,tongue and mouth devouring up and down his stiff pulsating penis.
Her tongue began licking this cock knob which sent his body into a frenzy of pure estuary when
suddenly Garry felt Mary's tongue was licking the soles of his feet then before long he felt each of his toes being sucked which was fantastic feeling.
"God Garry, your feet are so soft and smell so sweet I just so want devour all of you for myself right now" she told him
"Mary I think soon I will cum" he blurted out"
Suddenly He felt Mary"s teeth firmly crrip his right nipple and start pulling into her mouth so hard he screamed,"God Mary your eating me alive",at that her teeth let go of his nipple and a few seconds later he was feeling teeth sinking deep into his belly flesh this time even harder this which made he scream so loudly for more.
"Ohhhh, so sorry Garry I got really did carried away and some of your sweet blood is around where my teeth has punched your stomach flesh which I will lick up" she told him.
"You taste so amazing Garry"she told him as he asked for more biting.
"Go ahead finish me off" he told her,at that Mary's mouth returned to his cock firmly gripping it in her mouth at that his penis exploded with a load of fresh warm creamy cum into Mary's mouth as he screamed with sexual delight as Mary continued eating his throbbing hard cock
"God your cum is so sweet tasting and very creamy Garry"she told him
"Really, you like the flavor" Garry asked as Mary kept devouring every part of the boys young semen from his cocks head
"God yes its nectar from heaven and yes Garry Im sure you make a really great tasting meal for my class" was her reply
"When will that happen" Garry asked
"Well tomorrow I will introduce you to my students and I positive they will want you as the class
special meat product" she replied
"Awesome,thanks" Garry replied

Mary stood in front of her mixture of twenty boys and girls chef students and told them "well today as promised I have a perfect product item for this class's lesson to practice your catering skills on from killing gutting preparation and finally cooking as the class banquet meal"
"Class this is Garry, he is not quite 16 yet and he has offered himself as this classes special produce item to be butchered then cooked" she told the students
Garry stood in front of the students with a cute smile dark brown eyes wearing tight blue jeans,sneakers and a see through mesh tank top which exposed his olive skinned chest, pink nipples and flat smooth stomach, .
As he stood nervously in front of Mary's students he couldn't help noticing every student was totally naked except for wearing a transparent apron which aroused Garry very much.
"Hes beautiful looking Miss" as the class began clapping
"Well Garry the class approves of you so you get a choice of selecting any male or female pupil from this class as you last meal before the class undresses you as today's special lessons meat produce and then become the classes special banquet meal".she told him.

At that Garry's eyes scanned the class looking at each of the male and female students whom were just as young as him when finally his eyes settled on a sweet young looking boy and asking him his name

"Im Ben and Im 15" the boy answered

"Well,Garry is Ben your choice for your last meal before the class then is shown how to prepare you for cooking" Mary asked
"Yes Mary" was Garrys reply
"So Garry how would you like Ben",Mary asked
"First I would so like to first fuck him and then Ben fuck me before the class and I get to cook him very much alive and whole, is that Okay with everyone"he asked
"Yes" was the classes outstanding answer.
"How about you Ben are you ok with being chosen as my last meal and spit roasted alive" Garry asked
"hell yes Garry, I prayed when you were introduced as the class special that I would be chosen as your last meal as I can't imagine anything better than being eaten even fucked by such a gorgeous boy like you Garry" came Ben's answer.
"Yes" came everyone's reply in the class
"Now class please undress Garry so the lesson can begin" she instructed
the students removed his sneakers, then his socks to expose the aroma of his barefeet, next his jeans along with his white boxer shorts lastly his tank top to gasps from the class
Garry was standing naked with his semi erect penis in front of the class as they all remarked
God he's even more so beautiful looking naked and smells divine.
"Ok Ben remove your apron and lay on a matt for Garry ." Mary instructed as Garry watched
as Ben removed his apron and the lay on the matt then quietly he told Garry "I'm ready"
Next thing Ben felt was Garry's mouth venture onto his soft lips kissing and tonguing him as Garry's hands were caressing the young boys stomach, thighs and hard erect shaft.
it wasn't long before he felt Garry begun sucking licking Bens nipples, stomach, toes feet and his fresh anus hole.
God Ben tasted so divine maybe I should eat him alive instead Garry thought as his flesh is so soft and tasty
Ben was moaning with delight as Garry savored every inch of Ben's soft meaty flesh then Ben blurted out I'm cumming Garry," at that Garry's mouth gripped Ben's pulsating cock firmly in his mouth letting Ben's warm semen fill his mouth
Garry's mouth was so full of sweet tasting cum from Ben's exploding coc khe began swallowing every last tasty mosil of the Bens semen
"God Ben your cum is so awesome and really sweet tasting" Garry told him
"Thanks Garry now fuck me please" he instructed Garry
Garry's pulled Ben's butt cheeks apart then oiled the boy's anus hole before guiding his very erect cock gently yet firmly into Ben's tight anus,slowly thrusting deeper and harder as Ben moaned even more
"God it feels so great, deeper harder Garry" Ben begged" at that Garry could feel he was about to ejaculate a load of his own cum deep into Ben body.
When he had stopped ejaculating into Ben anus he slowly pulled his penis out and began lick his own leftover cum oozing from Ben's anus.
Thanks Garry, that was so awesome now it's my turn to fuck you Garry" Ben told him .
At that Garry lay on the matt as Ben began sucking nibbling on Garry's olive nipples stomach feet, toes then finally on Garry hard cock, sucking, biting, tonguing and licking every part of Garry"s body for an hour.
"Hell you're flesh is so gorgeous tasting and please I want eat your semen when you finally cum"he told Garry.

Garry's back was starting to arch and his toes were curling up with delight as he screamed out to Ben "I'm cumming"Then a load of Garry's warm thick tasty semen shot into Ben's awaiting mouth.
Ben swallowed his tasty meal after he had eaten the hot cum Ben rolled Garry onto his stomach parting his butt cheeks then began pushing his hard penis deep into Garry's anus deeper as he thrusting harder until Garry began heard Ben screaming "Oh God now I'm cumming"
Garry felt Ben's warm semen enter his anus and and felt his body fill with cum,
He then felt Ben's tonguing and licking his anus hole for any spillage of cum.
"God pity I'm not going be around to feast on you beautiful cooked flesh Garry but I hope that you, Mary and her students all enjoy me" he told Garry
"How you want cook me Garry" Ben asked
"Best spit roast you alive, guts and all" was Garrys reply to Ben
At that Garry slowly oiled every part of Ben's body including Ben's anus hole then he began pushing a spitting pole deep into Ben's waiting anus as Ben was screaming, further and further Garry pushed the pole through Ben's body when suddenly the pole exited from Ben's mouth,

Garry and another class member took an end each of the pole and lifted a wriggling Ben's body onto the awaiting gas fired charcoal embers and before long the room was filled with the aroma of cooking meat
Ben's body glistened as it was slowly rotating on the spit Ben was being based with the juices oozing from his cooking flesh,
It was such an awesome sight as the whole class watched Ben's skin to start turn deep brown as his skin started to crisp browner and crackle like tender pork, god Ben smelt so good cooking
After a few hours Ben was cooked to medium rare and taken from the spit then laid on the a large silver platter then carried and placed in the centre the table as the student then surrounded Ben with various salads and sauces,plus a rich gravy that had been made with the juices from Ben's cooked meat
"Gosh he looks so magnificent" the class remarked as Garry began slicing the hot cooked meat from Ben's body and laying tender slices boy meat onto smaller silver platters then turning to the class saying "dinner is now served" then each student along with Mary and Garry filled their plates with various cuts of meat from the cooked body meat.
Everyone. then began to eating such.
God Ben's meat is so wonderful tasting and succulent everyone agreed as each wa devouring Ben's cooked flesh.
It wasn't long before Mary turned to Garry and told him"Now Garry its your turn to be prepared for cooking".
First the class followed Mary's instructions in lifting Garry onto the preparation table as Mary was telling her pupils "Lift his arms above his head and tie his wrists together, now tie his ankles together tightly please class"
"Now everyone can fully inspect the quality of the meat that is on display by toching caressing even smelling the fresh aroma of Garry's meats on offer" she told them.
After thirty minutes of the pupils inspection of the fresh living product the class was then instructed to hang Garry by his wrists onto the meat hook,
Everyone was so amazed at such a wonderful sight at Garry's naked lean body suspended on the meat hook.
He then felt some pupils spread open his butt cheeks and begin in shoving a hose deep into his anus, next thing Garry felt was water entering his anus as his body wriggled with the sensation being filled with warm water and being flushed out.

"God that feels so great" he moaned out loud
"Ok class he has been flushed out of his body toxins take him down and then re hang him this time by his ankles on the meat hook then hoist his body up to bench height for the next procedure please"she instructed.

"Now Garry, next my students will shave the small tight amount of his pubic hairs surrounding your penis and then the class will be shown how to wash and thoroughly scrub your entire body's skin " Mary told Garry.
"Ok now class now his'pubic hairs have been shaved off and washed clean each of you will take turns in slicing open Garry's wriggling stomach while he still hanging on the meat hook by his ankles then after this butchering open his stomach from the base of his penis up the centre if stomach past his navel to his first ribs after this has is completed, Jill you be the first to slice open Garry's neck vein as he needs his blood drained into a barrel for black pudding"Mary told her and the pupils.
Garry felt his stomach being sliced open and his belly being prized apart and then felt hands inside watching as the students were cutting and removing his intestines.

"Now class flush out his intestines as these tubes will be needed for the black pudding casing, even all of his internal organs heart, liver, kidneys and lungs need also removing and placed in the container as these will end up as other meat dishes but not before he will be spitted as he must be alive still as this will ensure his meats are tender and succulent" she instructed.

Next thing Garry felt was Mary sliding a pole deep into his well oiled anus hole and the feeling of the pole being pushed through his body until the tip of the pole it came out of his mouth
Garry felt Jill hold his head as she slipped the knife into his throat vein, before long as he lay still alive on the butcher's block Garry felt his life was ebbing away slowly as his blood was being drained from his quivering shaking body into a barrel.
"Ohhhh God he thought its really happening, I'm going to die then be cooked and eaten, finally my dreams are coming true" the class heard him say

Next each student was given different herbs and spices to coat and rub Garry's body as being explained this will ensure his meat will be very tender and succulent in flavor

"finally class score an inch apart into his stomach skin from the base of Gary's cock up to his first lower ribs with the butchers knife,then rub a mixture of salt and olive oil into the cuts as this will ensure when cooking that his belly will be like crispy crackling as like on pork" she told the pupils
Now please place Garry's glazed wriggling body onto the spit and cook him now" Mary instructed the class,as Garry's body was lowered onto the spit he uttered his last words "

"I really hope I am as tasty as Ben was" the whole class words were "Garry your meat will be the best ever" were the final words Garry heard as he died
After a few hours of being rotated on the spit to rare as the students wanted they removed garry's cooked meat from the spit and laid him stomach up exposing such gorgeous looking crispy belly crackling..
"wow a beautiful cooked long pig" the students told Mary
"Now class tuck into a feast of Garry's cooked meat" Mary told the awaiting hungry pupils at that the pupils started tearing and slicing cooked meat from all over Garry's cooked body.

Before long the only thing left on the table was Garry's meatless carcass "God he was so delicious and so very tender and extremely juicy for 16 year old boy, its a pity he doesn't have a twin brother"they all remarked,

I agree he was so perfectly cooked rare, Mary replied "well you never know as I've begun looking for more boys like Garry for my class of young cannibal chefs to enjoy" she remarked!!

"Only thing left to do now class is sell Garry black pudding and grind up his bones to be sold as garden fertiliser" she told the pupils.

Mary couldn't help still having visions of the beautiful lean body of Garry laying cooked steaming on banquet table as she was thinking maybe it would been better to have butchered the young boy at my home then portioned the various meat cuts from his body then labeled each meat item for the freezer for future special meals for myself and invited guests.

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